Leverkusen, Celtic, both with league priorities


The German Bundesliga has two genuine title contenders, just a point separates Bayern Munich from Borussia Dortmund, with Celtic’s opponents tonight, Bayer Leverkusen, a point behind Freiburg in fourth place.

Fourth would be enough for Champions League qualification next season but no fewer than five teams sit within a three point margin below them; the competition for European places in Germany is incredibly tight.

Leverkusen visit seventh placed Leipzig on Sunday, a win for the home team would be enough to see them move above Leverkusen, by any measure, this is a more important game for our German opponents than tonight’s Europa League game.

Leverkusen also need to arrest a slip in form.  A 4-0 win over Real Betis and a 1-0 win over Bochum are their only victories in 8 outings, a period that has seen them drop out of the League Cup and any title ambitions.

A result better than a 0-4 defeat tonight will be enough for the home side, although a win will ensure they top the group and avoid a Champions League drop out in the next round.  It will also allow them to rest players in the final group match in two weeks.

I know Ange Postecoglou will want to compete and do his best to achieve a result, but that 0-4 home defeat still haunts, I don’t expect anything tonight and my real hope is that we come through the game with a full complement ready to go against Aberdeen on Sunday.

This is not the European campaign any of us wanted, but with Europa Conference qualification secured, I only see past the next league game.

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  1. BIG WAVY on 25TH NOVEMBER 2021 1:54 PM


    On the other hand, I care a lot about tonight.







    And not sure the Celtic song was made as an anthem to such a defeatist approach…







    Get intae them..




    Did ye no,Aye.



    Kiddy on Uber fans.Wit they like?

  2. bigrailroadblues on

    The huns. Only football team who will have more versions than Dr Who and James Bond combined.

  3. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Don’t suppose UEFA give an automatic Champions League place the following season to the winners of the Conference League?



    Too much reward?

  4. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    In fact, please strike that foolishness.



    After 20 seconds of engaging the grey matter, I just realised the horrific possibility of SIX teams from one country in the Champions League




  5. If we’re going to measure progress using tonight’s game then we need to remember we’re playing away, against a team 4th in the bundesliga who beat us 4-0 at Celtic park 2 months ago. Since then we’ve won 8 and drawn 1 of the 9 games we’ve played, but against inferior opposition.



    We won’t win, a draw would be an outstanding result, a narrow defeat real signs of progress



    What we really mustn’t do is have one heavy defeat derail the push for the title. Ange is level headed-enough to keep the players on track, hopefully us fans can keep an eye on the bigger picture.




    Automatic entry to the Europa League group stage

  7. Paul 67,



    You are aware that European football is the prize for competing well in your domestic league.



    Definition of prize : Something exceptionally desirable.




  8. Paul 67,



    Priorities you say.



    Do you thing that any league game ( apart from the huns ) would attract >50 k fans to the game on a working day @ 15.00hrs ko. ?



    Especially remarkable considering the game was live on TV




  9. @Celtic line up v Leverkusen ……



    Hart, Ralston, Carter-Vickers, Welsh, Juranovic, Bitton, McGregor, Turnbull, Forrest, Kyogo, Jota



    Subs: Bain, Oiuwayemi, Scales, McCarthy, Montgomery, Soro, Uroghide, Johnston, Abada, Shaw, Murray, Ajeti

  10. Chrisropher Juillien and his injury.


    What is the lates on his expected return to first team action ?



    I’m starting to think that there is more to his absence than we are being told .




  11. EMBRAMIKE on 25TH NOVEMBER 2021 4:29 PM



    Thanks for that. FWIW, that`s the selection I would have made as well.

  12. Tinytim



    Postecoglou said: “We were always going to take our time with Chris.



    “Getting a game for him would be good, but it’s a bit difficult with no reserve football.



    “As he edges closer to a return, I am hoping we will have a few others in the same boat who need games and we can arrange some of those sort of bounce games.”



    That was on the 30th of October.

  13. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Celtic40me – cheers.



    Auto entry to the tournie one above seems fair and logical

  14. TinyTim



    I think Julien was one of last seasons “want aways”. I also think the arrival of Shane Duffy on big, big wages upset him together with the fact he actually gave Julien a dunt in the back. This injury puzzled our Medics as X Rays and scans could not identify any injury.



    I would not count on him.

  15. Bigbhoy.



    You can have a bad back and it wasn’t an injury.



    He wanted away that much he deliberately smashed himself into the post. How does that work out ?



    I believe he was a sore sore miss for us last season

  16. BIGBHOY on 25TH NOVEMBER 2021 4:55 PM





    I think Julien was one of last seasons “want aways”. I also think the arrival of Shane Duffy on big, big wages upset him together with the fact he actually gave Julien a dunt in the back. This injury puzzled our Medics as X Rays and scans could not identify any injury.



    I would not count on him.





    It puzzled the medics?


    Was he a want away? Says?


    Conjecture BB.



    In the last 2 weeks have heard from he is nearly ready to he is retiring.So will leave the guy to get on wi life




  17. Playing well against a top team.


    Usual trait of giving the ball away in Europe, should have been punished a couple of times, but rode our luck, a def pen but also a def red card, he near decapitated Koyogo FFS.


    Hopefully Ange has seen their weaknesses, cos I was struggling, need to get wee Jamsie into the game somehow.

  18. And that’s why Big Tony will never be top class.Toe ends the ball out to them,then forgets to mark his man.

  19. Our biggest problem tonight,was bringing on 3 useless subs.Abada,Hopeless,Johnston,watched Jota score same chance,but decides to take a ,bad touch.Ajeri,roll on January.

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