Like the Boyne, some history flows into the sea


You see what happened this week?  The First Minister calls it out (to borrow a phrase), “violence and vandalism and vile anti-Catholic prejudice”.  This gave Police Scotland a responsibility to fall in line, which they did.  That in turn provided cover to journalists to write reflective pieces on why a modern country should be ashamed it retains prejudices like these.

It didn’t used to be like this.  By this stage of any earlier Rangers (old or new) embarrassment, you would be reading about two Celtic fans chanting IRA slogans or dangling an effigy.  Strings would be pulled and the lowest lying Celtic-connected fruit would be plucked and served.  Equivalence in as much time as it takes to sing about the grassy slopes of the Boyne.

Newco/Oldco inevitably deflects and denies, “tiny minority” this, “everyone, anyone” that, you will remember the damage “fans of other clubs” did to Manchester?  It has worked this way since their excesses started to grab headlines in the 70s.

This time, it’s different.  Nicola Sturgeon’s intervention changed the script.  The path from the First Minister, to the police to the journalists who found the freedom to report without fear and intimidation is lined with orange lilies.  Many journos have taken the opportunity, although there are a notable few clearly still imagining themselves doing battle on the aforementioned grassy slopes.

The reaction will probably see an end to George Square takeovers but it is also likely to see trophy parades inhibited, which will affect Celtic more than everyone else put together.  Newco will not change, of course.  From birth, they relied on the lowest common denominator to make the club viable (it is still searching for that quality).  Their values and instincts see them underplay, deflect and deny what the rest of the world sees.

History is either with you or against you.  In the 1980s, it took an hour for Orange Walks to pass through a wee Lanarkshire village like Holytown.  ‘The street’ of my youth was memorably thronged with the drunk and the defecating.  Very few are interested these days.  Like the waters of the Boyne, this particular history will inevitably flow into the sea.

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  1. Category on Pointless tonight was


    “Orange Creatures”


    Fill in the punchline yourselves…

  2. prestonpans bhoys on

    MARKIEBHOY on 18TH MAY 2021 5:53 PM



    At the time I was wondering how many bhoys have just said ‘Huns’😂😂😂😂

  3. I am disinclined to be led away by the squirrel of the Ibrox players celebration, fron the real issue of the failure to prevent George Square.



    I believe the Ibrox player video will, at best, turn out to be unusable or unproven, and , at worst, to have been fabricated, most likely by a Celtic fan, though I would not rule out a false flag origin.



    This will alow them to reclaim their familiar and comfortable ground of victimhood because people levelled charges before proof. Like the story of them siphoning off water from a Catholic church, the story was too good to be probably true. We should have been more circumspect.



    When you see the confidence with which they assert it is a fake and you see their equal confidence in hitting back at the SNP Government via the letter from Douglas Park, detailing the ibrox club’s efforts to prpare with the Scottish Government for their title clelebrations, then you can see how easy it is going to be for them to get their own fans onside and to make thier critics doubt how much of this was their fault





    I see the same issue of blame shifting taking place between Ibrox and Holyrood as took place between Celtic and Holyrood over Dubai.




    I don’t excuse or condone the behaviour of one singlle Sevcoite that went on their public gathering last weekend, but, this Government failed to plan preventitive measures with the police and club. We will see blame batted back and forth for a few days then a long period of silence.



    Despite, the welcome introduction of a few utterances of “Anti-catholic” and “anti-Irish racism” replacing the safe word of Sectarianism, I see no sea change. I see no New Movement.



    I see us suffering more than them in the future.



    I have written a reply on James Forrest’s Celtic Blog about the dangers ahead, as he was starting to give head rom to the concept of Strict Liability, though, to be fully fair to James, he remains, on the whole, opposed to the idea.

  4. Thing about what happened at the weekend, botht the singin and the gathering



    1. Stop talking about the song and start asking questions about whgy the hell all those people were in a confined space like that during lockdown



    2. If this was Celtic, we would get fecking hammered



    We will see lots of rhetoric over the next few weeks






    I reckon punishments will more than likely run along the lines of – if this happens again to ANY scottish club we will severely punish them



    ie nothing but pish

  5. If Ross linesman can’t bring himself to comment on the events of the weekend due to his aforementioned position then perhaps it’s time to hang up his flag or stick it somewhere or do whatever you do with an unwanted flag …

  6. If they can be done criminally, take them to Civil Court, lower burden of proof and hit them in the pocket, which is empty.



    Multiple people/groups/etc

  7. I’m often surprised at the stupidity of some and their willingness to form opinion based on rags scrambling for gossip!



    The ONLY reason Celtic have not appointed a manager is – He (or she – got to be careful nowadays) is currently employed and committed to a league, cup or contract. Celtic will not be waiting this long for someone to make a yes/no decision. The agreement is done and other factors are pending.



    It may be howe , it could be Steve Clarke , it could be someone else.



    I hope its someone else from left field!



