Limited time to build fitness for new recruits


Celtic have only one game before they meet Benfica in the Champions League, away to St Johnstone on Saturday.  The Perth team are bottom of the SPL without a win so far this season, so will not present a significant challenge, but Celtic could do with a sterner test.

Lassad Noiuoiu, Efe Ambrose and Miku Fedor each need to be stretched before they will be ready for Champions League football.  Even if they get a full 90 minutes on Saturday, so I can’t see either starting against Benfica a week on Wednesday, unless they possess uncommon natural fitness, or our injury crisis steps up a level.

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  1. Shocking service from ticket office (by phone).



    Have just phoned twice, looking to buy 3 x additional CL packages.



    1st time, about 10 minutes on hold, listened to all the sales offers amongst backgound music, got told I was 13th in Q (unlucky for some…) then about a minute after this, a message saying that due to all agents being busy, the call would be disconnected and to please try later.



    Tried a second time, not as long on hold, maybe 6 or 7 mins – got down to 5th tis time….same thing happened.



    If the call system can’t cope with demand it would be good to know that riight away.



    Sort it out Celtic.

  2. saltires en sevilla 11:06 on


    10 September, 2012



    The Big Man casts a Long Shadow!




    Big Jock Still HUNSKELPING to the present day :)))


    I think I got this of either KDS or CM, makes me smile every time I read it.



    When chasing Lions beware- they can bite back



    Once upon a time there was a bigoted football team called Rangers who played in Glasgow. They had a major rival called Celtic. They had both played catch up with each other over the best part of 80 years. In the late 1960’s however there was an event that would change the world of Scottish football forever. In a stadium in Lisbon on 25th May 1967 Celtic would be crowned European champions and rule domestically till 1975. The team affectionately became known as the Lisbon Lions. This is itself was a major achievement. The team had won against all odds with a team of local players against the might of the continent Inter Milan. What happened next was where is all started to go wrong.



    Chasing the Lions!!



    As they languished in a sea of despair and despite their own modest victory in a lesser European Trophy that was eventually phased out Rangers became obsessed with emulating the accolade that had been bestowed upon their greatest rival Celtic. Initially they tried through fair means to achieve this dream however as they had a handicap in respect of the bigoted nature of their institution not allowing them to sign Roman Catholics they failed miserably.


    Then in 1986 they had a change of ownership when a young Scottish entrepreneur took over and started investing heavily. This coincided with a ban in English teams entering Europe for five years. This allowed Rangers and Celtic to attract players that would not normally have come to Scotland. Rangers moved on to dominate domestically however void of fresh capital Celtic started careering towards oblivion and were saved from extinction in 1994 by a businessman called Fergus McCann. Whilst this stopped the club from disappearing a period of austerity followed and Celtic had to sit in the background domestically whilst Rangers strode to 9 in a row titles equalling the feat of Celtic in the late 60’s and early 70’s. The one thing that eluded Rangers though was European glory



    Still chasing the lions!!!!



    After the millennium and with English teams back in Europe and the Scottish game in decline after a period that had saw success for Dundee Utd, Aberdeen and strong challenges from Hearts Rangers continued to spend, spend , spend. In the quest to catch the lions there owner by this time “Sir” David Murray gloriously stated for every £5 Celtic spent he would spend £10. By this time Celtic were running in an orderly manner with a newly developed stadium and debt on the decline. The problem was that whilst offering up serious competition they could not compete financially and Rangers continued to outspend and out pay Celtic. This policy whilst bringing success at home still did not have the desired result



    Desperately chasing the Lions!!!



    After years of fair methods failing a new policy was adopted by Rangers. This was to be the eventual death knell. Being part of the establishment in Scotland and having the majority of political and legal support Rangers and “Sir” David Murray though they were untouchable. They decided to deploy a policy of systematic cheating through non payment of due taxes and registering players illegally. Due to the establishment and bribing of media types this policy was deployed for longer than anyone ever imagined. The result being that when after years of wondering an investigation into Rangers methods was initiated by HMRC it came to light that they had illegally avoided around £50million in taxes. Desperate times indeed. This coupled with the owners main business being badly hit by the global downturn resulted in a major drive to free him of at least the Rangers liability. A campaign to sell Rangers over a few years and with Lloyds bank pushing for loan repayments eventually resulted in the sale to a self proclaimed billionaire, Craig Whyte in 2011.



    Finally caught the Lion then realised they were a zebra and got devoured!!!!



