Leverkusen win would crack door open for Celtic


Real Betis are home to Bayer Leverkusen tonight, both having six points from two games in the Europa League group also containing Celtic and Ferencvaros.  If we can all agree that Leverkusen occupy a universe far beyond Celtic right now, catching Betis is the only realistic prospect Celtic have of qualifying for the knock out stage.

That 4-3 defeat in Seville still rankles; we played very well and deserved to go two goals ahead, before a familiar crumble.  A point, or more, was possible.  So too is a win against Betis in Glasgow, although other results are also a realistic outcome.

If Leverkusen win tonight and Celtic can beat Ferencvaros in Budapest, second place in the group could come down to what we can do against Betis in Glasgow.  Of course, there is a case to be made that third place and the Europa Conference, is a better prospect that facing a Champions League dropout team in the first Europa knock out.  It is also a lot more likely.

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    “The cameras missed Celtic’s final penalty by Murdoch and viewers thought the score was 5-3 on penalties.”



    Thank you, SAINT! I don’t need to have a brain check up after all! Well, at least not yet!😊

  2. Tom McLaughlin on




    I clearly remember when Inter scored their 5th I and my mates were gutted and the crowd started for the exits. Celtic Wiki have got it wrong. There has never been such a rule. It makes no sense. As I say, the video shows the Inter team and officials celebrating. I clearly remember that was that. No 5th Celtic penalty.

  3. Park the bus > blootir it > simple on

    Celtic’s well heeled executives could hire a fleet of aeroplanes full of Philadelphia lawyers.


    Set out Celtic fc position as follows….


    Verifiable evidence by way of “uncorrupted” video or photographic items that clearly illustrate that these horrible offences, beyond reasonable doubt, have been committed, then Celtic fc legal team will by hugely sympathetic to these issues, and equally, will robustly examine any other evidence that might be presented to our legal unit.


    What we as a club will not do, is allow Celtic fc to be deceptively exploited by devious opportunist’s, or misguided folk who chance their arm as they might think that there’s an opening to, to get a payout of some sort.


    Celtic fc have gone to court over a, non related issue to this case, an assault on a previous manager of the club, Neil Francis Lennon, who was assaulted during a “live” game away to Hearts, and the club experienced the Scottish legal environment, from which Celtic’s manager was judged or, misjudged, by a Edinburgh jury, whilst the same anti Celtic govt is in place now, as it was then, so folk will have to understand that, whilst the concerns of alleged “abuse” victims will be at the top of the list, Celtic fc legal unit must also be “alive” to the different rule book from which “any” aspect of Celtic fc is ruled and judged, differently, especially when the “same” anti Celtic govt is still in place, with judiciary no longer “independent” of this Celtic fc hating govt, as it was “independent” when NFL was judged, or misjudged, then absolutely “anything” could, and probably will happen !!!


    Or, did Paul McBride [QC] blow the NFL case “deliberately” to get the Celtic support all consumed by the fallout of NFL’s case mistrial ?


    Remember masons lie deceive cheat steal misconstrue, play smoke n mirrors games, and other sorts of trickery.


    Get Celtic support playing violins for NFL, whilst his QC is in the Celtic boardroom with Lawwell, putting the finishing touches to the OBFA ?


    The “SMASH THE MARXIST GREEN BRIGADE” agenda, documents ?


    That’s probably why the Kelly’s & White’s were so “paranoid” for all those years about, “the wrong sorts” getting into position’s of power at Parkhead ?


    The Kelly’s & White’s were not the answer to the highly disputable “Taylor report” and its, overreactions to Hillsborough disaster by, making it law for football stadiums to be all seated.


    Liverpool fans agree that its been an overreaction and seats need to be removed. RIP the 96[now 97].🙏 💔


    As for the Kelly’s & White’s….


    Would they have thrown Auldheid & co and Resolution 11/12 under the bus in the same way that the “apparently” better Celtic board has done ?


    Would they have “sneakily” signed the 5WA, like the “apparently” better board has done ?


    Would they have “sneakily” kept old firm tickets the “same” price in 2016 when ibrox entered SPFL, as the “same” old firm tickets prices were when Ibrox left the other league, SPL, in 2012 ?


    Did the Kelly’s & White’s make a huge chunk of the admission money at the turnstiles disappear to the extent that most Celtic fans seem to think, when you “factor in” that almost a third 1/3 of the pay at the gates crowd, were “lifted over” the turnstiles ?


    Was that “myth” of disappearing gate money deliberately “spun” by carefully planted Celtic media/blog folk, so that present day fans would be grateful for the PLC control of Celtic fc, and ensuring that fans wouldn’t subject the “lovable” PLC controllers to the same judgements and scrutiny, in comparison to the perpetually smeared, Kelly’s & White’s ?


    Are Celtic fans easier to fool, than the hunbillys ?


    Do Celtic fans control Celtic fc ?


    Do hunbillys control Rangers fc ?

  4. Oh,FFS,nobody ever mention Ajax again.Its one of the trigger words for the always unhappy ones.


    How sad a life you lead.

  5. Remember vaguely an old timers knockabout at the beginning of a match ( title window day versus Killie ? ) and Dixies team got a penalty … 2 big lhads picked up the goal and held them above their heads … Dixie on cue just managed to clear the bar



    …. Did I dream this or anyone else remember?




  6. And here’s the specific language:



    So, after three-and-a-half 
hours of stalemate, Parkhead witnessed only the second-ever European Cup tie to be decided on spot-kicks.



