Limited time to build fitness for new recruits


Celtic have only one game before they meet Benfica in the Champions League, away to St Johnstone on Saturday.  The Perth team are bottom of the SPL without a win so far this season, so will not present a significant challenge, but Celtic could do with a sterner test.

Lassad Noiuoiu, Efe Ambrose and Miku Fedor each need to be stretched before they will be ready for Champions League football.  Even if they get a full 90 minutes on Saturday, so I can’t see either starting against Benfica a week on Wednesday, unless they possess uncommon natural fitness, or our injury crisis steps up a level.

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  1. On Scotland the Scared:



    We need a change of philosophy, maybe not back to the Ally Macleod days but just a bit more cavalier. Around 55/60 minutes I could see Kenny Miller was struggling but the subs did not appear until it was too late to impact. Even Levein said he was a bit late and that is the sign of too much caution. It is the attitude that is wrong plus technical ability. Those players cannot have Touch phones, they would keep dropping them.

  2. Just caugth up with some of the comments from earlier. My sincere condolences to DBBIA, Jobo Balde and DJBEE for your loss. Take care.

  3. To those who have lost loved ones please accept my condolences. These things put other matters in their place. God bless you all

  4. Just caugth up with some of the comments from earlier. My sincere condolences to DBBIA, Jobo Balde and DJBEE for your loss. Take care.



    *fully concur with that Paul, I lost my mother 11 year ago, actually I buried her then but lost her before that to dementia, not a day goes by that I don’t think of her, off to 09:00 Mass shortly and prayers will be offered up.





    Bon voyage,mi amigo!




  6. gillian i scream on

    Oh Mr Levein oh dear oh dear a combination of flawed selection policy and the fear of losing will snuff out Scotland’s chances of getting anywhere in international football until a major shake up occurs and the only upside to this is that messers young,Traynor and Kevin’s etc won’t be going to Rio either and that’s hurting them big time !

  7. I can`t think that it will be anything but really difficult at St Johnstone. An early kick off after internationals isn`t a recent strength for Celtic. I`ll be worrying all week! :-)

  8. The Battered Bunnet on




    Both Miku and Lassad were signed from La Liga whch kicked off 2 weeks ago.



    Why would neither player be fit? I would have thought that they’d be at the peak of the their fitness, having rested over the summer, then hit pre-season training hard over 6 weeks ago.



    Similarly Ambrose, who was signed from Israel where the season is 3 games in.



    I’m not concerned about their fitness, that should be a given. The issue is them getting to know their team mates and the system Lenny uses.




  9. Glendalystonsils likes a mr whippy with his lime green jelly on

    The new ghuys have also been away on international duty and have had game time with their national teams. I don’t think fitness should be an issue but getting integrated inton the team, playing systems, etc might be.

  10. Dontbrattbakkinanger on

    On subject of fitness- #9 Enigma’s lawyer /agent? says he should not have played for the NT because of his back ,and now he’s injured his elbow!

  11. Gave condolences last night to Jobo for his loss,sorry to hear that DBBIA’s wee mum


    passed away,and DJBEE’s loss too.


    God bless gents.

  12. Celticbhoy



    I can sell you 1 adult ticket for benfica if that helps. Similar financial circumstances so I can only go to the spartak match. Get my email address via paul67 if you are interested.




  13. This is gonnae be a momentous week Bhoys and ghirls . I can hear the glorious sound of titles being stripped.



    Cautionary note, the Hun will go ape , making past misdemeanours look like a tea party…….beware guys, watch your backs!

  14. DBBIA,



    I must accept some responsibility for our game being moved from the Sunday.



    My daughter is getting married on the Saturday, so I asked Neil if he would mind shifting the game from the Saturday.



    I wasn’t so lucky in getting the Barca game moved, as I will be stuck in the Airport Hotel in Belfast and you can’t bank on it being shown there.



    I also heard that our league game was moved because the scrofbillies were at home on the Saturday too.

