Leverkusen win would crack door open for Celtic


Real Betis are home to Bayer Leverkusen tonight, both having six points from two games in the Europa League group also containing Celtic and Ferencvaros.  If we can all agree that Leverkusen occupy a universe far beyond Celtic right now, catching Betis is the only realistic prospect Celtic have of qualifying for the knock out stage.

That 4-3 defeat in Seville still rankles; we played very well and deserved to go two goals ahead, before a familiar crumble.  A point, or more, was possible.  So too is a win against Betis in Glasgow, although other results are also a realistic outcome.

If Leverkusen win tonight and Celtic can beat Ferencvaros in Budapest, second place in the group could come down to what we can do against Betis in Glasgow.  Of course, there is a case to be made that third place and the Europa Conference, is a better prospect that facing a Champions League dropout team in the first Europa knock out.  It is also a lot more likely.

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  1. How long did she wait for an ambulance?



    Admission to hospital?



    6 hours is the norm.



    I wonder if a doctor gave her a visit?



    They don’t in my neck of the woods.



    People lying waiting for ambulances or dying after doctors refusing to visit in the best, wee bigoted country in the world.

  2. AN DÚN



    Thanks, not looked into it because Pass to Paradise has been available up to now, for those not going in via ST.



    Imagine we can’t open up to PPV for ‘contractural SPL’ reasons and game ownersrhip stuff.



    Ideally Celtic supporters should be able to ‘buy the match’ world wide via the net, PPV.



    We’d still sell 52,000 ST’s and the diaspora would be accommodated, meaning more money to Celtic ( oh wait )




  3. park the bus



    You’ve been on the wrong site for a while pal…


    Thanks for the (belated) apology

  4. Park the bus > blootir it > simple on 21st October 2021 9:26 pm



    nOt Alot Commenting.



    Covid So Mavis, so Scared, I am angry.



    Love id/ id yjr ;

  5. Suffragettes . CSC



    Ta Elsie.



    Ta Celtic.




    We are Ready to Rock ‘n Roll…. I Won’t ever get vaccinated…..

  6. Good Morning Celts, Grand Day For An Ange Presser…



    Thought last nights Europa League result worked well for us Betis 1 – 1 Bayer.



    If the same results are repeated on match day four, the top 2 are on eight points and we are on six – it makes the last two games interesting, especially if we can avoid defeat in Germany.



    Realistically if Bayer runs away with it, and they should, we still could have the scenario of playing Betis at home for the runner-up spot.



    I’d fancy our chances you know – of course, do we want to play a UCL third place team or try our chances in the conference?



    Bottom line though after this week – Europe after Christmas a distinct possibility. And the progress this squad has made palpable.



    Hail Hail

  7. Downloaded the NHS Scotland app yesterday. Passport details all scanned and entered.



    This is an ID card and we need it to see the bhoys.




  8. My friends in Celtic,



    How enjoyable to watch Celtic this season compared to last season. Mad rush to get to the pub in Aberdeen for a very entertaining watch in fine company.



    I have total respect for Auldheid et al, but is it time to let res 12 go and enjoy the journey. ?




    HH to all.

  9. we used to be rebels on

    let it go?




    so you can forgive Celtic PLC,SFA, etc on behalf of us all so that you can have a beer with the lads with your covid apps?

  10. Good morning all from a mild dark Garngad. This weather is mental.



    4 – 1 to the Celtic manana.



    Right the coal face beckons.



    Play nice now yall.



    D :)

  11. Ps never let cheating bassas away with it.



    Go after them Auldheid.



    There are crimes getting solved from 20, 30, 40, 50 years ago.





    D :)

  12. As many know I did not renew my season ticket amid the disastrous close season but I do have a ticket for Saturday. I’m looking forward to watching Kyogo in the flesh and seeing his off the ball movement which is generally unseen on TV coverage.



    A few beers with mates only sweetens the deal :-)



    Parttime CSC.

  13. TIMMY7_NOTED on 22ND OCTOBER 2021 7:28 AM.



    Having a ST does not make you more of a fan.



    Enjoy the game and embrace the journey.




  14. Park the bus > blootir it > simple on 22nd October 2021 12:46 am



    Ooops, the emperor is naked :-)

  15. Greenpinata on 22nd October 2021 7:36 am



    Thanks and that’s the plan, off for a swim now have a good day!

  16. squire danaher on

    GREENPINATA on 22ND OCTOBER 2021 6:47 AM


    My friends in Celtic,



    How enjoyable to watch Celtic this season compared to last season. Mad rush to get to the pub in Aberdeen for a very entertaining watch in fine company.



    I have total respect for Auldheid et al, but is it time to let res 12 go and enjoy the journey. ?



    HH to all.






    You go and enjoy your beers and lap up your PLC OF business plan. Let’s just sit and enjoy the journey and put up with being taken for mugs.



    If it was down to people like you we’d still be run by the Kellys and Whites.



    Good morning all from Govanhill.






    BRRB – No Star Bar? :)



    D :)

  18. squire danaher on




    It fair makes ye realise your age when you read the The Maestro is 57 today.



    It gives me an excuse – not that one is ever needed – to rustle this up for consumption.






    Fast forward to 13:40 for a better pass than Jota.

  19. Tom McLaughlin on







    Ok I now fully accept that Bobby Murdoch netted Celtic’s 5th penalty, however bizarre the circumstances.



    Amazing that having attended the match, I am only discovering this nearly 50 years later.



    But hands up, I was wrong and I apologise.




    Haha, yer right about the age thingy….. The wife says, I always think of him as young boy lol….aye a bet she does….. He’s my kinda captain on and off the field….. A leader and a gentleman.



    Thanks for that link…… What a pass and what a player ☘️💚⚽👍

  21. GREENPINATA @ 6:47 AM,



    This is exactly the wrong time to quit for Auldheid & Co.



    If you are so minded don’t support them and of course you must enjoy your old firm journey.



    But please no urging others to quit while they need our support.



    It is now more clear than ever what the counterfeit Celts are all about.



    Auldheid & Co






    Hail Hail

  22. TOM MCLAUGHLIN on 22ND OCTOBER 2021 9:45 AM



    no need, it was how you remembered it, and to be fair if your turned to leave with your pals after their 5th penalty, along with 75,000 gutted others, then you wouldnt have seen murdochs penalty, i bet few can say they stood and watched the real ending.



    to compound it the cameras didnt catch it either.

  23. Chairbhoy and SQUIRE DANAHER,



    I simply asked a question that needs to be discussed.. is it time to move on? Life is short and fickle as we on CQN know only too well.


    The time for action was 2013 /14. There comes a time when we simply ” shoot ourselves in the foot” .



    Don’t really know what the Whites and Kelly’s have to do with Res 12 There is no comparison, even historically. There was a mass movement of Celtic fans who wanted, indeed demanded change.


    I do not detect a mass movement regards Res 12 in 2021, going on 2022.



    As for taken for a mug; if I thought that, I would cut all ties with Celtic.


    I have reestablished my enjoyment for Celtic, if I didn’t get enjoyment I would look for alternative means of pleasure.



    Finally, did I not say I have total respect for Auldheid and his compatriots, however to reiterate, the subject should be discussed and aired to a wider audience.