Lions, first treble after 50 years of darkness


With the Lisbon Lions ‘acting in concert’, as is often the case in Glasgow football circles these days, I hope Celtic plan to mark the 50th anniversary of another of their achievements this Saturday. The St Johnstone game marks 50 years to the day the Lions won Celtic’s very first treble.

A Bobby Lennox goal won the League Cup against Rangers on 29 October 1966, before two Willie Wallace goals took the Scottish Cup on 29 April 1967. The treble was completed at Ibrox, when Jimmy Johnstone scored twice to secure the point Celtic required.

Given the 50 years that we have enjoyed since that season, it is unimaginable to believe that this was the first occasion Celtic retained the league title for exactly 50 years. Last doing so with a win at Dumbarton on 7 April 1917.

It has been said here often before, but it cannot be overestimated what Jock Stein and the Lions did for Celtic. The European Cup and nine-in-a-row are merely the headlines. The titles are trophies you have enjoyed since are the substance. The story would more resemble that dark half century without retaining a league, without them.  When the club and New Balance launch next season’s strips later today, they homage they will pay to the men of ’67 is fully merited.

Thank you to all who have sponsored me for the Celtic Foundation. I’m running the Stirling Marathon on 21 May. I know there are a million demands on you but all support is appreciated.


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  1. Neustadt-Braw on

    ROBINBHOY on 4TH MAY 2017 3:45 PM


    New strip looks great! Pre ordered a couple for Mrs RobinBhoy and myself, free beach towel thrown in!




    Pity it’ll be too big to take on holiday……….



    Oh oh…dinar let the missus read that wrong…



    Smiley open to misinterpretation thing




  2. CORKCELT on 4TH MAY 2017 12:58 PM



    Couldn’t agree more,he was 12th man that day in May 1967,and should be mentioned anytime they talk about that day.








    When lads trot out the names of the Lisbon Lions it just must be a little hard on the Fallon family.



    There was a twelfth Lion, in that period there were no outfield substitutes but there was a substitute allowed for the Keeper.



    John Fallon was that man, his son is an esteemed CQN’er and John himself is today the epitome of what a Celtic Supporter should be travelling far & wide to support the ‘tic.



    Hail Hail to The Original Holy Goalie, a Lion then & still a Lion today.





    I’ve been struggling for a couple of months trying to get a bit better (health wise) just to get fit enough for the trip to Lisbon.



    I saw my Doctor this morning and had to explain how I was feeling, I told him that I had been for a couple of tests at hospital and the tests that were done they gave me the all clear a week ago, but I explained to the Doctor that I was still being sick after most meals, he took my weight and told me I weighed 7 lbs, he looked back to see what I weighed in November you Came in at 14st. 5lb, so I had lost nearly 2 stone in six months,He asked about my blood sugar levels,I said they were erratic nearly every day bordering on dangerously low, so He asked me about how I feel now, and I mentioned that someone called me, (Lurkin Tim) at around 8.10 am one day I told the Doctor that that call saved me from going into a coma, Doctor said I was very lucky, and then he asked how I felt at this moment, I mentioned that I seem to be getting a bit of feeling back in my toes, and a lot of sores on my body are disappearing by the day, He come to the conclusion that I’m taking too much medication for my Diabetes, He told me to stop taking the medicine Glyclazide,which is 4 per day and will see me in a couple of weeks, I’ve to get s blood reading next week.



    So hopefully I’ll see some improvement in my blood readings for next week, then I can get some practice downing a G&T or 4, then Lisbon here i come, hopefully?

  3. “BIG-CUP-WINNERS @ 10:47 am



    ERNIE LYNCH on 4TH MAY 2017 7:26 AM





    AN TEARMANN on 4TH MAY 2017 5:05 AM



    I see Alistair Darling has settled into his working class heaven by taking his 2tone heid to Morgan Stanley.



    Socialist or noo socialist.





    Thankfully the Labour Party has moved to the left since Darling and Co were in charge.



    Certainly well to the left of the SNP.





    So there we have it, Ernie electioneering again.



    This time though his own words are testimony to just how “different” Labour are nowadays.



    Actually having to opine that they are “well left of the SNP”. Time was………



    Really telling – be careful what you vote for folks.”





    It’s re-assuring to see the old CQN traditions maintained.



    1) Several posts expressing preferences for Independence and the SNP


    2) Ernie responds with an anti-SNP view


    3) Ernie is accused of bringing electioneering onto the blog



    Brings a warm glow, so it does

  4. Bateen Bhoy on

    Pity the new shirt isn’t available for wearing in Lisbon.


    Had to look twice at the cost of an ‘elite’ shirt. £90 ??? That’s outrageous.. There seems little different between it and the ‘standard’ shirt. The Celtic shirt doesn’t shrink to fit inferior players, but if you don’t have the money for an ‘elite’ shirt, at least the price shrinks to fit inferior budgets, eh ?


    £55 is a lot for a shirt, but i appreciate that’s the going rate.


    Happy to wear the shirt, but to think that some might be looked on as elite because they choose to pay an outrageous £90 for a more expensive shirt doesn’t sit quite right with me.