    Mazzola scored with Inter’s first but Dixie Deans blazed his over the bar and, although Jim Craig, Jimmy Johnstone, Pat McCluskey and Bobby Murdoch all converted, Inter managed a perfect five.



    Macari recalled: “I was next in line to take one and I was praying that Evan Williams would make a save but he had no chance.

  7. start a row in an empty



    The Glasgow Herald Thursday April 20 1972


    Disappointing European defeat for Celtic on penalty kicks



    By Raymond Jacobs


    Sadly, undeservedly, and by the most bitter of means Celtic are out of the European Cup. Having fought a war of attrition for 210 minutes of football in which neither side could pierce the other’s defence, Inter-Milan went through to the final when at Parkhead last night they scored five penalty kicks to Celtic’s four.


    When the teams had proved that they were unable to break the deadlock of their semi-final tie, even after 30 minutes of extra time, the two goalkeepers, Williams and Vieri, had to go like men to the scaffold to their lonely duty at the east goal.


    Mazzola scored easily, then it was the turn of Deans, an awe­some responsibility for a player without any previous experience of the tensions at this level of the game, let alone a sudden-death situation. He hit his shot slightly and did not get over the ball which flew well over the crossbar leaving him an inconsolable figure.



    Williams got to Facchetti’s effort, only the second time all night he had had to face a direct shot, but could not stop it. Then in turn Craig, Frustalupi, Johnstone, Pellizzaro and McCluskey made no mistake and when Jair also scored the agony was over.



    * As the rules demand, and while Inter’s players were hugging one another in their joy at achieving their eccentric victory, Murdoch came up to complete the formalities for Celtic. He too scored but by then of course Deans’s miss had proved fatal.*

  8. Brondby are mid table domestically.



    Looked at the zombies opposition in Europe last season and the only one they played who were top of their league were the Prague side who beat them.



    It’s almost as if they areva lucky side.



    I believe Mitjyland are top of the Danish table. Just saying.

  9. Tom McLaughlin



    Bobby Murdoch took our fifth penalty while the Inter Milan players were still celebrating getting through to the final. Strange but true.


    The same Inter that had a 7-1 defeat by Netzer’s Borussia ruled out earlier in the tournament, Shades of Rapid Vienna there.

  10. Question Time from Glasgow tonight, so look out for BBC Scotland Orange Lodge plants in the audience.


    And Brian Cox on the panel, goes without saying.




  11. So the 2 teams we beat in qualifying are in the top 2 slots in the conference group.



    The team the Huns struggled to beat are pointless in theirs.

  12. Morning AIPPLE (21st October 2021 4:06 pm)


    Mis-steps were made but low number of deaths is testament to the overall good handling of the plague.


    Craig Kelly is a peripheral, derided figure and in no way a decision-maker at government level, esp not Covid.


    While 2-week quaratines were inconvenient/uncomfy (often in 4+ star hotels) they did their bit in limiting spread, tho the meeja gave little airtime to the huge %age of quarantiners who did their 2weeks with civic minded stoicism. The moaners and ranters sure got their 15seconds of fame.


    Sometimes being humane lends itself to a bit of tough love; caring for them and caring for the wider community. Oz has just hit over 70% double-vacced. Today, I’ll do a longish cycle to celebrate.


    Haircut and dining out are for next week.


    Hope you and yours are safe and well in the states. HH

  13. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar on

    PETEC on 21ST OCTOBER 2021 10:45 PM


    Celtic will Wreck St Johhstone Saturday, IMO.





    Agree with that PETEC – at least I hope they do :-))



    Loving the direction Ange has the team and squad heading in – really excited!!!






  14. Hello again all you young rebels.





    Nice wee debate between you two fine bhoys, good if they were all


    Like that….alas.


    Beach Christmas party coming up soon Quad, hope you can make it ?


    H.H. Mick

  15. Unless the Club are going to announce it very late in the day, it appears our experiment with PPV is at an end. A shame. I would have been happy to put money into the club but will now have to avail of other streaming facilities.

  16. Morning MICK – whit a brammer!


    Will be at the beach party with (jingle) bells on if I can still remember the way to Mills Beach;)


    Today I may get as far as Patterson Lakes or Franger and back before the weather changes.


    Been a bit flat with oor Number 6 but gratitude has bobbed to the surface and after I have slipped, slapped and slopped, will take two wheels to the tarmac. Might even ride the motorbike laters too.


    Stay safe to you, yours and all fair-minded Celtic men like Aipple and his ilk. KTF




    Are you talking about Brian Cox the actor?If so he was at my school one year below.

  18. CELTIC MAC on 21ST OCTOBER 2021 10:30 PM


    Question Time from Glasgow tonight, so look out for BBC Scotland Orange Lodge plants in the audience.





    And Brian Cox on the panel, goes without saying.














    is JHB on it ?

  19. A problem with Brian Cox ?????


    The little Tory runt,I think is the one who sits directly across from the SNP benches and keeps up a string of insults when any are speaking.A real snidey Tory Boy.Guy in the audience nailed him.




    Our last home league game against Dundee Utd went out on a pay per view live stream throughout the UK and Ireland.



    The club aren’t providing that option for this game so I’m assuming they’ve knocked the idea of PPV on the head.

  21. timhorton



    The very same. Came across quite well, but the format, and its’ limited time, restricts the dabate. Would like to have heard a question on why the Queen was a no show for the centenary service in Norn today.