Let’s make it happen this time


I cannot tell you the exhilaration when our Champions League endeavours all started under Martin O’Neill.  Beating Ajax in Amsterdam in the play-off round, with their useful looking young striker, Zlatan Ibrahimovic, was a transformational result in our history.

The group stage was due to start at home to Rosenborg, who back then were a Champions League regular and not just an also ran, but the September 11 attacks a day earlier meant we had to wait until facing Juventus in Turin.  There was a time during that game, when we came back from 2-0 to equalise, that anything seemed possible.

The campaign ended with three home wins and three away defeats, the latter became a regular feature in our early seasons in the competition.  Nine points would have been enough in most groups, in most years, but we were edged out by Porto, who took 6 points from Rosenborg.

Two years later, brought thrilling home wins against Anderlecht and Lyon, before Bayern Munich became the first visiting team to leave Celtic Park on Champions League duty with a point.  Oh, how they celebrated.

Form has changed since.  Picking up points on the road, which once seemed beyond us, is achieved regularly, home wins are less assured, but there is still a clear difference in how potent Celtic are at home, compared to how we are on our travels.  Celtic Park remains a force to be reckoned with.

Leipzig have a squad full of talented players.  They will have period of possession tonight and will stretch Celtic in every department.  But still, they are a long way from Saxony and face a Celtic team brimming with nuggets of talent.

We know the support tonight will be exceptional.  We know how Celtic will play.  We know we have the talent to hurt the very best in Europe.  We know that Leipzig are vulnerable.  Let’s make it happen this time.

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  1. Colours to the mast —



    Defence should be — JJ / CCV / MoJ / GT


    MF should be — RH / OA / MO’R.


    Front three should be — SH / KF / LA.



    Slightly miffed — AB / AM / DM / GG.



    I hope we are going to be very active in the market come Jan.

  2. Won’t see the game tonight as have my homegroup meeting.


    So cmon Celtic Let the people sing.


    Enjoy the roller-coaster ride that is Celtic.

  3. The Buffler on 11th October 2022 1:22 pm



    Maybe sites like CQN aren’t for you. Too many bullies around.

  4. Been a day of torrential downpours here on the Costa Blanca, Hope it’s drier in Glasgow.


    Not feeling confident at all about tonight. Our form has dropped just as our injury list has grown. If we start at lightening pace, we must get an early goal or two to give us something to hold onto. They will grow into the game once the opening onslaught has passed.

  5. A point tonight would not be the worst result, just as long as Real Madrid keep to their side of the bargain.



    This Celtic squad have still to prove they have a big European result in them. Tonight would be the ideal time to do so.

  6. JIMDOM on 11th October 2022 2:56 pm



    I know where you are coming from regarding 1 point but I disagree, we need all three or its done IMO.


    Not winning the game against Shakhtar was a real downer for me we should have easily put them to bed in the first half.


    We need to score first, if we do I think we’ll win it, if we don’t we’ll eventually get picked off.

  7. Could juranovic fill in at midfield……



    Could bernabei play further forward……..



    Whatever the line up we have to be better at both ends of the field…..



    Can’t see us keeping a clean sheet.



    I’d take a draw right now….



    First time in a lot of years I haven’t been to the euro games…… C’mon the sellic.

  8. HOT SMOKED on 11TH OCTOBER 2022 2:11 PM


    31 comments in two hours on the day of a very important game.



    I have my own view as to why that is .





    Tbh Hot Smoked, all you get on here these days are people arguing and skating each other. Lucky if you can read one post in ten that isn’t some of them having a go at each other, the SNP, the Westminster Government, the Celtic Board etc.



    Some cracking posts on here from time to time and some very good, intelligent, interesting posters, just too much badgering and negativity most of the time.



    Gets a bit boring scrolling past all that for the decent posts and, the site hasn’t worked properly for ages either for game updates etc. Some days you can only see one comment per page. What’s all that about?

  9. MADMITCH on 11TH OCTOBER 2022 2:11 PM






    You should just stick to corresponding with the other Two STOOGES/Pals of yours…Big Packy and BUFFLER….every man should know their limitations

  10. HOT SMOKED on 11TH OCTOBER 2022 2:11 PM


    31 comments in two hours on the day of a very important game.



