Liquidation stalks corridors and the odd marble staircase


Did you notice a degree of synchronicity in yesterday’s statements by Hearts and Newco?

Newco: “It is abhorrent that certain clubs could be unfairly relegated if the current SPFL proposals were implemented.”
Hearts: “no Club should be penalised as a consequence of these exceptional circumstances”.

Newco: “[We propose] a member’s resolution which would release prize money to be distributed to all clubs throughout Scotland”.
Hearts: “we will be supporting the Members Resolution being put forward by Rangers [sic].

The SPFL proposal, to finish and call the season for the bottom three divisions now, and for the Premiership as soon as it is clear it cannot be finished, is the only possible way forward for Scottish football, and even then, it might not be enough.

Let’s be clear about the decision facing clubs in the Championship, League One and League Two.  They are currently in lockdown, players and other staff furloughed, government dues are deferred, so cash burn is low.  “Prize money” would be handy, but only if you can do the right thing with it.

If these leagues are not called now, but have to finish their seasons after lockdown eases in order that no club is “unfairly relegated”, their cash burn situation changes significantly.  With zero prospect of paying spectators for the early months after lockdown, clubs would need to re-employ players and coaches for the 10-12 weeks minimum it will take to undergo an element of preseason and complete the remaining matches.

That’s the best part of 3 months with zero income and normal outgoings.  “Prize money” that could be used to cope with what is inevitably going to be a difficult new season, will be burned trying to finish this season.  It will not be enough money for any club to offset the increase in costs when furlough is ended.

In order to finish this season, the number of games played next season would have to be curtailed.  Next season’s TV deal is significantly higher than the current one.

The choice becomes having more games under this season’s low value TV deal, while burning your “prize money” on games without spectators, or maintaining a high value TV contract, while keeping your “prize money” to offset the lack of gate receipts for the opening months of the season.  The latter option might be viable for some, the former is a recipe for bankruptcy for most.

And yes, the “prize money” quote must have taken some mental gymnastics at Newco, you cannot have prizes until you know the outcome.  They want the money but don’t want ANY outcome.

I see the benefit in not calling the Premiership now.  Let’s see what transpires between Belgium and Uefa – and we would all like to see Celtic become champions and Hearts relegated on the field.  Celtic are hoping these things happen in August, but I doubt it.

Uefa will eventually issue guidance and all leagues will declare their champions.  The new season will start behind closed doors, but with Champions League and domestic TV cash flowing.  Some solidarity cash will trickle down, giving some a fighting chance.

As for how SPFL clubs will vote?  I am far from confident they have the collective insight to see a path through the next few months.  They will need the Wisdom of Solomon, and if any of them had that quality, they would not be in football.  Liquidation stalks the corridors, even the odd marble staircase!

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  1. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Gave a pals daughter who works in Morrisons, a pair of protective gloves yesterday, a fkn disgrace given the money they are raking in, 11 London bus drivers have died of coronavirus, when will it be the first supermarket worker to die?

  2. BT. Was just thinking I should contact my MP when your mail came up. Well done sir. Hope more on here will the same.



    How are you doing these days? take care.

  3. I have emailed my MP (a tory) with My views on his latest freebie and asked if he will take it.

  4. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on



    Doing ok thanks, more frazzled than usual trying to help people who have lost jobs and worried about paying rent etc



    Take care and god bless

  5. Here’s my take…



    My hope, post Covid 19 is that folk worldwide take stock and start to consider the possibility of an alternative way of organising ourselves out with the current political paradigm. They will always put economic interests before the interests of the common population, corporate political donations see to that.



    We need to start thinking of a different alternative to replace the faulty self protecting governing system we live under. All imo obviously.



    Might sound dramatic or unrealistic but know that a planet of finite resources will not sustain a system of continuous growth (capitalism). We need a different way.




  6. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on



    I was reading yesterday the opposite condition is the problem in England, somehow the supermarkets already have he details of those who are ‘most vulnerable’ the problem is that the local authorities are still waiting for the information to allow them to plan logistics.

