Let’s be clear, our football was corrupted


I see a bit of ‘It was five years ago, get over it’ going around today. Let’s be clear, our football was corrupted for over a decade as a dependency on spending money you don’t have took hold at Ibrox, infected many other clubs, before sending Rangers into administration and liquidation.  And that’s not touching side letters hidden from HMRC, shredded correspondence and hundreds of games undertaken with incorrectly registered players.  It was a very human tale of avarice and a desire to be seen as top dog in the social pecking order.

For 8 years before Administration Day the Cassandras on here who predicted what was to come, were also told to get over themselves, that as club as big and powerful as Rangers would always find someone to bail them out. Some of us were predicting the crash and burn a lot longer than that.

What I don’t read is ‘Get over it, the lessons have been learned’, because it is painfully obvious that at Ibrox, with the same directors in charge as before liquidation, prioritising financial security (for the club, that is) hasn’t happened. Every passing transfer window it’s also plain that we have more than a few adherents to David Murray’s ‘speculate to accumulate’ policy in the comments section.

So until the lesson has been learned (and a long time thereafter), I’ll reserve the right to recall the facts and financial reality, and to celebrate that great day: 14 February 2012, the first Administration Day at Ibrox.  If one day you read Newco statements that say, “We’re going to match expenditure to income, and be happy with who we are”, it could be the last admin there, but don’t hold your breath, this turkey has another turd to drop.

Craig Whyte Ibrox steps

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  1. Nothing much has changed anywhere in Scottish football except maybe at Celtic Park where the football team on the park and the manager in the dugout has proved to be an inspired choice…



    As for the SFA don’t get me started…

  2. saltires en sevilla on




    Brilliant ….Turkey, one more… hahahaha!




    Also, still chortling away the this absolute classic from previous… hehehehehehehehehe!



    !!BADA BING!! on 13TH FEBRUARY 2017 6:36 PM


    Barry Ferguson makes Derek Ferguson sound like Peter Ustinov.

  3. channelislandcelt on



    Av got to get a consolation point for that .


    Knew it wasn’t a Celtic player .


    Hoops to broad :)



  4. saltires en sevilla on

    The clumpany



    Top stuff!!



    Listening to that drving home last night… 3 celts in the car … complete shell-shocked silence



    (Yes i know we shouldn’t) you capture it all very well!



    If they don’t like the present incumbent/situation it/they just get lobbed… James 11 & V11 found out what a Glorious Revolution was!!



    Warbo just discovered what a Glorious Resignation is…;-)



    Keep on clumping!

  5. Howling at the Moon again, the sons of struth really should take their meds, this is a belter.



    “Five years ago to the day our fans were alerted to the news that we were entering admin.


    I remember the news of Whyte driving the length of the M8 to make sure his chosen administrators got appointed and thinking that was some sort of victory.


    No one can say what the outcome would have been if the court had appointed a different administrator but I’m confident enough to say they wouldn’t have sold to their preferred bidder while ignoring other bids, faced £29m lawsuit from BDO or have had two of their employees hauled in front of a criminal court and only have their cases dropped due to a technical mishap.


    Every day since, our fans have had to endure pain by witnessing jibes from others, a non stop barrage of news regarding the deeds of men who wrecked our club for their own financial gain and the indignity of being banished to the lower leagues by our fellow clubs. Five years of pain because of the deeds of a gang intent on sucking as much as possible out of our club for their own purpose.


    Our club is not a new club despite the rabid mouth frothing of others but on that day our finances went to zero and we started again financially. Three years later, and yet again, we started from zero financially as the second part of the scam evolved. This time the money was sucked out by a string of contracts that the board denied yet eventually described as “onerous”.


    We witnessed our fans being denied the written guarantee they asked for that would state the board would neither sell nor mortgage our very stadium. We were told their was no need for written guarantees as they would never contemplate or allow the stadium to he used in that manner. Six months later they attempted to do the very thing the fans feared that would allow Ashley Ibrox as security for a loan we did not need.


    Our stadium naming rights were sold for a pound, our stadium shop rented out for the same sum, our one sided merchandise deal was sanctioned with a seven year notice period, advertising was given away free and there was even mention of melons to Auchenhowie costing us £10 a go. It was nonstop on the rats gravy train yet outsiders claimed our club was the perpetrators of a crime.


    Young fans aged below 11 will probably have no memories of the way things used to be and some older fans have passed away without witnessing our return. That’s the saddest part of this whole despicable tale.


    Our fans have suffered more in five year than any fan deserves in a lifetime yet we are still perceived as the bad guys in more ways than one by outsiders. They believe we caused our own demise, they believe we deserve our pain and they even write and believe we threw our own children in front of police vehicles due to a cup final defeat.


    We see clubs in Germany and Italy help fellow clubs in financial difficulty. Our own club received shares in Arsenal because we helped them in their time of financial bother only to see those shares stolen and sold to benefit a crook. Consider for one second no Emirates stadium and no Arsenal if Rangers hadn’t provided financial help when they required it, then compare the actions of other fans and clubs when we were crippled financially at the hands of men who done so for their own gain.


    They badgered their own clubs with threats of boycotts if they didn’t vote us out of their league and almost in to oblivion yet remained almost silent as Hearts followed us in to admin. The press portrayal was “poor hearts Romanov is a bad man” versus “big bad Rangers get what’s coming to them”


    Rangers had no such support from any aspect of society. No press support, no government support, no governing body support and certainly no support from our countries football community. The only support we got was from the clubs in the lower leagues who’s stadiums bulged for four years during our climb back up the leagues.


