Lille, Kille and Club 12


Thoroughly delighted for Lille on winning Ligue 1 against one of the world’s most prominent petro-dollar clubs.  Lille have a structural commercial income less than Celtic’s, but have traded like a barrow boy for a barren decade since 2011, when they won their first trophies in over half a century.

In 2018, they escaped relegation by a single point; it wasn’t that they did not have talent, but the resources they had were not spread evenly enough to fill a squad.  In 2019, the For Sale signs went up; Lille sold their four most valuable assets for a combined total in excess of €150m.  They rebuilt and a year later finished second behind PSG.

Again, their best assets were sold, two players bringing in €100m; again, they improved.  The margin of victory in this season’s title was the same as the margin they remained in Ligue 1 three years ago, but what a victory.

Celtic’s draw in Lille and win at Celtic Park in this season’s Europa League give an unsatisfactory insight into what might have been for us.  Talent like David Turnbull and Ismaila Soro were vegetating in the stands until being released in the 3-2 win over Lille in Glasgow.  Others could raise their game, for occasions.

Farewell, Kilmarnock, 9 years after their abstention when the SPL voted to invite Sevco Scotland into the Premier League.  10 clubs voted against the proposal, only Killie, and Rangers – who voted to admit Sevco, broke ranks.  Welcome back to the top flight, ‘Club 12’.

The BBC show a Mark Walter documentary on racism tonight.  Walters joined Rangers in the 80s and shamefully had a banana thrown at him at Celtic Park.  ‘The most famous banana in history’ has that status because of its rarity.  It happened, the support self-policed and the incident is still remembered because it was the last incident of note.  Without self-policing, nothing ever changes.

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  1. timmy7_noted on

    kikinthenakas on 25th May 2021 1:35 pm



    Not really keen on posting the name without his approval. He went to primary in Carfin and then Our Ladys you were probably in the same year if you went there. Do you know any of the McMahons from that neck of the woods? Cousins of ours, we lived in that “Tap scheme” behind Muirs the bakery. I was friends (still am) with the Smiths and Maddens.

  2. kikinthenakas on




    We lived at 34 Burnside Road down the bottom of the hill. I’ll know him as it’s the same well trodden path me n my pals took.




  3. timmy7_noted on

    My pals were at the opposite end, family in Benford Ave and Legbrannock crescent.



    Nice talking to you.

  4. SQUIRE DANAHER on 25TH MAY 2021 1:33 PM



    I’m saying he would be a better captain than CalMac, not that he would be an ideal captain.



    And if he was was able to play every game for 90 minutes he would not be at Celtic and would never have been at Celtic.

  5. HH all CQN folk


    Loving the nostalgic walk in the past regards “67”


    Was only 7 then and watched game with DAD and UNCLE both RIP but the deal was certainly signed that day ,Celt forever

  6. It’s not all a story of small club done good at Lille. Look beyond the headlines and there’s a disturbing sub-plot.



    Their owner borrowed a huge amount of money to finance his model of buying players cheap and selling them on to clubs from bigger leagues at huge profit. Unfortunately he borrowed it from JP Morgan and vulture capitalist hedge fund Elliott Management, famous for buying the national debt of Peru and Argentina before forcing both countries to repay it in full for a considerably higher amount than they paid. Also now famous for being the owners of a club, Milan, who joined the ESL.



    The owners speculation had already got Lille into trouble with uefa over ffp breaches before he borrowed the cash and seemed to have turned things round by selling a few players fir very large transfer fees. Unfortunately covid came along, the French tv deal collapsed and when he defaulted on his loans Elliott Management took control of the club.



    They have just won Ligue 1 which is an incredible achievement considering how much cash PSG have on tap to make up the shortfalls from the pandemic, but it was won on the back of huge borrowing that ultimately they were unable to repay



    They’ve just sold their keeper to Milan for a bit of a knock down fee so maybe the new owners have already started selling off the players to try and stem the losses. A season in the champions league will put some more in the shop window too. One thing is for sure, the new owners won’t be looking for this sort of glory over profit again.

  7. squire danaher on

    ERNIE LYNCH on 25TH MAY 2021 2:14 PM



    I don’t accept your first point although I do accept that CMcG has somewhat regressed over the past season, likely due to a combination of burnout and poor coaching.



    I am happy to acknowledge, and readily accept your second point.

  8. As the years go bye .


    I long for Celtic to be a great European club again .



    Lisbon and Seville are so long ago .


    It’s almost embarrassing.



    I think Jock Stein once said that he wanted to create his own history and not look back on the past victories.



    I just wish our board and major shareholders , held that same European ambition.



  9. TINYTIM on 25TH MAY 2021 2:27 PM




    I’m glad someone said it, because it needed saying.

  10. Our European success enriched us and endowed the name of Celtica with a special and ever-lasting lustre.



    It killed thems………



    hence the horrible hurtin’.




  11. If there’s no-one in charge at Celtic at the mo , who is it that has signed the 17 year old Joey Dawson from Scunthorpe.




    KICKINTHENAKAS…. Great post ol yin .



    Hows the 🏌️‍♀️⛳ going .

  12. MARSPAPA on 25TH MAY 2021 2:37 PM


    If there’s no-one in charge at Celtic at the mo , who is it that has signed the 17 year old Joey Dawson from Scunthorpe.



    The same people who signed all the other development prospects over the years – not the manager

  13. Marspapa


    We will still have scouting staff ( I know) and Peter is still top dog for now.