  7. FAO BLANTYRE TIM and Others…


    Here is the email that I recieved from Tescos CEO Dave Lewis a few days ago.





    As we enter our third week of national lockdown, our lives are slowly adjusting to circumstances that were unthinkable just a month or two ago. There’s no doubt that this is a very difficult time for everyone.



    As I’ve done in recent weeks, I wanted to write and update you on the measures we’ve taken in the last 7 days – measures that build on the many changes we’ve made since the outbreak of COVID-19. As our stores and our service start to return to normal, I also wanted to share some information on what we’re doing to support others who may benefit from our help.



    You can find a full update on all these measures at tescoplc.com.






    Food for all





    Last Thursday, we were given an initial list of 110,000 clinically vulnerable and isolated people by the Government. From this list, we were able to match 75,000 existing customers – and we’ve already let them know we’re making home delivery slots available to them immediately. We’ll continue to work through this list, and, as we receive more data from the Government, we’ll make even more slots available.


    We’ve increased our online delivery slots by 145,000 (+20%) in the last 2 weeks, with thousands more becoming available every day. We know it’s still difficult to get an online delivery slot due to high demand, so we ask those who are able to safely come to stores to do so. This will help free up more slots for the more vulnerable – so please think before you click.


    As our stock levels start to return to normal, we’re removing the purchasing limits on the majority of products in our stores. We’ve kept limits on some essential lines such as toilet roll, pasta and hand sanitisers until our shelves are fully stocked again. But we’d still ask you to buy only what you need.


    Many care homes have contacted us, asking to buy provisions for their guests. Booker, our wholesale business, is doing its very best to help these customers.





    Safety for everyone





    As well as the measures we shared with you previously, we’re introducing one-way aisles and a ‘one-in, one-out’ system in stores. We’ve maintained longer opening hours to minimise potential queuing. Do ask your local store team for the quiet times!


    We have also now installed protective screens at the front and the back of every till at the checkout, so that we can open all of them and reduce the time you need to queue.


    We understand customers are shopping less frequently and therefore need to spend a little more each time. The limit on contactless payments – which is quicker and safer for everyone – will start moving from £30 to £45 per shop. We ask for your patience while we gradually update our tills. You can also use the free Tesco Pay+ app from Tesco Bank. The app has bank-level security built in and lets you pay for up to £250 worth of shopping with a single contactless scan directly from your phone.





    Supporting our colleagues





    We’ve already confirmed that we’ll pay our vulnerable, pregnant and self-isolating colleagues from day one. We also introduced a 10% bonus for colleagues in stores, distribution centres and our call centre.


    From today, all our colleagues will get a 15% discount on all their Tesco shopping for the next four weeks as a further token of our appreciation.


    We’ve also recruited 45,000 temporary colleagues to support our stores and distribution centres, given the number of colleagues who can’t work due to COVID-19.





    Supporting our communities





    Yesterday we confirmed that we’re the retail partner of SalutetheNHS.org which will provide one million free meal parcels to frontline NHS workers. We’ll donate all the food and ingredients used in the production of these food parcels.


    Also yesterday, we began work on our first dedicated NHS Nightingale Hospital pop-up store, at the NEC in Birmingham. We’ll provide NHS staff with on-site 24-hour access to the food and household products they need. Construction at the NEC started on Sunday and we aim to be open by the end of next week – so it’s all hands on deck. We’re in late-stage discussions with other Nightingale sites, and hope that this is the first of several pop-up Tesco stores that will help the NHS staff in those hospitals.




    We sincerely hope these measures, taken alongside everything else we’ve done in the last few weeks, mean we’re able to give our colleagues and customers access to the essentials they need, in a safe environment. We also hope that, by using our skills and resources, we can make a real difference to supporting communities, and particularly those in need or on the front line.



