Let’s have a change


Since Martin O’Neill arrived 15 years ago, the number of games Celtic have played with truly no pressure on is less than 30 (or about the same number we played the season before he arrived).  There’s almost always an angle when Celtic take the field, even after the league is won, whether there’s a cup final to prepare for, or a close rival to take on (as last week), or a trophy to collect (as next week).

But not tonight.  Tonight Celtic can take the field with a broader agenda than simply winning the game, we can experiment.  Hopefully we’ll not see players the manager doesn’t want, and there’s little point filling the team full of mainstays of the side.  Tonight is a chance of Darnell to continue his rehab, for Lukasz to give Gordon the night off, for (deep breath) Stefan Scepovic to lead the line!

Big Jason has had a fantastic season, but unless there’s enormous changes in Manchester, he’ll wave goodbye next week, so give Eoghan O’Connell a start.  It’s also an occasion when Ronny might want a look at Tom Rogic.  In fact, I want a look at Tom Rogic.

A change at goalkeeper, right back, central defence, centre mid and striker would give all areas of the team a fresh feel.  Let’s have it.

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  1. Thunder Road on

    Bobby Murdoch is THE Celt that i would have loved to see the most.



    My Da always maintained that it was Bobby who made/let Jinky shine and be the player he was.



    Would anyone agree with that view?





    The last time I saw Tom Rogic was against Morton.



    He was far from the worst in a game we could have scored a barrowload. But still a bad memory.



    He is better than that. But he is running out of time to prove it.



    I think we are a good unit but lack a magic touch. A guy wi an eye. The killer pass.



    I still have high hopes for Rogic. He will be a successful footballer. And if he has bought into the Ronny way…





    Aye-and talking to an Irish fella about a certain team.



    Dunno why,maybe my t-shirt…

  4. Sounds good Paul


    HOWEVVA, doffs his chapeau to Kojo,


    Will we be happy to see an experimental line up?


    Will we be happy to drop points?


    I think I speak for all Celtic fans, at least in this house, when I say we want Celtic to win every game.


    With style, verve, exciting and inventive football.

  5. Thunder Road


    The whole team made/let Jinky shine..give him the ball ..let him weave his magic


    Bobby was a special player though,lovely passer of the ball ,could defend and score goals.


    You would have loved him



  6. Strike-force is the key area for next season, Guidetti &Stokes both look to be out Ronny’s plans, leaving only Griffiths as a definite.



    I would not only play Scepovic, for 90 minutes, I would set up the team to play to his strengths. Not too may other changes, unfair to cobble together a team of rusty players lacking game time then judge him on a disjointed performance.



    There is a goalscorer in there somewhere.

  7. Rock Tree Bhoy on

    Good shout Paul, agree entirely, but for sure would still play Brown, Biton and Griffiths.

  8. Gerryfaethebrig on




    Nice podium for the two greats






    12:18 on 15 May, 2015





    Getting close with this podium thing

  9. Eurochamps67 on

    Looks like Paul has a few bob on St Johnstone tonight!







  10. ‘gg



    Yeah, I was gutted back in ’67 when we only got a 0-0 against Dukla Prague.

  11. One of my favourite quotes about the majestic Bobby Murdoch, loosely translated from the original Italian:



    “Bobby Murdoch is the ‘daddy’ of this Celtic side. He makes them tick. A marvellous player.”



    Bruno Pesaola, Fiorentina coach after being drawn against Celtic in the QF of the EC in 1970.



    Bobby was the reigning POTY at the time, after a fantastic 68/69 season.




  12. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    Not so sure about that many changes, Paul. To assess fringe players properly we need some stability around them.

  13. Thunder Road,



    Imo, Bobby Murdoch was even more important than that. As Mr Stein said, “When Bobby plays, Celtic play.” And it was simply the truth. Bobby had everything.

  14. GlassTwoThirdsFull



    Not so sure about that many changes, Paul. To assess fringe players properly we need some stability around them.




    It’s classic football manager, game means nothing, the established players that do play have switched off, throw in loads of fringe players then when you get beat blame the fringe players.

  15. gerryfaethebrig






    that BMCUWP might have been going for 2in a row




  16. Paul 67



    I agree that Darnell should get a game as that position has been a merry-go-round all season anyway, but i disagree with the other changes.



    Jason has been on loan all year so dropping him now makes no sense. Tom Rogic has shown nothing in the past to warrant a game.



    Not sure on Scepovic. I thought he looked a player early on but hasn’t a chance. I would keep him back till pre season to ensure we don’t knock his confidence.



    i don’t think game time will make Lucasz a better keeper. He is a no2 all the way



    keep going as you were Celtic and win the last 2 games. i am over for the ICT game with family in towand want my money’s worth. we don’t all live in Glasgow(more’s the pity!)

  17. I too would like a look at Rogic – he has a good touch and is quite two footed. He’s had a bad time with injuries.

  18. Roll up, Roll up, the bigoted hun institution need your money to buy their privilages, they even accept fenian cheques. They are brass necked to your stupidity.



    Roll up, Roll up, a few pennies for the poor bigots that keep you bigoted against and get down croppie, get down.



    You shouldn’t even be on this bus.



    Does anybody think there might be a few masons on the board of Celtic?



    Just askin’.

  19. The Battered Bunnet on

    Tom Rogic is a perfect Ronny Deila project.



    Got a lot of talent, but needs to know how to bring it out. Getting close to now or never for him. Let’s hope it’s now.

  20. The other JC said the other week we will put


    full squad out against sheep then in last two


    games give some of the younger/fringe players


    a run out.



    Anyone at Celtic park tonight for The Asterisk Years ?



    They better be showing the game

  21. The Battered Bunnet:



    Tom Rogic should not be at Parkhead, he is even by parochial Australian standards… ordinary.

  22. My prediction on Rogic is that he will play 2 more games in friendlies , be released and never play in Europe again.



    I think Dylan McGeough will head down the leagues soon as well.



    If you don’t set fires in your early 20s, you never will.



    the days of the sideways passer who can’t play a through ball or shoot and earn 40k a week are thankfully gone



    Football is a harsh career and i base this on what has happened to many players in the last 10 years