Lewis Morgan, and the 12 games in 8 weeks marathon


There should be a slight embarrassment of riches around Celtic today as one of our loan players, Lewis Morgan, picked up his Championship Player of the Year award.  The 21-year-old left-mid player signed for Celtic in January but remained a St Mirren player, on loan, until the end of the season.

Lewis is two years younger than Jack Hendry, who signed from Dundee this year, but will share a development play with the central defender, and with goalkeeper Scott Bain (26).

With left-footed-inverted-right-wing Patrick Roberts returning to Manchester City this week and one of our other left-footed wide players, Jonny Hayes, out injured since August, there is a clear opening in the squad for Lewis.

The Champions League qualifiers are (hopefully) a marathon eight games in eight weeks, a period that coincides with the start of the Premiership kick off.  During this time the squad will need to reach peak fitness, but remain rested, two conflicting objectives.

Lewis should experience his first competitive action as a Celtic player during this period.  There will be around 12 games in those eight weeks, a lot of tired limbs and a corresponding injury profile.  For you and me, that’s a worry, but Lewis will know it is his chance to shine.

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  1. Jobo Baldie on 22nd May 2018 6:41 am


    Good morning, friends.



    Was it last Tuesday that we learned that the SFA had issued a notice to Edminston Drive regarding licensing issues? Did the Notice allow them 7 days in which to respond? Asking for a friend.




    Can.t possibly be, Jobo, as there,’s nowt in the SMSM, and they would be all over it like a rash. Surely?

  2. Lewis Morgan is the most 2 footed player I’ve seen since Lubo. Have no idea is he’s right or left footed, he hits set pieces with both feet with equal effect.

  3. Delaneys Dunky on




    Lewis Morgan is a defenders nightmare. They know he is so two footed, and can’t put him on a weaker foot. Very excited about this signing.

  4. fieldofdrams on

    Hope Lewis’s set-pieces are better than that diddy Larsson on Sunday there. Poor effort. Don’t know what the fuss was about.

  5. I’m sure we all wish the lad every success, the ingredients certainly seem to be there and, it is hoped, with the correct guidance and coaching, that this lad will fulfill his big potential.



    Looking forward to seeing him flourish at Paradise.

  6. Watched a clip on Youtube only from last season



    8 goals for Lewis all from outside the box 4 right foot 4 left



    Thought he might have had a run out in Bronny’s testimonial



    Suppose we got Micky instead

  7. BMCUWP. Please do not leave the blog. I have no idea what the Mod took you out for, but I do know that you are one of the best contributors on here. I know life has had its twists and turns for you, but you are still going strong, so please return and let us enjoy your posts.



    CRC. Glad to hear you have a new job. Best wishes. May see you on Friday.




    He’s at the best place to display those kind of skills and under Brendan he will be coached up through the levels:))



    Exciting times on Planet Celtic!




  9. From previous article.



    Heroes are forever.



    What a moving post on the loss of your darling daughter.



    My prayers will be for you and the one’s left to mourn.



    May the Lord comfort you all during this sad time.



    Keep them close my friend.




  10. South Of Tunis on

    Country –



    Whitey Gallagher –





    Those that do country are pointed in the direction of this mighty fine Record Store Day 2018 LP —


    The Beginning of The End : The Existential Drama in Country Music

  11. Heroes Are Forever ( last thread )



    Heartbreaking post, and tribute to your daughter you’re a true Celt as was Helen, I’m sure


    she passed Hampden and went straight to Paradise.



    Hail Hail


    RIP Helen

  12. bournesouprecipe






    To leave an internet group or thread with exaggerated drama.You forgot to add wearing a shocking pink tutu.

  13. Word of The Day



    Grody [groh-dee]



    adjective, grodier, grodiest. Slang.


    1. repulsive; disgusting; nauseating.


    2. inferior in character or quality; seedy; sleazy


    3. disgusting, yukky; extremely unpleasant



    Word Origin and History for grody




    variant of grotty, grotesque





  14. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    Thought Christie could have been a replacement for Rogic if he had left, so I wonder if he might be more likely to replace Roberts.


    Morgan might have been more useful as putting some pressure on Sinclair, although with Callum now a regular and a slightly different shape that might not be an option. Wonder if he might be better off out on loan for a season?


    Anyway, good problems to have!

  15. Billybear on 22nd May 2018 12:16 pm




    Jobo Baldie on 22nd May 2018 6:41 am





    Good morning, friends.







    Was it last Tuesday that we learned that the SFA had issued a notice to Edminston Drive regarding licensing issues? Did the Notice allow them 7 days in which to respond? Asking for a friend.