    I wanted to end this week’s update with a word of thanks. Firstly, thank you for your support and understanding as we have rolled out the measures outlined above; we can’t make these changes work without your help. Secondly, a word of thanks on behalf of my colleagues. I have heard countless stories of customers offering appreciation to our store colleagues who have been working in difficult conditions over the last few weeks. This means a lot to us.



    I join you in thanking all our colleagues, and everyone else – NHS workers, other food retailers, suppliers and other frontline workers: thank you all for your service.





    Together, we can do this.





    Dave Lewis





    Tesco CEO






    Terms and conditions



    Standard terms and conditions apply. For more details, please visit tesco.com/help/terms-and-conditions.

  8. In the email posted above, Tescos CEO Claims that the Clinically vulnerable have been ADVISED that Tescos have Delivery Slots available immediately for those customers ?


    I have NEVER been advised of this…nor am I able to Book a Slot ( THREE WEEKS FULLY BOOKED)….


    So I take it that DESPITE being on “The Chronic Heart List”…and advising a Tesco Advisor on the phone a couple of weeks ago of my Health Conditions etc……I am not on that Govt/Tesco List ?



    Thanks to Tesco and The Govt, I need to continue to rely on the Good Will of others like DAVID66 ?



  9. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on



    SLC in receipt of info, GCC seem to be slow in reacting as usual


    My wife has been doing job in SLC since last Friday


    They are proactively calling people whilst GCC are asking people to call them


    Not all shielding clients have access to internet or would know where to look

  10. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on



    They told me they are waiting on government list

  11. The changes to the rules regarding MPs expenses were introduced by the Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority.



    Whatever the rights and wrongs of the change it’s a bit unfair to blame MPs for it.

  12. i'vehadtochangemynamebacktojackiemac on

    Long wait ahead for us and everyone. TBH, I’m just as concerned that there is an spfl next year as I am that that we are awarded the title !

  13. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Watching CNN and CNBC news channels, far more interesting than our stuff BTW,much more positive stories today,the curve flattening in some hotspot areas,major drug companies close to a treatment drug for this bastard virus,but a vaccine is at least a year away,stock markets really picking up which is another good sign.

  14. RON BACARDI on 9TH APRIL 2020 1:19 PM


    As Government/NHS cannot pass personal data to the supermarkets I expect they will message/email/mail the known vulnerables telling them that they need to register themselves. They will also be given details of how to do that.




    NO ONE has contacted me to ask me to Register etc.


    Before I appear even more selfish…For the last 21 days…I have been following the Govts advice about self isolation BEFORE the told Pubs etc to close which was on March 20th. The last time I was outside was Wednesday 18th March.



  15. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Ernie- given the theft of public money by MPs during the expenses scandal, would be interesting to see which MPs don’t take up this offer,not many I guess. The bigger picture is £6.5 million could be put to much better use,than giving it to people who are on roughly 100k a year PLUS expenses.

  16. Paul, any comments on the rumours the Bundesliga are looking to start games behind closed doors in two weeks time?

  17. CaddingtonCommon on

    Re the MP expenses fiasco. Do all MPs get the £10k and has anybody said no or returned it?



    Hail Hail

  18. I think I will Register myself for that £10,000 Govt hand out…..


    I remember at the time of the Expenses Scandal it emerged that East Dunbartonshire Liberal Democrat MP , who was my MP at the time claimed expenses for “Her Make Up and Nylon Tights” among other items ?



    So She was actually claiming that she couldnt do her job…WITHOUT Make up and Tights ?


    Her name was/is JO SWINSON .




  19. !!Bada Bing!! on 9th April 2020 2:29 pm


    Ernie- given the theft of public money by MPs during the expenses scandal, would be interesting to see which MPs don’t take up this offer,not many I guess. The bigger picture is £6.5 million could be put to much better use,than giving it to people who are on roughly 100k a year PLUS expenses.








    It’s for MPs and their staff who now have to work from home rather than from their parliamentary or constituency offices, many of whom will have a bigger caseload precisely because of Covid 19.



