Let’s make it happen this time


I cannot tell you the exhilaration when our Champions League endeavours all started under Martin O’Neill.  Beating Ajax in Amsterdam in the play-off round, with their useful looking young striker, Zlatan Ibrahimovic, was a transformational result in our history.

The group stage was due to start at home to Rosenborg, who back then were a Champions League regular and not just an also ran, but the September 11 attacks a day earlier meant we had to wait until facing Juventus in Turin.  There was a time during that game, when we came back from 2-0 to equalise, that anything seemed possible.

The campaign ended with three home wins and three away defeats, the latter became a regular feature in our early seasons in the competition.  Nine points would have been enough in most groups, in most years, but we were edged out by Porto, who took 6 points from Rosenborg.

Two years later, brought thrilling home wins against Anderlecht and Lyon, before Bayern Munich became the first visiting team to leave Celtic Park on Champions League duty with a point.  Oh, how they celebrated.

Form has changed since.  Picking up points on the road, which once seemed beyond us, is achieved regularly, home wins are less assured, but there is still a clear difference in how potent Celtic are at home, compared to how we are on our travels.  Celtic Park remains a force to be reckoned with.

Leipzig have a squad full of talented players.  They will have period of possession tonight and will stretch Celtic in every department.  But still, they are a long way from Saxony and face a Celtic team brimming with nuggets of talent.

We know the support tonight will be exceptional.  We know how Celtic will play.  We know we have the talent to hurt the very best in Europe.  We know that Leipzig are vulnerable.  Let’s make it happen this time.

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  1. Paul 67,



    We all know what’s coming, the script is transparent. Let’s go Angeball.



    Make it happen.




  2. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on

    Meanwhile, Rangers have been fined 14,000 euros (£12,284) for “improper conduct of the team” in the Ibrox club’s Champions League clash against Napoli on September 14.



    Clubs automatically receive an “improper conduct” charge when five players or more receive cards in a match.



    Hearts were fined 4,000 euros (£2,194) for away fans throwing objects onto the pitch in their Europa Conference League match against Latvian side RFS on September 15.



    The club also received a warning for “improper conduct of the team” during that match.



    Separately, Hearts were fined 3,000 euros (£2,636) after fans threw objects onto the pitch and lit fireworks at their home Europa Conference League match against Istanbul Basaksehir.

  3. FAO The MOD…


    Can you simply ASK PAUL67 if he BANNED Big Packy some time ago, and ask him to also CONFIRM that the BAN was NEVER lifted by PAUL67….As he ADMITTED to me in an Email ?


    Maybe PAUL67 himself can come on here and clear this matter up and simply CONFIRM that he DID INDEED BAN Big Packy etc ?



    Its that SIMPLE.

  4. When I seen the group I was delighted. This is easily the best group we’ve been handed since 2012. I would have loved Brendan Rodgers to have got a group like this one.



    If we win tonight the group is wide open. If we’re beaten then we have to be honest, we’re not a competitive CL team.



    A huge game.

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  6. BIG JIMMY on 11TH OCTOBER 2022 11:55 AM


    ERNIE LYNCH on 11TH OCTOBER 2022 9:50 AM










    ” I realise you haven’t been posting on here very long (though it might feel like it for some), ”







    WRONG AGAIN Ernie, Ive been Posting on here for YEARS.








    Well it certainly feels like it.



    But the board had been running for a long time before you joined.



    I don’t think many would claim that it has improved with age.

  7. At the stadium now and I am totally buzzing already.



    Lots of grown men standing looking at coaches parked in the car park and wondering if it is our coaches or theirs lol.



    That aside how I would love our boys to become men tonight.



    Just like Liam Miller RIP did back in that second European Champions League season.



    Back to back wins as we got v Anderlecht and Lyon would be perfect for our exciting young project.



    Bumped into Harry K who seemed to be really energized about it. Really full of belief and a sense of resolve. I like this guy. I hope he is on the pitch with Ange and the team at just before 10pm tonight.

  8. F@ck the huns. Don’t let them f@ck with your happiness.


    Today is all about Celtic and Angeball.



    Paradise will be loud, proud and rocking. And respectful




  9. bournesouprecipe on




    Juranovic Carter-Vickers Welsh Taylor



    O’Riley Mooy Hatate



    Abada Kyogo Haksabanovic



    Abildgaard for Mooy later



    Forrest for Abada later



    Maeda for Haksabanovic later

  10. Tom-M,



    Ha, ha. That was the first thing I thought reading B78’s post.


    Then it smacked me right in the gub. Not Harry Kane, but our Harry K, the one married to Tricia Dingwall.




  11. B78



    are you at Celtic Park ?


    the venue where Celtic Football club play their matches in the Parkhead district of Glasgow, on the east side of the city ?

  12. PHILBHOY on 10TH OCTOBER 2022 7:37 PM









    He posted this on SENTINEL CELTS yesterday –







    big packy





    HI JIM thanks for your friendship over the years, we were the first posters on here along with mike in toronto, but nobody reads my true stories or even replies, so its time to say GNAGB give my regards to mike if you see him, along with in no particular order TLR,,,ASWGL, TWISTY, BOBBY, MAHE, JNP, SOLKITTS, MAGS, AWENAW,,PRESTONPANSBHOYS good god the list is endless,.SES,,so sorry if ive missed anyone out you can only tell some true stories and then people get bored i appreciate that i hope in my heart some time in the future before the good god almighty takes me, i can come on here and tell a few more, luv ya to bits jim, thanks for being my pal.H.H.












