Like the Boyne, some history flows into the sea


You see what happened this week?  The First Minister calls it out (to borrow a phrase), “violence and vandalism and vile anti-Catholic prejudice”.  This gave Police Scotland a responsibility to fall in line, which they did.  That in turn provided cover to journalists to write reflective pieces on why a modern country should be ashamed it retains prejudices like these.

It didn’t used to be like this.  By this stage of any earlier Rangers (old or new) embarrassment, you would be reading about two Celtic fans chanting IRA slogans or dangling an effigy.  Strings would be pulled and the lowest lying Celtic-connected fruit would be plucked and served.  Equivalence in as much time as it takes to sing about the grassy slopes of the Boyne.

Newco/Oldco inevitably deflects and denies, “tiny minority” this, “everyone, anyone” that, you will remember the damage “fans of other clubs” did to Manchester?  It has worked this way since their excesses started to grab headlines in the 70s.

This time, it’s different.  Nicola Sturgeon’s intervention changed the script.  The path from the First Minister, to the police to the journalists who found the freedom to report without fear and intimidation is lined with orange lilies.  Many journos have taken the opportunity, although there are a notable few clearly still imagining themselves doing battle on the aforementioned grassy slopes.

The reaction will probably see an end to George Square takeovers but it is also likely to see trophy parades inhibited, which will affect Celtic more than everyone else put together.  Newco will not change, of course.  From birth, they relied on the lowest common denominator to make the club viable (it is still searching for that quality).  Their values and instincts see them underplay, deflect and deny what the rest of the world sees.

History is either with you or against you.  In the 1980s, it took an hour for Orange Walks to pass through a wee Lanarkshire village like Holytown.  ‘The street’ of my youth was memorably thronged with the drunk and the defecating.  Very few are interested these days.  Like the waters of the Boyne, this particular history will inevitably flow into the sea.

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  1. PeterLatchfordsBelly on 19th May 2021 8:38 am



    The smallness of Peter Lawwell will not be judged well by history. Happy to be second to hun, in whatever guise.






    You are a p####

  2. I said the bar had been raised by the actions last weekend. They raise it again – and quickly. They want a similar response. If what happened at the weekend is not dealt with severely by government, SFA and spfl now, today, and these culprits are not brought to justice in the next couple of days, this is just the beginning of a new very dark time. The result of football matches will be the least of anyone’s worries. These are desperate, deeply insecure, people seeing their world slip away and they plan to take as many as they can with them.

  3. It is ATTEMPTED MURDER….those who did this can ( IF/WHEN Caught ?) NOT argue that they KNEW 100% that Peter or anyone else was NOT in any of the car. Likewise, they can NOT argue that they KNEW that anyone in the House would be SAFE ?



    ive now seen some Pictures, and the damage to the Property and Cars is Extensive


    TERRORISM/ATTEMPTED MURDER…NO matter which way you look at it.

  4. The Brian Wilson statement is unbeleivable. Standing up for Huns supprort basically sayin they onkly did what they did because they weren’t allwed to do what they wanted! Do you remember him saying the same when parkead was fenced off? They care more about the Old Fitrm than Celtic fans No wonder they wanted to lose the league

  5. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar on

    PICINISCO – agree wholeheartedly re: the weekend – and they need to deal with all of it – players and fans.



    Re: the attack on Pedro and his family. We don’t yet know who it was – it could be a disgruntled ‘Celtic’ supporter nut-job – they do exists. I do, though, VERY STRONGLY suspect the attack originated from the mob that has this type of thing ingrained in their mentality.



    However – this is one occasion when it is best not to point any fingers until the person or persons are apprehended. As mentioned above – unlikely the attacker will be able to keep their mouth shut (unless it is a ‘professional’ job).






  6. All the speculation around PL’s house fire is no doubt a welcome distraction for the southside club. I hope and pray its not a deranged supporter of ours, regardless I hope they quickly find the perpetrators.

  7. Shocking news from Glasgow. And shocking to think that, such is the animus towards our CEO, on here, and from both posters and bloggers elsewhere, and from the Green Brigade late last year, that my first thought was that it could involve some who ostensibly “support” Celtic Football Club. And that I could even entertain that thought. That said, given that this happened at a family home, with family present, it is criminal behaviour at its’ worst, or worse. Thankfully all present in the home are safe, and that the response of the emergency services was timely and professional. Hope all involved in carrying out this attack are spending much of their sorry lives behind bars in the not too distant future.

