Lille, Kille and Club 12


Thoroughly delighted for Lille on winning Ligue 1 against one of the world’s most prominent petro-dollar clubs.  Lille have a structural commercial income less than Celtic’s, but have traded like a barrow boy for a barren decade since 2011, when they won their first trophies in over half a century.

In 2018, they escaped relegation by a single point; it wasn’t that they did not have talent, but the resources they had were not spread evenly enough to fill a squad.  In 2019, the For Sale signs went up; Lille sold their four most valuable assets for a combined total in excess of €150m.  They rebuilt and a year later finished second behind PSG.

Again, their best assets were sold, two players bringing in €100m; again, they improved.  The margin of victory in this season’s title was the same as the margin they remained in Ligue 1 three years ago, but what a victory.

Celtic’s draw in Lille and win at Celtic Park in this season’s Europa League give an unsatisfactory insight into what might have been for us.  Talent like David Turnbull and Ismaila Soro were vegetating in the stands until being released in the 3-2 win over Lille in Glasgow.  Others could raise their game, for occasions.

Farewell, Kilmarnock, 9 years after their abstention when the SPL voted to invite Sevco Scotland into the Premier League.  10 clubs voted against the proposal, only Killie, and Rangers – who voted to admit Sevco, broke ranks.  Welcome back to the top flight, ‘Club 12’.

The BBC show a Mark Walter documentary on racism tonight.  Walters joined Rangers in the 80s and shamefully had a banana thrown at him at Celtic Park.  ‘The most famous banana in history’ has that status because of its rarity.  It happened, the support self-policed and the incident is still remembered because it was the last incident of note.  Without self-policing, nothing ever changes.

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  1. Chaps



    Tom Rogic has been a good player for Celtic however, his inconsistency has let him down. Last season he scored 2 goals. He let us down badly last season. He has to leave free or whatever he will not be able to contribute to a rebuilt team.



    Calum McGregor had his worst season for years and only contributed 4 goals last season. I dont know about being burnt out or what but I can see with my own eyes that he was poor. Was he one of the want aways? It certainly looked like it to me. He needs to be sold to produce some badly needed funds. He was particularly poor in the games against Rangers where our midfield was out performed.



    There is no room for sentiment, last year our team fell off the cliff and went from the quadruple treble to nothing. We need to rebuild a new team. Remember these players are all millionaires from their earnings at Celtic and will never need to work again.



    Bobby Lennox worked as a Barber, Jinky had a bar then worked as a driver for Lafferty. Ronnie Simpson had a Sports shop. All the Lions needed to make a living and had to work on in their old age.



    This squad had games in which they didn’t try a leg. The Final game against Hibs (Reserves) was so bad the commentator said it was walking football.



    One of the problems is that the players we want to sell are not wanted. Its the players like Turnball, who we dont want to sell, who attract interest.

  2. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Celtic v PNE at Celtic Park 😡


    During the nine-day camp, Celtic will play three closed-door matches against English club opposition, offering crucial preparation for the new season:



    July 7: v opposition tbc (KO: 3pm)


    July 10: v Charlton Athletic (KO: 3pm)


    July 14: v Bristol City (KO: 7:45pm)


    On returning to Glasgow, Celtic will then meet English Championship side, Preston North End, at Celtic Park on Saturday, July 17 (KO: 5.30pm).



    And following the Club’s UEFA Champions League qualifying match on July 20/21, we will then welcome the return of Davie Moyes to Glasgow on Saturday, July 24 (KO: 3pm) as Celtic meet his West Ham United side which has just secured an impressive sixth-place finish in the English Premier League.

  3. HRVATSKI JIM on 25TH MAY 2021 4:30 PM


    Steve Clarke finished his career at Kilmarnock with “Bye, Bye, Rangers. Bye, bye Celtic”



    Today I say “Bye, bye Kilmarnock”





    Yes indeed Stevie Clarke did utter those words, however there was no malice in them. He had filled the majority of Rugby Park without the normal practice of allocating two-thirds of the ground to Celtic, or, the Ibrox club.



    It just shows, in my opinion, what a good manager he is that in two years Kilmarnock have fallen from third in the table to relegation



    I would have Stevie at Celtic Park in a heartbeat – not as ‘sexy’ an appointment as Eddie Howe, but a rock-solid one nevertheless.



    We are apparently bringing in a manager and backroom staff from an English provincial club, albeit one that has ‘punched above its weight’ in the last few years, and expecting them to regain the title plus make inroads in Europe – it is a big ask. I hope & pray it is justified.

  4. Just my opinion, there are potentially quite a few things a club may finalise with Managerial input.



    Training camp location and opposition no those.



    Calling it, in my opinion the new manager is making these calls.

  5. SPIKEYSAULDMAN on 25TH MAY 2021 1:08 PM


    there is no co-incidence whatsoever that this documentary is being shown tonight…




    I bet they don’t show this footage..



  6. Happy Lisbon Lions Day to all the Hoops Troops,


    I just discovered earlier that an anagram of Lisbon is:


    B Lions!


