Liquidation stalks corridors and the odd marble staircase


Did you notice a degree of synchronicity in yesterday’s statements by Hearts and Newco?

Newco: “It is abhorrent that certain clubs could be unfairly relegated if the current SPFL proposals were implemented.”
Hearts: “no Club should be penalised as a consequence of these exceptional circumstances”.

Newco: “[We propose] a member’s resolution which would release prize money to be distributed to all clubs throughout Scotland”.
Hearts: “we will be supporting the Members Resolution being put forward by Rangers [sic].

The SPFL proposal, to finish and call the season for the bottom three divisions now, and for the Premiership as soon as it is clear it cannot be finished, is the only possible way forward for Scottish football, and even then, it might not be enough.

Let’s be clear about the decision facing clubs in the Championship, League One and League Two.  They are currently in lockdown, players and other staff furloughed, government dues are deferred, so cash burn is low.  “Prize money” would be handy, but only if you can do the right thing with it.

If these leagues are not called now, but have to finish their seasons after lockdown eases in order that no club is “unfairly relegated”, their cash burn situation changes significantly.  With zero prospect of paying spectators for the early months after lockdown, clubs would need to re-employ players and coaches for the 10-12 weeks minimum it will take to undergo an element of preseason and complete the remaining matches.

That’s the best part of 3 months with zero income and normal outgoings.  “Prize money” that could be used to cope with what is inevitably going to be a difficult new season, will be burned trying to finish this season.  It will not be enough money for any club to offset the increase in costs when furlough is ended.

In order to finish this season, the number of games played next season would have to be curtailed.  Next season’s TV deal is significantly higher than the current one.

The choice becomes having more games under this season’s low value TV deal, while burning your “prize money” on games without spectators, or maintaining a high value TV contract, while keeping your “prize money” to offset the lack of gate receipts for the opening months of the season.  The latter option might be viable for some, the former is a recipe for bankruptcy for most.

And yes, the “prize money” quote must have taken some mental gymnastics at Newco, you cannot have prizes until you know the outcome.  They want the money but don’t want ANY outcome.

I see the benefit in not calling the Premiership now.  Let’s see what transpires between Belgium and Uefa – and we would all like to see Celtic become champions and Hearts relegated on the field.  Celtic are hoping these things happen in August, but I doubt it.

Uefa will eventually issue guidance and all leagues will declare their champions.  The new season will start behind closed doors, but with Champions League and domestic TV cash flowing.  Some solidarity cash will trickle down, giving some a fighting chance.

As for how SPFL clubs will vote?  I am far from confident they have the collective insight to see a path through the next few months.  They will need the Wisdom of Solomon, and if any of them had that quality, they would not be in football.  Liquidation stalks the corridors, even the odd marble staircase!

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  1. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on 9th April 2020 2:47 pm



    Yes, their travel and expenses, which they reclaim, will be reduced.



    How does that help them and their staff, get the extra equipment needed to work from home?



    There’s no law requiring an MP to do anything so I’m not sure what point your trying to make.

  2. Deniabhoy – because it comforts them to believe.



    What harm are they doing.



    D. :)

  3. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on 9th April 2020 2:50 pm



    They, and their staff, work from constituency offices.



    They can no longer do that.

  4. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on



    they are supposed to hold surgeries to consult with their constituents, no?

  5. DeniaBhoy on 9th April 2020 2:52 pm



    Because suffering is part of the human experience.



    The presence of suffering isn’t evidence for or against the existence of a god.

  6. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on 9th April 2020 2:58 pm





    they are supposed to hold surgeries to consult with their constituents, no?’






    They can’t be compelled to. There’s no law says they have to.



    Just as there’s no law that says they have to be re-elected.

  7. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on



    So what extra work if their constituents cannot go to surgeries?



    If anything they will be doing less work as they are not in London.



    The constituency office equipment can be distributed to the homes of those who use it.


    No need for new equipment.

  8. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on



    You forget to consider two little detail, as most atheists do when blaming god for not intervening, free will and Satan.

  9. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on



    you make the best case supporting my point, they are not compelled to hold surgeries and they are not working in London, so, what extra work requires £10K worth of equipment?

  10. Jimmynotpaul on



    Are you involved in politics?


    You appear very knowledgeable about the process.


    My own thoughts are 10,000 without receipts, appears excessive.


    I would have thought M.P.s would have been happy to get together, and donate, the extra amount to the NHS.


    A few of them weren’t slow in calling out other occupations.

  11. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on



    I think I’ve got it, they will have to pay the same prices as the rest of us for booze and food since there will be no subsidies sitting at home. poor dears





    I think I’ve got it, they will have to pay the same prices as the rest of us for booze and food since there will be no subsidies sitting at home. poor dears



    Cheers, Can, Computer now covered in Tea & Strawberry Tart por cierto

  13. Canamalar @2.47, 2.50 and 3.05


    Are you sitting down because unlikely as it seems I agree completely. 👍

  14. Expecting people to live on less than£100 per week and at the same time …… You know the rest

  15. POR CIERTO on 9TH APRIL 2020 3:08 PM


    I think God has been furloughed for the time being por cierto





    PC – 😂😂😂



    D. :)

  16. RON BACARDI on 9TH APRIL 2020 2:38 PM




    After my 1st heart attack in October 2019 while in hospital for a separate ailment…my GP advised me that I was now on “The Chronic Heart List”.


    I have since had a 2nd heart attack in December 2019, again while in hospital with severe loss of blood and Septis etc.


    I advised a Tesco Advisor of all of this on the phone a couple of weeks ago…that was when you caould actually speak to someone from tesco…not now !



