Let’s make it happen this time


I cannot tell you the exhilaration when our Champions League endeavours all started under Martin O’Neill.  Beating Ajax in Amsterdam in the play-off round, with their useful looking young striker, Zlatan Ibrahimovic, was a transformational result in our history.

The group stage was due to start at home to Rosenborg, who back then were a Champions League regular and not just an also ran, but the September 11 attacks a day earlier meant we had to wait until facing Juventus in Turin.  There was a time during that game, when we came back from 2-0 to equalise, that anything seemed possible.

The campaign ended with three home wins and three away defeats, the latter became a regular feature in our early seasons in the competition.  Nine points would have been enough in most groups, in most years, but we were edged out by Porto, who took 6 points from Rosenborg.

Two years later, brought thrilling home wins against Anderlecht and Lyon, before Bayern Munich became the first visiting team to leave Celtic Park on Champions League duty with a point.  Oh, how they celebrated.

Form has changed since.  Picking up points on the road, which once seemed beyond us, is achieved regularly, home wins are less assured, but there is still a clear difference in how potent Celtic are at home, compared to how we are on our travels.  Celtic Park remains a force to be reckoned with.

Leipzig have a squad full of talented players.  They will have period of possession tonight and will stretch Celtic in every department.  But still, they are a long way from Saxony and face a Celtic team brimming with nuggets of talent.

We know the support tonight will be exceptional.  We know how Celtic will play.  We know we have the talent to hurt the very best in Europe.  We know that Leipzig are vulnerable.  Let’s make it happen this time.

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  1. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on

    Just showing solidarity with the mods BRRB



    It’s a tough gig 🤣

  2. Celtic: Hart, Taylor, Jenz, Kyogo, Haksabanovic, Abada, Carter-Vickers, O’Riley, Maeda, Hatate, Juranovic.



    Subs: Bain, Siegrist, Giakoumakis, Mooy, Turnbull, McCarthy, Bernabei, Abildgaard, Robertson, Forrest, Ralston, Welsh.



    RB Leipzig:

  3. Celtic: Hart, Juranovic, Carter-Vickers, Jenz, Taylor, Hatate, O’Riley, Haksabanoviv, Maeda, Abada, Furuhashi.



    Substitutes: Siegrist, Bain, Ralston, Bernabei, Giakoumakis, Mooy, Turnbull, McCarthy, Abildgaard, Robertson, Forrest, Welsh.

  4. mon`s fortress on



    MON`S FORTRESS on 11TH OCTOBER 2022 6:05 PM


    Ticket prices on a par for iPox etc


    It was the fines I was moaning about .





    Ahh… I see.



    See this banners, tifo, etc, Celtic fans are missing the point here.


    Know why?


    Tifo`s came about because top clubs and their managers, players, fans, foreign media, etc, were all blown away by Celtic fans version of `YNWA` no club, not even Liverpool, can match Celtic fans at this epic, spine tingling optic.


    In Wim Jansen`s season 1997/98 with us, we played Liverpool in the Uefa cup, and at home 2-2, the `YNWA` by Celtic fans, in a not fully built stadium, was raved about worldwide, this was pre internet days.


    This version of `YNWA` by Celtic fans, vs Liverpool was so powerful that Liverpool FC asked Celtic for the soundtrack, and Liverpool used that epic version as the soundtrack on their seasonal club video release.


    Guess what else?


    Going home after that game and looking forward to seeing the `YNWA` on video recording, BBC didn’t start until `after` the walk-on had finished and Dougie Donnelly said “We have just witnessed `YNWA` being sung before we came on, and it was simply incredible.”


    But, DD then looked at studio guest, Billy McNeill, and said “What did you think Billy?”


    Billy looked at DD as much as “That should’ve been shown but BBC ersed about with announcements deliberately to avoid it being shown.” imho.


    Also, during that game watching it back, Rob McLean and Gordon Smith commentating, must’ve mentioned the `YNWA` about six times, and how we just missed showing it, and you could tell they were at it.


    So, no tifo can touch Celtic fans `YNWA` that’s why other clubs started doing tifo`s to make their stadiums look atmospheric.


    Tims hold the key.


    No club can touch your `YNWA` maybe think about printing walk-on scarves onto bits of paper, but hold them up singing `YNWA` as not everyone wears a scarf.


    All in my humble opinion.



    Billy McNeill and Wim Jansen rest in peace.

  5. Big decision to select Meada tonight. Been poor most of the season and was really quite terrible on Saturday. I posted then that he looked uninterested and right off it – wondered if he is actually happy here – certainly doesn’t look it. Was close to GG when scored the winner and didn’t even raise an arm in celebration. Hope I’m wrong but looks like a risky one

  6. Plenty pace up front, the wide guys will also need to run back to cover their attacking full backs when they attack , I think Celtic can win tonight take the chances get the place rocking.

  7. agree re maeda , he has been poor of late don’t know what he brings to the team , when playing right wing

  8. glendalystonsils on

    Remember when fortress Parkhead/Celtic Park/Parkers/CP (delete as appropriate) scared the big guns?



    What better time than tonight to start bringing those times back . In a game where many expect us not to win , and many of our enemies are hoping for us to lose .



    History beckons Celts!

  9. Bhoyjoebelfast on



    Been busy last few days,if I cannot get the Celtic View to you on Thursday would it be OK to leave it with Culturlann staff.

  10. Bhoyjoebelfast on



    Should have said…..tomorrow for Culturlann.Going to collect granddaughter from dancing classes,got to be back for game.

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