Little surprise in Ledley moving on


I remember the early days of Joe Ledley’s time at Celtic, in particular for defending him with pleas to ‘give him time to settle’.  He did settle into an accomplished midfield player but there should be no surprise he is moving on now.

Joe has managed his career well.  He allowed his Cardiff City contract to expire, making himself available without a transfer fee.  Celtic snapped him up but the leverage the player had, without a contract, was compensated by a top contract.

Is he worth a top contract?  Is he worth pushing the boat out, beyond the current top contract level?  Yes to the first question, perhaps, but no to the second, he sat on the bench when Wanyama and Brown occupied central mid in last season’s Champions League.  Celtic put a contract to him but would have known there was a high possibility it would be rejected, as the player would be able to negotiate a contract in the ever-inflating English Premier League.

If his deal goes through at Crystal Palace he’ll leave with my best wishes, both parties probably made the best decision for their own futures.
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  1. Everything has it’s time and regrettably Sammi’s time is up and Joe’s time is being brought to an end by his choice of refusing a contract, they both go with my best wishes but not a sense of anxiety as they haven’t hit the heights in the last season and a half

  2. I like Joe, wish him well, a good player.


    Stefan Johansen, the next big thing, showed up well on Wednesday, demanding the ball, getting around the midfield.



    My point is, replacement in place prior to Joe leaving, good management or what.

  3. I rarely post early but when I do Paul catches me on the hop.


    From last thread





    A ready made headline for the red tops ?


    I can imagine the editors salivating at the prospect of banner headlines which will arrest their free falling circulation figures.


    The zombies will be eager to read their sensationalism and wee Tims will have our interest piqued.


    Extra ink and paper rolls already on order.

  4. As I said earlier, he gave 100% with the hoops on, can’t ask for any more, his goal against THEMS, will be an ever lasting memory for myself, and prob. Him too, best of luck big man, YAKI DAH. ;)

  5. The Huns on zombiemedia have got a plan to keep the ‘superstars’ at the scrapy or get big money and here it is……….



    Depending on how important that player is to the club we set a release clause of 10million.




    Players that don’t demand so much money 6million.




    Any player that has under 3year deal we set there clause at4million.




    That way every team knows the price match it or bolt. No-negotiations.





    Can’t Believe they went bust with guys like these in there ranks, they make it so simple :-) HH

  6. Doc, I hope Johansen is his replacement, but I get the impression he has been bought more as a playmaker. Hope he can match Joe’s skill in breaking up play and winning the ball back.

  7. ulysses McGhee:



    I don’t have the time or the inclination to watch much football beyond Celtic and therefore I hold back in opinions on other clubs and there players, but once a player is linked with Celtic, and maybe Celtic sign him, then I think like most I am guilty of googling a video or two of the player. And once they walk through that door they get my full support for what ever that is worth. Once they walk through that door they become family.



    My beef of the last 6 months is the lies and silences of the PLC. If I wanted to support a PLC I’d support Irn Bru or Wheatabix or Nike. (I don’t even know if they are PLC’s)



    In my mind and my heart, we are a football club with a totally unique conception. When we were wee, we lived to care; I’m not stupid and I know nobody cares anymore about our ethos, it’s all about money now, but for me it is not, it’s about Celtic FC and the money it generates either going straight back into the club, for the betterment of the club and its ethos, or it goes straight to alleviate suffering, wherever suffering exists in the world at the time.



    Not for me a stand full of projects picking up five grand a week when five thousand kids a week die of hunger and disease and a pound per kid per week would save them.



    We either have an ethos, a purpose, or greed is our god.



    Have Coca Cola or IBM ever won the European Cup when it was pure sport?

  8. harryhoodsdugbitme on

    Good luck for your future Joe. Top pro and never let us down. His header v the dodos will always be remembered and replayed and replayed. HH.

  9. Good luck to Joe.



    He kind of splits the support.



    For me we have too many similar types of midfielders – good tacklers, energetic good at getting it wide but not enough who have the killer pass in them. As a result we tend to strangle the life out of out opponents without really shredding them.



    On Wednesday Kris Commons was a bit off form so we suffocated Killie. With the possession we had it should have been 10.



    Unfortunately Joe comes into the bracket of good tackler and energetic. So personally I would not break the bank for him.



    Thanks Joe – you will always be a Celt.




  10. “If his deal goes through at Crystal Palace he’ll leave with my best wishes, both parties probably made the best decision for their own futures.”



