Lessons learned from Friday experiment


After every experimental line-up (such as Friday’s), it’s tempting to ask what the manager learned from the experience.

The partnerships on the left and right wings didn’t look right.  Emilio Izaguirre didn’t overlap as often as usual and Stuart Armstrong was less effective than normal.  A lack of space impacted the James Forrest-Adam Matthews partnership on the right.  Forrest was manhandled until he switched left or got inside the box, when he was able to play unhindered.

Ineffectiveness on the wings led to the same up front.  Anthony Stokes doesn’t get to play centre forward too often and didn’t really get much of a chance on Friday.  Stokes anonymity was the most glaring aspect of the game but I suspect the responsibility lies elsewhere.

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  1. Gene





    19:01 on



    5 April, 2015





    Of course the hari krishna chant became harry hood



    *Oh Harry Harry, Lou Macari, Kevin Barry, Harry Hood.

  2. roy croppie



    18:42 on 5 April, 2015



    A great night mate.



    gerryfaethebrig :



    Your Aunt Sadie was a great woman.






    A strange roaster if you don’t mind…:)



    Keep the Faith!



    Hail Hail!

  3. South Of Tunis on

    roy croppie.



    I brightened up when I left the UK .I was like a pitbull with toothache in Blair’s Britain..I was in danger of becoming a Travis Bickle. I had to leave . It worked.



    Off oot for a pizza !

  4. Delaneys Dunky on




    Magic. You are bringing back great memories of my childhood in song. :))

  5. Jimmynotpaul on

    Roy Croppie.


    Great to see you posting your stuff.


    Leftclicktic took over the mantle last night as politics was threatening to over run the blog.


    My favourite wee dittys were both after Celtic v oldco games.


    After the 6.2. It was oh your no laughing noo because we gubbed you 6.2. The Huns has mocked our players when the team’s were being announced.


    The next was the 5.1 game. Dr jo v Dick Advocatt. After the game fans singing to the tune of Simon and Garfunkel. I’d rather be a sparrow than a snail. They were singing I’d rather be a doctor than a dick.

  6. Gerryfaethebrig on




    19:02 on 5 April, 2015



    Cheers Doc and belated birthday wishes, but even before CQN I found out LB knew some people from my family and looked after my Aunt so the matter how strange he might be too others he has got my support

  7. St Patricks day 1956 on




    18:50 on 5 April, 2015


    Roy C, lovely pic of Harry Hood, first Celt I ever met, at St Mary’s primary school in Bathgate on the Gala Day. Signed my autograph book and got a photo taken as well, both since lost in the mists of time but I still remember the excitement – the awe -at meeting one of my heroes, a man who had scored for the Celtic!



    He had a right keeker that day as well, wonder who gave him that.



    I went to St Mary’s Bathgate until 1968


    Might know you ?

  8. Gerryfaethebrig on

    Plane to catch early doors tomorrow so all I can say to CQN



    oíche mhaith agus dia

  9. Dallas, Dallas, Patkeadcumsalford,



    GM’s wife Rosaleen, a fluent Irish speaker, is Charlie Gallagher’s first cousin.



    Parkheadcumsalford: just wondering if my sister picked up a cup final ticket from you recently?



    Happy Easter to ALL cqners,







  10. LennyBhoy, fair play:-)


    GerryfaetheBrigg, no accounting for taste!



    He is a top banana.


    Enjoy the Honeymoon,

  11. Delaneys Dunky on




    U2’s Sweetest Thing sticks with me at the 5-1 game. Left the ground singing it up to the Gallowgate. :)

  12. Jimmynotpaul on



    Bang on the button.


    That was the song the D.J. played at the full time whistle. The wee ditty about Dr Jo was being sung by some fans coming out the ground. Always stuck with me as I thought it was very witty.

  13. Had a bit of a laugh watching the Sunderland – Newcastle game.


    The commentator kept referring to the Sunderland manager as ‘little general’……



    ……I’m pretty sure it was the ‘little w*****’



    Ach maybe it was just me!




  14. Jimmynotpaul on



    I have to agree my favourite banner too.


    When it was unfurled I remember thinking wow. Some great work put into it.

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