  15. Will be surprised if all 3 new signings feature on Saturday. Miku and Efe have both been away on international duty, not sure about Lassad.



    How are the other injured players faring – apart from the long-term ones like Sammi, Stokes and McGeough?




  16. See international fitba…..a fekn can’t stand it.


    What is the point of it? Scotland are never going to win ought,never going


    to entertain a crowd ,tartan army? a bunch of heedless chickens with no


    dress sense.

  17. ** QUIZ NIGHT **



    We will be holding a quiz night to raise money for wee Oscar Knox to enable him to receive much needed treatment. This will take place on the 29th September in The Phoenix (previously Eastenders) on Glasgow’s Gallowgate.



    Tickets are priced at £5 and we’re looking for teams of 4/5. Don’t worry though if you don’t have the numbers to make up a team of your own, we’ll sort that for you.



    Please support this wee bhoys fight for life and contact us at weeoscar4life@gmail.com

  18. Dontbrattbakkinanger on

    Thomthethim- best of luck to the young couple.



    The papers will be awash with hunpoppyguffery in the lead up to the game on Sunday.

  19. May I add my condolences to DBBIA, Jobo Balde and DJBEE,



    On another note, does anybody have an injury update on our squad? are we likely to see any of Brown, Ledley, Kayal, Mulgrew, Rogne or Stokes for the benfica game?

  20. The Battered Bunnet on

    My name is TBB and I am a Scotland fan. It’s my team.



    There. Said it.



    Watched the game yesterday and saw the highlights on the Shortbread site there.



    I think Levein getting a hard time today is a little unfair.



    First up, he had limited tools available, and while we can point to this player or the next decision, by and large the team did a competent job with one exception: Invariably, having worked the ball into an attacking position, the decision making or execution of the final ball was poor.



    Morrison, Naismith and Snodgrass were busy enough though ineffective when Serbia had the ball, but offered very little real threat in possession, fluffing their lines at the crucial moment, with Naismith particularly missing the best chance of the match with a clumsy first touch then ‘nose bleed’ finish when put through magnificently by our dear old friend, Heid.



    Caldwell imo was the best Scottish player on the park, although respect for young Paul Dixon’s debut.



    Adam, with Caldwell behind him, was surprisingly effective at snaffling the loose ball, but could have used it better.



    At 60 minutes I thought Maloney was a shoo in to get on for any one of the 3 misfiring midfilders first mentioned, while as Auldheid says above, Miller was pretty much bust after an hour (if he was ever properly inflated at all).



    Half an hour with Forrest and Maloney on for Morrison and Naismith, with Rhodes on earlier for Miller might have changed the outcome, but in fact Scotland had more than enough of the ball in attacking positions to have won comfortably (excluding the utter discomfort of watching Hutton at right back yesterday…)



    Levein getting in the neck in the press today reflects I think more the attitude of the press to Levein than their observations on the game. Don’t get me wrong, Levein has yet to show he has the talent for the job, but a 2-1 win yesterday wouldn’t have been an unfair reflection on the overall performance, and Levein can consider himself let down by the composure and technique of those he started with in the forward areas.

  21. DBBIA,






    It looks like a clumsily prepared trap.



    However a trap is only dangerous if you are unaware of it.


    What an opportunity for a backfire.



    A bit of creative thinking required, but I’m sure such creativity exists within the ranks.

  22. darwinsbeautifulidea on

    if we dont play some of the new bhoys we will go into benfica game with same/similar team as versus hibs,we would be slaughtered with that side,unfortunately according to some papers Ambrose has yet to get clearance and a work permit and if mulgrew and rogne are still injured that leaves us weak at the back,as for the recruits not being ready well thats down to lawells brinkmanship ,we should have signed players weeks ago,and with the african cup of nations in jan signing more african players must be questioned

  23. darwinsbeautifulidea on

    to battered bunnet this is a celtic site comment on the SFA eleven elsewhere


    come on macedonia

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