    He then posted a further half dozen times or so.







    Make your own minds up!







    Hope you are well BIG JIMMY!




    Thanks mate and I meant to respond sooner. My health isnt too great just now and I ahvent been out for a Beer since September 16th when I met up with many CQN Bhoys in Coatbridge.


    As for that Big Packy his heid is full of wee motors crashing into each other on a daily basis.


    But dangerously…HE has NO problem in Branding Guys like me as LIARS on this Blog….when he is in FULL DENIAL of ANY wrongdoing.


    He DENIES that he was EVER BANNED from here…..I have asked him…” WHY did you stay away from the Blog for so long, only to come back on with your MONIKER CHANGED ?



    Even The TALKING DUGS in the street are howling with laughter at his denials !


    Everybody and their TALIKING DUG KNOW that he is LYING thru his teeth…..AGAIN.


    He is a LYING CHUMP….100%. He hasnt been near Celtic Park since the feckin 1960’s


    HIS Pish about ” Love ya to Bits” is exactly that…UTTER PISH !


    HH Mate.

  13. MON the HOOPS…….Please surprise me tonight and take ALL three points.


    Ive placed a few Quid on Celtic to do the business tonight…in hope more than anything else for this particular game as I am usually more confident no matter who Celtic play.

  14. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    Hearing Jota might be out? At least we have plenty of cover in the wide areas.


    More worried about the midfield. If O’Riley plays in McGregor’s position I might go with Ralston RMF, pushing up on Shlager.


    No reason we can’t put in a good performance tonight. The result will be down to concentration, being clinical at both ends and eliminating basic errors.


    Go for it Celtic!

  15. Scullybhoy ,


    Big Jimmy came on yesterday and had a go at 4 posters, yip that’s right 4 , The Buffler, Mad Mitch , Big Packy , and Rock Tree Bhoy , are we not allowed to respond, or is it SNP rules

  16. Big night indeed: We just watched the finale of Gomorra: La Serie.


    Final episode clearly shows – amid the callous bloodbath – it really is a love story between two good mates.


    Better than Sopranos. Equal to Deadwood. Not quite up to The Wire. But WOW. Effin WOWW!



    Tonight’s the night for Oliver and Sead to stake their claims as first picks.


    Can’t remember us having a player of the forward-driving power that Hacksa has.


    Go on lad; win it for us.


    Proud night for The Rock CCV; el capitano rather than big Joe. HH

  17. Do yourselves pround tonight bhoys.



    Take your chances and get in about them.



    Kyogo over GG.


    Jenz over Welsh.


    Great to have CCV back.


    Abildgard, Hatate & O’Riley in midfield.


    Haksa for a goal.



    Up the Celts



    3-2 to the Bhoys.




  18. THE BUFFLER on 11TH OCTOBER 2022 1:22 PM



    Scullybhoy , Big Jimmy came on yesterday and had a go at 4 posters, yip that’s right 4 , The Buffler, Mad Mitch , Big Packy , and Rock Tree Bhoy , are we not allowed to respond, or is it SNP rules



    *hmmm was that not 2 posters

  19. Stx2 @ 1.47



    Away oot ‘n play with yer diggers.


    You property types are just wind up merchants.

  20. I don`t think it is just the players who lack belief. I feel our much vaunted support is only really a `support` when things are going well. When we are up against it, the groans are powerful and do nothing to instill confidence on the pitch.


    So, come on Celtic supporters,let`s live up our reputation and make Paradise a fortress once again.

  21. Big Jimmy



    Good to see your name mate.



    I have a ton of meetings at work today with guests in town. Forgot to block calendar out for the game, should manage to catch most of it.

  22. P67 — are you being sponsored by social work?


    I think that they you owe you big time.


    Public service and all that.

  23. 31 comments in two hours on the day of a very important game.


    I have my own view as to why that is .

  24. HS @ 1.53



    The house that FMcC built — the support that he developed are now all men of a certain vintage and the party vibe has gone replaced by the moaning and groaning of imminent old age.



    Putting out the bins is beyond most of them / us.


    Full blown support is but a memory of our youth.



    The support aren’t ready for the CL — the fear stalks them like a taxman haunts the TFOD2.1.



    The team is raw but they have more desire.

  25. HS @ 2.11



    Lack of posts — spill the beans.



    My thoughts — Harry the Spider has forgotten his log in.


    Or when it comes to CQN chat — Uncle beats Big every time.

  26. THE BUFFLER on 11TH OCTOBER 2022 1:22 PM




    What the feck are you on about…CHUMP ?


    What has the SNP got to do with ME when Chump/Nutter/Liars on here post LIES about matters ?


    Your just another STOOGE who knows feck all about anything.


    Thankfully, EVERY ONE of the CQN Guys that I meet up with from here ALL KNOW who the Chumps/Nutters/Stooges and LIARS are on here.

  27. TONTINE TIM on 11TH OCTOBER 2022 1:45 PM


    *hmmm was that not 2 posters..





    SAINT STIVS on 11TH OCTOBER 2022 1:47 PM


    OR 1 ?




    HAHAHA….Very good Bhoys…I like it



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