Lessons learned in bad times


Celtic are arguably better off for players for the No. 10 role than any other position.  David Turnbull is the current preferred occupant, but Ryan Christie was the man in possession before he was moved to the right, while Tom Rogic got the nod on Monday and Olivier Ntcham has played there before.  This almost certainly explains why we have seen so little of Ewan Henderson, a player who has never let us down and provided a memorable start to the second Neil Lennon era at Tynecastle two years ago.

One of the truisms in football is that you learn more from bad times than good.  This season’s big lesson was delivered during a dead rubber Europa League game, moving David Turnbull and Ismaila Soro from the stand to the pitch transformed Celtic.

Ewan is no more a right sided midfielder than David Turnbull, but his substation into the action on Monday, allowed David to move into the middle, where he created and converted the chance Celtic scored from.  Both must start against Livingston.

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  1. Aip @ 1.24’ish



    Thanks for sharing that article.


    It provides a full explanation for the shambles that is the US at the moment.



    The current incarnation of the Republicans cannot accept defeat — they just generate excuse after excuse / lie after lie to try and explain away their failure.



    Not sure if this attitude has always been there.


    Not sure if it was developed through the RR years where they thought they had it all.


    The patriotism / the economics aka Monetarism / the sense of history with the SU implosion.


    Not sure it was the GB victory in 1988 where they trashed a good opponent using every every underhand trick in the book and invented some new ones which led to a sense of invincibility.



    If they ever got beat after that then it was because the other side had cheated.



    92 — BC could not have won fairly so they hobbled him with the never ending Whitewater investigation / fishing trip which found nothing but gave life to ML and her dress.



    94 — the rise of Newt G / the political grandfather of all the right wing zoomers / wack jobs currently stinking out Washington. Hypocrisy on a stick but he could wind up normal Republicans into a frenzy they couldn’t understand but which he could direct.



    2000 — Physical violence along with a compliant SC win G”W”B the election with the Brook Brothers riot.


    No need to count the votes just give the GOP what is rightly theirs.


    Who needs an electorate when you have the most active lawyers.



    2008 — BA was not a proper president because well he wasn’t like them. So we have the birther movement which a certaim DT uses to launch his political persona.



    2010 — The Tea Party. US economic failure based on right wing economics had brought the western world to economic collapse so how to respond? Blame the bankers or pauperise the poor / the sick / the under employed?



    The Tea Party blamed the weak and too many applauded from the sidelines.



    The issue now is that mainstream Republican voters / politicians are hypocrites on a huge scale.


    They have a sense on entitlement that is all consuming and have changed US politics to the point that everybody — media / non aligned voters / civil society — expects them to win and let them cry foul if they don’t.



    The rabble at the Capitol were just a bunch of Burton’s commandos — bought the gear / look — acting out a fantasy. The issue now is that USA Inc doesn’t have the heart or bottle to face them down.



    The contrast between the policing of the BLM marches / protests and the Capital Riot shows the fault lines in the US for all to see.



    CK taking the knee vs DT calling for physical force politics — what has generated more criticism from mainstream elements of US society?



    That is the reason why we were 15 minutes away from a massacre last Wednesday.



    Not sure the genie can be put back in the bottle.


    At least without major bloodshed.



    Interesting times ahead as the Chinese curse often predicts.

  2. Big Jimmy – Thanks, I hope you are well mate.



    Yes we lost another family member Tony aged 44, a good Tim who had adopted a lovely wee girl with a disability after his own 2 kids had hit their teens. A quiet guy but a good family man, hard worker, good Tim and a good laugh and had recently became a Grandfather, Tony will be sadly missed by us all.



    D :)

  3. The Battered Bunnet on




    That was a fine and difficult thing to write. You and your family are in my thoughts today.




  4. I think we are probably right to tap into the furlough scheme for any employee.



    After all its not as if as a club we have not paid all our tax and PAYE.



    D :)

  5. DAVID66 on 14TH JANUARY 2021 9:47 AM






    Very sad to read yet again that your family is suffering yet another loss, especially as Tony was only 44, with the lovely Andrea only being aged 50 when she sadly passed.


    Its very hard to take, but I know that your a strong Man and a good man, and you will provide the comfort that your family may need in these horrible times.


    In ” Normal” times, I would taking us both out and and having a Good Bevvy and Blether in a Pub…until we are both talking gibberish etc.


    Again, let me know if there is anything that I can help with ?


    Tony and Andrea R.I.P. God Bless you both.



  6. DAVID66 on 14TH JANUARY 2021 9:47 AM



    So sorry to hear of your loss, Tony sounds like one of the good guys.

  7. How many epic PR fails does there have to be before action is taken? Furloughing the U-18 squad after the Dubai Debacle…

  8. Big Jimmy thanks a lot.



    Yes Tony was a good Human Being and poor Andrea what a Gem.



    My eyes are welling up here thinking about the good times we all had together and the young family’s that are left behind.



    Hail Hail until we meet again in the pub, I am gasping for the pub to open for the beer and the craic.



    Thanks for the kind offer of helping it will never be forgotten.



    Remember my friend if you need any shopping or anything please let me know.



