Levein: textbook symptoms of stress in the workplace, bank borrowing


I’ve stayed away from the nonsense Craig Levein has spouted about Scott Brown this Hearts 3-1 defeat at Celtic Park. Yes, Hearts disciplinary record is vastly worse than Celtic’s, and Levein’s on-pitch assaults are memorable decades after the event, but we all know Craig isn’t the sharpest tool in the box, so why worry, I thought.

Now the Hearts manager suggests Scott Brown deliberately got himself booked, while Celtic were a goal down to Kilmarnock, in order to incur a suspension before we face Newco: “I think if you look and see if Scott didn’t get booked against Kilmarnock last week and he got booked against St Johnstone then he would have missed the Rangers game. I’ll leave you to deduce what that means.”

Craig, I’m loathed to pop-psych a diagnosis on you, but you are sounding like a man with a tenuous grip on reality. Say what you like about a tackle, we are all entitled to an alternative view, but seeing conspiracies behind such mundane events suggests he is not coping with the stress of football management.

Stress is a killer.  If you suffer, seek help before things get to this stage.

Bank borrowing

The last football club in the country without bank borrowing has managed to secure an “overdraft”.  Details are sparse (it is Newco, after all), but we know the facility of around £3m is secured on at least Albion car park and Edmiston House.  I expect whatever they put in place now will be enough to see them through to season ticket renewal time, alleviating any immediate cash crisis.

There are many more assets available for security, specifically the stadium and IP (if they are so far unencumbered).  This show could run for a while, but you know the final act.

“Great news!  We no longer need to look after as many deeds as we did yesterday.”  I’d call that a favourable settlement, wouldn’t you?

Walk on Fire, with the Celtic Foundation

It’s not often you get the chance to walk on hot coals but that’s the experience you can have with the Celtic Foundation on 23rd of this month.  I know I bang on about the Foundation and the great work they do, but you should not underestimate the sheer human experience of getting involved with these projects.

People have sky-dived, climbed mountains, zip-wired from the top of stands and this month will walk on hot coals!!  When you look back on your year/your life, you will recount these occasions.

Go sign up here.

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    That’s in Basel every year KL, The Baloise Sessions, lots of good musicians at it:)) It’s a kinda dinner jazz club type vibe, the Mrs got me Herbie Hancock tickets a few years back for my birthday, big treat for me as it’s quite pricey. Oct/Nov is no bad in Basel for music and Autumn Fair thingy.





  2. VFR800 is now a Monster 821 on

    Word of The Day (Sevco accounts?)



    Lacuna. /ləˈkjuːnə/



    noun (pl) -nae (-niː), -nas


    1. A gap in a logical argument; hiatus.


    2. a gap or space, esp in a book or manuscript


    3. another name for coffer


    4. Anatomy. one of the numerous minute cavities in the substance of bone, supposed to contain nucleate cells.


    5. Botany. an air space in the cellular tissue of plants.



    Derived Forms


    lacunose, lacunal, lacunary, adjective


    lacunosity (ˌlækjʊˈnɒsɪtɪ) noun



    Word Origin and History for lacuna




    “blank or missing portion in a manuscript,” 1660s, from Latin lacuna “hole, pit,” diminutive of lacus “pond, lake” (see lake (n.1)). The Latin plural islacunae. Related: Lacunal ; lacunar ; lacunose.





  3. What is the Stars on




    I met Brendan in Dublin Airport this morning


    On his way for talks with Shamrock Rovers



    Batty Boris Abu

  4. Close( to the edge) Brothers the place for thriving well run businesses ” ethically and morally bankrupt” was the description of one happy punter:))



    Sounds like a perfect fit for the sleaziest club in world football..

  5. Levein’s comments are a disgrace. To question the integrity of another professional is unacceptable. IMO Celtic need to deal with this clown. I’m not holding my breathe the SFA will.

  6. WITS: Can’t believe that. You told us recently that you met Packy Bonnar there and that he was a gentleman.

  7. I could dig into my retirement fund and lend Sevco some dough. I’m happy to do so, but unsure of the laws regarding security.


    Can anyone advise if I’d be able to have the loan secured against Jim Traynor’s dangly bits?

  8. Levein needs to be advised to keep his bitter opinions to himself preferably via an SFA reprimand.



    In othe news, today I discovered the masons are actually just a bunch of misunderstood charity collectors who have had enough of being discriminated against. Bless them.

  9. What is the Stars on




    Packy was an absolute gentleman…Fact


    though some psychic on here was able to tell me that it was ” false bonhomie”…indeed

  10. Craig Levein ?



    My home and away Hearts pal greeted his appointment thus –



    ” I hope there’s room in the carpark for his Hopparoo.”.

  11. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    Didn’t they turn down the £8m “bid” for MoreLoss because they didn’t need any money?



    Didn’t they turn down the £8m “bid” for MoreLoss because they didn’t need any money?




    Behave yourself, the huns don’t do irony, only laundry ;-))

  13. WITS above, re Al Blue Lewis, well worth a read.



    Just finished rereading ‘McIlvanney on Boxing’, I knew he loved Ali but when he wrote about Ali’s later fights, against Holmes and against Berbick, McIlvanney didn’t miss and hit the wall.



    It struck me in the book how many ‘promotions’ in those days were described as ‘shambolic’, a description also used in the piece you highlighted about the Lewis fight in Dublin. In the Nassau fight against Berbick, the promoter even forgot to provide a bell (they got a cow bell from a farm).



    Thanks for posting a link, another illustration that the good old days weren’t always quite that good.

  14. In other news, the Masons are taking out adverts because they are feeling ‘discriminated against’.



    How can you discriminate against them if you don’t know who they are?