    Since the takeover by Craig Whyte who proved to be nothing more than a convenient patsy for “Sir” David Murray the events have been unparalleled in Scottish Football History. Rangers who from this paragraph on will be referred to as dirty cheating huns had left a trail of destruction of a debt mountain of £140 million and ended up in administration. Due to the arrogant nature of the huns there was no contrition, no humility- just continued arrogance and bullying. The administrators deployed desperately tried to sell the business by getting creditors to agree to an effective 1p in the pound settlement. The legal battles and corruption exposed over many years will be argued, denied and debated for years to come however the huns will be dead and buried and no longer chasing lions.



    The moral of the story is if you are going to chase lions make sure you are at least a hunter with a gun and not a zebra with a set of donkey ears!!!!

  3. Been off CQN all weekend due to other things ( like running a tournament ). Sincerest condolences to the Bhoys who lost loved ones they are in my prayers. KTF.


    To the Bhoys queuing on London Rd my heart goes out to you, I took the lazy option and did my queuing on the phone 1 and a quarter hours listening to same crap tune result extra packages purchased for CL.


    Big Jock immortal Y.N.W.A. without you we would not be the club we are today.




  4. Estadio



    Hats off to you sir for a wonderful post!



    God bless you Jock and may you rest in eternal peace!



    Sure he’s up there talking fitba’ at the top table with all the other departed legends of the game!







  5. tully57


    I managed to get from 25 all the way to a person on the other end of the phone.


    Keep truckin my friend. I think you just got unlucky.

  6. Estadio Nacional on




    I can’t take any credit for that, it’s the wonderful work of the Celtic Wiki, just a copy abd paste of what is probably the best page on the Timternet. If there’s things you think should be added the Wiki is set up for that.





  7. So many great posts on here this morning. Must be the Stein effect.


    We are lucky to have had him then, and his memory and influence now.


    HH !

  8. I got my CL tickets delivered Saturday, waiting on the Raith ticket now but may have to go to ticket office as I might have been given a concession in error. Only charged me a fiver for it.

  9. This (from celticwiki) caught my eye ; especially the last line :



    ” Life changed utterly for everyone at Parkhead in March 1965 when Jock stein arrived as manager. John was centre forward in the 1965 Scottish Cup final win against Dunfermline which started the great times for Celtic. In October 1965 he showed remarkable coolness when scoring twice from the spot in the 2-1 League Cup final win over Rangers which announced that Celtic were now a real force. At the final whistle the Rangers fans invaded the field and an altercation took place with several Celtic players resulting in laps of honour being banned at Hampden for many years. In May 1966 John got his first League medal but Celtic lost the Scottish Cup to Rangers in a replay through rank bad luck.”

  10. Was lucky enough to see Mr Stein


    taking the team training ..


    I was only a young bhoy at the


    time, and didn’t really understand


    the greatness of what he had


    achieved ..


    To me, being about 9-10yrs,


    he was like a big man who wouldn’t


    take any nonsense , and would


    always stand up for what was right.


    I like many a good person


    was saddened when he passed


    away ..


    God bless Mr Stein ..


    thankyou for giving us


    Lisbon, and 9 in a row,

  11. as a Celtic supporter the future never looked brighter. The other guys slipping down the slope, a settled side, the title in the bag, four great victories in the Champions league and into the group stages and then we are hit with this unbelievable injury crisis.



    It looks like some sort of hex on the club although it has to be something more than bad luck. a CQNer on here mentioned Barcelona, probably the greatest club team in the history of the game. Barca seldom change their eleven and Xavi, Iniesta, Pedro etc pay a helluva lot of football in a season including International duty and Champions Lge right up to the later stages of every competition. How do these great players do it. They seldom seem to be injured we always see them when you watch football on TV. What’s their secret? Neil Lennon and the whole lot of us would like to know.

  12. StumptownBhoy-(ex-SanDiegoBhoy)For_wee_Oscar on

    Watching the England vs Norway U21s. Thomas playing well, but up against it. It’s all England, and he’s having to get stuck in defensively. Take it easy big man.

  13. Morning Bhoys, especially to all you golfers and budding Golfers.



    Thanks for a brilliant day out on Sunday at Dundonald Links, congratulation to Gold Star the runaway winner, I believe someone also fluked a two, not bad when you consider his drive at the first only went 50 yards in to the crap, never even blushed.



    For the attendees at the annual CQN golf day at Aberdour might recall that I was successful with my bid for the 3 ball to the Renaissance.



    The match was played yesterday, special thanks to Rubicon for putting up the prize, and also for organising a great day, from start to finish a brilliant day.



    A very close game with the winner being confirmed on the 18th hole,







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