    Totally agree, important to keep within our wage structure and Joe believes he can get beyond this level, so, good luck Bhoyo. HH

  11. darwinsbeautifulidea on

    better to have given joe a big increase than spend the money on a third division player who cant get a game for wolves

  12. I take a little exception to some of the more radical elements on some sites, screaming for Celtic to spend big money in an already inflated market place, there is no guarantees that 5 million for Finnbogason et al would guarantee goals, I will be happy to give Griffiths a run from now until the end of the season as I view him as something of a free bet, if it doesn’t work you can punt him on however I think he will score goals ( maybe not against Milan but good chance he’d score against Morton) and I like Celtic players that have a bit of defilement about them, give him a chance

  13. Aye good luck Joe , never great only ever mediocre IMO, never a maestro , Collins or even a Berkovic, more in the Grant and Hannah mould, always frustrates me when people say “aye but he does great work off the ball” utter pish! I want my midfielders on the ball doing their best work, best form of defence is attack ala LUBO, KC etc etc

  14. WeeronAn attitude of gratitude…. it will never catch on.:)



    I like “fat gas”. My favourite is “shovelling green steam” as it has a Celtic connection.It can be a enjoyable pursuit as long as it recognised for what it is and not to be taken too seriously.



    I remember once hearing Georgie Herd an excellent old fashioned inside forward who played for Clyde swearing outside the ground.I was shocked but once I realised footballers were human beings and not demi gods my world righted itself.



    Effin brilliant.

  15. Afternoon all. Well it’s “DEADLINE DAY” (Jim $hite getting a rub doon wie a gregs pie as we speak). The day has gotten aff tae a cracking start wie Leigh (the Griffin) Griffiths signing and Joe (Deadly) Ledley goin’ oot the door wie a decent fee coming in. And the best news of all… Mo (Bang Bang) Bangura is being release. WOOHOO!!!!! (I think I need a lie doon noo!)



    Well this is the first edition of the List today… I’m hoping there might be a few more to follow.



    Anyway here yous go..






    Players in:




    Name Age Position Club Price


    —-— ——– —-—–


    Fridjonsson – 20 – Striker – Fram Reykjavik – £100K


    Johansen – 23 – Midfielder – Stromsgodset – £1.7M


    Griffiths – 23 – Striker – Wolves £700K



    Players out:




    Name Club Price


    —-—- —–


    George – Hamilton Accies – Loan deal


    Rogic – Melbourne Victory – Loan deal


    Atajic – Shrewsbury Town – Loan deal


    McGeouch – Coventry – Loan deal


    Miller – Dumbarton – Loan deal


    Ledley – Crystal Pal – £700K


    Bangura – No club – Contract terminated



    Rumoured transfer in:








    Name Age Club Source Price


    —-— —- —— —–


    Forde – 33 – Millwall – STV – No fee mentioned (06/12)


    McCarthy – 24 – Reading – Talkceltic – No fee mentioned (16/13)


    Johnson – 24 – Chicago Fire – Daily Express – No fee mentioned (11/01)


    Johnson – 21 – Port Vale – Celticrumours – No fee mentioned (12/01)







    Name Age Club Source Price


    —-— —- —— —–


    Taylor-Sinclair – 22 – Partick – Various – £75K (30/11)


    Taylor – 27 – Newcastle – Talkceltic – 6 mths loan (13/12)


    Kalas – 20 – Chelsea – Celticrumours – 6 mths loan (05/01)


    Kingsley – 19 – Falkirk – The Herald – £500K (10/01)


    Capuano – 22 – Pescara – Various – No fee mentioned (14/01)


    Morrison – 25 – Charlton – Daily mail – No fee mentioned (23/01)


    Buttner- 24 – Man Utd – Talkspurt – £1.6M (26/01)


    Grimmer – 20 – Fulham – Talkceltic – No fee emntioned (28/01)


    Djilobodji – 25 – ETims – No fee mentioned (31/01)


    Wallace – 26 – ETims – No fee mentioned (31/01)







    Name Age Club Source Price


    —-— —- —— —–


    Armstrong – 21 – Dundee Utd – Various – £500K (01/12)


    Gauld – 18 – Dundee Utd – Celticrumours – £500K (01/12)


    Guidetti – 21 – Man City – – Talkceltic – Loan until summer (09/12)


