Leverkusen win would crack door open for Celtic


Real Betis are home to Bayer Leverkusen tonight, both having six points from two games in the Europa League group also containing Celtic and Ferencvaros.  If we can all agree that Leverkusen occupy a universe far beyond Celtic right now, catching Betis is the only realistic prospect Celtic have of qualifying for the knock out stage.

That 4-3 defeat in Seville still rankles; we played very well and deserved to go two goals ahead, before a familiar crumble.  A point, or more, was possible.  So too is a win against Betis in Glasgow, although other results are also a realistic outcome.

If Leverkusen win tonight and Celtic can beat Ferencvaros in Budapest, second place in the group could come down to what we can do against Betis in Glasgow.  Of course, there is a case to be made that third place and the Europa Conference, is a better prospect that facing a Champions League dropout team in the first Europa knock out.  It is also a lot more likely.

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  1. CELTIC40ME @ 1:32 PM,



    I’m not at all sure where the equivalence comes from there



    But Ajax have been Champions Eleven times from 1996.



    Hail Hail

  2. All them facts and baseless assumptions.



    Yet never goes to watch Celtic



    Yet his head is full of utter made up divisive in his own head shoite.



    Funny as.

  3. Celtic and Ajax apples and pairs !



    Paupers by comparison, Eredivisie TV coverage miniscules SP hell 20 fold, the last time I checked.



    Had Celtic not stolen VVD from Groningen and he’d went to Ajax instead come sell on time, they’d have received five / six times more than we did.



    Send suggestions to Dominic McKay ( ahem ) on how we can raise more revenue.

  4. Usual Board Groupies now trotting out their usual excuses / throwing in the odd squirrel.


    Anything but debate whether or not the Irish Raj and the board have let us down.



    At least they have stopped clapping.

  5. MADMITCH on 21ST OCTOBER 2021 1:24 PM


    C40 @ 12.53



    “Do you get £50mill valuations for young players through their performances in the Dutch League?



    The answer is no — you get those valuations through their performances in Europe.”




    Virgil Van Dijk, the best central defender in the world played 28 times in Europe for Celtic and went to Southampton for 12m, then onto Kiverpool for 75m



    De Ligt played 30 times for Ajax in Europe and went straight to Juventus for 80m




    Outside performanc, Celtic are a top twenty European football club.



    Outside the big five leagues Ajax and Celtic are the biggest hitters – Celtic should not be made out to be paupers just because of TV money.



    In all other measuarbles Celtic are a huge Club.



    Also Celtic consistently get the opportunity to make up for the deficit in SPL TV money with UCL TV money.






    Hail Hail

  7. I understand the disappointment of Celtic slipping in the European Rankings but it is not all The Board’s fault.


    UEFA have changed the goal posts & with extra teams from the big five coming in we and a lot like us are being squeezed out.


    With an increasing number of EPL Clubs being take over by Conglomerates & even Governments there is a huge spill over of strong teams now filtering down to the Europa & even the Conference.

  8. C40 @ 1.45



    I will let the matter rest — you make my point for me but you don’t realise it.

  9. I am quite happy we seem to have found a manager whose belief in attacking football sits well with the Celtic tradition and who seems to have quickly got up to speed with the media being hostile. Dr Jo Venglos was astonished that the local press were against Celtic and in his wide experience was unique to Glasgow.



    Ange has showed that he is aware of the subtext and will not be fooled.



    The players also seem happy and our last 3 games has seen good performances and we seem to have several options across the squad



    I am looking forward to saturday and St Johnstone and another good performance

  10. Yawning itch.



    Go to a game itch.real glad you have me in that board group divisive pash.consistently wrong


    Is it a press thing? Always got to be a them and us.


    So 1993 and laughable.



    Have your pals in meeja ever wrote about a convicted criminal.David King? Just wondering.







    Celtic Supporters are a European force ( see Tuesday ) in line with Ajax.



    The club was a force from 1966/7 to 1972/73, thats a helluva load of boards never mind


    board groupies ( © MM )



    The revenue for such a ‘huge club’ is a conundrum for sure.

  12. Frankie de Jong played 16 times in Europe before he agreed to join Barcelona for €75m



    He was well known in Europe after playing one season in the Europa league,

  13. AIPPLE – puzzled by ‘our government didn’t exactly help’ (re the COVID situation)…



    Total deaths fr COVID in USA = 732 thousand


    Total deaths fr COVID in UK = 139 thousand


    Total deaths fr COVID in Aus = 1 thousand and 448



    As an expat ‘weegie I’m so proud of our state and federal governments’ flawed, sticky but fundamentally humanistic approach which placed community safety as a number one priority. And our Victorian ability to, largely, do the hard yards while our economy, jobs and sanity was supported as best as possible.