    And absolutely no offence meant to anyone who chooses pay the £90 for the other shirt.



    Btw, you can get a new shirt AND a retro s/s lisbon shirt for £90 :-)

  5. Jimmynotpaul on

    A big shout out to Marspapa who, despite his own grief, took the time out to find out my number, and to contact me yesterday to tell me a lovely thing that The Barca Mole had planned for me, that I was unaware of, before he sadly passed away.


    Thank you B. You are a gentleman and it was a pleasure speaking to you.

  6. williefernie on

    The Green Man Says Sack The Board


    My dad- Archie-was head barman in New Monaco Bar at Arcadia Street 67-70.Fond memories of the bus singing We’re On The One Road’ before we hit Abercombie and Gallowgate.

  7. Jimmynotpaul on



    A great post about TOHG. How true, his name should always be listed as one of the lions.




    Take care of your health.


    Hail Hail

  8. whitedoghunch on



    that’s some going to fit into a pair of 50 year old speedos for your pilgrimage to Lisbon and her beaches.


    Get a gin before you go.

  9. Park Road 67 on

    Wee update ghuys on the moron who was arrested for racially abusing Scott Sinclair , guess what colour his boss is ? You couldn’t make this up !

  10. Bloody new kit not available til May 23.



    Fly to Lisbon early that morning. Grr.





    FIrst thing you should have done when you noticed things were going on behind your back is to keep a log/diary of EVERY instance. I’d make that a priority in future.



    Also never attend any unusual meetings without a witness of YOUR choosing.



    As for now,contact your union’s local office right away,ask to speak to their top bod in your line of work. Make an appointment to see him or her ASAP. Rack your brain for everything relevant to your current situation,write it down for that meeting.



    As for the manager in question,demand to see these minutes that you have ‘signed’. This may be better coming from your union bod. Don’t deal with your usual rep,there may be a conflict of interest there-you can get round this by pointing out that they weren’t available when required.



    Bestaluck,but contact that local office right away. Get it nipped in the bud. It sounds like you’re the victim of bullying,not the other way round.








    Shouldn’t be surprised really,they abuse Catholics despite many being married to one.



    And their kids going to the local RC school,etc.



    Numbnuts the lot of them,but the Ayrshire ones take some beating.

  13. Lisbon Lions – as well as John Fallon four other players who got us to the final



    Charlie Gallagher


    Willie O’Neill


    Joe McBride


    John Hughes



    everyone a Lion



    Oldtim – hope everything works out – as a diabetic myself I know the old blood sugar can be a troublesome child

  14. Park Road 67 on



    Aye they are a different breed in Ayrshire right enough mhate !

  15. williefernie on

    Mighty Tim


    Simpson Craig Gemmell Murdoch McNeill Clark Johnstone Wallace Chalmers Auld Lennox.


    Always a pleasure to remember. May I add-Fallon O’Neill Gallagher McBride Hughes.


    My first Celtic team included Haffey MacKay Kennedy Crerand McNeill Price Chalmers Gallagher Hughes Divers Byrne

  16. Bateen Bhoy on

    Park Road 67


    Red pudding, as called in the North-east, and maybe further south too, is a battered Saveloy Sausage – maybe just a sausage supper in Glasgow Chippies ?


    I used to p**s a lot of people off when i asked for a ‘Joe Harper supper’ ( red pudding and chips )



  17. Jimmynotpaul on

    Gene/Willie Fernie.6.23 and 6.25


    Thank you.


    Very appropriate I think.


    Hail Hail

  18. VFR800 is now a Monster 821 on

    TIMBHOY1 on 4TH MAY 2017 3:15 PM


    Why did St Mary’s School in the Calton,close





    I can check and get back to you.





  19. Great news from BRTH,


    Trains booked Faro to Lisboa and return.


    Not really a football kit wearer but I reckon the new kit must be obligatory for the Lisboa pilgrimage.


    Do I need to print Eurochamps67 on the back of the jersey that says Eurochamps67 on the front?







  20. Oldtim



    You take it easy , look after yourself.


    Hope your fine for Lisbon.

  21. Auroraboreal79 – 6:02


    Falsifying documents can be seen as summary dismissal – just ask my wife, she was accused of same and although this didn’t happen and no evidence to substantiate this, the punishment was the same.


    Get Big Jimmy on the case!!!





    Jammy Dodger-you’ve been itching to throw that one in,haven’t you?



    Perfectly timed,btw…









    BMCUWP is giving you sound advice in his reply.



    I must admit to becoming a wee bit confused mate when reading your post at 6.02pm in relation to ” Who said what etc” ? my apologises.



    Feel free to ignore these questions AUROR if you wish ?



    a) what union are you in ?


    b) do you live in Glasgow ?


    c) early in your post you stated about ” TWO Cowards”….did these people go together to the manger to lodge their accusation, or was it done independently ?


    d) if these “Two” went to your manager independently…was there a major time gap between them, what I mean is, was there “Days” or some significant delay between both of them making a complaint ?


    e) Was management AWARE that you were unable to have union representation PRIOR to setting up your “Back to Work” meeting ?


    f) If yes to the above question, did you still agree to meet with management freely, or were you somehow ” persuaded” to go along on your own anyway ?