    It was destined after all



    Hail Hail

  7. Rock Tree Bhoy on




    “Howe reached a verbal agreement with Celtic at the end of March after talks in London. He is also believed to have spoken to Palace in the capital.



    Frank Lampard was the favourite for the Palace job but Football Insider revealed he has pulled out of the running after fears the rebuilding job may be too big.



    Asked whether this could be Celtic’s worst nightmare, Mills told Football Insider correspondent Connor Whitley: “Possibly.”



    What a shower – that question must have just randomly popped into their head,



    Football Insider – they dont like us and the will print any old rubbish – avoid them.

  8. Must admit I was surprised to hear that relegation last night ended Kilmarnock’s twenty eight year run in the SPL etc. Got me wondering who got them in it in the first place.


    Well as it turns out his efforts down at the Rugby got him the Managers job under Fergus McCann


    Not sure he would have been impressed by some of the comments on here today.


    Still, each to their own.

  9. Hrvatski Jim on



    I agree that there was no malace.



    Just a bit of hubris which has backfired.



    As I live in a glass house, I should have withheld my comment.

  10. I have no memory of ‘67. In fairness, I was only 3 & 1/2 years old. What I learned only the other day though, is that Celtic played a friendly against Bohemians in 1968 and as part of Celtic’s itinerary was a visit to Áran an Uachtaráin where then president, Éamon De Valera posed with the big cup and the team. When I started supporting Celtic in 1972 I knew nothing about the club whatsoever other than as an Irish person, I was Celtic and followed the team on that basis.

  11. Would agree with those saying there is no obvious captain in our squad now. A leader of men, a leader by example, a motivator as well as a calming influence if required . . .


    Not many around that fit the bill.



    If I was Howe I’d be looking to bring in such a player.


    Fraser Forster could have been that man, shame we couldn’t get him back.

  12. You’ve got to ask who is arranging this training camp and friendlies.



    Hopefully not Kennedy and Strachan as they should have been chased out by now.

  13. Disappointing that we aren’t allowing the new management team to set up the pre season. However, as we’re late in appointing, we’ll have to live with that.


    Any suggestion that we have a new man, who is working pro bono, seems a little far fetched to me.


    Occam’s razor and all that

  14. fairhill bhoy on

    KIKINTHENAKAS-great post earlier 👍


    I know you know my big mate Hattie.


    I wonder if TIMMY7 knows him🤔

  15. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Rock Tree Bhoy on 25th May 2021 6:17 pm






    It’s a Daily Record site…..avoid

  16. Football has to be entertaining. It is competing with so many alternatives.


    Winning playing entertaining football the Glasgow Celtic way is the route we must take.



    Steve Clarke would bore many of into staying in the pub.



    Besides that, he has already stated that he would not subject his family to the hatefest that Scottish football can be, and that was before last weeks sectarian riots.




  17. glendalystonsils on

    ROCK TREE BHOY on 25TH MAY 2021 6:17 PM





    One of several publications which pops up on Newsnow Celtic with attempts to undermine us .



    If you select or click on the name of the publication and select ‘hide publication’ from the drop down menu , it will not appear again for a while .

  18. Didn’t make Lisbon 25/05/1967, was only 4



    Most certainly made Lisbon 25/05/2017


    My goodness what an awesome experience 🏆


    And stories to tell 🍀💚

  19. Here we are looking forward to a new manager and coaching staff , and there are guys on here wanting to keep some of the players who Should be in the cull ,one in particular who has let us down on too many occasions and has shown no desire to play in the hoops ,I’m talking about ntcham . Also and it gives me no pleasure in calling out this bhoy Tom rogic . ability he has in tons ,what a talent but no good if it is not on show , he doesn’t produce often enough , he has fitness issues , spends long parts of the season on the treatment table , but my biggest gripe with him is he is as soft as putty , oh how I wish he had a dig in his armoury . Many on here have also spotted our team are too soft ,that mob across the city bossed us all over the park . Many posters agreed with the clear out being proposed , apart from a small number I for one hope it comes off because there are many who pull on the hoops who are not good enough. HH

  20. Tom Rogic as captain????????.Just shows you the lack of knowledge some alleged fans have.Especially when taken out of their comfort zone,and trying to talk football.

  21. EXCATHEDRA44 on 25TH MAY 2021 3:54 PM


    You are absolutely correct. Remember, too, Gus McPherson did Sean Maloney inside the first 5 minutes.


    Another memory: a Kilmarnock coach, on Scotland duty, told wee Jimmy to run the line in a practice match. Jimmy gave him explicit instructions on his future use of said flag. The following wednesday, Jinky ran riot at Rugby Park. At each goal, Jimmy ran to their dug-out to underline his low opinion of the Killie backroom staff.

  22. lets all do the huddle on

    Tom Rogic should be promoted to Director of Cool



    A very important position

  23. fairhill bhoy on

    I genuinely don’t think we have a one player who is captain material,unfortunately

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