  17. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on



    Some of us are doing something whilst continuing to practice our faith , it brings people closer together and gives solace and peace to many..


    And as I say to my workmates on Ash Wednesday if you are going to mock why don’t you work good Friday and Easter Monday 😉

  18. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on



    Some clients have received notification by text, Are your contact details up to date, I’d assume so if hospital have been contacting you but GO may have old number

  19. Paul67



    Somebody, anybody please tell Anne Budge Hertz aren’t to be relegated.



    Sevco don’t even have a complaint, unlike Hertz their fake problem and faux outrage is that Celtic will


    have won nine in a row, but they need the second place money sharpish.



    Why would you dig up your pitch if you thought you’d a chance of winning a league?




  20. Jimmynotpaul on 9th April 2020 3:11 pm





    Are you involved in politics?









    But I’m politically aware enough to spot populism when I see it.



    And this is straightforward populism.



    No trying to find the facts, no thought applied, no consideration or analysis needed.



    Just straightforward us, the ordinary people, against an elite, in this case MPs, though it could on another occasion be the EU, or Westminster or the WHO.

  21. BIG JIMMY,



    I expect the Tesco advisor is not allowed to take our word for it.



    Also, I registered myself on the gov.uk/coronavirus-extremely-vulnerable website. Just had to give NHS number, name and adress, and whether I need help or not.

  22. We should call their bluff about the league and cup, I don’t want to listen to their effluent on this in to perpetuity. Let’s wait then play the games, I doubt they’ll still be around to fulfill their fixtures and that would make me laugh in an uproarious fashion 😀

  23. Blantyre Tim



    I shopped on line with Tesco for a number of years but getting a delivery slot became nigh impossible from mid March.



    Sainsbury would not take new registrations but if you are over 70 folk can phone 0800 9534988 to get registered. In my case it was easy as I had a Nectar card and account on line and the automated phone system took the card number and my DoB and a few days later got back to me using my Nectar e mail contact to allow me to register.



    I did and got a delivery yesterday but on looking at putting in a future order the slot for delivery has not been set yet.



    I suggest folk register with as many as they can as back up.



    Morrisons have a click and collect from their Hamilton store where slots ahead were available and you dont need to leave the car to pick up. They have a queuing system to login but it is around a 30 minute wait.



    The have also introduced an essentials delivery service payable by contact card on delivery that I’ll link to next.

  24. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on

    got to say I’m lost when people refer to “populist” as if it was something to be ashamed of. Its usually the majority that MP’s depend on for their champagne and caviar. If people are misguided its usually down to their “leaders” failing to communicate properly.

  25. Matt Stewart on

    My wee brother who lives just on the southside of the squinty bridge says that snide copies of the Rangers’ away top are doing roaring business in the ‘essential supplies’ shops along the roads heading west.



    Mike Ashley will be on the case if it’s true that they are not the genuine article!



    It does look real to me.






    Hail Hail




  26. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on

    Cheers Auldheid


    I’ll pass it on to others assisting vulnerable clients

  27. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on 9th April 2020 3:40 pm


    got to say I’m lost when people refer to “populist” as if it was something to be ashamed of.






    It’s usually those who are lost, and can’t find their way, who fall prey to populist agendas.

  28. £10,000…



    What IF those MPs who gladly accept this further hand out dont actually spend it…or only spend part of it ?


    Will they gladly hand back any of the money IF we get over this Virus etc and they can work from Westminster once again ?


    The Tory Chancellor in the daily press conference has been quick to point out that the Govt have taken steps to prevent FRAUDULENT Claims from employers and/or Self Employed etc, who may be in receipt of Govt Funding at this time due to the Lock Down etc…


    What steps have the Govt taken to ensure that MP’s do NOT make Fraudulent claims regarding the return/repaying of any of the £10,000 if asked to do so…or will the Govt NOT ask them to repay any money ?



    As it stands, an MP can simply take the £10,000…and tell the Govt anything about the spending of this hand out with NO RECEIPTS etc being provided by said MP ?



    Funny how for years the DWP DEMANDED to know HOW a Benefit claimant had mis spent their Bru Money…if that claimant had either spent it all on drink/Fags gambling etc, IF that claimant was seeking a “Crisis Loan” til the next payment day !


    Many many years ago I found myself unemployed and I lost my Giro from my coat pocket on my way to the Post Office to cash it. It was maybe around £60/£70 for two weeks benefit for me to live on.


    I was put thru an “Interview” by The DWP demanding to know what REALLY happened to my so called lost giro ?


    I simply kept to the truth.


    I was given NO money to live on, and I had to rely on a couple of relatives helped me out until my next Giro


    day….two weeks later.



    Within the next 3/4 weeks when I went to sign On as Usual, I was told to return to the Bru office that same afternoon…with NO explanation why ?


    I went back that same afternoon and the DWP Advisor handed me my original Giro that I had lost in the street, as it had been handed in by someone.


    That day that I had lost it, I had signed it BEFORE I left home, as usual so that I wouldnt be looking for a Pen in the Post Office etc…I had also folded it and put it in a Zipped Up small pocket of my winter coat, but somehow I still managed to lose it and I only realised it when in the PO.





    The back of the Giro was largely “White” with green writing.


    The day I lost it, there was a heavy frost on the ground and little wind so despite my efforts to retrace my steps…I couldnt find it in the street.


    The DWP accused me of NOT losing it and their “Interview” would have put the Gestapo to shame.



    Yet those MPs in receipt of this £10,00 can simply tell the Govt that they have wisely spent it for work ?


    Aye Right !