Limited time to build fitness for new recruits


Celtic have only one game before they meet Benfica in the Champions League, away to St Johnstone on Saturday.  The Perth team are bottom of the SPL without a win so far this season, so will not present a significant challenge, but Celtic could do with a sterner test.

Lassad Noiuoiu, Efe Ambrose and Miku Fedor each need to be stretched before they will be ready for Champions League football.  Even if they get a full 90 minutes on Saturday, so I can’t see either starting against Benfica a week on Wednesday, unless they possess uncommon natural fitness, or our injury crisis steps up a level.

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  1. Philbhoy - It's just the beginning! on




    I’m sure there are more than a few CQN’ers who wouldn’t turn their nose up at £24k a year, never mind a pay rise of that amount.






    The tea was top totty.

  2. Steinreignedsupreme on

    Philbhoy – It’s just the beginning! 18:50 on 9 September, 2012



    I’d be happy with half of that myself.

  3. Jackie Mac was a great Celtic player.



    His successor is Adam Matthews who already has nearly 50 appearances for Celtic, while still only twenty years old.The prodigious James Forrest, six months his senior, has 52 appearances for Scotlands only European Cup winners, what a partnership these two will become.



    By the same stage of his career Jackie McNamara was twelve months away from a move to Celtic, playing in the first division with Dunfermline.



    Wanyama, Kayal, Forrest, Hooper, Izzaguire are often held up as our most promising young players, but Adam Matthews, like Tommy Boyd and Jackie, has more to offer than most.His partnership on the right, will, for as long as Neil Lennon can keep it intact, prove to be incredibly productive.



    I wrote an article last season for CQN mag on the average age of the squad, which was 23.4 years. Apparently Paul Lamberts Villa have the youngest average age in the EPL this season at 25.1 years.



    The more I think about Celtic under Neil Lennon, the more excited I get.



    I have clearly taken a tangential course, having started discussing the merits of Celtic full backs. I should log off, drink more red wine and marvel at the culinary talents of Mrs Joad as she presents the chilli and lemon infused salmon with asparagus.









  4. Steinreignedsupreme on

    Philbhoy – It’s just the beginning! 18:52 on 9 September, 2012



    “….I would exclude Philvis from that, of course.”



    Philvis is just a peasant from Coatbrig – don’t be fooled by his persona.

  5. While I wish Jackie Mac & Simon Donnelly well at Thistle, I don’t want to see either back at Celtic Park. Imo, Celtic treated both very well and they both walked out on us. for more money. Jackie especially spent so much time on the treatment table, if memory serves. Thanks but no thanks.

  6. Steinreignedsupreme on

    Philbhoy – It’s just the beginning! 19:01 on 9 September, 2012



    “…..and I thought he was an old Aloysian!”



    You can be anything on the internet.



    Did I tell you I’m travelling with my supermodel wife to Rio next week?

  7. Tommy Joad



    18:56 on 9 September, 2012



    You should stay online and grumble a bit longer. ;))



    I don’t think you quite realise What the Celtic Board and Neil Lennon have done.

  8. Was ready to moan about international football and injuries to our players and then I read back.





    Sincere condolences Bhoys. May your mothers rest in peace.

  9. Petec, I could not agree more.



    Sometimes, footballers find players they understand completely.



    As a youth I played right full back behind a winger who went on to command a fairly massive transfer fee as a pro.



    We were not friends, although I think we admired and respected each other, but on the pitch he knew when I overlapped and so he weighted the pass perfectly. I understood when he was on his game and had the left back on toast, so I never went near him, just gave him the ball and let him go.



    He tracked his midfielder and never let me get overloaded defensively,and if he or I were taking a few dull ones, then we knew we had to collectively give it back as we battled for ownership of the right side of the park.



    My winger was a far superior player to me but I think he understood that I served him well and made him a better player also.



    Petec, you are so right, complementary combinations are vital. Where to start?



    Auld and Murdoch, McNeil and Clark, Jackie and Sid, Sutton and Larsson, Matthews and Forrest….. sometimes it’s not about the individual abilites of players but the understanding they have between them.



    I haven’t seen my winger in fifteen years, I doubt he would recognise me, but something clicked between us for a couple of seasons.



    It’s all about wonderful combinations and hopefully Lenny’s team will have this as they grow together.




  10. Situation Update :-



    Latest Logbook Entry :



    HMS “Narrowboat Tim”




    Current Location :



    Lat. : 32 Deg. 30′ N



    Long. : 64 Deg. 78′ W




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    “Skull & Cross-Bones” Pennant Run Up The Periscope….




    To Mark Completion Of Successful Mission Against Enemy Target……





    “God Bless Her Majesty’s….




    ‘Irregular’ Naval Reserve…”




    Hurr-ah !! Hurr-ah !! Hurr-ah !!


















    ‘Evil’ Tam McGill Dayell….Spins Furiously In His Lonely Grave….








  11. In his time at Celtic Simon Donnelly learned how to drift on to a marker ….. although some say it was an innate ability.

