NIR BITTON hopes the amazing Celtic support puts the frighteners on Borussia Monchengladbach in the Champions League confrontation under the lights in the east end of Glasgow in midweek.
The Israeli international midfielder is convinced the fans at a rocking 60,000-capacity Celtic Park struck fear into Manchester City’s superstars before the 3-3 draw last month.
Etihad boss Pep Guardiola revealed his players couldn’t breathe after the full-time whistle at Parkhead.

Bitton said: “The atmosphere at home lifts us, everyone saw that against City. They had world-class players but they were caught by surprise in the first 20 minutes.

“Aguero and Silva were in shock and there was panic in their defence – players were just booting the ball.

“Aguero has played for a long time in the Premier League, but won’t have faced that kind of atmosphere in England.

“City weren’t ready for us and Celtic Park was one of the reasons for it.

“The atmosphere was the best I’ve ever played in. I can’t compare it to anything else.

“We need to make the most of it against Monchengladbach and ensure they are thrown by it, too. It’s about how we start the game and how we play.

“The crowd can help, but we can’t give their players space and time to play. We need to press them in the same way we did against City.

“Manchester City have top-class players, but you could see after it they felt lucky. They came to Celtic Park and didn’t know what was going on.

“We need to make sure we do the same to Borussia.”
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