Lessons learned in bad times


Celtic are arguably better off for players for the No. 10 role than any other position.  David Turnbull is the current preferred occupant, but Ryan Christie was the man in possession before he was moved to the right, while Tom Rogic got the nod on Monday and Olivier Ntcham has played there before.  This almost certainly explains why we have seen so little of Ewan Henderson, a player who has never let us down and provided a memorable start to the second Neil Lennon era at Tynecastle two years ago.

One of the truisms in football is that you learn more from bad times than good.  This season’s big lesson was delivered during a dead rubber Europa League game, moving David Turnbull and Ismaila Soro from the stand to the pitch transformed Celtic.

Ewan is no more a right sided midfielder than David Turnbull, but his substation into the action on Monday, allowed David to move into the middle, where he created and converted the chance Celtic scored from.  Both must start against Livingston.

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  1. David 66


    Sad news indeed. Hopefully the evidence on here that you are not walking alone helps in some way.

  2. GO TELL THE SPARTIM on 14TH JANUARY 2021 10:59 AM



    Martim 1980




    First time I’ve agreed with one of your posts 






    Thanks GTT Spartim- brought a smile and a laugh 🤣😂

  3. Borgos 67. What a beautiful tribute to your brother Archbishop Philip. I offered Mass for the repose of his souls this morning.



    David66 sorry for your family loss. Prayers will be offered.

  4. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on



    Fr Brian Lamb St Joseph’s Blantyre also offered up the mass for Philip at 10 this morning





    Stay strong mate , your family are getting it tough at the moment

  5. Borgo.


    Fine words and tribute.may he rest in peace






    Sincere condolences my friend do take care




  6. DAVID66



    Condolences Davie



    Mate your family having a really tough time just now Stay strong mate.

  7. Go tell the Spartim on




    I’m glad of that, hoping we all have things to smile and laugh at soon, though for some at this time it’s difficult to see where.

  8. DAVID66 on 14TH JANUARY 2021 10:26 AM




    That wee rascal RockyBhoy…?..


    He is fine, thanks for asking mate…He just rips the Piss outta me every day…But I think he loves me really ?


    He eats better than I do…but I could out drink him if it came down to it.




    YNWA Mate.

  9. prestonpans bhoys on




    GENE on 14TH JANUARY 2021 10:29



    Both of you make very good points👏

  10. BORGO67



    Deepest condolences and may Philip RIP. Being originally from West Dunbartonshire I am fully aware and appreciative of the service and guidance he and your family have given to the community throughout the decades.


    God Bless.

  11. GO TELL THE SPARTIM on 14TH JANUARY 2021 11:40 AM



    Agreed, amazing how Celtic (and things going well with Celtic) can lift the mood and then adversely affect in contrasting times.



    This is more than likely meant the emotive nature of posts.



    Hopefully spirits in alll areas improves across the spectrum of society. In the mean time it’s appreciating as much we can. 🍀

  12. CB @ 10.57



    Sorry for the bullet points — lunch to make.



    After 18 years out — TB / Labour did not have the confidence to take it to the RW media / “Con” estanblishment.


    Did lots of good / major changes / social investment as long as the papers didn’t complain.



    Similar stuff in the US — comprehensive medical coverage …


    Thinnest possible system / implementation just to get it into law.


    Again lack of confidence to make a real impact.



    Now — JB = Boring but possibly boring is what the US needs.


    Some gentle words to calm people down and regain some sort of normality.


    He — to me — will forever be NK of NA so I hope he manages to get things moving / get things done.


    To think that he was in the mix for the nomination in 88.


    To think that the UK passed up on change / NK in 92 for 5 years of Tory civil war and JM in charge.


    To be fair he was by all accounts a quality *hag*er / a real polititian after Maggie but a hopeless leader.



    Now — we are in big trouble all over the UK.


    KS seems to have a similar lack of confidence and drive to TB.


    Hopefully it will come but he needs to sharpen up his act and oppose.


    I do appreciate that he is scared of the media / Bojo’s TV booster club / facebook lies.


    But he needs to up his game — the UK CoViD19 response has been shocking at nearly every level.



    Scotland — Haggis republic.


    Too many people in politics / media know each other.


    This has allowed us and our parly investigations to become a laughing stock.


    We are still the land of the Edinburgh jury.


    And yet no one complains.

  13. Think Lurgan Klopp will tell Laptop Klopp to field much the same side as the one that dropped another two dead rubber points against Hibs, in the border line farcical SPL.



    Cameron Harper in pre contract talks with New York should drop out IMO, making way for Oko Flex who might be given the fake striker role, since there’s nobody else that resembles a striker. Its time for Mikey Johnston (who doesn’t seem to know when to pass the ball) to show he’s got a future when the new manager comes in. Tom Rogic should just do so much better, and will probably see that Roberston starts on the bench.



    Hoping to take three points ‘off Livingston at home’ where did it all go wrong CSC

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