  14. In the interests of fairness, should Lorenzo Amoruso not be interviewed at the same time as Mark Walters, to discuss his self confessed racist abuse of a Dortmund player in 1999, a more recent occurrence than Mark Walters?

  15. DREW1967 on 25TH MAY 2021 1:37 PM


    IMO not a captain in the squad just now.





    Unless Ajer stays (highly unlikely, I know), I totally agree.



    Thanks to all of you who’ve posted recollections from 67 and 2017



    PS Elliot Capital, mentioned in relation to Lille, are also currently seeking to depose the sitting CEO of pharma giant GSK.



    HH jg




    He is the only one i could consider but his organisation and general marking at set plays lets him down i think.

  17. a worthy reply from Garcia lorca



    GARCIA LORCA on 25TH MAY 2021 9:44 AM


    Stress alert!



    At exactly this time 54 years ago today flight control at the then Abbotsinch airport announced that the Sarsfield Celtic club flight to Lisbon for the European Cup Final ( KO 5.30pm ) was delayed.



    Can you imagine the angst. It never leaves me. I can conjure up those emotions at the drop of a hat.




    Anyway we did get away and landed in Lisbon at 5.20pm.



    Arrived at the stadium to be advised the Celts were 1-0 up. Ecstatic!



    Soon discovered the truth.



    All turned out well. Memories of that game and night live forever.




    Hail! Hail!







    youll hiv tae dreepy doon aff the plane lol







    GARCIA LORCA on 25TH MAY 2021 11:17 AM


    An Tearmann @10.24am




    Throughout that late take off flight to Lisbon the pilot gave a series of updates on estimated arrival time. Stress levels through the roof. Shouts and urging to accelerate with every announcement.



    On arrival at Lisbon the stories are legend as to what happened next. 10 minutes to KO. Warm Deserted airport and no landing steps. Some of the boys threw open the doors , sat on our bums and dropped ( dreept ). It’s a long way down carrying a flag and pole too!




    To this day I have no idea if we paid the great taxi driver who took many of Lisbon’s roundabouts on 2 wheels.



    One other memory . In the first half we had taken up position in line with the 18-yard line at the goal Celtic were attacking( in waves). At half time as was the tradition we moved to the other end and again absolutely in line where Jim Craig passed to Tommy for the equaliser. My heart still jumps when I remember that goal and all the sensations/ expectations it created. Anyway on the way round at half time there was an open bar and a very inebriated Cowboy McCormack ( Olympic bronze boxing champion ) , ex St Mungo, holds up the proceedings so I failed to get a beer. The small things we remember.



    Jumping the moat with my brothers and father but later learned that my uncle failed the test and ended up on a stretcher in the Celtic dressing area ( along with my older brother.



    Last memory. On the way back on the plane a member of the then Celtic cone club commented that people like me had ruined his Lisbon trip by running on the park at full time thus denying a lap of honour and photo opportunities.



    He was probably right about that , with the benefit of age and hindsight ) however wild animals could not have kept me from that pitch at the final whistle.



    My Dad, me and 2 brothers stood and watched Billy raise the European Cup into the balmy night sky.



    Dreams do come true! 🍀




    Thanks v much for your recollections Garcia


    i met Gordon from same club when there in 2017.a much missed and knowledgeable poster.




    Hail Hail to Dreams :-(




  18. Drew1967



    I think he defends like the non defender he probably is!



    HH jg

  19. Garngad to Croy on




    ‘Is that a line of duty clue’



    I hope he has brought the wee donkey !

  20. Re: CMcG, and a number of other players were integral to 9iar, triple-treble, invincible season…etc. How would they have felt when Shane Duffy, in an attempt to placate supporters of his club Brighton, went public on the 11th October 2020 stating that “Celtic are paying my wages in full” – the said wages were reputed to be c£40k/week.



    Of course our player’s had a duty to the 53k paying season-card money, which pays a large proportion of their wages. Their duty was to deliver 10iar……they failed spectacularly – how many disgruntled players were there and, did they ‘down tools’?



    Will stories start coming out when the ‘dust has settled’? If Eddie Howe is the ‘man’, then he is a brave one – he is putting his reputation & CV on the line – he will not get three years grace like Gerrard….will he?

  21. excathedra44 on

    Delighted to see the end of Kilmarnock.


    Will always remember 2003 when they kicked us off the park,whilst cheering every goal at Ibrox as Jimmy Calderwood rolled over.


    Gordon Marshall was prominent in his timewasting,despite being an ex Celtic player,although you would expect he plays for his employers,his antics were a disgrace.


    Good riddance.

  22. Dharma


    I posted the other day they should interview Sinky and get an up to date respective on the story – but we all know the real reason it’s being aired now.

  23. glendalystonsils on

    Kilmarnock F.C. , second only to BBC Scotland as a retirement home for odious hun cluggers .



    May this be the first step in your total demise .

  24. Go tell the Spartim on

    This time next year it’ll have only been one year since winning the European Cup ….



    Triggers Broom Arithmetic 101

  25. Hrvatski Jim on

    Steve Clarke finished his career at Kilmarnock with “Bye, Bye, Rangers. Bye, bye Celtic”



    Today I say “Bye, bye Kilmarnock”



    Only pity is that their replacement is equally unpalatable.

  26. Great blog today. Some marvellous stories that show the real importance of Celtic ie it gives folk a sense of pride.



    With a four leaf clover on my breast,


    And the green and white upon my chest,


    It’s such a joy for us to see,


    For they play football the Celtic way.



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