    Not a political point either but there’s – again – simply no better place to be in this world at this time IMO.



    And if Brondby do the right thing, I’ll have double reasons to smile on rising tomorrow morning.

  14. Ajax make a bundle of cash from Dutch-born players, developed in the academy, and signed from other clubs.



    In their last competitive game the Netherlands had 3 players who had been at Ajax in the line-up

  15. CORKCELT @ 1:50 PM,



    I understand the disappointment of Celtic slipping in the European Rankings but it is not all The Board’s fault.



    That’s simply incorrect, it is exactly the Boards fault. Any success Celtic have had recently is despite the Board not because of the Board.



    The excuse the Board can’t spend for European competition started sometime ago.



    Now when we had to win the league against a corrupt Rangers or defeat the likes of Arsenal to qualify for the UCL that was a sound argument.



    When Rangers died and Uefa moved the goalposts in Celtics favour by introducing the Champions route that changed.



    We were guaranteed winners of the SPL and we were favourites to qualify from the Champions route.



    That was a huge, huge opportunity missed.



    Meanwhile the CEO was paid an obscene amount of money for his failings.



    To think MO’N was criticised by CQN for the state he left the Club in, the CEO got his jotters.



    Look what PL and Lenny did with their cosy you scratch my back arrangements a disgrace.



    The Board let that happen – only them.



    If you think differently why do we play second fiddle in Scotland to a basket case football club that was a third of our size!?



    Hail Hail

  16. Go tell the Spartim on

    I’m very much in the ‘Comparison is the thief of joy’ camp.



    My question is, however, are we doing the best we can, I think we’re miles away from where we could be, something is holding us back, or someone, who knows.




    Absolutely, some of us can remember and bask in those days:) and we may have to wait until a significant change before we are a force again in that respect.



    Still opportunities are there…



    There will be 48 clubs in the last sixteen of European competitions this season – in value not a huge difference between the Europa and The Championship.



    Please don’t tell me we can’t be a top fifty European football club!?



    It might not be Lisbon ’67 but we have this on a platter, don’t we?



    Hail Hail

  18. Madmitch



    “Anything but debate whether or not the Irish Raj and the board have let us down.”





    A debate would be great.



    Unfortunately you have proved often that you are incapable of such.



    As soon as anyone contradicts your views or offers alternative viewpoints, failing to bow down before your massive intellect, the posts quickly degenerate into an exchange of insults and the other poster is decried for their small, frightened views which you attribute to some imagined profession you believe is beneath you whch seems to satisfy you that you have established some causal reason for their failure to think like you.



    It’s a “debating” style very similar to Big Jock.



    No, not our revered manager but the Golf club Bombastt merchant from Chewin the Fat.



    PINLB with all this AAH as it is too tiresome to DATCA




    Deaths from Covid in the U.S. now over 750,000. This is almost certainly an undercount, as some States, especially Florida, are deliberately obscuring the data, in many cases attributing cause of death


    to an existing co-morbidity.



    For example, if General Colin Powell had passed away in Florida, and although Covid 19 eventually carried him off, the cause of death might have been attributed to multiple myeloma, a typically lethal blood cancer.




  20. For those decrying the Conference, Spurs, Roma, Feyenoord & Copenhagen are among the teams likely to win their Groups & make the last 16


    Brondby, Real Sociedad, Spartak Moscow, Fernabache, Marseille, Ludrogets, Celtic, Dinamo Zagreb/Genk are all teams likely to be in play offs to join them,



    To win a Tournament containing all those teams would be no mean achievement

  21. Paradise Lost!???






    Would you Adam an’ Eve it guv’nor?



    cor, Blimey.



    It’s a miracle Celtic exists at all given the environment we inhabit.



    John Milton O’ Campsie CSC




  22. CHAIRBHOY on 21ST OCTOBER 2021 1:42 PM


    CELTIC40ME @ 1:32 PM,




    I’m not at all sure where the equivalence comes from there




    But Ajax have been Champions Eleven times from 1996.



    They haven’t



    Since the 1996/97 season they have been champions 9 times. There was no title awarded in 2019/2020




  23. It was in a response to a post about them being anomalous for their success over the last 50 years

  24. SFTB ( Oh, the irony :-)) )



    `PINLB with all this AAH as it is too tiresome to DATCA`



    Help !!