    I have my own view as to why that is





    Yes, a day of sooooo much anticipation. From a football perspective we should be buoyant with much happiness.



    Could your thoughts be :-



    General society is depressed.


    Economic woes and worry


    Inept clueless governments. ( Apart from Ange, no leadership )


    Recent tragic events.


    Laziness. Much easier to read than post.


    More social media competition


    Work pressures.


    In the pub and getting elephants trunk.


    Weather depression. Better for ducks than hoomans


    Office or home is baltic and fingers struggle to type.


    Can’t post at work or multitask


    Long term grudges / petted lips ( I’m not speaking to him / her )


    Aff oot.


    Adverts or trouble logging on.


    Snobbery. The blog hierarchy don’t like plebs or think the blog is now beneath them.


    Still in bed.


    Many flouncers


    Cliques waiting on hauners from mates.


    Multi posters forgetting who they are.


    In the huff.


    Waiting for a podium.



    Or poster apathy due to Kindergarten Quick News.



    Nevertheless I’m sure the common love of Celtic will soon overcome all obstacles and posts will undoubtedly pick up.



    HH and COYBIG.



    PS : Kidding aside, Understandably many posters especially in the island of Ireland and or close ties to Donegal think football is not so important at this time.

  11. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on

    GREENPINATA on 11TH OCTOBER 2022 3:13 PM



    I’ll say I’m on about 90% of that list 🤣



    Happy your healthy enough to be back posting


    and calling out all the chumps in here



    Couple of points I remember clearly Big PAcky continuing to offer you money and you were both banned after the following argument but you were reinstated as you were clearly the innocent party



    If he wasn’t banned surely he can post under his original poster name instead of changing it to BP1


    therefore if he can’t it’s because there has been a block put on it



    As far as MadMitch is concerned I have read him demean both the disabled and the blind in the last couple of weeks and actually back tracked each time as he realised he went over the score



    Still should be banned though so he must have friends in high places



    Watch your blood pressure and enjoy the match I am watching it in the Oslo CSC but would prefer to be there

  13. Sometimes it’s better to travel in Hope than to arrive.


    We are on a journey and our expectations are high. OpTIMistically c 60k will turn up tonight believing we can take three points and give us a realistic chance of qualification.


    Ange is still in rebuilding mode and we should expect form to be a roller coaster at times.


    The question is do we have the players who brought us CL glory in the past?


    Where are the players who can match up to the likes of McNeil, Gemmel, Murdoch, Auld and Johnstone?


    Do we yet have the squad depth to emulate the exploits of Moravcic, Sutton, Lambert and the peerless Larsson?


    Personally, I think it’s too early in the cycle for us to emulate the great sides that saw off the likes of Inter, Leeds and numerous others in front of a loud and motivated Celtic Park crowd. So I will not be overly disappointed if tonight our expectations exceed the realization. Ange is only beginning to craft a side which is not just pleasing to the eye but also ruthless in gaining results especially against the odds.


    Whatever the outcome tonight, I’ve not been as excited since Nakamura and Arthur thwarted Man united with a memorable goal and a class save from the penalty spot.





  14. I think we will win tonight.



    You do know that Celtic have an important Champions League. match tonight

  15. On the assumption that Jota doesn’t make it, I would start with :



    Hart, JJ, Jenz, CC-V, Taylor, Hatate, MO’R, Bernabei, Abada, Kyogo, Haksa.



    Saw enough of Bernabei and Haksa on Saturday to believe that they will be ready for the big Euro occasion. Both should be fairly high in confidence.

  16. LEFTCLICKTIC on 11TH OCTOBER 2022 2:49 PM


    “Won’t see the game tonight as have my homegroup meeting.


    So cmon Celtic Let the people sing.


    Enjoy the roller-coaster ride that is Celtic.”



    Me neither, although, it’s my decision to come here to the `Isle of Bute for a few days, my son-in-law and granddaughter are using the tickets. Where’s your home group, may pay you a visit if possible :)) por cierto

  17. GG@3:30pm



    And that when we were downsizing, a good squad of honest pros. with one superb player Naka.

