Lessons learned from Friday experiment


After every experimental line-up (such as Friday’s), it’s tempting to ask what the manager learned from the experience.

The partnerships on the left and right wings didn’t look right.  Emilio Izaguirre didn’t overlap as often as usual and Stuart Armstrong was less effective than normal.  A lack of space impacted the James Forrest-Adam Matthews partnership on the right.  Forrest was manhandled until he switched left or got inside the box, when he was able to play unhindered.

Ineffectiveness on the wings led to the same up front.  Anthony Stokes doesn’t get to play centre forward too often and didn’t really get much of a chance on Friday.  Stokes anonymity was the most glaring aspect of the game but I suspect the responsibility lies elsewhere.

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  1. BSR..



    So much cheating and conniving was going on to save a pack of rats…thanks for that link to one of the good guys.HH

  2. HT


    Lucky bhoy.


    I can assure you it wasn’t on the syllabus here lol.


    Hope you’re good skin. Great effort from your good self and the minx.


    Is mo na cumann e

  3. gearoid1998



    I can assure you it wasn’t on our’s either :-)



    Cheers G I hope you and the family are well sir.

  4. Cheers Prof G – will check it out – we are there for a couple of days before heading over to Sweden, via the bridge.


    Looking forward to testing the local brew,



  5. info@raithrovers.net



    Just in case you want to drop a word or two to his club/family/friends



    Night Mr H. You spoke honestly and openly against mendacity, corruption and cronyism within Scottish Football, at a time when others looked the other away. I wish I had met you and shaken your hand.




  6. fieldofdrams on

    St Patricks Day 1956, sorry I didn’t reply, just saw yours when reading back.



    I didn’t attend St Mary’s in Bathgate although my cousins Gerard and Stephen did, from 1970 on. My gran Maureen was one of the dinner ladies there for years from when the school opened, about 1958/60?- a qualified nurse from Co Sligo, she couldn’t get work as a nurse in Scotland because, well, we all know the story.



    But we used to go through to Bathgate most weekends to see the old folks and my abiding memories are gran’s roast beef, family sing songs, the men going off to Celtic Park, and getting hacked playing footie in the park, probably by yourself! :-)



    I was at St Paul’s Primary in Paisley at that time, taught by the unforgettable Mrs Kossow or Kossov -unforgettable for all the wrong reasons. Then at St Matthews in Whitfield, Dundee, led by the marvellous Mrs Nora Ward and the fearsome and truly dreadful Sister Mary Austin. Wonder if anyone else remembers her.


    GEAROID 1998



    I’m good,pal. Hope you are too. Expect to see you in another fine city in Ireland next year,if not before.



    Be warned-my Dad will be there too. I know Dublin is gearing up,but are they prepared for the oul’ fella?



    I think they need tipped off in advance!

  8. A sad passing for the only man with the courage to say what many thought



    Who will speak up now?



    God Bless..

  9. ChippyBhoy



    The Irish bars are a bit expensive , Christianhavn just over the bridge from the center has loads of local bars beers are a lot cheaper.

  10. Bobby


    I think I can say without fear of contradiction that there is not a city in the world that is ready for the cosycorner Bhoy lol.

  11. leftclicktic on

    “For this is the point. The Gazebo is not a physical construct of wood or bricks and mortar. It is a cerebral construct bourne in the hearts and minds of the people of the Celtic Family. It is the embodiment of men, women and children who hold the same values that Brother Walfrid espoused, that Paul67 through his blog continues to champion, that Sannabhoy and the Kano Foundation daily replenish. It is that spirit that glows within the very soul of our Celtic family. The willingness to hope and help, the compassion and comfort we afford each other, even just the hand offered and the smile reciprocated. The Gazebo is located wherever and whenever people of the Celtic family congregate. It is the kindred spirit that binds us together as only one who feels it would know and it sets us apart as an ethereal entity, as one in Celtic, with the commonality of goal that will preserve us, come what may”.




  12. leftclicktic on





    13:55 on 6 April, 2015







    Any chance you could post part 2 I must have missed it?


    Ditto :)))





    Logged for later,the rest have been superb.



    Losing contact with BOURNESOUPRECIPE sounds unforgivable,but sadly we have all lost touch over the years with good pals.



    You were lucky,both of you. Sometimes I’ve been lucky too. But not always.



    Enjoy going to the matches wi yer oul’ mate,bud. And keep tipping winners-I hear TBM is so concerned that he is flying back shortly just to read the form!

  14. Turkey,under the orders of the guy who runs it,have today banned,Twitter,You Tube,Facebook,because they showed the hostage crisis last week !!!!!!!!.


    A journalist that “Liked”a post on Facebook,allegedely poking fun at the same leader has been given a jail sentence.


    During the hostage crisis,they cut the electricity to all of Turkey for 12 hours,in case word got out.


    Gives me a wee idea,about selling Bananas from this republic.


    CQN has escaped the ban.

  15. leftclicktic on





    14:00 on 6 April, 2015







    Unless there only is 2 parts and we’re both daft!! :-)




    Just what I was thinking as I asked ,


    nothing wrong with being a daftie, one day I may even be a “roaster” if I can work my way into their wee clique:))))))))))).


    till later all

  16. Turnbull Hutton arguably saved Scottish football from its own greed.



    His words on couuruption reached supporters who told their clubs No!



    He planted the idea of integrity on the steps of Hampden.



    It needs watered and cared for and it has to be supporters from all clubs who take on that task because the greedy are still there.



    In a game crying out for ethics Turnbull Hutton delivered the seeds.

  17. Damitt Auldheid you have got the same gift as EC67 more power to your keyboard. Hail Hail Hebcelt

  18. thomthethim for Oscar OK on

    A fitting tribute to Turnbull Hutton would be the renaming of the North Stand at Hampden.



    When the SFA Blazers sit in their comfy seats, nothing would be more condemning of them than to look across at the wording, The Turnbull Hutton Stand.



    Fitting, because it was on the steps of Hampden that Mr. Hutton made his stand.

  19. Rwe,



    Thanks for the link to Turbull Hutton, mail sent and a reply from Raith Rovers.



    He was and will stay a thorn in the side of the corruption of Scottish football…we need more like him.

  20. TheBarcaMole on

    BMCUW 14:00 on 6 April, 2015……….



    Hey you, I am flying back to vote (and well you know it!) and to help to keep Amen Corner blush, well it’s not quite red……. Murphy or not, jeez what is the alternative?


    >30 hours door to door……… First chance to vote, I walked from Easterhouse to Pollok to vote as the Corpy was on a work to rule………


    Was going to fly via Copenhagen in the hope of a free taxi for the last leg……. Apparently there was a South Lanarkshire Turpin convention in Denmark last weekend!


    So looks like the 267/263 on Wednesday from outside the BV…..


    Still it gives me three days or so to try and pick a winner……Remember them :-)….


    EC67 will gen you up if the phrase ‘pick a winner’ sounds foreign to you pal……..



    Regards & Hail Hail