Leverkusen win would crack door open for Celtic


Real Betis are home to Bayer Leverkusen tonight, both having six points from two games in the Europa League group also containing Celtic and Ferencvaros.  If we can all agree that Leverkusen occupy a universe far beyond Celtic right now, catching Betis is the only realistic prospect Celtic have of qualifying for the knock out stage.

That 4-3 defeat in Seville still rankles; we played very well and deserved to go two goals ahead, before a familiar crumble.  A point, or more, was possible.  So too is a win against Betis in Glasgow, although other results are also a realistic outcome.

If Leverkusen win tonight and Celtic can beat Ferencvaros in Budapest, second place in the group could come down to what we can do against Betis in Glasgow.  Of course, there is a case to be made that third place and the Europa Conference, is a better prospect that facing a Champions League dropout team in the first Europa knock out.  It is also a lot more likely.

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  1. CHAIRBHOY on 22ND OCTOBER 2021 9:53 AM





    That’s a favourite of mine :)) por cierto

  2. Mot seeing how ‘byline times’ , of all the fonts of authority and credibility, helps ‘ looter’ with his explanation? It does not do that in the slightest. Some might say all your post does is seek to highlight an article which is attempting to discredit someone who does not conform to the UK govt and mainstream media agenda on this subject.



    From someone who seeks to evidence their arguments as you are inclined to I expected much better Ernie.



    As always no personal abuse from me toward you of course. Just disappointment.

  3. MARSPAPA on 22ND OCTOBER 2021 9:48 AM



    Happy to bring a bit of great Celtic memories to the blog, glad you liked it.



    For whatever reason me and my late best man (elder brother of CQNs Call Me Gerry) only had one ticket between us that day. We agreed to go and try and get another on the day (2nd Jan, always a possibility of a alcohol related casualty).



    We were resigned to selling the one we had when two lads offered us a spare.



    Next stop the middle of The Jungle for a memorable day. No conducting the choir for replacement goalkeeper G Roberts that day.

  4. BURNLEY78 on 22ND OCTOBER 2021 10:28 AM


    ‘Mot seeing how ‘byline times’ , of all the fonts of authority and credibility, helps ‘ looter’ with his explanation?’






    It’s a starting point. It allows you to consider the agenda of the person asking the question. That way you don’t fall into the trap of assuming they are acting in good faith.

  5. itscalledthemalvinas on

    Have Celtic confirmed that there will be monkeys allowed in at the next Glasgow derby ?

  6. Apologies if this has been mentioned earlier.



    Is there a foodbank collection tomorrow at Celtic Park?

  7. By Celtic FC Foundation






    On Saturday, October 23, 2021, ahead of our home match against St Johnstone, Celtic FC Foundation and partner Glasgow North East Foodbank will host a food collection where we will be humbly accepting donations of food and essentials.



    This will be the first physical food collection that has taken place at Celtic Park for over two years. In that time, the most vulnerable in our communities have faced extreme hardship and repeated uncertainty due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and this will likely continue for the foreseeable future due to rising costs, including fuel, and the end of a number of key support schemes.



    Celtic FC Foundation’s primary focus has, and will continue to be, providing assistance to those most affected by the crisis, via the Football for Good Fund (FFGF).



    To date, the FFGF has helped thousands of the most vulnerable, through the provision of food and essentials, assistance to tackle fuel poverty and support to combat loneliness and isolation and promote positive mental health and wellbeing.



    We would therefore like to invite all supporters who are attending the match against St Johnstone to bring along a donation if they can. Even one item from the list can make a huge difference to someone’s life.



    The most urgent items listed in order of priority are:



    UHT milk




    Tinned meat (ham etc)






    Tinned fruit


    Tinned vegetables


    There will be two drop-off stations on the day of the collection: The Clover on Celtic Way (main collection) and the North East entrance at the fence next to the Lisbon Lions’ car park.



    In addition, there will also be a small number of Foundation volunteers on hand with buckets, should supporters wish to donate cash in support of the food drive.



