Levein lining up excuses


I watched Olly Lee’s body language as he hobbled off Celtic Park on Sunday, it was clear he was distressed at something more than just missing part of a meaningless game.  For him, the Scottish Cup Final was in jeopardy, which Hearts have now confirmed he will miss.

Football managers like an excuse for failure as much as anyone and Hearts are lining them up ahead of the Scottish Cup Final.  Cup finals come round rarely for players like Lee, so I was empathetic to his distress as he left the field, but Craig Levein was straight in with the “hugely disappointing news for us……….. and especially for Olly.”

There are a raft of Hearts players with no chance of playing on Saturday, look out for Levein drip feeding the news between now and then, to ensure everyone knows how hard their job is.

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  1. delaneys dunky



    Absolutely looking forward it! Wish old Hampden still held 100,000 plus, more of us could be there.


    If we do it lets celebrate not recriminate.


    Lets first celebrate the news


    Then the History

  2. BT, hope you are well. My brother doing voluntary work in your line for Citizens Advice in Chateau au Lait. Desperate tales, heartbreaking stuff, as you know very well.



  3. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on



    it’s tough going but people would just have no chance without assistance


    It’s very concerning what is happening on a daily basis ,

  4. WeefratheTim on

    Evening all,



    DD great you are on the mend bro, and wonderful to see you posting again. You are one of the good ghuys and the ones we look after. Keep on keeping on and you know we are right behind you as always. Great to speak earlier, so, as I’m not the most popular asshole on here (???) I will wish you a very good night, and will speak next week buddy. HH YNWA.

  5. WeefratheTim on




    Thank you very much for your best wishes. I have had the year from hell with leg ulcers, the most painful condition you could imagine. Thankfully light at the end of the tunnel and so pleased Garry is so much better. HH buddy. .

  6. WeefratheTim on




    No thanks required Garry, it was my pleasure to hear your happy voice again. That means more than anything to me. You are a superstar kiddo, keep on keeping on my fhriend. Blether soon. ?????????????????. HH

  7. One good ghuy after another on here tonight. And with that good vibe it’s time to start the first of………….


    ………….just four more sleeps ;-)

  8. DD -great to see you back posting bro. HH ????



    TBB from ages ago…. great post, well thought and well researched…. you knew the… But was coming though….



    Davie Moyes – it’s a big NAW from me. He’s a nearly man. I posted the same on this blog a long time ago. Forget the stats, he’s a nearly man.



    He nearly took Preston to the EPL.



    He nearly did ok with Everton in Europe.



    He nearly got to the top 4.



    He didn’t ‘nearly’ spend shitloads of money.



    He nearly did ok with Man U.



    He nearly did ok in Spain.



    He did ‘nearly’ ok with West Ham. Btw West Ham and Man U, supporters couldn’t wait to see the back of him.



    He was ‘nearly’ ok as a player.



    Now, if you are saying that Sunderland was a tough gig, then surely by the same definition, the Bolton job was equally as tough for NFL?.



    NFL was and is a winner, he is not a nearly man.



    David Moyes was suited to Everton, at that time. He’s bombed dramatically since then and naw, naw , naw…. sorry OT67 ?



    I don’t want a man who ‘nearly’ won the 9 and 10.



    I want a winner. A winner who’s played the game at a high level. A winner who’s been coached by the best in their time (MoN and Mourhino, Clough before them). I don’t subscribe to this modern day football pish, the athlete etc. Jock Stein showed, how with the correct players, with the correct attitude, with the correct coaching, a system could not only be broken, but absolutely smashed. Obliterated. The stats prove that. To a lesser extent, Fergie done it with the Man U kids. Jose with the unfancied Porto…..



    Neil’s record is often brought up, his record with us however, stands up…. give that Mhan the job,the financial backing and the support of the whole support….. and see where he leads us…



    ??He came Home to lead the Green and White.



    Hail Hail ????

  9. I forgot to say in my last post, sometimes in football things just ‘fit’…. Henke with us, fergie with Man U, mourhino with Porto, messi with barca, pukki with Norwich and Morelos, hurlock, sourness with the huns!!!



    I think Neil Francis Lennon fits that same Celtic bill. He’s unstoppable.



    Back him. And when this chat turns to “he gets us” as if that’s a stick to beat him with…. jeezo



    He does “get us” he’s one of us. He feels the pain in defeat, like we do. He feels the joy “when we do”like TB, Cesar, the maestro… the “get us”.



    I want someone who “gets us”. Especially with what lies ahead in securing the holy grail. I don’t want a ‘nearly man’ or a project.



    Hail Hail ????

  10. And aye……. ok…….



    I’ll admit, I want Neil Lennons, snarling, unrepentant, fenian hands on the trophy When we do the Ten.



    Hail Hail ????

  11. A Driver of a Horse Box was pulled over by the Cops.


    The Cops looked inside the Horse Box, and advised the Driver…


    ” Hoi mate…Did You know That Horse Box is Empty” !



    Driver replies…” I know…I’m taking the NON RUNNERS to the race Track” !



  12. I am in the Process of “Assembling” a new Bathroom Cabinet…..it’s doing my head in.



    I now know why they call it “ASSembling”….cos it makes one feel like a right …



    HELP !



  13. In my childhood, one of my Heroes was “Andy Capp”, and I would always be given the Christmas Edition from Santa.



    Now, ” why would anyone have Andy Capp as a “Hero/Role Model” ?…I hear you ask…….?



    Here was a Guy, who lazed around all Day doing nothing but….