    “I’m very much in the ‘Comparison is the thief of joy’ camp.



    My question is, however, are we doing the best we can, I think we’re miles away from where we could be.”



    I’m not being argumentative here, but think on this. We are not an island. We are amidst a sea of competitors, at home and in Europe. Any league table, or cup competition, is essentially a comparison. And surely it is impossible to assess our status, WITHOUT comparing ourselves with the competition?

  26. On Ajax and their success in Europe both financial and result wise


    I think their Academy structure is not as white as the driven snow


    Seem to recall reports of comparisons to slave labour/child abduction been made


    We all here of the success stories not so much the cast offs



  27. SFTB @ 2.19



    Not one of your best.


    In fact it was probably one of your worst.



    You need to seriously up your game.


    Starting with some comments about the state of the club and how things could be done better.



    Anything else is just excuses for the failure of the Irish Raj and his bean-counting gimp.

  28. Chairhoy,


    If you come off your high horse & read my post you might get the point I was trying to make.


    At no point was I attempting to exonerate the Board, I said our failure to progress to previous levels in Europe was not ALL the Boards fault.


    Of course the Board bear a huge responsibility for the state of our team but allied to that EUEFA have been changing the rules to favour the 5 big Leagues, & the amount of dirty money being poured into the Premier League means we are unable to compete with mid table teams there.

  29. CELTIC40ME @ 2:23 PM,



    Ok, I stand corrected.



    Ajax have come first in the league eleven times since 1996.



    But if you don’t count the 1996 title, I. E. We are starting from the 1996/97 season and Ajax didn’t win in ’97



    And you don’t include the 2019-20 league where they came first, then they have won nine titles.



    Does that help? Still don’t see the equivalence…



    Does that mean Celtic didn’t get the quadruple treble!?



    That’s a shame…



    … Quadruple treble, had a nice ring to it that did.



    Hail Hail

  30. From Celtic Wiki.


    Inter took the first penalty, not Celtic.




    Heart-breaking stuff for Celtic. It just wasn’t to be a wonderful repeat of that magnficent day back in 1967.



    Celtic went close on several occasions but could not break the Italians despite the advantage of playing at home.



    So it went to penalties and after 210 minutes of no goals (a perfect set of Italian football games some would say).



    Inter won the toss at the shoot out and went first. Although Deans missed, Johnstone, Craig, McCluskey and Murdoch alls scored, and we were out on a single miss by a player who was ever-reliable. It just happens.



    Evan Williams got a hand to Inter’s second kick but couldn’t keep it out.



    Head held high though, and still a lot to respect the team & manager for everything.

  31. Dom McKay Interim President of European Rugby…….those personal issues must have sorted themselves pretty quickly…..

  32. CORKCELT @ 2:33 PM,



    If you don’t mind I’ll stay up here with my elevated view.



    We all know what has happened in the world of football, it was therefore so much more important that Celtic took the opportunities that were open to them.



    Due to the Board they didn’t, we have had missed opportunity after missed opportunity in Europe due to the Board having a different agenda.



    To blame the loss of UCL money or the TIAR on Uefa is not on.



    I’m not talking about us being better than Man Utd, I’m talking about us being better than CLUJ.



    Big difference.



    Ajax went on and made the best of a bad job, we made poor excuse after poor excuse for underachieving.



    The state our CEO left us in the summer was a complete disgrace and he got 20 million out of it.



    Hail Hail

  33. From last night


    Janefield Street riot game. Roy Aitken scored and was ordered to retake, he didn’t miss, first attempt. I’m sure if he had missed, as suggested, the ref wouldn’t have ordered a retake.


    From Celtic Wiki.




    Aitken penalty on 2 min; scored but retake ordered because ball moved;


    2nd one saved off the Rangers keepers legs;

  34. Didn’t think that my post at 12:31 re Ajax 4-0 Dortmund would generate such a heated discussion.



    My point is, Ajax appear to do everything in their power to be the very best they can be. They sell their best players well before their peak years but keep the talent flow flowing. They will have genuine aspirations of winning the Europa League. The Champions League is a bar too high, only Man City, Chelsea, Liverpool, or Munich can currently win the big one.



    Our signing of kyago, recruited by our manager, highlights our lazy recruitment policy. Clearly there is affordable talent out there. But, our policy has been to pick up the phone to agent Dudu Dahan and get him to fling a couple of his clients in our direction.