    We were also treated, on BBC Breakfast, to a Masonic chap insisting that they were not a secret society, they did have a set of coded handshakes, but there was nothing secret about those either.



    And when asked to demonstrate such a handshake? He declined, saying he had ‘promised not to.’



    If it was made up, it might be funny; but it isn’t either made up, or funny.

  15. What is the Stars on




    I remember the fight and the hullaballoo about Ali coming to Dublin.


    Big deal at the time



    Interesting that it turned out to be the biggest payday for Al Blue Lewis and I liked his comments…



    “Everybody looked at me very strange in Dublin,” said Lewis. “But they treated me very well. Very well. Whatever I asked for, it was given to me. I was real important that week. Some of them were treating me like I was the champ. They treated me like I was somebody over there.”

  16. Paul 67,



    Agree with all points of your article. However maybe we should demand protection for Scott Brown et al, due to Hearts shocking disciplinary record.






    Thanks for that, sounds great. You sound like me, I love the smoky Bohemian type Blues and Jazz clubs.


    Don’t know if you like Trad or not but if yo do, then check out original Preservation Hall Jazz band, the early stuff.


    Cheers and Hail Hail




  18. SoT


    This was on Radio North Angus this morning and reminded me that it was a number I always liked but neither knew who sang it or what it was called ! I also thought it was from the 60`s but my journey of discovery continued in finding out that it was from 1981 !


    Anyway, tell me what you think of it:






  19. Starry Plough



    It would be a mistake to judge E Tims by a wayward article by one of its contributors.



    E Tims covers all shades of perception on Celtic but from today I think they have an important message which is worth repeating if we really want change.



    I wasn’t too happy with E Tims article yesterday but they do have different authors and today’s is one I hope gets traction.



    ” What are Celtic doing right now, as all of these allegations of skullduggery affect them, and us as shareholders and supporters, or customers, if you like.





    Until I hear anything else, and having spoken to a high heid yin, i am assured that Celtic are still going about this correctly. The battle is still raging, and there is little doubt that the tactics of the good guys are better than the tactics of the bad guys.



     The SFA are reeling from the enforced loss of their head man, and you’ll notice that very few are putting themselves forward to replace him, almost as though thats kind of already been decided…





    you see, whats needed is a man who is prepared to stand up and lie about what happened, and indeed try to play down whats happeneing right now, with words such as “overdraft ” in the same sentence as “Close Brothers “, whom we have seen, do not provide overdrafts, and have clearly explained above what they do provide.



    And we need to nip that in the bud right now.



     First, we must organise ourselves into a credible voice of opposition, and to do that, I’d like to ask the Celtic Supporters Association and the Celtic Trust to meet with a few others to discuss what we should do next.



     I’ve no doubt that their combined experience and ability, shown recently in the success of the FAC campaign would be invaluable.



     The FAC campaign involved fans of all clubs, and this level and diversity of support is needed again, if we are to rid the game of the cancer that has eaten away at it for so long.




    The fight against the SFa and what they stand for must step up now, and those who have a genuine love for our game must come together and make it known that the removal of Regan was just the beginning of a brave new world in Scottish football.. football for the people, by the people, oh hang on, we’ve already had that, so we probably need someone else to come up with a slogan.



    But whatever we do, we must do it now.

  20. DUNDEE hope to complete a stunning swoop for former England international Steven Caulker


    SunSport understands Caulker, 26, is at Dens Park today and has been introduced to the players this morning.


    It’s thought he could undergo a medical ahead of joining Neil McCann’s men.


    And Caulker is believed to have met with McCann last night to discuss the move.



    4 good months getting match fit and playing well and he could be signed in time to be part of our CL qualifiction campaign.


    Good signing for Dundee.

  21. I wasn`t aware of Levein`s latest comment on Scott Brown until I read some of the posts above.


    I am astounded of forehead that Levein`s comments are not the major topic for discussion on here.It is outrageous that the manager of one Club, particularly one with such a poor disciplinary record ( both the Club and the Manager) should feel free to denounce the Captain of another Football Club.


    Celtic really must say something about this.



  22. Paul67



    How long will Scottish football and the “professional” clubs in the top tier tolerate a club operating on a financially foolish basis that periodically risks Armageddon?



    Why is there no cry for a domestic version of financial fair play that stops this effing nonsense that brings our game into constant disrepute?

  23. Afternoon fholks ,



    Looking for some advice/info from the cqn intelligentsia (and in the absence of that , any response from BMCUW ).



    Son recently signed up to take part in a fundraising trip to Macchu Picchu for Childreach International . He had to pay 10% deposit and between friends and family , he’s collected another 25% .



    Now Childreach have stopped operating and it looks like none of the money is available for refund . Donations were through btdonate and they say to contact the charity. Charity website doesn’t give any sensible answers and they’re not responding to emails .



    Anybody got any idea about


    1. where he stands


    2. what options he might have


    3. any other similar cases and how they turned out ?



    Thanks in advance


    Sanna (whonowdoesntget2weekspeaceandquietthissummer csc)

  24. DAVIDOPOULOS on 8TH FEBRUARY 2018 10:48 AM


    What is the Stars



    Have you been booked to drive Brendan to the airport yet?






    In my humble but humble experience you don’t find WITS for a lift. He finds you.




  25. South Of Tunis on

    HOT SMOKED @ 12 56



    For what it’s worth -I have no Squeeze records



    Not my cup of tea — does nothing for me or to me . : Don’t like it / don’t dislike it .Just not my thing .. So what — all that counts is that you like them .



    Saw them once – 77(???) support act for a pub rock combo called The Count Bishops .. In a boozer in Hammersmith called The Red Cow.. Much better musicians than The Count Bishops but me being me much preferred the Count Bishops .. I have 1 Count Bishops record an EP called Speedball . . Doubt I’ve played that since 1977

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