    It’s not unreasonable in the overall scheme of things.



    My pitchfork will remain in the shed for the time being.

  20. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    The £10k increase made available to MPs is sobering.



    In truth, I don’t object to the principle.



    If they need more money in the short term to do their work, then fair enough.



    My problem is with the ease of its implementation.



    All blockers removed effortlessly.



    Classic wooden dollars approach of Central government. Just get spending.



    Also symptomatic of wrong spending priorities (predating Covid-19).



    Compare and contrast with



    1. Health workers running short of money and food



    2. Private laboratories who want to establish testing regimes to help us reach 100,000 tests per day but are awaiting approval of bank loans to buy equipment !!!!




  21. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on

    Basically they have added £10k to their MPs credit card and told not to worry

  22. BIG JIMMY,



    Have you been told that you are officially in the vulnerable category due to your poor health with follow ups to let them know you need help because you are isolated on your own? I have had lots of mail and messages from NHS, my doctor, my oncologist, everyone who knows about me. Cannot understand why you haven’t. Might be worth contacting your MSP.








    They told me they are waiting on government list.


    Cheers BT.


    but according to the email that I received from Tescos CEO, Dave Lewis a few days ago TESCO had ALREADY been provided with a List ?


    Someone is telling Porkies.


    Stay safe young man and HH to you and the family.

  24. Who pays frontline staff expenses at this horrible time… Yip no one.



    £10k to sit in yer feckin house.. I don’t care who brought this in, they should not be getting it and should hand straight to charity.



    Ffs people on the frontline cannot even get the correct PPE



    D. :)

  25. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Ernie- thanks for reply, not sure an MP working from home should get another £10,000? Public servants on these pages snowed under,I bet they are getting the usual wage,don’t see what makes them any different HH

  26. !!Bada Bing!! on 9th April 2020 2:40 pm



    It’s to purchase equipment to enable them, and their staff, to do their jobs. It isn’t a bonus to their salaries.

  27. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on



    I disagree,that they will be expected to do more, I suggest, money and time should be saved in travel and expenses.


    No doubt they will still be claiming fuel expenses for their second homes. There are plenty times they’re expected to be in the commons late but fail to attend. There will be no law making so what extra work are you referring to, representing their constituents?

  28. !!Bada Bing!! on

    ERNIE LYNCH on 9TH APRIL 2020 2:44 PM


    !!Bada Bing!! on 9th April 2020 2:40 pm







    It’s to purchase equipment to enable them, and their staff, to do their jobs. It isn’t a bonus to their salaries.



    Ernie- I can only think of a printer,paper,stamps ,stuff that they already claim for.

  29. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on



    what extra equipment, they must have all the necessary equipment to do their jobs when home doing their primary job dealing with their constituents.

  30. Why, when the shit hits the fan, do people turn to prayer thinking that anyone/anything is listening? I apologise for offending those amongst you of faith, but I just don’t get it. Is there not enough evidence over the centuries that the human world revolves around actions and consequences? People do bad things, there are consequences. People do good things, there are consequences. People do nothing, there are consequences. People make mistakes there are consequences.


    In every war, every famine, every epidemic and pandemic, mass.shooting, terrorist bombing, airplane crash and traffic accident it is mostly innocent people that die. Women, children, babies wiped off the face of the planet during random acts of violence and outbreaks of disease.


    Would a loving and just entity allow millions of people to die because of the madness of one man? If a divine entity listened to prayers would a billion people praying for peace or for a miracle cure not be enough to persuade Him/her to act?


    I have heard some say God has a plan and it is not for us to second guess it. If that is the case, why pray for intervention? Is that not in itself suggesting he has got it wrong?



    People get us into a big mess, people eventually get us out of it.


    1000s of lab workers and scientists are working endless hours looking for a cure for covid 19. Some altrustic, some thinking of profit. If and when it is found, some people will thank God for it.


    Sorry, I just don’t get it.



    Again, apologies to those of you of religious faith. It is only my opinion.