LISA HAGUE and her partner Kris Commons have truly embraced what Celtic is all about as a club like no other. This Sunday Lisa heads up Team Hague in the big match against Team Beatty, which takes place at New Douglas Park with a 2.45pm kick off. Ahead of the match we interviewed Lisa Hague and asked her about the game in Hamilton, the season gone by and her appearance at CQN11…
Hi Lisa, how are you and what have you been up to today?

Well it’s 8am on the deadline day to get these questions in for you guys haha, so not much so far. Nice early start with the Commons kids, trying their luck asking for jelly for breakfast. I can hear Kris singing away upstairs as he’s getting ready for training.

How has this season been for Kris and yourself compared to the previous years at the club?

I think it’s been an exciting one this year, kris signing his new contract was obviously a major lift for us, Ronnie as new manager and a double, it’s been quite the season.

We enjoyed your appearance at CQN 11 at the Kerrydale Suite back in March. Did you enjoy the evening and was it a success for your charity efforts?

It was an amazing evening, I raised £5,250 for the £30,000 Marie Curie challenge from a few auction items!! Everyone was so welcoming and I really did feel part of the evening. It’s so nice to meet up with supporter especially when it’s not my event and I can have a right good chat with everyone. I seem to remember I was pretty well behaved that night aswell, yes I took the car!!

Both yourself and Kris seem to have really grasped the Celtic ethos. What is it about Celtic that you find so special?

First and foremost it’s the support, I have been with Kris for 13 years and iv seen him play at three previous clubs and none compare to Celtic. It’s the passion the supporters have. I try and tell my female friends, it doesn’t matter if you like football or not, come watch a Celtic game, you will love it.

For me personally I love that our club has Charity to its core, the very reason the club started. I’m addicted to charity work it’s just my thing, and having the supporters backing has been incredible, so thank you so much for that x

Can I ask you where you will be and what will you be doing on Sunday afternoon on 31st May?

Yes I seem to be involved in something pretty amazing, I will be taking on Wee Jay and both of us as managers will battle it out at a charity football match raising funds and awareness for the Lola Common’s fund for SiMBA and downs and proud.

I still can’t  explain what the offside rule is so maybe I’m going to need to do my home work this week. I am actually coming out of a wedding half way through, Scottish actor Gianni Capaldi ties the knot that day and I will leave the service and getting undressed in the back of a limo to see my team in the first half of match (would it be me if there wasn’t something daft like that happening) and I will be leaving the legendary Paul the Tim to bring home the victory in the second half.
Can you tell us something about Team Hague? Who will be playing and do you have any tactics up your sleeve to beat Team Beatty?
It’s all being kept quite secretive on who my team is, I was hoping Nicholas McDonald is on my team so that I can shout at him, I’m really competitive, I think everyone will see a different side to me :-)
Jay is going to be a hard man to beat, Iv seen the footage of him and his team talks seem strong. However I’m hoping 13 years of rubbing shoulders with Common’s is going to see me through.
You do realize that unlike Kris Commons, Jay Beattie has never missed a penalty?
Yes I do!!!! Great question. Kris slept with his goal of the season trophy under his pillow for a week in case Jay came knocking for it.
Hamilton Accies deserve a special mention for their assistance in staging this match. Have you been impressed with them as a club?
They have been amazing, I can’t take and credit for the organising of this game, but the team of volunteers that have worked so hard in putting this match together have been delighted with how much the club have supported us.
After the match, we assume you and Kris will be off on your hols. Can you make sure he comes back fighting fit for the Champions League qualifiers?
I certainly can however he won’t take much persuading he doesn’t really let his hair down much. Gym everyday and no doubt plenty of golf!!
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