    Bryson – 27 – Derby County – STV – No fee mentioned (12/12)


    Toivonen – 27 – PSV – Talkceltic – No fee mentioned (13/12)


    Norwood – 22 – Huddersfield – The Scottish Hun – £3M (17/12)


    Eikrem – 23 – Hereenven – Various – No fee mentioned (21/12)


    Henrikson – AZ Alkmaar – various – £2M (23/12)


    Hassan – 19 – Al Ahly – Various – £2M (24/12)


    Mackay-Steven – 22 – Dundee Utd – Various – £1M (03/01)


    Berisha – 20 – Red Bull Salzburg – Celticrumours – No fee mentioned (03/01)


    Fletcher – 29 – Man Utd – Various – No fee mentioned; possible loan (04/01)


    McDonald – 25 – Wolves – Celticrumours – No fee mentioned (04/01)


    Hupperts 21 – Roda JC – Talkceltic – No fee mentioned (07/01)


    Mane – 19 – Sporting – Scottish Sun – Reported £1M buy-out-clause (09/01)


    Firmino – 22 – Hoffenheim – The Times – £4.5M (12/01)


    Larsson – 16 – Hodaborks – Celticrumours – No fee mentioned (13/01)


    Bryson – 27 – Derby – Radio Snyde – No fee mentioned (16/01)


    Tomlin – 25 – Peterborough – Daily Mail – No fee mentioned (23/01)


    Golasa – 22 – Maccabi Haifa – Israeli press – No fee mentioned (24/01)


    Hupperts – 21 – Roda JC – Dutch press – £1.5M-£2M (28/01)


    Iancu – 19 – Steau Bucharest – Romanian press – No fee mentioned (28/01)


    Walker – 17 – Hartlepool – Daily Mail – No fee mentioned (29/01)


    Trotter – 25 – Millwall – Evening Standard – £500K (30/01)


    Hazard – 20 – Chelsea – ETims – Scouted for a possible loan deal


    Labyad – 20 – Sporting – ETims – No fee mentioned (31/01)







    Name Age Club Source Price


    —-— —- —— —–


    Parzyszek – 20 – De Graafschap – Polish press – £800K (30/11)


    Vaughan – 25 – Norwich – Daily Mirror – No fee mentioned (03/12)


    Ings – 21 – Burnley – The Scottish Hun – £5M (03/12)


    May – 21 – St Johnstone – Northern Times – No fee mentioned (07/12)


    McCormack – 27 – Leeds – SSB – No fee mentioned (07/12)


    McKay – 24 – ICT – Daily Express – No fee mentioned (12/12)


    Boyd – 22 – Rapid Wien – Talkspurt – £1M (13/12)


    Wells – 23 – Bradford City – Daily Rectum – No fee mentioned (16/12)


    Ntep – 21 – Auxerre – Talkceltic – No fee mentioned (16/12)


    Finnbogason – 24 – Heerenveen – Herald – £5M (17/12)


    Mawuli – 24 – Hapoel Ashkelon – Herald – £750K (17/12)


    Johannsson – 23 – AZ – Daily Mail – £4.5M (19/12)


    Soriano – 28 – Red Bull Salzburg – Daily Express – £4M (31/12)


    Fletcher – 26 – Sunderland – Various – £6M (02/01)


    Aboubakar – 21 – Lorient – Talkceltic – £3M (13/01)


    N’Doye – 28 – Lokomotiv Moscow – Celticrumours – £6M (13/01)


    Nikolic – 26 – Videoton – Guardian – £500K (14/01)


    Le Fondre – 27 – Reading – Talksport – No fee mentioned (15/01)


    Bent – 29 – Aston Villa – Daily Mirror – No fee mentioned (15/01)


    Walters – 30 – Stoke – Celticrumours – No fee mentioned (15/01)


    Rhodes – 23 – Blackburn – Talkspurt – No fee mentioned (16/01)


    Marica – 28 – Getafe – Daily Express – No fee mentioned (16/01)


    Damari – 24 – Hapoel Tel Aviv – Israeli press – No fee mentioned (24/01)


    Kone – 30 – Everton – SlySpurtsNews – No fee mentioned (25/01)


    Rotariu – 18 – Dinamo Bucharest – Romanian press – No fee mentioned (28/01)


    Cornilus – 20 – cardiff – Various – Possible loan with option to buy (30/01)


    Assombalonga – 25 – Peterborough – Daily Express – No fee mentioned (31/01)