    BTW Anyone feel Yogi Hughes should be part of the Celtic coaching – I think he could sort out our weak minded defense!

  8. McPhail Bhoy on

    Thanks for the correction on their rioting in the Cup Final it was 1965 not 69 as I stated, they funny thing is with Huns and rioting it’s very hard to pin down dates and venues, there’s so many to remember!


    On the whole ‘kafflic skools’ are the problem and me tongue in cheek (but also serious about it) suggesting that all private schools should close as they definitely divide society. I made this comment as I remembered someone on here calling out Kitsty Wark as she was apparently heart broken when her wee Catholic friend went to a Catholic school, what she failed to mention in her eagerness to bash Catholic education (which of course she knows nothing about) that her wee Catholic friend wouldn’t have gone with her to school anyway as the bold Kirsty went to a private school! Called out for her breathtaking hypocrisy (apart from on here) absolutely not?

  9. MARKIEBHOY on 18TH MAY 2021 5:53 PM


    Category on Pointless tonight was





    “Orange Creatures”





    Fill in the punchline yourselves…




    Ye seen that..



    One of the answers was the orange baboon tarantula..had wee giggle


    at that

  10. SAINT STIVS on 18TH MAY 2021 6:52 PM



    Night is darkest just before the dawn






    lol winter is coming

  11. BIGBHOY on 18TH MAY 2021 3:08 PM



    There is a danger Celtic will come out of this poorly. We must be careful that we are pulled in to the issue. SNP will use this as an excuse to bring in a new Offensive behaviour Act and we find that it is enforced against Celtic Fans and little enforcement on the Huns.






    This is the outcome

  12. Tommy Sheridans respone to a tweet.



    There are many more important issues in Scotland and across our world but I am increasingly exasperated by the verbal diarrhea I read and hear from cowardly and ignorant pundits and so-called journalists about the apparent equivalence between the behaviour of Celtic fans and Rangers fans. I’m not having it. There is no such equivalence and until the truth is called out progress will be impossible. One club was built with an inclusive charitable purpose opposed to discrimination. The other on triumphant bigotry and discrimination which feeds the hatred which fills the stands during every Rangers game. Here is my response to a post on my feed which suggested each set of fans is as bad as the other:


    I’m sorry guys but sometimes the truth hurts. One club was formed with a charitable purpose to feed the poor immigrants and inhabitants of Glasgow’s East End regardless of religion, colour or creed. That is the DNA of Celtic Football Club. Some fans forget those roots and values when addressing the situation facing the refugees and immigrants of today but real fans who know their history will remember we from Irish stock, many compelled to come to Scotland due to a British caused famine, were once those refugees and immigrants and were discriminated against due to our heritage and religion. The other club in question was founded on Protestant triumphalism from day one and throughout my childhood refused to sign a Catholic player in a blatant policy of discrimination that fed into the terrace hatred that was accomodated and tolerated for years and still exists within the DNA of that club.


    The weekly boast about being up to their knees in fenian blood is not banned, condemned or eradicated by the club because their anti-Irish and anti-Catholic hatred is in their DNA. When that club condemns the overt and covert anti-Irish bile and anti-Catholic tirades, much of it visited on my home by squads of cowards draped in butcher’s aprons for hours yesterday, then I will take their anti-racism statements seriously.


    So do Celtic have some fans that are bams and shame the club? Yes. Is the extent of the problem similar to Rangers? Absolutely not.


    The culture of anti-Irish and anti-Catholic hatred is a sad and regular feature of Ibrox games and their support base. To deny it is to deny reality. The Rangers were the best team this season and won the league deservedly. But nothing, absolutely nothing, justifies the constant and unchallenged anti-Irish and anti-Catholic bile that is spewed by so many fans. Discrimination in all and any form should be condemened from all quarters. Cheers guys.



    Tommy Sheridan




  13. Stebhoy



    Do you really belive Celtic fans, having consulted the club website and seeing no new manager, are stupid to be concerned?


    And those who know we have a new manager, though just can’t be certain who it is or the precise reason for the delay, are not stupid?

  14. fourstonecoppi on

    AN TEARMANN on 18TH MAY 2021 7:02 PM



    Aye read that this morn…….regardless of TS and what hes done/didn’t do’, hes spot on!

  15. STEBHOY on 18TH MAY 2021 6:38 PM



    BTW Anyone feel Yogi Hughes should be part of the Celtic coaching – I think he could sort out our weak minded defense!




    John is in his mid to late 70s. Possibly, this is a post for a younger candidate.

  16. Tommy’s reaction is one that I’m sure we’ve all had and voiced it in many different ways…………



    I’ve long held the opinion Scotland on this subject needs a Truth and Reconciliation process similar to that in Sith Efrika…..healing and some redress is required. I doubt we’ll get there in my lifetime.



    SFTB earlier – I agree, said as much yesterday.

