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  1. David66 on 30th October 2020 6:12 am



    Took the words right out of my mouth, exactly my summary of the game too. Will save me typing it up.

  2. The Battered Bunnet on

    Bada, JamesGang



    Laxalt’s output last night was remarkable. I’m sure CelticbyNumbers will be along soon to tell us that his ‘defensive action success rate’ was the best since John Chard at Rorke’s Drift.



    If he ever learns how to cross the ball he’ll be a superstar.

  3. Laxalt has been great and made the position his own very quickly. So far, he has avoided the Uruguayan football trait of being a bit naughty with his tackles (at least, Scottish refs haven’t spotted it yet).



    I hope his form puts paid to the notion that we cannot trust loan players to be therre when you need them in the heat of battle. Laxalt was trying to lead by example and by gesture and words when they levelled at 2:2 last night.



    I would hope that he loves playing for the Celts, since he will be missing the love he deserves from our support, because of Covid. Our best chance of landing him is to give him a few trophies and titles when he is here. With he exposure of the 2 Europa games, I am sure there will be bigger clubs sniffing around. It might serve us best if we can get him and Milan to agree a permanent deal sooner rather than later.



    If he has his heart set on bigger leagues, we can always agree a nore modest sell on fee. He has become damn near essential for us in the absence of anyone with similar qualities on the left hand side (unless we know of someone like Doughty coming in in January).



    I’d still buy Laxalt outright even if it was just for the profot to be made on a boy who has shown he can play in this climate and style of football.

  4. I got the actual score wrong last night but the correct result (a draw) which for me is much better than normal:-) I reckon we’ll push on from this and win by a few on Sunday.



    I happen to be reading one of David Graeber’s books at the moment (Debt – very good but long!) and found this video by him for those interested in the tsunami around Labour, Corbyn and anti-semitism.




  5. Corkcelt,



    I often have sympathy for Big Wavy and his opinions but I thought he was out of order with his comments directed at your good self. Imo, you are the personification of CQN at its best (which is a long time ago now).

  6. Thought as many on hear, that Laxalt was excellent last night. A fullback who can actually defend and tackle. As much as Frimpong was good going forward, he still is nowhere good enough defensively.


    Scott Brown was off the pace whole game and subs should have been on earlier.


    Finally Christie’s decision making really is shocking

  7. In an ideal scenario 2up at half time the manager should have told the team- well done but we are closing game down now. A and B are coming off and X and Y are coming on. You know the formation, its the one used in training.


    Unfortunately Neil did not do this and the chance of obtaining a morale boosting clean sheet was lost.

  8. Good morning folks



    Very, very good display last night from everyone, including the manager who got the changes spot on, got the team selection spot on and finally the playing system 100% on the nose.



    When we play football, on the ground, through the middle, we can beat any team in this country and give the occasional surpise to teams on the continent.



    We should have won that last night, but no blame gets apportioned to any one person. It was a team performance all the way.



    Here’s the question; watching that last night and the stark difference that performance and the side to side, slow build up stuff we’ve been playing all season is it possible that with everything at stake the coaches had the team being much more cautious in the last few months, to our detriment?



    Let Celtic be Celtic as I put it in an article earlier in the week.



    We look much better as ourselves.

  9. Corkcelt


    Very understandable concern over that comment.






    Great post this morning around 8ish




    Propaganda war, as ever, we’ll always be in that place.


    But that’s when we, the supporters , the fans, the lifeblood


    come to the fore.


    We’ll always be there, we pass it on to our kids, they turn up


    in the strangest of places, maybe a beach in Oz, maybe a


    wee quiet pub in the bush, or maybe like myself on a aircraft


    recovery in Nantucket US.


    Celtic isn’t just a name or a football club, Celtic is our life, it’s


    what we think about 24/7.


    So why would we give the MSM manna from heaven with our


    Negative Nellie posts?


    Register here your No1 Negative Nellie.


    Mine at the moment is…… ONENIGHTINLISBON.


    It was very close, but with everyone saying name names, I thought


    ” whose persistently negative ”


    Must admit there was a few.


    Are they Celtic supporters? yes, I think they are, but are they attention






    H.H. Mick

  11. My friends in Celtic,



    We talked about managing expections.



    My expectation is that Celtic should always think we can win when required.


    We adjust our team and tactics to suit the opposition , but we should never be defeatist. We could and should have won that game.



    First half was brilliant to watch.


    Second half was great, exhilarating then annoying, frustrating and finally a sense of relief.



    We are a very capable team, we just need to demonstrate it more often.



    HH to all, the journey continues.

  12. I thing Big Duffy will be in for a torrid time on Sunday,it’s a cert McInnes will start with Cosgrove as Striker to ruffle up Duffy,but Lenny has no other option but to play Duffy as Ajer is definitely out,Who in the Development Squad is good enough to play,back to Lenny when he addresses the media this afternoon ,before he starts and he knows who the reporters were that they are not welcome and please leave the room.

  13. TIMBHOY2:



    I dunno mate, these are the battles Duffy was signed for. He may be occassionally careless but I don’t expect to see him lose a physical battle with anyone.

  14. The willingness to run with ball and take on opponents last night was in stark contrast to the slow ball retention we’ve seen this season. Teams in Scotland will drop deep but a high tempo is a must. We’ve got the talent, now we need to go on a long winning run.

  15. TIMBHOY2



    If that’s the game plan of a much failed Aberdeen coach then I think


    BIG DUFF will have the game of his life.


    What better than a big lump o wid trying to outmuscle you.


    I know we’ve all been hypercritical and justified at times but really?’


    Big Shane will be in for a torrid time?


    Sorry ONENIGHTINLISBON you’ve lost your title of Negative Nellie


    Timbhoy2 wins by a mile.


    H.H. Mick

  16. James Forrest



    Exactly right James, think that’s why we signed the big rebel.


    Let him settle, get the Covid infected players back when cleared


    Big Chris will thrive beside a real ball winner and probably only


    my opinion but El Hamid is the missing link at right back.


    H.H. Mick

  17. Does the quadruple treble still matter asks the BBC ? Goodness there’s a lot of hurt out there ! Pile it on, Celtic.