    Can.t possibly be, Jobo, as there,’s nowt in the SMSM, and they would be all over it like a rash. Surely?




    A response to the SFA was due by today. TRFC did issue a statement on the day they were charged claiming they were not guilty of anything in the granting period.



    This conflicts with what they declared and failed to do in that period and what the reality actually was.



    Given it was the difference between the former and the latter as was revealed at CW trial that finally triggered the SFA investigation I find it difficult to accept the veracity of that claim, certainly without it being subject to the scrutiny of the JPDT.



    It sounded like another attempt as in 2012 to put any evidence of wrongdoing outside scrutiny by LNS. (The same evidence btw)



    There is a process that has to be followed and it will not be done in public. They were charged under two counts of basically dishonesty and had the right to respond to the SFA JPDT and if anything is said publicly it will come from TRFC not anywhere else.



    The JPDT whose full terms of reference we should be watching like hawks begin to sift through the issue on 26th June.



    I imagine that will take more than a few days, particularly if the parties in the know are called to explain their position.



    The JPDT on CW where he was charged with bringing the game into disrepute citing non payment of PAYE and VAT (BUT NOT THE WTC LIABILITY) took over six days to look at the evidence so that gives you some idea of the time frame.



    How the Judicial Panel Protocol works can be found at https://www.scottishfa.co.uk/media/1823/judicial-panel-protocol-2017-18.pdf



    With a bit of luck TBB or BRTH will tells us what it means in summary :)

  16. With the extra round of UCL qualifiers following an increase in season ticket prices perhaps the club will reward the unwavering support of it’s ‘customers’ with a wee loyalty bonus and include the extra home leg on the season ticket.

  17. Heroes are forever .



    Sincerest condolences .



    PS your blog name says it all

  18. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Ian Maxwell starts at Hampden today, i’m sure those intrepid SMSM Lapdogs, will quiz him on the licence issues…



    Poignant and also uplifting post.


    Helen will always be with the Celtic family.

  20. Heroes Are Forever



    Read back and saw your post on Helen. I know how tough it was to sit down and write that. I hope it gave you a few moments relief from the pain you are going through. You have a few tough months ahead but it will get easier. Keep your friends and family close, Give the grief room to escape. Try and keep your happy memories of Helen at the forefront of your mind.



    Take care pal. RIP Helen.

  21. the long wait is over on

    Heroes are forever



    I read your post earlier this morning when I woke up but only logging in now.



    As a father of daughters I cannot imagine your pain.



    I hope you can find something in your faith , your memories of your daughter or the love of your family to sustain you.



    All the best




  22. Hunderbirds are Gone on

    Just watched the whole game again. We played well. The Tory, Sevco supporting MP Assistant Referee (those choices are an absolute Masterclass in making yourself unappealing to the Celtic Support) gave us the light relief these occasions sometimes require.


    I watched his Bambi on ice homage a few times, and each time the wee voice in ma heid, was taunting “Big Riddy! Big Riddy! Big Riddy”


    Who’s supporters bus does Karma travel on these days anyway? What a time to be a Celt.



  23. the long wait is over on

    On football related matters I see thems are hoping to sign Martin Skrtl.



    Might just be my age addled old brain but something in there is ringing a bell to say he’s actually a massive Celtic fan.



    Anyone able to corroborate this or am I havering (again) ?






    I have no idea if Skrtl is a Celtic fan.


    But supposing he is maybe he will sign for the huns just so he can watch Celtic for free at least four times.


    It worked for Alves.

  25. St.MON was a player in the day of ‘the brown envelope’ of Brian Clough and his like, maybe he knows things we don’t know, not suggesting any impropriety in his part. There are also rumoured EBT clubs in the EPL no to mention Celtic’s EBT’s as well ( Every Bloomin Trophy )



    Maybe he’s just a natural member of the ‘move along there nothing to see timmy’ Tim brigade with one or two of the ex players.



    It would be different if there was an impartial media in Britain never mind Scotland, who could what right up to him and say;



    “What exactly is a strong Rainjurz?”

  26. Mooloolaba Bhoy on

    Just spoke to a mate (Liverpool fan)and spoke about Skrtl to the huns. Fee mentioned 4M quid.His reply was “even if he brought 3 other players with him it would still be too much!”



  27. Hunderbirds are Gone on

    Skirtl is a cynical, dirty, cheating kind of player. Right on trend for the Ibrox template. The Orcs will love him the same way they loved El Radge Duiff… Well, we seen that movie, we know how that turns out for them.



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