    Russell – 23 – Derby – Celticrumour – No fee mentioned (31/01)



    ShamPOO rumours:




    Name Club Reason


    —-—— —–


    Yamada – 24 – Jubilo Iwata – After a week long trial Celtic decided against


    Pawlowski – 20 – Udinese – Player going to Slask Wroclaw on loan


    Snodgrass – 26 – Norwich – Neil Lennon denies interest/player says he is not moving in Jan


    Djuricic – 21 – Benfica – Players agent has insisted Djuricic will not be joining us


    Williams – 26 – Middlesbrough – Serious ankle injury has ruled out this move


    Kermorgant – 32 – Charlton – Fee agreed with Bournemouth


    Janko – 30 – Trabzonspor – Deal couldn’t be agreed



    Rumoured loan out:




    Name Source Club


    —-—— —–


    Bangura – Daily Rankers – Loan to Falkenberg


    Balde – Daily Rankers – Loan to Birmingham



    Rumoured transfer out:




    Name Source Price


    —-—— —–


    Foster – Various– £7M to Southampton/Sunderland/Everton/Benfica


    Samaras – Various –£2M to Borussia Monchengladbach/Hull/Toronto/Aston villa


    van Djke – Various – £10M to Man City or Arsenal


    McGeouch – Various – £250K or loan to Coventry



    McGregor – Express and Star – £750K to Wolves/Derby


    Pukki – Celticrumours – West Ham interested


    Grown – Various – £5M to Newcastle


    Ambrose – SlySpurtsNews – £4M to Fulham



    Bye for now fholks!





    /Bishop B

  16. Cheerio Joe n all the best.



    Welcome Leigh and to quote Ian Bankier – ‘Behave yourself!’




  17. Is anyone surprised that JL is playing hard to get re resigning?


    It’s not like he has experience running his contract down has he?



    Certain Celtic players were given the day off training today, and taken on a wee bus run to view the outstanding Scottish Scenery.


    Cellphone contact has been lost apparently but FF, Efe, VVD, KC, Izzy, KC and a couple of others were said to be enjoying a beer in the Kings House Hotel in Glencoe after a wee slide down the slopes.

  18. GlassTwoThirdsFull on




    Just wondering if you think it would be a good idea to give players sell-on clauses in their contracts (say 5-10% of transfer fee)? That way, if a player lets his contract run down and leaves for nothing, then he also gets nothing. It would make players want to sign new contracts and avoid Ledley/Hooper-like situations. Of course they could still leave if a certain fee is met after the new contract has been signed.



    PS I think Joe was missed in the home game v Juve!

  19. darwinsbeautifulidea on

    Some people on here must not go to games Ledley is our best central midfielder three times the player capt calamity is an five times at least the no of goals as thuggy,never forget the barca game this year

  20. Kitalba



    Regarding feeding and watering the poor and thirsty in this rotten world is a worry, maybe I’m picking you up wrong here, but are you saying CFC do not do these things? I must be reading it wrong surely?

  21. Auldheid:



    I expect to die within the next ten years at best, do you think Resolution 12 will have stopped ‘rolling’ by then before I put the lights out?

  22. darwinsbeautifulidea


    13:54 on 31 January, 2014




    You obviously forgot the £1.9m we spent on the player we signed who plays in similar position, is a current international and was Norwegian player of the year, and for the purposes of your wee moan went for the striker who’s arrival has nothing to do with Ledley’s departure.

  23. ....PFayr supports WeeOscar on




    Arild Stavram the ex dons player was interviewed on RS about Johansen



    He described him as a very energetic , hard working team player …..full of praise for him ….



    Didn’t suggest he was a playmaker

  24. NatKnow - Supporting Wee Oscar on





    13:56 on 31 January, 2014




    Predictive text, defilement should read devilment !! Honest.




    Leigh and defilement in the same post!



    That’s the headlines written for the redtops tomorrow!! :-))

  25. tonydonnelly67:



    You tell me what Celtic do, with ‘their money’ to help the unfortunates and we might have a starting point for discussion.

  26. Nice words Paul67



    Thought Joe played brilliant in the 2 – 1 game vs Barca…….made a lot of sacrifices for the team that night.



    I’ll be sad to see him go……all the best Joe.

  27. Can’t fault Ledley for looking after himself and his family but I hope he is considering signing the contract Celtic have put in front of him. He will be missed if he leaves

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