    We are no way near being back to our former self as we not only started from zero again financially two years ago but were and still are hand tied with onerous contracts that lose us millions per year in lost revenue yet our fans still fill Ibrox and away stadia the length of the country. This proves that without fans there would be no club. The fans are Rangers.


    The online squabbles will never cease, our fanbase is too large to contemplate universal agreement on most issues and I’m sure we couldn’t agree on the shade of blue Rangers play in yet when the whistle blows and the game begins we are one and that is why we will return to our former glory days.


    This date will forever be etched in memory. As others run around for cards and roses I will never forget the day they tried to kill the Rangers. The jelly and icecream has long melted yet still they try. They will not win.


    Our blood runs blue and even our tears have a hint of azure but due to our resolve we will get back to business as usual and we will savour victory more than ever because of the last five years.


    Then now forever”

  6. saltires en sevilla on




    What lengths some will go to …



    Completely missing the fact that his beloved team had spent all their money, a hefty slice of BOS money and treasury money and umpteen creditors, that wil never be paid back!



    Trying to emulate the Lisbon Lions




  7. GFTB



    I have come out of the darkened room to admit I am that joker………



    Oh the shame………

  8. Cassandra also known as Alexandra or Kassandra, was a daughter of King Priam and of Queen Hecuba of Troy. In modern usage her name is employed as a rhetorical device to indicate someone whose accurate prophecies are not believed by those around them.



    @ CQN Wiki

  9. TET


    That SoS `Statement` ( They do love their Statements, don`t they ?!) is a fine example of someone in denial. Even so, I would think most Bears would find it very appealing. Certainly more appealing than the truth !




  10. The Green Man says SACK THE Board on

    Afternoon Celts



    Yes, no doubt our football was corrupted. And yet, nobody on the Celtic PLC has ever called it out.


    Rather strange that.


    Maybe they never noticed, too busy looking the other way.


    Ha…the irony eh




  11. TGM


    I cannot deny that but surely the main responsibility lay ( and still lies ) with the SFA ?



    Anyway, I must dash.


    Cheerio for now,



  12. SoS tearful statements


    L5 fibby Press Releases


    SMSM sternography


    Radio Scotland wheel out their bestest morons


    Radio Clyde high doh! panic



    Hope it never stops. It’s the anaesthetic that helps maintain their induced coma.

  13. I think Scottish football except 2nd rangers is in a good place.



    Losses stemmed. Several clubs in profit. Several trophies won by smaller clubs.



    An admin event for an Ibrox club will be the cherry on top of a large valentine sundae

  14. The Green Man says SACK THE Board on

    Maybe someone from CQN should produce a big dossier for the PLC entitled..’How they shafted us for years’ and give it to Peter.


    You never know, he might read it.



    Really…talk about lazy journalism, CQN is morphing into the Celtic View.


    Ridiculous nonsense.








    Ironically King Billy was officially recognised as king this day in 1689.

  16. No one voted them out.


    The vote was to let a new club in.


    And it was a no to an unnatural start in the championship.



    Then a vote was held by the lower their clubs on allowing them to start in the bottom teir.

  17. The one piece from that SoS statement that sticks out to me about their complete stupidity.


    Our hero drove along the M8 to make sure that D & P were appointed as administrators, totally missing the point that had proper admins been appointed everything would have been broken up and sold to the highest bidder.


    They should be on their knees thanking our hero

  18. Awh, bless.



    No Arsenal without Rangers,.


    Ours tears have a hint of azure.


    This date will be forever etched on my memory(mine too:-))


    No support form press, no support from government, no support from governing body:-))))))))))))))))



    Jeez, it must take a lot of effort to be that deluded:-)


    Get some meds mate, preferably prescribed by a medic.



    Thanks for posting that TET, pure gold.

  19. Nowhere in that Shuns of Frankenstruth statement is their any admittance of culpability from them,none at all.They still believe it was all somebody else’s fault.Incredible haughtiness and complete lack of humility and self-awareness.


    Long may their collective coma continue.


    Loving it. ;))

  20. The Green Man says SACK THE Board on

    I will ask the obvious question.


    If everybody knew that our football was corrupted, why didnt PL or the PLC call it out?







  21. ArranmoreBhoyLXV11 on

    It’s still a farce..



    The SMSM & all the “home draws”



    They’re openly facilitating..





  22. My friends in Celtic,



    What is frightening is that they obviously believe that p@sh. The SOS spin a good tale , I’ll give them that. A crying yarn on Valentine’s Day for the gullible.



    I totally agree with Ernie Lynch’s post last night.:-



    ERNIE LYNCH on 13TH FEBRUARY 2017 7:35 PM


    The only realistic, long term solution to the huns financial problems is for Celtic to join the EPL.



    Paul 67 has hinted about us joining a league more befitting of our status. I would like him to expand on that.



    Oldco / Sevco / Newco/ Even Newerco will last in some form for years and years.



    Yes it’s a gift that gives on giving, but personally I am sick of it. I’m almost immune to new revelations



    We must get out and away from them. Maybe then Res 12 will unravel.




  23. saltires en sevilla on




    Interesting indeed.



    WILLIAM111 crowned on Valentine’s Day…



    Good quiz answer…stored

  24. The Green Man says SACK THE Board on

    Listen, the only reason they get away with the corruption, is because the people who have to power to stop it, choose not to.


    Its as clear and simple as that.


    No need for all the pravda like bs on CQN.


    They get away with it, because we allow it.


    Ask Peter Lawell why.




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