Like the Boyne, some history flows into the sea


You see what happened this week?  The First Minister calls it out (to borrow a phrase), “violence and vandalism and vile anti-Catholic prejudice”.  This gave Police Scotland a responsibility to fall in line, which they did.  That in turn provided cover to journalists to write reflective pieces on why a modern country should be ashamed it retains prejudices like these.

It didn’t used to be like this.  By this stage of any earlier Rangers (old or new) embarrassment, you would be reading about two Celtic fans chanting IRA slogans or dangling an effigy.  Strings would be pulled and the lowest lying Celtic-connected fruit would be plucked and served.  Equivalence in as much time as it takes to sing about the grassy slopes of the Boyne.

Newco/Oldco inevitably deflects and denies, “tiny minority” this, “everyone, anyone” that, you will remember the damage “fans of other clubs” did to Manchester?  It has worked this way since their excesses started to grab headlines in the 70s.

This time, it’s different.  Nicola Sturgeon’s intervention changed the script.  The path from the First Minister, to the police to the journalists who found the freedom to report without fear and intimidation is lined with orange lilies.  Many journos have taken the opportunity, although there are a notable few clearly still imagining themselves doing battle on the aforementioned grassy slopes.

The reaction will probably see an end to George Square takeovers but it is also likely to see trophy parades inhibited, which will affect Celtic more than everyone else put together.  Newco will not change, of course.  From birth, they relied on the lowest common denominator to make the club viable (it is still searching for that quality).  Their values and instincts see them underplay, deflect and deny what the rest of the world sees.

History is either with you or against you.  In the 1980s, it took an hour for Orange Walks to pass through a wee Lanarkshire village like Holytown.  ‘The street’ of my youth was memorably thronged with the drunk and the defecating.  Very few are interested these days.  Like the waters of the Boyne, this particular history will inevitably flow into the sea.

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  1. yes that Hughes! he wouldn’t stand any SFA nonsense and would be a great wing man!

  2. celticforever on

    mixing up the 2 yogis was tongue in cheek



    but whats not tongue in cheek is that both would


    have done better than the non triers this season



    even at their age

  3. just the 4 then, world record









    May 12


    “The one ambition I have left at Celtic is to go and get the Treble.”


    Scott Brown – June 2015

  4. squire danaher on

    JHB on 18TH MAY 2021 7:41 PM



    Wishing Brendan all the best tonight – another cup final….almost.



    Top four & the FA Cup – what a wonderful season it would be.



    We were lucky to have him, even for a short time…”you don’t miss your water till the well runs dry”





    Happy to agree with you on this.



    Recent events over past year have led me to revise my hitherto position on BR.



    And therefore bin your conclusion.



    ThisClubAintBigEnoughForTheBothOfThem CSC

  5. DENIABHOY on 18TH MAY 2021 3:23 PM



    Nail on the head.



    I’m still lurking but had to post my total agreement with what you said.



    Time to stand up for ourselves. 🍀

  6. Ronnie Convery








    Justice Secretary: “I woke up this morning to two rabid anti-Catholic messages which I have reported to the police. I’m neither a Catholic nor Irish, but that hatred was directed towards me, and I am intending to call it out.”


    Good on



  7. Meanwhile on bbc shortbread. Saturday never happened and later we talk to Mark Walters.

  8. Re Charlie Nicholas comments…..if he’d look at facts before opening his trap….Celtic have been invited to England on countless occasions to be the opposition in testimonial games. Why? Because we take 000’s of good natured, good humoured fans.


    And how many times have “thems” been invited?


    Our fans are NOT a problem, if they were we would not constantly be invited

  9. Paul The Spark on

    I see a Tory MSP Liam Kerr tried to equate the scenes on Saturday to the immigration protests. He was given short thrift by Humza Yousef. I think his first name is spelled incorrectly. Should be Wan

  10. McPhail Bhoy on

    An Tearmann



    Ha, ha thanks as I said before it’s hard to keep up with their rioting, too many to choose from!


    All fine here, great life about the place too, at last. Had my first barber haircut today since November. But I’m going back tomorrow to get my money back looking in the mirror there’s significantly more grey hair, not having that! How did that happen?

