Level of professionalism enveloping Celtic


If the Premiership divides into four groups:

Celtic: 8 points clear at the top with 67 games in hand.

Hearts, Newco and Aberdeen: within 2 points of each other in the battle for two Europa League games in June 2017.

St Johnstone: isolated in the middle of an 8 point bubble.

The rest: all 2 points from the automatic relegation spot.

Then Motherwell top their group.  They have infinitely more to play for than Celtic at Fir Park tomorrow.  For them, this is about livelihoods.

We have an early kick-off at what will be a hostile environment.   Arrive with your war face on, Celtic, and get the job done.

Pretty stunning work by the Celtic commercial team, who, alone against the nation’s major retailers, were promoted by The Telegraph as one of The best Christmas 2016 adverts.  A level of professionalism is beginning to envelop the club (and I know it’s not there completely yet).

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  1. Quote from The Beast during his rather incoherent ramblings:




    “You can’t look into a crystal ball but what you can say is if money is put on the table and you get half your signings right and with the Scottish football authorities on side then you are going to be better next time around.”




    Wonder what he means by having the Scottish Football authorities ‘on-side’? Answers on the back of a stamp!




    BTW Auldheid, don’t take the bait. don’t feed the troll!





    And Monthedonsanaw.



    And Hearts in midweek…

  3. Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo on





    they will have a great time also with teh Christmas Market on the go



    go easy on the gluhwein would be my tip ….. suffering here today




  4. Saint Stivs says SACK THE BOARD on

    one for the plane spotters, on the way to the office around 11, passing by the airport, what was the big plane circling around.

  5. Jobo Baldie






    “– the last time I was in that stadium I was in the bit of the enclosure you mentioned. It was the rain drenched 4-4 game, around 1986?”










     Around 1986?




     It was a few weeks before Love Street, I Kidd you not!




     And as we stood there in despair, having taken a 3-1 lead just after half-time, only to see them overhaul it in a blitz of goals, Murdo hit the 30 yard screamer that broke the Hearts, and got us the point without which Love Street would’ve just been another end of season game.




     You could hear a squeal emerge from the Broomloan as the ball was halfway to the goal, which became an almighty roar as it hit the net, and we avoided a capitulation, albeit with 10 men, and stayed in the league race.




     Last time I ever left Mordor happy. ( Shudder!).







    Indeed it was,and well worth a repost.







    Hello again all you young rebels.






    It’s finally arrived, our Christmas BBQ weekend, despite all our clubs



    other great days i.e Paddy’s day, halfway to Paddy’s day, Willie Wallace



    legend etc. this is the one imo epitomises what the Celtic support is all



    about, it’s a day where little baby’s, toddlers, teenagers and parents all



    come together in the local beach park, there will be hoops tops and all



    sorts of Celtic tops which iv’e never seen before but i’ll have my auld



    67 top on and it will be the cause of some mirth, only because of the age



    of me and the shirt but i only have to say to those belligerent teens



    ” big cup winners ” and the games a bogey.



    Paddymacoz and some of the bhoy’s will be down the park early to



    get our flags up on the trees and the gazebo built, now thats dedication,



    various business owners will show up to leave meat parcels, donations



    because they know what the Celtic family means to the community



    and the work everyone puts in to have a successful day.



    There’s lots of other big family groups in the park most Sundays, Greeks



    Indian, Sudanese, because thats what they do this side of the world but



    all eyes will be on our Celtic gathering, the music will be loud and proud



    it doesnt’t matter, some of them will come over and join in some, will just



    offer a donation because some of these people have been the beneficiary



    of the Celtic family’s kindness at some time or another.



    After a few Guinness i’ll sit quietly and reflect on days gone by when i used



    to walk with my wee da up the Gallowgate on a cold foggy night and just



    pray Celtic would win but if they didn’t i’d say to him ” it disny matter da, dis



    it, because Celtic help people don’t they? and all these years later we’re



    still doing it in so many ways, you ghuy’s over there with so many great



    fundraisers and us on the other side of the world carrying on the Celtic ethos.



    Our Santa has finally been selected to give the kids their presents at the sick



    kids hospital along the peninsula coast in Frankston from all the money



    donated over the year, and on the day, it’s always a tear jerker and thats



    mostly from our lot, last year desperate families, single parents, etc. people



    with no means of support were completely overwhelmed that some ghuy’s



    and some soccer team they had never heard about would give money and take



    the time to think about their kids and give them presents, needless to say even



    the nurses and doctors were wiping their eyes.



    So all you Oz tims you know where we are and what needs to be done get down



    the Mornington beach park this Sunday, free sausage sizzle, a game of 5 a side



    Paddy will be dancing , and if you donate enough i’ll be singing and minging, and



    as i’ve said to all you CQN’rs many times and i’ll say it again



    ” The Celtic family eh! wha’s like us?



    H.H Mick

  7. Hi Paul67,



    You asked a question after the League Cup Final Display… paraphrase… What did you enjoy most about the win..



    Didn’t get a chance to post… but what immediately came to mind was “The Professionalism”.



    Where we could look at the way the Club was run over the last twenty years and see professionalism personified… it is no secret some major aspects of our operation fell below those standards.



    Certainly on the Footballing side…



    But you are correct, all aspects of the Club now ouze Professionalism…



    So good to see, especially on the training and football grounds, where Celtic ply their trade.



    Hail Hail

  8. TD




    I spoke to a Celtic employee last week. Told her I had been trying to get shareholder information through the list and had not got a reply to my letter. She tried to be helpful. Asked who in particular I was looking for. I told her it was just to check and see if requisitioners held shares prior to November 2013. She said, why don’t you ask them?




    commonsense csc



    Well! I would say that’s a very reasonable answer she gave you, but it will not fly well in here I can assure you, as I said, it’s all very opaque and Masonic, why? I haven’t a clue, and they talk about the SFA and Campbell the EBT main man, phhhfffttttttt.