    Celtic FC Foundation Chief Executive, Tony Hamilton said: “This is needed more than ever, and we are very grateful to everyone who might be in a position to help us. Thank you in advance, if you can assist at the match.



    “Our partnership with Glasgow North East Foodbank and many other Foodbanks will benefit from this, and it’ll come at a time when many of them are urgently needing stock for their clients.”



    Linda Stuart, Glasgow NE Foodbank co-ordinator, said: “The collections at Celtic Park are vital to the Foodbank. They allow us to replenish our stock and provide us with a number of key items and essentials that we occasionally run out of.



    “Without the collections, we would struggle to help as many families in need. The Celtic fans have always been so generous and helpful and we continue to be humbled by their incredible support.”



    For those who cannot attend the match but would still like to make a contribution, they can do so by donating the equivalent of a bag of groceries virtually.



    Supporters can donate whatever they can afford eg £10, £20, £30, etc HERE with funds raised covering the cost of food and essentials, which along with what is collected on the day, will be provided to those most in need of our support, via Glasgow North East Foodbank and our other FFGF charity partners.



    To support our food drive, simply make your donation either in person or virtually ahead of the 3pm kick-off and, with your help, we can continue to use football for good to make a positive difference.



    Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts.

  8. BSR



    Celtic supporters worldwide already have a PPV option of sorts at their disposal, namely CelticTV which they can purchase on a monthly or annual subscription.

  9. Daizen Maeda is reportedly close to becoming Celtic ‘s second signing from the J League this season, with a deal lined up for the Yokohama F Marinos ace.



    Forward Kyogo Furuhashi has been a huge hit with fans since his summer arrival, with the 26-year-old bagging nine goals in 13 games since his move.

  10. glendalystonsils on




    I hope not . They used the flimsiest of excuses to deny us tickets for their dump purely to give themselves an unsporting advantage .

  11. That 2-0 game NY 1988. The Maestro’s pass looks good on the video but I was on the RHS of the Jungle and could see the curve of it (on a wet muddy pitch). amazing. Should have been more that 2 goals that day; same as the 3-1 game later that year, should have been 5

  12. Coneybhoy,



    I was in the same vicinity at the front RHS of the jungle, same for me, the best pass ever seen.



    his piroutte, the lift of his head, the swing of the leg, the curve, speed, distance of the past, physics in motion, i dont need to see the video to remember it , ingrained in my minds eye.

  13. “Leverkusen win would crack door open for Celtic”


    Just a gut feeling but this headline might mean something completely different by the time we play them. I believe we’ll win in Hungary & wouldn’t bet against us turning Leverkusen over in Germany, as I said just a feeling.



  14. Hello again all you young rebels.



    From an absolutely buzzing Melbourne, the human race really


    Is remarkable, we’ve overcome most plagues, viruses, and most


    cancers and debilitating illnesses.


    Now for the sleekit disease, you know, the one when your in


    company in bunny scudland and somebody you thought was


    a good person says to a new arrival “ I he’s wan o them but he’s


    All right “


    Don’t get that here, but it cost me a lot of supposed friends when


    I reacted.


    Anyhows I’m away from that, but the question is, will that attitude


    Virus, Disease, ever be eradicated in Scotia?


    I’m open to education .


    H.H. Mick

  15. I’m much mair a Detroit dude nu we have Exceptional talents on oor doorstep.



    Callum staying is OHMEGA in my opinion.



    Callum is MOTM every game. Seriously he is Incredible.



    Lets win in Europe.

  16. itscalledthemalvinas on 22nd October 2021 10:44 am



    Have Celtic confirmed that there will be monkeys allowed in at the next Glasgow derby ?





    I don’t like the Rangers, but I don’t think we should talk about their supporters as monkeys – just saying.




  17. bigrailroadblues on

    David66 Star Bar closed this week. No longer drink there anyway, too upmarket for me. 😜

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