  8. they asked for 10,000 fans inside the stadium to keep fans away from Ibrox????????????

  9. PeterLatchfordsBelly on

    Shocking news about the petrol bombing of Lawwell’s home. I strongly disagree with his stewardship of the club, but this is diabolical. Disgusting. Nothing justifies this. Not even close. These people are evil.

  10. Paul The Spark on

    The Telegraph are reporting that a gang targeted the house. Sounds very specific. Hopefully we find out soon enough who the culprits are.

  11. Why would you think its a Celtic fan? Of course we were blamed for a bus fire and attacks on rangers players cars……

  12. Just a thought…nothing more…


    IF it was a Hun(s) taht did this, its POSSIBLE they didnt use a Petrol Bomb….but maybe the Hun(s) thought it would be FUN to throw one or more of their Smoke Flares/Fireworks at Peters Car in the early hours, and IF so…it has led/Resulted to a car exploding ( which they didnt expect ?) which in turn led inflict further damage to life and property ?



    If the above is the case…Those Guilty of this attack will be Feckin Brickin it ?

  13. PeterLatchfordsBelly on




    You’ve cut me to the quick. The truth is out there. And you can suck on it.

  14. CELTIC MAC on 19TH MAY 2021 11:11 AM



    ‘my first thought was that it could involve some who ostensibly “support” Celtic Football Club.’







    And another one.

  15. PAUL THE SPARK on 19TH MAY 2021 11:13 AM


    The Telegraph are reporting that a gang targeted the house. Sounds very specific. Hopefully we find out soon enough who the culprits are.




    IF that is true, then surely the Cops will have Camera Footage from Peters house and/or in nearby Streets ?

  16. The whole area of Thortonhall will be awash with security cameras, they’ll have some sort of vehicle or person identification very quickly, I would think, por cierto

  17. They knew the league was lost if Neil Lennon stayed in charge in November and were content to lose league rather than ‘give in’ to Celtic fans demands

  18. If you give them an inch they take a mile… everyone let them do waht they wanted since 2012… They just want more.. Do anything they like.. Hwen they won league and ‘clebarated’ nothing was done.. So they just upped levels. They will dio it again as no real condemnation and back sliding within days by media.

  19. GALLAGHER on 19TH MAY 2021 11:28 AM


    ‘James Mortimer also had vehicles firebombed in his driveway.’






    Seems to be a method of intimidation much in vogue among the criminal classes. I suppose it’s quick, cheap and easy and doesn’t leave much of an evidential footprint.



    Presumably it’s less effective with electric cars.

  20. How any Celtic supporter can even speculate that the shocking attack at PL’s house could be the work of an disgruntled Celtic supporter astounds me. After the events of the weekend the media in Scotland are looking for any reason to turn the spotlight on to the Celtic support and some of you are already printing the headlines for them without a shred of evidence.



    The situation regarding the extremist element amongst the Rangers support is getting out of hand in so many ways and as an Independence supporter I do now fear for this country if these people are not put in their place before Independence as their attempts to Ulsterise our country and destabilise Scotland after a yes vote could be a real problem. The authorities will have to take this issue seriously right now or this country has no hope of a progressive future.



    I hope that Peter Lawwells family are okay, it must have been a real fright for them. I agree Dominic McKay and maybe even Eddie Howe must be looking at this and wondering what on earth they are getting themselves into, it is utter madness.

  21. The media will no doubt infer Celtic supporters were responsible. The timing couldn’t be better for Sevco in terms of averting the gaze of publicity.



    Regardless, the perpetrators are thugs and hopefully very soon will be standing before a judge charged with attempted murder.



    Best wishes to Peter and his family.

  22. It could have been a Celtic fan or fans. However, if such thugs were inclined to do so, I think they probably would have acted months ago.

  23. The Battered Bunnet on

    If indeed the fire was a deliberate attack on the Lawwell’s family home it is an outrage. Those responsible can expect no place to hide.

  24. Ernie Lynch


    Indeed it does, Mortimer’s vehicles never exploded & it was at 2pm yesterday. He also had other motors in Thornton hall targeted.


    Whoever’s behind this needs crushing.

  25. Best wishes to anyone who has suffered this at home to his family


    Doesn’t change views on how he has ruined our club



    Let’s wait for police investigation



    Would not be surprised if nothing to do with football

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