Lewis Morgan, and the 12 games in 8 weeks marathon


There should be a slight embarrassment of riches around Celtic today as one of our loan players, Lewis Morgan, picked up his Championship Player of the Year award.  The 21-year-old left-mid player signed for Celtic in January but remained a St Mirren player, on loan, until the end of the season.

Lewis is two years younger than Jack Hendry, who signed from Dundee this year, but will share a development play with the central defender, and with goalkeeper Scott Bain (26).

With left-footed-inverted-right-wing Patrick Roberts returning to Manchester City this week and one of our other left-footed wide players, Jonny Hayes, out injured since August, there is a clear opening in the squad for Lewis.

The Champions League qualifiers are (hopefully) a marathon eight games in eight weeks, a period that coincides with the start of the Premiership kick off.  During this time the squad will need to reach peak fitness, but remain rested, two conflicting objectives.

Lewis should experience his first competitive action as a Celtic player during this period.  There will be around 12 games in those eight weeks, a lot of tired limbs and a corresponding injury profile.  For you and me, that’s a worry, but Lewis will know it is his chance to shine.


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  1. What is the Stars on



    Shelbourne and Shamrock Rovers were once great rivals in Dublin (both having been formed in the Ringsend area of the South City Centre)


    I am a Rovers man but have a few Shelbourne supporting pals (God love them) .


    Any minute now TET will be on to say St Patrick’s Athletic are the only team worth supporting in Dublin

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    happy birthday mucker,


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    I can’t find a link to today’s incident. Could you point me in the right direction? Thanks

  4. jinkyredstar on

    So the Scotsman article is based on Nir being trolled ‘on line


    ‘ by Celtic fans – in that case ‘on line’ I am six foot two, built like Adonis and am signing for Celtic next week.


    That’s how much truth there is in anonymous on-line info.


    Where is the actual evidence that this is not some hun jakey with a laptop?

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    Anyone know who the grey haired guy standing behind Strong Rangers McRae at the cup presentation is?


    Didn’t look best pleased!

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    GORDYBHOY64-£340 just for tickets and £140 for overnight stay,she’s not mean mate,she’s raging and skint :-))))))


    Tell Her About It….😋

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    BADA BING-I honestly wouldn’t have let her pay that ,no way! I’m an innocent man😂

  10. Re FFP


    King – he of the glib, shameless variety is on record recently saying that due to the financial peculiarity that is Govanomics ( borrow now, pay if you feel like it at a later date ) they are deliberately running at a loss.



    Is this a clear admission of a breach of FFP rules or am I missing something?




  11. Tobago Street on

    Serious question that may have been asked and answered already. Do moderators post on this blog other than as a moderator? That is could I post as Tobago Street and also be a moderator?



    Asking for a friend ( as the kids say )




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  13. I seen one of Brendans interviews over the weekend and what struck me was that he knows that this season in the league we let ourselves down.


    He went onto say that he has to push the players even more this season coming.


    If I was a manager of any other spl team I would be very afraid.


    It’s almost as if Brendan was kicking back at all the criticism our team have had about draws etc.



    I think he will be even more motivated this season.






    D. :)

  14. Almore – I’m curious as to what event your daily countdown relates. Cafe announcement? Pay day?

  15. By the way let ourselves down with draws and performance levels, I know we won the league and treble, before anyone criticises my first line in last post



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    I hope you read Cosy Corner Bhoy’s post at 10.38 last night. Please do as your auld man tells you, and get back on here posting.



  17. Pog, glad to see that you have recognised the, ahem, benefits of th e Megabus! See y’all on Friday. Not so sunny in Dundee this morning, but visiting daughter and granddaughter this afternoon, so that should brighten things up. After posting yet parcel Jim…!!



  18. Word of The Day



    Heteroclite /ˈhɛtərəˌklaɪt/





    1. a person or thing that deviates from the ordinary rule or form.


    2. an irregularly formed word


    3. Grammar. a heteroclite word




    4. irregular or unusual


    5. abnormal or anomalous


    6. Grammar. irregular in inflection; having inflected forms belonging to more than one class of stems.



    Word Origin


    C16: from Late Latin heteroclitus declining irregularly, from Greek heteroklitos, from hetero- + klinein to bend, inflect





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    Jobo is the countdown master



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  21. Philip Roth RIP



    A very funny writer in both senses of the word.



    As is the case with my blog name, I am a fan of one of the author’s less well-known and less critically acclaimed books- The Great American Novel- which is loosely about Baseball and Communism- and is very funny.

  22. I see ole Skrtl has been a rough ride on here and quite rightly so – what the hell is a 33 year old Slovakian going to achieve in Glasgow – FFS.




    Oh! And Boaby, Listen to yer auld man.

  23. DBHOY on 23RD MAY 2018 1:59 AM



    Re FFP



    It’s ok to have certain levels of debt under FFP. I cannot recall exact figures but the story is that TRFC got under the crossbar by claiming some of the debt was due to ground development/improvements which can be deducted from the total debt limit which triggers failure to break even.



    If there is a way to wriggle a way through the rules then that mob will find it.

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    I’m sure your pink outfit will be just fine. Just above the knee is de rigeur, I’m told 😉