  12. I am a Celtic supporter but also Scottish. Don’t pretend to be Irish. If Scotland can qualify for world cup then Walter smith should be manager and McLeish deputy. Best people available. I’m sickened sometimes .by the low mentality on here. If these guys are in charge i believe Scotland will qualify. We are a Scottish club.

  13. I used to go to see Scotland throughout the eighties and nineties but quite frankly during the Roxburgh and Brown era it got so boring i eventually gave up at least during the Ally MacLeod era you got a bit of excitement the 78 team with a tactically aware management and without the SFA bungling amateur organisation could have went really far in the tounament .Now i dislike international football ,i like to see Scotland win but don’t lose any sleep if they lose i believe most fans would like to see them going for it and at least go down fighting not a four six zero formation.

  14. Can’t wait for the real action to start again and hope we can maintain our great record against Portuguese clubs and Benfica in particular at Celtic park.

  15. Philbhoy - It's just the beginning! on




    How can you mention sid & jackie/mathews & forrest in the company of such other Celtic Legends?



    Get real man!

  16. stephenpollock



    Low mentality? not that low Stephen to fall for that crock.Have a nice evening.

  17. Boab 1888


    We had a couple of Bills fans on here the other week.


    They seem to have disappeared.


    24-7 Jets now.


    Remember, there’s only one team you have to beat in the AFC East!!




  18. prestonpans bhoys on

    Just booked my one night stay over, with TC, against Benfica.



    Looking forward to it, so is Miss Prestonpans :-)

  19. Anyone doing the CL online there is a


    Internet Charge of £4.50 it would have cost me more in fuel to travel to the ticket office.



    I am very much looking forward and thought £88.50 for what will be 3 great evenings at Paradise good value.



    Hail hail

  20. Evening bhoys, not getting much cooler on the hun free mountain, soon enough….






    What about Gordon Strachan……



    Or is he too much of a Celtic man ?



    Smith and McLeish…..Dearie, dearie me……




  21. stephenpolloc



    Smith’s fine if you’ve got hammer-throwers and need to weld them into positions from which they must not deviate, but Scotland have some skilful players, who would never thrive under him.



    Strachan is perfect for Scotland. His strength lies in making good players better, not strangling the life out of a football match – though some here may disagree :-)

  22. prestonpans bhoys on




    You’re on the wine here, drink another bottle!



    Anyone read the Sunday Mail pash from Keevins/Waddel fixated about Sevco’s attendances again. Work the sums out boys 48,000 @15 notes against 46,000@27 notes…………..

  23. Tommy Joad



    19:14 on 9 September, 2012



    I know Nothing, absolutely nothing. I tell you what I do know.



    I know Jock Stein got all the groups of players in a team to play as much as a team as possible.



    It is human nature to like one person more than another, whilst we are living under Adam and Eve’s curse, so the more you can get people playing together without the ego, the class, the attitude, the racism, the jealousy. The Better the Team will be.



    One of the real reasons I love Arsenal is because they pay all their players roughly the same cash. Team spirit, it gets rid of the the guys who are not team players. Money is nothing, it is nothing. It may seem like something but it is Absolutely nothing.



    Money was not the Desire of the Celts that lifted the Big Ears in 67.



    I Love Arsene Wenger so much because he is a TRUE adept at telling the future without using dark means.

  24. Jackie Mac was a wonderful servant to Celtic.



    – 349 games between 1995-2005



    – SPFA Young Player of the year 1996



    – SPFA Players’ Player of the year 1998



    – Scottish Football Writers’ Player of the year 2004



    – Captain of Celtic FC 2004-05



    Don’t know what the motives were for leaving the club – all I know and care about are that he was a fine player for us and I will always be grateful for what he gave the club.



    Wish him and Sid all the success in the world!




  25. Philbhoy,



    It is my strong conviction that Tommy Burns’ Celtic teams of the mid nineties were champions. Fantastic, attacking football.



    Cast your mind back.



    Thom, Di Canio, Donnelly, McNamara, Van Hooijdonk, serviced by McKinlay from the opposite flank with Collins and McStay in midfield. But for financial doping in Govan this would be one of the great Celtic teams. Remember?



    We were on the rise again. Amazing stadium, team to believe in. Tommy in charge.



    Jackie and Sid, while never in the class of some of the players I mention, were truly pivotal in a great period of the clubs history, when us fans got our belief and pride back. When Liverpools spice boys ( who came so close to premiership titles) got the fright of their lives and were nearly knocked out of the UEFA Cup, who scored Philbhoy?



    I’m not saying Jackie and Sid are Celtic legends, but they were with us as kids, contributed to some great Celtic moment and had a wonderful understanding on the pitch which the have continued very successfully into management, and they have my respect and support.




  26. stephenpollock



    19:18 on 9 September, 2012



    I am a Celtic supporter but also Scottish. Don’t pretend to be Irish. If Scotland can qualify for world cup then Walter smith should be manager and McLeish deputy. Best people available. I’m sickened sometimes .by the low mentality on here. If these guys are in charge i believe Scotland will qualify. We are a Scottish club.





    You must be taking the proverbial. It is quite funny really. ;))