    Smoking Fags,


    Drinking Bottled Beers at home,


    Liked a Bet on the Nags etc,


    Drinking Pints of Beer with his mate Chalkie in the Pub,



    He also never took ANY Lip aff his Missus “Flo”….



    Andy…Your My kind of Guy !



    In one “adventure”, Andy was Steaming Drunk and hanging on to a Lamp Post one evening after closing time…


    A Drunk Stranger passed and asked Andy…” Ho mate…Is that the, Hic… Sun or the Moon up there ” ?


    To which Andy replied…” Hic,…I dont know mate…Im a stranger in these parts …Hic” !




  14. Thersea May….The “Human”….Praying Mantis….she is so feckin CREEPY !


    She makes my skin crawl…..


    Dont get me started on Farage, Boris Johnson, Robinson etc etc…



  15. Good morning CQN from a beautiful and sunny Garngad



    BGFC- from last night thank you for the kind words.






    D. :)

  16. weebawbabitty on

    Morning, DD glad to see you back in my friend HH , plenty on here were concerned for you!

  17. i'vehadtochangemymind on

    Even getting LG back next season will improve us no end. The squad really is kaiboshed – the treble treb chance has taken its toll.

  18. David 66, continuing thoughts with you for this week, and beyond.






    In the Summer of 1977, I was 21 and in Love , and I married my 1st wife in September that year ( EEJIT ) !


    Donna Summer had a Massive Hit with her Song ” I FEEL LOVE”, that Summer. Donna was the 1st PERSON that I had ever seen do a little “Robotic” Dance etc…Superb Donna Babe R.I.P.



    In more recent years a band called “THE BLUE MAN GROUP” did a Cover version of “I Feel Love”, check it out on YOU TUBE, as the Boys do it LIVE on Stage…its just Superb…what a Live Act.



    It last about 8 minutes or so, but STICK with it…you wont regret it. The Girl that sings with them is called “Venus Hum”, I think…what a Voice !


    I cant do the Link, can someone oblige ?





  20. SFtBs @ 8:12 PM,



    Yes, your analysis is thorough and focussed as usual.



    But what I’m seeing is The Rangers getting their ships in line, since their cheating was exposed in 2011 they have been a basket case.



    They have for one reason or another been systematically shooting themselves in the foot.



    From greedy owners/executives from believing in their devine rights… they have been deluding and deluded.



    This season they got down to the knitty gritty and we’ve been doing the foot shooting.



    Steven Gerrard has had an interesting first season in Scotland and in Football, he’s done a lot right but equally he’s done a lot wrong.



    He’s been I’ll advised also, I think he has woken up to this; sticking it to their Board for no guard of honour, honest assessments about his squad in general and Morelos in particular.



    For me, when the pressure was on, during our manager transition and the opportunities that, that afforded Rangers – he bottled it. He will learn though, he knows his squad and knows he needs much better players. He knows which players he wants to keep, which position he wants to strengthen and the team plays for him.



    No matter what the financial situation is at Ibrox, we are going for 9iar… Gerrard WILL be backed.



    The ball is in our court and as it happens, for now at least, we call the shots… let’s face this!!



    Hail Hail

  21. DD


    I had hoped you would be in Coia`s before the Jambos` game but excellent to see you back on here. Tough times in Life are more manageable among friends.




  22. Chairbhoy



    ” This season they got down to the knitty gritty and we’ve been doing the foot shooting. ”



    That may or may not be accurate but we have won the League Cup, The League Title (by nine points) and are in the Scottish Cup Final.



    Does that mean foot shooting is a better policy than getting down to the knitty gritty?




    PS Just what is `Knitty gritty`? :-))

  23. traditionalist88 on

    If Moyes is the alternative to Lennon that illustrates exactly why I said we have to be realistic and that maybe Lennon is the best available candidate who wants the job.




  24. If I was to give an honest assessment of Stevie g as a manager it would be in the needs improvement category.



    He ain’t got a lot in the balanced managers toolkit.



    He will fail.



    Would anyone have him at olub ?

  25. traditionalist88 on

    According to Voetbal International, Scottish champions Celtic are keen on signing Fortuna Sittard midfielder Mark Diemers.



    Follow Football-Oranje on Twitter


    The 25-year-old was Fortuna’s star player in the Eredivisie this season with seven goals and seven assists. His form has attracted interest from several clubs around Europe.



    VI is reporting that Celtic are showing a very keen interest and have been compiling information on the midfielder, who they see as an asset.



    However, Mainz, Hamburg, Freiburg and Gent are also keen on the former Utrecht player, who has a contract in Limburg until 2021. No concrete offers have been made yet.

  26. traditionalist88 on

    Looks like an offer has been made and accepted…by someone…



    We should all be put out our misery early next week and we can start the process of arguing about the squad and potential signings!




  27. fairhill bhoy on

    HUTCHYBHOY-bring some good weather with you please it’s been cloudy here ☀️


    I’m staying in verdemar if you want to get a quick pint.Its my birthday today so I’m buying ?

  28. HOT SMOKED @ 9:55 AM,



    No, shooting yourself in the foot is a bad policy, like an own goal if you will – but you knew that;)



    Rangers have been foot shooting for over eight Seasons now. This was due to dollops of corruption and hubris in large measures.



    They are no longer doing it. We did it this Season due in the main to complacency.



    We are on for a treble Season this Season. Yet how far ahead were we a year ago? Of course there’s a lot of nonsense talked about our wage bill and how much more we pay, none the less, we can and do have much better players than our opposition, with a few notable exceptions.



    No doubt, we can attain a treble Season next Season but NOT if we continue to be complacent.



    Celtic have no God given right to win trebles, they had to be earned, the next ones too…



    Hail Hail

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