Liquidation stalks corridors and the odd marble staircase


Did you notice a degree of synchronicity in yesterday’s statements by Hearts and Newco?

Newco: “It is abhorrent that certain clubs could be unfairly relegated if the current SPFL proposals were implemented.”
Hearts: “no Club should be penalised as a consequence of these exceptional circumstances”.

Newco: “[We propose] a member’s resolution which would release prize money to be distributed to all clubs throughout Scotland”.
Hearts: “we will be supporting the Members Resolution being put forward by Rangers [sic].

The SPFL proposal, to finish and call the season for the bottom three divisions now, and for the Premiership as soon as it is clear it cannot be finished, is the only possible way forward for Scottish football, and even then, it might not be enough.

Let’s be clear about the decision facing clubs in the Championship, League One and League Two.  They are currently in lockdown, players and other staff furloughed, government dues are deferred, so cash burn is low.  “Prize money” would be handy, but only if you can do the right thing with it.

If these leagues are not called now, but have to finish their seasons after lockdown eases in order that no club is “unfairly relegated”, their cash burn situation changes significantly.  With zero prospect of paying spectators for the early months after lockdown, clubs would need to re-employ players and coaches for the 10-12 weeks minimum it will take to undergo an element of preseason and complete the remaining matches.

That’s the best part of 3 months with zero income and normal outgoings.  “Prize money” that could be used to cope with what is inevitably going to be a difficult new season, will be burned trying to finish this season.  It will not be enough money for any club to offset the increase in costs when furlough is ended.

In order to finish this season, the number of games played next season would have to be curtailed.  Next season’s TV deal is significantly higher than the current one.

The choice becomes having more games under this season’s low value TV deal, while burning your “prize money” on games without spectators, or maintaining a high value TV contract, while keeping your “prize money” to offset the lack of gate receipts for the opening months of the season.  The latter option might be viable for some, the former is a recipe for bankruptcy for most.

And yes, the “prize money” quote must have taken some mental gymnastics at Newco, you cannot have prizes until you know the outcome.  They want the money but don’t want ANY outcome.

I see the benefit in not calling the Premiership now.  Let’s see what transpires between Belgium and Uefa – and we would all like to see Celtic become champions and Hearts relegated on the field.  Celtic are hoping these things happen in August, but I doubt it.

Uefa will eventually issue guidance and all leagues will declare their champions.  The new season will start behind closed doors, but with Champions League and domestic TV cash flowing.  Some solidarity cash will trickle down, giving some a fighting chance.

As for how SPFL clubs will vote?  I am far from confident they have the collective insight to see a path through the next few months.  They will need the Wisdom of Solomon, and if any of them had that quality, they would not be in football.  Liquidation stalks the corridors, even the odd marble staircase!

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  1. Good morning CQN from a dry and sunny Garngad


    I have a few questions if someone could answer I would be grateful



    So is this vote to decide to finish every league bar the SPL?


    If so then why are SPL teams needing a vote and why are we talking about who will side with Sevco?


    Does the date of June 10 take away the need for SPL teams to vote? Or is the vote in case games cannot be played on or around June 10?



    Cheers in advance



    D. :)

  2. The hand of God on

    Hearts will obviously side with Sevco as will Hamilton due to the influence of Douglas Park.Kilmarnock abstained on the vote to allow Sevco into the SPL so fair chane the will do the same again so cant see it going through.

  3. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on

    Have a good good Friday



    Pretty cool still in G72, Mrs BT still can’t get grass cut when she gets home from work

  4. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on





    Hamilton Tim said ” get a grip “.


    He didn`t tell you what you were ” allowed to think / post “.



    And why no word about Muslim deities.


    Why restrict your disapproval to Christianity ?



    In Christian Holy Week , it could be seen as the epitome of insensitivity to post your negative thoughts about belief in God .


    But then , consideration for others is a major part of the Christian ethos and apparently not part of yours .



    Credo in unum deum .

  5. BT.



    Have you not told her you fixed the petrol mower lol


    Keep the chin up my friend.when the goin gets tough,guys like yourself keep chipping away.


    I hope you K,mini and your family have a happy and a holy Easter



  6. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on

    Take care big man .


    Spoke to OT last night, mini panic as he hadn’t answered his phone all day as Johan Murdoch was trying to get a hold of him. Think he done too much in his garden this week



    Big JF barking out his orders as usual, ordering everything from Fruit and Nut to Honey via WhatsApp family chat ☘️☘️

  7. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on



    What a dreadful bore Annalee Newitz’s “partner” must be if she needs so much relief from the loneliness and boredom.

  8. Bada Bing, sorry mate. My utter shite comment was disbelief that the news could be remotely true. Sorry if it seemed personal.

