Lille, Kille and Club 12


Thoroughly delighted for Lille on winning Ligue 1 against one of the world’s most prominent petro-dollar clubs.  Lille have a structural commercial income less than Celtic’s, but have traded like a barrow boy for a barren decade since 2011, when they won their first trophies in over half a century.

In 2018, they escaped relegation by a single point; it wasn’t that they did not have talent, but the resources they had were not spread evenly enough to fill a squad.  In 2019, the For Sale signs went up; Lille sold their four most valuable assets for a combined total in excess of €150m.  They rebuilt and a year later finished second behind PSG.

Again, their best assets were sold, two players bringing in €100m; again, they improved.  The margin of victory in this season’s title was the same as the margin they remained in Ligue 1 three years ago, but what a victory.

Celtic’s draw in Lille and win at Celtic Park in this season’s Europa League give an unsatisfactory insight into what might have been for us.  Talent like David Turnbull and Ismaila Soro were vegetating in the stands until being released in the 3-2 win over Lille in Glasgow.  Others could raise their game, for occasions.

Farewell, Kilmarnock, 9 years after their abstention when the SPL voted to invite Sevco Scotland into the Premier League.  10 clubs voted against the proposal, only Killie, and Rangers – who voted to admit Sevco, broke ranks.  Welcome back to the top flight, ‘Club 12’.

The BBC show a Mark Walter documentary on racism tonight.  Walters joined Rangers in the 80s and shamefully had a banana thrown at him at Celtic Park.  ‘The most famous banana in history’ has that status because of its rarity.  It happened, the support self-policed and the incident is still remembered because it was the last incident of note.  Without self-policing, nothing ever changes.

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  1. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Busy day. Finally caught up on the blog.



    Page 1 worth the wait.



    “10 clubs voted against the proposal, only Killie, and Rangers – who voted to admit Sevco, broke ranks”



    “Reversible scarf mob”



    “Celtic Champions of Europe”



    “Your PIES are ROTTEN ANAW”



    Gene – cheers

  2. TURKEYBHOY on 25TH MAY 2021 8:07 PM



    Well you’ll certainly be in your comfort zone today.



    It’s all about Mark Walters and bananas.



    The floor’s all yours.

  3. MYBOYSNOWATIM on 25TH MAY 2021 8:02 PM



    “Why Eddie Howe is a great fit for Celtic”.


    Try to forget the lads style of delivery.






    Cheers pal – enjoyed that – boy was very knowledgable.






  4. LETS ALL DO THE HUDDLE on 25TH MAY 2021 8:18 PM


    Tom Rogic should be promoted to Director of Cool



    A very important position






    Absolutely – we need more cool.



    Lisbon Lions – collest squad ever – Ocean’s 11.






  5. Was in town today , Glasgow, with the good lady.


    Seen the Harrogate Town official team coach with said players on board.


    Firstly. I thought you weren’t supposed to go into Glasgow from outwith the area and how can a league 3 team have their own coach and we can’t

  6. celticforever on

    What a player we would have if Tom Rogic managed a full season with


    us but unfortunately injuries, international matches etc have meant


    in the last 5 seasons he has amassed about the total number


    of games we would want him to play in a single season



    Big pity as he is one of the most talented players we have



    when fit

  7. Anyone think Wilsons a D#### will get a mention . I wish the Celtic support would join up and take these sevco loving programmes on . Sportscene Clyde , etc included . Would be a great help if the new CEO piped up in our defence too .

  8. celticforever on

    instead of the BBC having programmes titled HOW RANGERS WON THE


    LEAGUE maybe they can have have alternatives like HOW RANGERS





    PARTS 1 AND 2




  9. PHILBHOY on 25TH MAY 2021 8:38 PM


    Great blog today until ERNIE turns up.







    Why don’t you go and do one?







    Infantile? Check.



    Intolerant? Check.



    Authoritarian? Check.

  10. CELTICFOREVER on 25TH MAY 2021 8:48 PM



    I’m repeating myself here, but if he could do that he wouldn’t be at Celtic.

  11. PHILBHOY on 25TH MAY 2021 9:03 PM



    So scroll.



    Don’t engage.



    But if you do, try not to make a fool of yourself (bit of a tall order for you I concede).

  12. ERNIE



    You make the blog a bore.



    You are in my opinion a real sadsack.



    You need to get a life.



    Meet real people.



    Anonymous blogs are not for you.



    I actually feel sorry for you.



    Get help.

  13. Weebobbycollins on

    I have here in front of me a letter from a travel company, Page & Moy, based in Leicester. It was sent to me in May 1967 and contained details of my trip to Lisbon to see the bhoys do what no other British team had done before. This company advertised the trip via a saucy magazine from that era, Tit Bits. I think Connaire of this parish obtained his flight and ticket from the same source. (Tut tut) :-)


    The letter begins…READERS VISIT TO LISBON – MAY 25th 1967…TRAVEL DETAILS.


    “Please assemble in St. Enocks (sic) Square, Glasgow, by 06.15 HRS. at the latest on THURSDAY MAY 25th, where our coach will be waiting to take you to PRESTWICK AIRPORT. (we went to Abbotsinch instead) Our Representative will be waiting to meet you by the coach from 05.45 onwards.”