  17. celticforever on

    big yogi could still have got a game on the left wing this season


    in place of those non triers

  18. posted the tommy sheridan response on my facebook page



    Am waiting on the disgust and horror.



    Like the media it will be ignored and swept under the carpet

  19. McPhail bhoy



    your not really wrong.:-)


    i was at that 69 final.3-0 up at half time and lookin to add.All entitlement swept away as George waltzed round the keeper.


    they couldnt take it.


    the bottles came down and they spilled on trying to stop game,half time cleared it up.


    the 65 final was the one that stopped any laps of honour.wasnt at that.


    1980 was at that.wasnt on tho.


    hope alls good bout the town.:-)



  20. “TINYTIM on 18TH MAY 2021 3:27 PM


    Whilst only one Celtic fans acts in a Sectarian manner .


    We will forever be subjected to whatabouterry , and the two sides of the same coin gash.


    The truth will never be believed.”



    So true……and even if all Celtic fans behaved perfectly,the `two sides` nonsense would still be spouted.



    I have good mates in England who, on any other subject, feel I am not given to bias and use of selective information but think I am bound to be biased in favour of Celtic. I would be grateful for any FACTUAL points I could use to get them to see the truth of Scotland`s deepy ingrained anti US pro THEM societal norms.

  21. if celtic wanted a new manager 2 months ago – we could easily have got one! Celtic are prepared to wait for who is the RIGHT man! Their previous statement indicated work is being done in the background to prepare for the seasons ahead – trust the process and trust they will deliver.



    If they don’t – then we can take that up with DD and board .



    They made an utter mess of this season and deserve a chance to get it right structurally – after 9 IAR and a quad treble , they deserve that chance!

  22. FOURSTONECOPPI on 18TH MAY 2021 7:04 PM



    AN TEARMANN on 18TH MAY 2021 7:02 PM



    Aye read that this morn…….regardless of TS and what hes done/didn’t do’, hes spot on!





    i am same mate.whatever political persuasion it dont long as the continued anti catholic anti irish catholic setting is maintained and the sectarian( wanzisbadasother) pish is dropped.



    if our muslim friends suffer anti islamophobia


    and our jewish friends anti semitism,then its the simplest thing calling out anti irish catholic


    discrimination and irrational intolerance.






  23. Wishing Brendan all the best tonight – another cup final….almost.



    Top four & the FA Cup – what a wonderful season it would be.



    We were lucky to have him, even for a short time…”you don’t miss your water till the well runs dry” – perhaps PL’s departure will echo similar sentiments in the futute…..I sincerely hope not – but undoubtedly Dom’s got enormous shoes to fill.

  24. Shortie…



    rainjurz urged to take strong action by Justice secretary…..






    Justice Secretary urged to take strong action on rainjurz……………..




    Oh aye.

  25. People will look back the events in March and May of this year in amazement.


    In March, the authorities could not prevent a drunken mob, thousands strong, to assemble outside a sports facility then proceed to a major city centre. They arrived there – vomiting, urinating and vandalising en route- without let or hindrance. On reaching the advertised destination, the mobs sang and chanted racist shibboleths for several hours. The police appeared to be in observer roles.


    All this happened in mid-pandemic with public assembly strictly forbidden. The infection rate in the city began to soar again.


    The re-run of this movie last weekend replicated all the previous atrocities except that the mob was bigger; the occupation of the square more brazen; and the racism more menacing. This time the infection rate was much higher. There is potential for it to become much worse.


    Is anyone in charge?

  26. STEBHOY on 18TH MAY 2021 7:33 PM



    They ……….deserve a chance to get it right structurally – after 9 IAR and a quad treble , they deserve that chance!




    Agree 99%, I amended slightly – I have always held, it was the football department that made an utter mess of this season. The tools, a triple – treble squad kept intact, and the means, £20m to spend, were available – 10iar was blown on the pitch & in the dugout – nowhere else.



    Yes another chance after a winning record is a “sma request” as Rabbie Burns says in ‘To A Mouse’.



    If you don’t mind me adding – it would also be a ‘sma request’ that after winning ALL the battles for the working-class within a hundred years, a restructured Labour Party in Scotland deserves another chance. A chance to kick out the narrow Nationalists who have never espoused, or, enacted ANYTHING of substance for the working person in all their 80+ in existence.

  27. glendalystonsils on

    FRITZSONG on 18TH MAY 2021 7:08 PM



    I think maybe Stebhoy meant the manager of Ross County . That John Hughes is 57 .

  28. Dead easy way for labour to get back into power here, switch to be an independence party.



    you not worked that out yet ?

  29. GLENDALYSTONSILS on 18TH MAY 2021 8:01 PM


    FRITZSONG on 18TH MAY 2021 7:08 PM







    I think maybe Stebhoy meant the manager of Ross County . That John Hughes is 57 .






    he can play centre half.

  30. glendalystonsils on

    SAINT STIVS on 18TH MAY 2021 8:03 PM



    Kent and Alfie would shite themselves !