    Sorry for asking the above, and as I said please don’t feel obliged to answer anything that I have asked.



    It is obvious that you are very upset just now, so if you don’t wish to answer any questions, then take ALL the time you need if you don’t feel up to it right now ?



    Take care for now.


    Big jimmy

  24. Evening bhoys I’m at work just now as I was when I posted the” lions” team. Now rather than upset anyone may I say that I was only stating the team as it seems to appear on most things to do with Lisbon. I was not and never would ignore Mr Fallon or any of the others ,as enough people have pointed they are all lions.


    I have defended TOHG on other places as BT will verify. A man who appeared 200 times for the hoops has my undying appreciation. The same can be said for Messer’s O’Neil , Gallagher, McBride and Hughes. So before anybody else reminds me they are all lions can you all take a feckin step back. I’m sure everytime you have recited that team you all carried on and named the sub and players who played in some of the games.


    Sure you did :))










  25. AuroraBorealis79 on






    Thanks man. I have already contacted the Union today (twice) & like you suggest (regarding my Union Rep’s conflict of interest) I believe that could be true as they represent one of the colleagues in question. I also contacted them 2 months ago & I am still waiting on a call back. I got no work for a week so if I have to I will go down to their office & stay there until they do the job they’re paid for.



    I got entire list of incidents with fine details & the context in which they occured, which I can rhyme of at any given time, the only problem would be dates & times.



    Thanks for your input, its greatly appreciated.



    Hail Hail




    Glasgow is famed the world over for its love of all things fish and chips, so it’s surprising to see only one chippy in Scotland’s biggest city has been recognised in this year’s ‘50 Best Fish & Chip Takeaways’ list.



    Still, it’s still one hell of an accolade to walk away with – and it’s the team at the Merchant Chippie in High Street that has flown the flag high for Glasgow’s signature dish.



    The Merchant City establishment has proudly joined four other Scottish eateries: Cromars in St Andrews, The Bay Fish & Chips in Stonehaven, The Plaice To Be in Kilmarnock, and Fochabers Fish Bar in Morayshire.



    Enjoy Bhoys



  27. Jimmynotpaul on

    Mighty Tim 6.44.


    I apolgise if any of my posts,offended/annoyed or bothered you.


    It certainly wasn’t intentional.


    Hail Hail.

  28. Bateen Bhoy on

    Big Jimmy,


    The ‘Bervie Chipper ‘ in Inverbervie ( just south of Stonehaven on the coast road ) more than once was voted the best fish and chip shop in Britain, i believe, and i think The Bay in Stonehaven may be the inventors of the world famous Deep Fried Mars Bar :-)





    Good man. Go get ’em,mate.

  30. AuroraBorealis79 on

    BIG JIMMY on 4TH MAY 2017 6:38 PM



    a) what union are you in ?



    Unison my Union



    b) do you live in Glasgow ?



    I live in Belfast



    c) early in your post you stated about ” TWO Cowards”….did these people go together to the manger to lodge their accusation, or was it done independently ?



    I these 2 members of staff did not attribute these comments to me. It was my manager.



    d) if these “Two” went to your manager independently…was there a major time gap between them, what I mean is, was there “Days” or some significant delay between both of them making a complaint ?



    e) Was management AWARE that you were unable to have union representation PRIOR to setting up your “Back to Work” meeting ?



    I insisted that I did not want any meetings until I had a Representative with me. My Line manager & operations manager insisted that I not require a representative.



    f) If yes to the above question, did you still agree to meet with management freely, or were you somehow ” persuaded” to go along on your own anyway ?



    Yes, I was persuaded.



    Just for adders. I had to leave work immediately after my first return to work meeting as it turned into an interrogation & it left me completely stressed – something which was quite evident to both managers at the time. I didn’t return to work for another week, during which I received a letter from my employer demanding to know why I hadn’t returned to work.

  31. Brogan Rogan Trevino and Hogan on 4th May 2017 1:32 pm



    Lisbon Update



    Access to the Estadio Nacional on the 25th May confirmed between 3pm and 5pm



    More later – in London on business







    And… We’re IN!



    Who’s bringing a ball?



    Will the surface take an aluminium screw-in stud?

  32. AuroraBorealis79 on

    SCANIEL on 4TH MAY 2017 6:36 PM


    Auroraboreal79 – 6:02








    I stated that as evidence that my manager lies yet her manager ignored it which makes this all the more concerning for me

  33. Bateen Bhoy on

    Mighty Tim,


    i don’t think there was any criticism intended from those who listed the ‘other’ Lions, and i don’t believe for one minute that any slight was intended when you listed your names. I didn’t see it that way anyway.


    Most people rattle off the names of the eleven who played in Lisbon. Most articles you read only name the eleven who played, but none of us will ever forget the others who all played their part in us getting to Lisbon. The fact that they didn’t play in Lisbon does not detract from, or demean their part in our history. Without the TEAM , Lisbon might never have happened.