  11. What is Davy Moyes or Brendan won’t announce they are leaving their current jobs until their season is finished.



    Could we be about to see an amazing appointment as our new manager?



    Surely Dermot Desmond has something up his sleeve.


    Henrik perhaps..


    I just have a sneaky suspicion that we a a surprise coming.




  12. 31003 on 18TH MAY 2021 9:12 PM


    Celtic have been invited to England on countless occasions to be the opposition in testimonial games.




    Indeed we have, and I have been there on a number of occasions – West Ham(×2), Man Utd (x2), Liverpool. & Leeds, to name six.



    However we get ‘tarred with the same ‘one is as bad as the other’ brush here in Scotland. In the very unlikely event of ‘the big two’ being invited to ply their trade down south, I’m sure it would be on a ‘home support only’ basis. Even then the Ibrox hordes would still travel – just like UEFA Cup in Manchester and at the weekend.



    We are a million miles away from the activities of the IbroxKlan – having said that, I am not convinced that our current support would live up to the standards set in the past. Certain elements put our European participation in jeopardy by their disregard of UEFA rules at Celtic Park – would I trust them every other week at away games in England…..sorry the answer must be no.

  13. TT…………….



    Henke – please No…………



    Legend, Great player, good role model………………….



    He’s not a manager.


    He’s not a manager of Celtic.




  14. squire danaher on

    BANKIEBHOY1 on 18TH MAY 2021 9:58 PM



    Thinkin’-wise Charlie really has his work cut ooot.






    Having went to school with him I agree

  15. It’s no later nger a story on football news today …..The rangers are victims..if bias…non rangers fans behaviour….being framed by media .fans attacked…yes I minute they are not fans then they are…ps at no point did they ask fans to stay away .. nothing will happen to them..police down lodge with thenm and media to decide how to blame Celtic on this

  16. Ps it is Celtic s fault…we could have kept them dead by asking SFA to apply rules…

  17. All lamposts in y town had the butcher’s apron hanging from. Then on Saturday morning….all put up during night..police must have seen them do it.

  18. Just noticed that this day last year we were crowned 9-in-a-row Champions!


    Some 12 months, eh?


    Hail Hail.

  19. MARADOMINIC on 18TH MAY 2021 11:12 PM


    Charlie Nicholas should have been banished when he attended that Thatcher rally.







    I am no Conservative but I will tell you this – there are tens of thousand of Tory voters amongst the Celtic support. We are a club open to all…….aren’t we, or, would you change that?

  20. “Rangers asked to have 10,000 fans allowed into Ibrox on four consecutive days.



    It goes to show the extreme level of entitlement that embodies everything about the Ibrox club and its constituency.



    You could not make it up – utterly unbelievable

  21. A couple of things I was thinking about were…



    The 50 sevco fans that will end up serving 10 years each in jail starting next week and the other wee neds in the videos that will do jail time should be thinking of the advice they got from their klub


    Even their statements with 55 and 150? are becoming transparent and their losing the most money in world football ( proportionate to potential earnings) on an every day/week/year scale makes their scumminess more visible.



    Wee topical point


    ….I really hope Police Scotland get to the bottom of George Bowies problems.


    My kids think the Radio Clyde DJ is great but apparently someone hacked his twitter account 3 months ago at 2 in the morning after a sevco game and tweeted stuff like F##K THE POPE.


    GB reported it to the cops but I’ve not heard anything since.



    How good are the Eddie Howe years gonnt be?

  22. PeterLatchfordsBelly on

    Hate the EPL and euro super league concept, but we need to get out if this country. As David Low says we will never get a level playing field here.



    We are stuck with the huns again because our absentee landlord and CEO decided the blue pound was worth it. Neither live in the same communities we do so are nit exposed to the consequences.



    Re the CEO – Lee Naylor absolutely damning on Mark Wilson’s pod today.

  23. Still think he regrets his whole career after joining Arsenal…putting on weight and never enoying a game playing attacking football with Liverpool …ehhen they wanted him

  24. Just watching the Patrick Bamford non-penalty – I’m afraid it tends to backs up all that Andy Walker says on the subject of players ‘going down’.