  18. I don’t think Jota has been doing enough tracking back lately. Noticed he was trailing way behind RB Leipzig right back for their 3rd goal. Also noticed on Saturday he was posted missing a couple of times when St. Johnstone got forward and was hooked at HT.



    Ange may have been showing him, by taking him off at HT on Saturday, that he has to work back ALL the time and I’m pretty sure he’ll start tonight. Ange’s reasons for hooking him were his way of leading the media down the proverbial garden path, por cierto

  19. Good afternoon, friends.


    Just 4 hours till kick off and the excitement is already starting to build inside this old man. I thought it might be a good time to remind everyone that you are all welcome after any or all games to join in the fun on the old Player Of The Year thingmyjig. You don’t need to be an active poster on here and there’s no registration involved. Anyone and everyone can simply send me an email after the game nominating the 3 players (not in any particular order) that you feel performed best. We all have opinions and, for this poll, everyone’s are equal. Just look at last weekend’s game when poor wee Liel Abada only secured 1 single vote (that’d be from yours truly!) despite playing his heart out.


    The more that join in, the more representative the poll becomes. The largest poll this season was after our 5-0 demolition away to Kilmarnock on 14 August. With your help and support I’d love to beat the 88 that emailed me for that game.


    So, here’s to an ever bulging inbox following the final whistle tonight! SENCELPOTY@GMAIL.COM

  20. BRRB



    Bernabei in front of Taylor. After supplying the cross for the winning goal, he will have left Perth feeling 10 feet tall (about three times his actual height !). Haksa looks keen to announce his arrival, we need that quality.



    If Abildgaard was to start tonight, would he not have been given an hour on Saturday ? Mooy looks way short of pace and energy. Maeda appears to have lost a bit of his mojo.

  21. Leipzig defence looked vulnerable and rattled for periods in the first half in last week’s match. If the Hoops convert some of their chances they can make it a second Celtic Park defeat for the Germans tonight on front of the big home crowd.

  22. bigrailroadblues on

    When the team is known tonight at approximately 7.45 shall there much wailing and gnashing of teeth? There will be from me. I’ve got Kyogo as first goalscorer. 😂

  23. My friends in Celtic,



    I really can’t believe the timing of some football events. The CL is massive and Celtic supporters from Scotland and Ireland will be eagerly anticipating our game against Leipzig.



    Why oh why is Scotland playing Ireland at Hampdump in a Ladies world Cup playoff.?



    We have ghirls from both countries who want to see both. Why should they have to make a choice ?



    HH and COYBIG.

  24. Welsh over Jenz. Kyogo over GG to start with , McCarthy before mooy Forrest or Abada tough call . Taylor over our wee argentine . Not a huge fan of MOR too powder puff for a big lad .,but same goes for jenz . We have a chance if we can score ,big call that too . Now that will turn the guns on me instead of everyone else on here falling out . HH

  25. GREENPINATA on 11TH OCTOBER 2022 4:50 PM


    F@ck Red Bull drink Monster. Every little helps.






    If Dermot has his way we might just be added to the franchise ?????



    RB Celtic playing in the Red Bull Arena (Glasgow). Who knows what the Desmond family exit strategy really is ?

  26. Interesting to see who Ange will pick as the main striker tonight. Let’s not forget that Giorgos the Greek was the top goalador in Holland and then the.. following season finished tops in the SPFL and scored the classic strikers goal on Saturday. Must be considered as a starter against the Germans.

  27. The new bar at Parkers ( sorry guys ) has been open for circa one hour. I wonder how the atmosphere is and is it true pints are cheap @ £3ish



    Regardless, well done Celtic for listening.



    Absolutely buzzing for tonight. I honestly feel we will see Angeball at its best.


    Take our chances and energy, energy, energy.



    The journey resumes.

  28. FAO MOD…


    WHY does my reply to CELTICFOREVER on 11TH OCTOBER 2022 …appear to be DELETED ?


    I simply ” Thanked” CELTICFOREVER for his support and for his good memory.



    Simply shocking.

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