    How is wee Rocky?



    D :)

  9. jimbob71 & little Miss jimbob on




    An article involving that tosser Craig Burley slating Celtic and our achievements AND a hyperlink to the daily record!!!



    Come on!!




  10. Probably the timing is bad on the Furlough thingy, but no matter when we would have done this the SMSM would ctriticise (spelling) us.






    D :)

  11. I see Andy Murray has tested positive – I’m sure Nicola will be livid – another spoiled sportsman traveling the world.

  12. Can the u18s play at the moment – no


    Message is stay at home – no reason not to use the furlough scheme.

  13. David66


    Really saddened to hear about your family member Tony


    May Tony Rest In Peace



    Thoughts and Prayers to all the family

  14. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    GENE on 14TH JANUARY 2021 10:29 AM


    I see Andy Murray has tested positive – I’m sure Nicola will be livid – another spoiled sportsman traveling the world.





    Gene – indeed.



    We await her venom.



    We also await her decision (in the national interest) to ban Sevco from travelling next month (when we will still be in the peak of the pandemic) for an EL tie.



    Aipple – your Benghazi compared to Capitol post was terrific.






    Hail hail



    Keep The Faith

  15. Youth players not allowed to come back to training or play etc



    Last time furlough scheme was used, Celtic made up the outstanding salary not being picked up by furlough




    Makes sense to utilise a scheme being offered to support, people instructed by the Government to stay at home

  16. I don’t have a problem with Celtic using the furlough scheme but it’s just the timing isn’t great.

  17. Furlough…come on. Right thing to do. Times like this it’s worth acknowledging there are BOTH hurting Celts looking for answers / change and hurting MSM Huns looking to cloak their hatred of the club with their writing.



    Quick scan and a lot of very sad news across the blog so thoughts and prayers with all those who are mourning loved ones taken from them.



    Be kind.




  18. BORGO67



    Sincere condolences to you and your family on the death of your brother. I met him a few times 30 years ago when I was in Glasgow, always good for a chat about pretty much anything but no matter the topic Celtic always came quickly to the surface!


    Condoglianze a te e ai tuoi cari

  19. MADMITCH on 14TH JANUARY 2021 9:37 AM




    Cracking post MM



    My concern with the UK (England in particular) is that the current Tory leaders did not hide who they are and what they stand for over a number of years as they jockeyed for position



    The electorate voted them in resoundingly, looking for a protectionist country , led by politicians who cut through ‘red tape’ and allow the clever business leaders/owners to make money and trickle it down



    Now those people they looked up to are making fortunes out of Covid from the tax payers money (PPE, school food, vaccines, logistics etc) and as wages are frozen; where is the trickle down? Execs, major shareholders, politicians with shares or promise if a job/think tank later are getting the money. Tax avoided of course.



    When Thatcher was successful, there were carrots for working people who were not in traditional industries; buy your council house, buy shares in utilities which are sold off cheap so make you a quick buck, tax reductions etc. Millions shafted but enough people socially climbed to hobbled Labour an keep he in power in the FPTP system. took years for people to suss it



    The big worry Labour and the wets now running the party is that this cash grab by the Tories is so obvious that Labour get back in narrowly (Scotland not lending a hand) at the next election and have to make all the hard decisions to recover and get booted back out after a term for a new ‘compassionate’ Tory regime.



    This buckled the Irish Labour party after the crash where they got a record vote from Tories who had lost money and hoped a period of Socialist influence would help them out before the next boom where they could vote FG/FF again. Labour got all the budget slashing depts that FG could give them. Labour seen as traitors by the Tories who voted them in. Irony or what. Party on its knees


    Sinn Fein just had a similar protest vote but stayed in opposition. Wise move. i pleaded with Labour leadership to stay on back benches in 2011 but they wanted the glory



    Your point on US being a default Republican country resonates with my argument to many friends in the UK that England is basically Tory and sometimes let Labour in for a term to fix Gov



    I don’t know what Scotland is politically now. Only way to find out is if SNP implode due to having to face real issues for a long period (not looking likely) or Scotland goes independent and there is a free for all vote with no EU or UK element



    sorry for the long , non Celtic post. MM post just reached into the recesses of my brain!!!


    There is nothing good in the pipeline under the currebt

  20. Looking through Celtic news now for some time now. It started as a site giving voice to more local bloggers, vloggers etc and still does….to a degree, however, more and more now it appears to be full of msm. Also some of the Celtic sounding wee blogs are multi-faceted click bait machines resgistered in real company and media corps. You can also see who they sell your data to if you click (sometimes hundreds of groups).



    A quick scan now sees it’s open season on Celtic.



    Alot of that opinion and attack, which, it appears, is coming from (a non Celtic minded source- affore mentioned media groups- pr firms with links to MsM ) is appearing here, like it does on twitter, and projected as if it’s the Celtic’s supports’ united viewpoint. When it is not.


    Just an observation, and sure the majority take a pinch of salt from everything read online. (including this 😉)


    We have a great, eclectic support- could be argued it’s our strength. It’s shame to see the “supports’ opinion” projected as clear on here when it’s source was written by a msm group journo.



    Hail hail 🍀

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