  9. G’mornin’……..



    despite being anxious to get our hands on our second nine, I appreciate how the Club are playing this one………..



    When you consider the indulged idiocy of the huns statement you realise what we’re up against.




  10. So are the Huns looking for 75% of the league prize money




    Do they NEED the full 100%



    Oh, as BT said


    Have a Good “Good Friday”

  11. Good morning, friends and a Big Happy Good Friday from a grey but dry East Kilbride.


    ALMORE on 10TH APRIL 2020 9:07 AM


    Lovely morning here in the Fair City.



    Five weeks since we met .hope to do it again soon.take care stay safe.MAG sends her regards.

  13. Fav Uncle: Just let me know when you are coming over. I should have been in Barcelona this week and upcoming trips to Glasgow, Spain and Toronto all looking unlikely now.



    🤚 to Mag.

  14. Good morning from a brightening North Staffs.


    Got a key to the church so will pop in later for stations of the cross with Mrs Gene

  15. !!Bada Bing!! on

    The Hand of God- I think Hamilton, and anyone around relegation, will vote for the resolution, and I think Motherwell will vote yes for the prize money. I get the Park angle……

  16. Good morning from a somewhat overcast Forres.



    With this year’s Oktoberfest in Munich looking like it will be cancelled and considering that I have been to the last 33 consecutively, if I go next year will it be 34 IAR and will I have to put an asterisk next to it?


    Also if I drink behind closed doors during that period will it count?



    Asking for a friend 😉



    Football without fans and drinking without friends is nothing.

  17. I think it will go through today. The suspension of all football activities until June 10th will undoubtedly focus minds.



    Part of me will be happy to see it fail to be honest. Call Sevco’s bluff and play it to conclusion a few months from now. They’d have voted for their own insolvency event.



    Whatever happens today, we’re in a strong position. Should the proposals be rejected, Celtic should calmly wait for the shit to hit the fan at the other clubs. They’re trying to play poker with a very weak hand. Call them Celtic should the need arise.

  18. There is a great video going around on whatsapp of a youn girl singing walk on in a street for NHS workers I think from last night, very very emotional.



    I do not know how to post links on here maybe if someone else has it and they can share on here I would be grateful.






    D. :)

  19. can anyone inform me 800 celtic fans paid over 50 for a ticket to the bigotdome in march are they going to get there money retuned for the match did not take place and if celtic have not payed the huns for the tickets the fans should get there money asap it must come to over 4 grand hail hail

  20. As I am ‘adhering‘ to the guidelines and am therefore ‘stuck‘ at home, I have renamed today as ‘Glued‘ Friday.



    Hail Hail




  21. to get the aprovel if they do note vote for it to day to go through no club gets any money till they see what happens on 10 june

  22. I’d imagine the 800 fans have not received a refund as yet because as things currently stand, that match has been postponed not cancelled.



    The tickets remain valid for the rescheduled fixture when that happens.

  23. I imagine the likes of Park & anyone else with a semblance of a brain in the Hun Boardroom will know bloody well that it is in their interest to end the League & close down for a couple of months but they have to play to their gallery.


    I could well be wrong but I doubt if Park would use his influence to persuade the Accies to vote down proposal.


    Once null & void is off the table I couldn’t give a hoot what they do, we will win the League sooner or later.


    However the more I read about this bloody virus, I am getting convinced that football life as we knew it, won;t be back to normal, until well into 2021.

  24. prestonpans bhoys on

    A good Friday to all, sun breaking out in Prestonpans but shouldn’t be here should be in my static near Aberfoyle😕



    An Dun @10:13


    Agree with your comments completely

  25. RANGERS’ alternative resolution to the SPFL won’t go forward to a vote as league bosses have declared that it isn’t competent.



    SPFL clubs have until 5pm today to confirm their written responses and votes to the board’s plan to call the championship, League 1 and League 2 immediately – and give the power to the board to do likewise if it is deemed that matches cannot be played due to the coronavirus pandemic.

  26. Chanty, Refunds for 800 tickets comes to forty grand, If the money has already been handed over to the Huns, the chances of Celtic getting it back are remote to say the least,

  27. RANGERS’ alternative resolution to the SPFL won’t go forward to a vote as league bosses have declared that it isn’t competent.



    SPFL clubs have until 5pm today to confirm their written responses and votes to the board’s plan to call the championship, League 1 and League 2 immediately – and give the power to the board to do likewise if it is deemed that matches cannot be played due to the coronavirus pandemic…

  28. corkcelt i hope celtic have not paid the huns up front i maybe wrong i think celtic will have not paid up front hail hail