  9. We really need to stop perpetuating the myth: NewClub, not NewCo.



    I am one of the signatories, and have had my shares since 1997, does that help?



    Bon Appetit to the BV participants this afternoon, wish I was there!

  10. TONYDONNELLY67 on 2ND DECEMBER 2016 11:38 AM



    You do realise that if there’s anything underhand going on, it will be with the knowledge and approval (if not actually at the suggestion) of a certain Mr Peter Lawwell?

  11. VFR800 is now a Monster 821 on

    GARY67 on 2nd December 2016 11:21 am



    VFR800 is now a Monster 821 on 2nd December 2016 11:11 am



    Snodgrass on a Bosman more likely than Roberts at £5m+. Paddy has don next to nothing this season.






    I don’t rate Snodgrass to be honest. Not as good as we already have; Sinclair, Forrest and Roberts are all far superior. I would also rank Gary Mackay-Steven as a much better player than Snodgrass. Widnae take him even for free.



    Paddy Roberts hasn’t had much game time since his injury but is always a threat. I suspect he will get more game time this month and will be a significant factor in our December successes.





  12. Paul67



    “Hearts, Newco and Aberdeen: within 2 points of each other in the battle for two Europa League games in June 2017.”




    That’s a funny point actually. This season Hearts 1st Europa League fixture was on 30th June, after having finished 3rd. Assuming the following outrageous things:


    – Newco finish third


    – Newco somehow get awarded a licence


    – Newco don’t win all their home games all the way to a Scottish Cup triumph



    They will start their inaugural EL campaign in the last week of June.



    Now, aren’t there a few stories kicking about (Phil Mac) that after all that hoo-ha with Ian Black, Kyle Hutton, Ricky Forster etc claiming they were stiffed out of Holiday Pay at Ibrox, that Newco were only offering contracts without Holiday pay (about 35 days for of contract time)? Presumably this was to cut costs.


    If the SPFL season finishes on 21st May 2017 and the first EL qualifier is in last week of June, will the Newco have to pay their players more than they are contracted for to get them to show up for training and friendlies sufficiently early in June to be ready for the last week of June? Thus making partipation in the EL first qualifiers a loss making exercise?

  13. foghorn leghorn on

    “We have an early kick-off at what will be a hostile environment.”



    I think Paul67 has been on the ‘Joe Loss’



    hostile environment?



    There will be the best part of 7,000 celtic fans there in a crowd of around 10,000 or less



    I’ve seen more hostility the last time my dug wanted his tummy tickled

  14. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    Keep hearing Souness saying he bought the England captain.


    Anyone remember Bryan Robson playing for Rangers?


    Or is this just the most arrogant conceited man to ever set foot in Scottish football trying to big himself up even further?

  15. Btw, notice P67 pulls forward the new post to allow the Blaine Valleyers (Blaine Valleyistas?) to participate before they enjoy their lunch/beverages.



    Noble gesture :)





    You’ll Never Walk Alone…in the


    …all inclusive-hunlike-clique-free..


    …magical Jungle…


    God Bless.

  17. Ol’ Mhan Lawwell he just keeps rolling along….


    …let me go away from the Mississippi, let me go away…


    Jungle Rebels sack boards….


    Snobby Celts get squirreled…


    …and on and on and on and on….


    …Old Firm Forever…


    …Rebels in the river…

  18. ERNIE LYNCH on 2ND DECEMBER 2016 11:43 AM


    TONYDONNELLY67 on 2ND DECEMBER 2016 11:38 AM




    You do realise that if there’s anything underhand going on, it will be with the knowledge and approval (if not actually at the suggestion) of a certain Mr Peter Lawwell?



    Well you see that’s my point, it’s all IF, but that’s your opinion, I’m only going from what I’m told I doubt if anyone will realise anything, until the wee Masonic game is over, so I’ll just be the troll that asks questions, and not sit back like a Hun and say nothing.

  19. Hunderbirds are Gone on




    I have to disagree regarding Snodgrass. His game has improved greatly in the last 2-3 years.



    I agree that our current three wide men are good players, but one aspect of play that Snodgrass is superior to all three, is in his dead ball delivery.



    Since Chico Mulgrews’ Celtic careerist the skids, we have been lacking a player with a telling consistent dead ball delivery in to the box. Snodgrass would be Enhance our squad IMO.



    Looking at the Snodgrass of a few years ago I may have agreed with your assertion that Sinclair, Forrest and Roberts were better players, but I genuinely feel that he has made great progress in the last few years, and as I say his dead ball expertise would be a welcome addition.



    I don’t bring GMS in to this discussion. Nice honest guy, but (IMO again) not Celtic class.




  20. BMCUW






    I replied to your posts on the previous page but just to reiterate


    it’s you ghuy’s who are the soul of Celtic and make me so proud


    to be a small part of this amazing Celtic family.


    H.H Mick

  21. I floated an idea after I stopped laughing at the plight of Sevco following their visit to Tynecastle and CElticrollercoaster has agreed.


    So this is a heads up of our or bonus prediction competition to help Wee Shay


    We want entrants to predict the total points haul of Sevco during December.


    They have 6 games and you simply predict their points total in the month.


    Email details will be posted by CRC shortly and he will confirm the name of this side splitting game which can help us fill in the void while waiting for LMS9.


    Their fixtures are as follows:


    Dec 03 HOME v Aberdeen


    Dec 10 HOME v Hearts


    Dec 16 AWAY V Ham Accies


    Dec 24 HOME v ICT


    Dec 28 AWAY v St Johnstone




    I know it’s short notice, but it will help us get trough a busy December.


    Check back for more details