    The letter went on to tell us we would be flying on a “modern Viscount aircraft of Treffield International Airways.” and most importantly, there would be a duty free bar on board. We were expected to arrive at 2.15 in plenty of time for the kick-off. As it was, we had a mad scramble to the stadium on a coach through heavy traffic. At one point a young local lad jumped on board at a traffic light and shouted, “Celtic Catolica, Portugal Catolica.” to a great roar of approval. It gained him a lift into the city, which was probably his intention. His name was Carlos Alberto. I still have his name and address on the back of the letter. From where the coach finally parked we had to run up through a wooded area, all the while hearing the singing from the bhoys inside the stadium. My wee heart was pounding with excitement. As I went through the gate there was a massive roar and my first view of the pitch was seeing our bhoys entering the field along with the Inter ‘movie stars’ (copyright wee Bertie). I settled near the top and more or less centre of the goal behind Ronnie. Someone handed me a green and white ‘coolie’ hat. (Sporting Lisbon colours, the Italians were wearing the red and white Benfica version). I had a great view of Ronnie’s heart stopping back-heel and Jim Craig’s trip on Mazzola? Losing the penalty could have been heart breaking but the team showed a flair and determination that allowed us to believe we could overcome it…and we did! In typical Celtic style. I watched big Billy lift the trophy from my vantage point on the pitch. Somebody handed me a piece of turf which I took back to Glasgow with me. Unfortunately, it died soon after in a flower pot alongside some Geraniums. I should have watered it. The rest of the evening was spent in a haze. I do remember entering a Benfica supporters club to a great round of applause. We watched the highlights there and left with some photos of Benfica and of Eusebio, plus a Benfica badge, given to us by the wee lady at the reception. I’ve never felt so proud of my team. The night ended back at the airport. We watched and cheered when the players turned up to see their wives off back to Glasgow. Tommy Gemmell was the centre of attraction. He seemed still dazed or maybe I was still drunk. Anyway, I got back to Glasgow in plenty of time to go home, eat, change of clothes and over to the ground to welcome the BHOYS back with the BIG cup. (the one thems will never get their hands on)…


    I doubt now, at my age(I was 19 then), I will not see the likes of that day ever again. The hazy memory is still cherished…


    Lions Live Forever…

  14. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    FRITZSONG @ 8:16 pm



    Another memory: a Kilmarnock coach, on Scotland duty, told wee Jimmy to run the line in a practice match. Jimmy gave him explicit instructions on his future use of said flag. The following wednesday, Jinky ran riot at Rugby Park. At each goal, Jimmy ran to their dug-out to underline his low opinion of the Killie backroom staff.



    Good one Fritz



    Walter McRae wasn’t it?



    BTW – Anyone ever encountered a good guy called Walter?

  15. FRITZSONG on 25TH MAY 2021 8:16 PM


    EXCATHEDRA44 on 25TH MAY 2021 3:54 PM





    You are absolutely correct. Remember, too, Gus McPherson did Sean Maloney inside the first 5 minutes.





    Another memory: a Kilmarnock coach, on Scotland duty, told wee Jimmy to run the line in a practice match. Jimmy gave him explicit instructions on his future use of said flag. The following wednesday, Jinky ran riot at Rugby Park. At each goal, Jimmy ran to their dug-out to underline his low opinion of the Killie backroom staff






    was that the game jinky tore them a new one.


    we gubbed them 6-0.


    think i read of jinky being demeaned on scotland duty ky killie coach who doubled as Scotland no2.he asked jinky to set out flags at training, at that time,jinky was goin thro a difficult period with SFA(as per) and this treatment added to press spec the scotland camp was unsettled(to many tims) jimmy on coming of ran by same killie no2 shouting “no bad for a linesman!’











    Another lovely post on a wonderful anniversary so close to Celtic supporters hearts.



    Thank you.

  17. excathedra44 on

    Fritzsong 8.16.


    Thanks for reply.


    Yes remember all of that,never had a soft spot for Killie,always felt there was a real dislike for us,not a football rivalry.



  18. celticforever on




    ADDED VALUE and I just didnt notice



    Incidentally did ”ANYONE” with a VST manage to view a


    complete match at any stage last season without it being


    blurred, freezing or being 2 minutes behind HESGOAL



    I didnt so got zero mathces for my 666 quid

  19. !!Bada Bing!! on 25th May 2021 9:17 pm



    That is not good IMO.



    I thought this was an excellent initiative.

  20. Weebobbycollins on

    Btw, the letter ended…


    “Both we and ‘Tit Bits’ wish you an enjoyable trip and hope that CELTIC make football history.”



    We did indeed…

  21. Goodnight fellow Tims.



    Wonderful day on the blog! Thank you so much! CQN at it’s best!



    Can tomorrow be as good?



    We’ll see.

  22. celticforever,



    The time delay was ridiculous – if you had a bet on the game the betting sites were over a minute ahead, usually 90 seconds – no matter what broadband provider – so all the betting sites were getting info that time ahead of the pictures beamed to Celtic Supporters.



    That was just not cricket.

  23. celticforever on

    the thing is the Celtic board know most of us will let our


    hearts rule or heads and will renew




  24. Lisbon was the only final I haven’t attended but I still remember THAT day and game vividly. Which Celtic supporter doesn’t? The joy at the end was unconfined. For me, it was only equalled by the 65 Final.



    Seville had its own joys; Milan was just miserable.




  25. Paul The Spark on

    Added Value? Sitting in the house watching a second rate stream for the full price of a season ticket? I was really hoping the board would engage with the fan base but they only do when they want our money.

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