Livi pitch an appropriate white flag


Before we get into the meat of the matter, I would like to record how impactful Kristoffer Ajer is at full back.  He is not a full back, of course, this is not even his second best position, but he can get beyond his man and send a dangerous cross into the heart of the penalty box.  This marks him as unique in our full back options.  Of the many lessons from the season, let one be that we need better full backs at both sides of the field.

Conceding fouls inside your own half is not considered a capital crime at other clubs, so we should temper our annoyance at Shane Duffy (or the absent, but often guilty, Diego Laxalt), but we all know Celtic cannot defend set-pieces.  At Livingston’s first goal, it was the otherwise excellent Kris Ajer who failed to track his man, not Nir Bitton, who stuck like glue to his opponent but was blamed by a scapegoat seeking Sky co-commentator.

When Livingston breached the Celtic defence for a second time, I was not concerned, as we were playing well and I expected a 30-minute onslaught towards the Livingston goal.  Instead, Livingston consolidated their position, aided by four substitutions in 17 minutes either side of the goal, which finished Celtic as a threat.  Credit to David Martindale.

Scott Brown’s ‘Get stuck into them’ cameo might have worked in a different era.  We have seen similar flailing arms go completely unpunished against us, but it was the last thing we needed last night.  By full time, the Livingston pitch resembled a very appropriate white flag.

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  1. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar on

    Pitymevin – I agree re: Celtic men (unless there are any brilliant Dutch, Belgian or German raging Tims out there in the big bad world of European football).



    We need to look beyond the parochial focus we have had if we are going to recover and grow. Evidence of a strategy that has as its objective developing us into a consistently competitive European club is what we need, and appropriate tactical decisions and structural changes to deliver that strategy.



    Irritating thing is that almost guarantees domestic success as a by-product anyway – that lack of vision and strategic commitment to grow has been the singularly most frustrating factor of the current Board’s limited tenure.



    Been almost zero evidence of real vision for many years – probably since Tommy Burns was over in Amsterdam to study the Ajax model at that time. Our ‘strategy’, for what it is, has been strictly limited to ‘buy low – sell high’.



    Strange, but it is so frustrating to think about the opportunities we have squandered in what has been a historical second 9-in-a-row period.






  2. BGFC,



    I could not agree more, they have failed in their duty to improve and instead they downsized at every opportunity.



    31003 I just dont get him, I honestly dont. Why wasnt he snapped up while at Bournemouth if he was all that.



    I dont mean to piss on your chips and I do apologise, but saying that I’ve been wrong before and no doubt I will be wrong again.



    Who knows, just not for me and I’ve been getting shot down for months on here every time I mentioned a continental manager. I think we need to move abroad as I’ve said before we cant afford English players and therefore dont see the point in appointing an english manager.




  3. BGFC, I forgot to say big TT is a stone mad Tim.



    He used to sneak out of school to see them training.




  4. Apart from Deila, who was the cheapest manager we could have got, or Jaansen, or Venglos, all cheap options, do you think the board will go for a continental whose stock is on the rise and would cost real money? Do you think a decent Continental manager, whose stock is high would come to the backwater that the Scottish League is? Do you think there’s one out there that wouldn’t rather have a pop at the yellow brick road of the English Premiership who would come to us? And if there was, would his stock rise with us?


    Of course Tuchel or the likes would be great. PSG to Celtic. Offer him £10m per annum. Still no chance. Eddie Howe is good AND much more realistic

  5. Greenwells Glory on

    PITYMEVIN, Salve salve ;- Thank you for your very civil comment on my post, much appreciated. I have absolutely no Knowledge of the machinations of Celtic PLC, I am just looking at all the different factors which may come to bear on the club going forward. Off to my pit now I hope you keep well and safe.






    In absentia lucis, Tenebrae vincunt

  6. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar on

    PITYMEVIN on 22ND JANUARY 2021 12:54 AM



    TT the Tim ? OK, I can buy that :-))

  7. Neil Lennon & McCartney on

    Hi Jobo,



    Sorry to hear you have abandoned your POTY, although I understand why.


    I must admit that on more than one occasion recently, I have been struggling to think of 3 players worthy of my vote. Nevertheless, I voted anyway. I did enjoy thinking about which 3 to pick during games ~ I think it made it more interesting than it would have been otherwise.



    Hail, Hail and KTF

  8. Good morning cqn from the Garngad



    Jobo, like NLM above although I never always took part I did enjoy looking at results and saying, Davie “if all those knowledgeable Tim’s voted for him or him” then your thoughts on who played well were crap.



    I found it very difficult to find 3 at times also.



    I would like to say thanks for all the hard work.



    D :)

  9. Melbourne Mick on

    Hello again all you die easy’s



    Never thought after 15 years on this sainted blog I’d sign off with


    that kind of phrase.


    Got a few e/mails asking why I haven’t posted, really?


    After nine years of wonderful, skilful, success ridden title wins, we


    still get people who are never happy.


    What the fecks wrong with you ghuys? so what? the new huns have


    won one.


    When I joined this great place, thank you Paul ,despite those that


    despise you, the craic was brilliant, intelligent debate, a few


    arguments and loads of civility.


    Now we have self entitled twats, hun trolls, and sad to say, good


    Celtic men being sucked in to castigate a Celtic legend.


    ” Never a Celtic legend ” that seems to be the mantra of a particular


    hun on here, wonder why?


    And it’s so sad to see you bhoys agreeing with these erseholes, yes


    erseholes, never in a month of Sundays are they Celtic supporters.


    So in summary, it’s been a blast, and if any of you Bhoys/Ghirls are


    coming over to our fair and hun free land after Covid of course I’ll


    happily meet up and get a few beers, if you need digs, no probs.


    As for the poison pushers, the hun trolls, Lenny haters, don’t bother


    responding, I’m off to kick a ball about with kids who haven’t grown


    up with Celtic, but they’ll be there with the Celtic colours on, proud


    as punch.


    So why not just go and wallow in your misery.


    Happy. Happy Tim.

  10. Morning Mick,



    Don’t sit on the fence, tell us what you really think :-)



    Have fun kicking the ball about with the kids – if I tried to do that here with my boys I’d slip and break something on the ice.

  11. fourstonecoppi on

    Anyway, who says we’re getting a new manager?. Maybe our tory board are happy to give the huns a shot at glory.

  12. Melbourne Mick


    I am in total agreement. I hope that wasn`t a Farewell post? The more Negatrons who post, the more we need good guys like yourself.


    If anyone responds to this by saying `Are we not allowed to criticise?` then I will know that they are deliberately misreading this post.


    Fridays are Seniors` Golf Days so,


    Cheerio for now.

  13. fourstonecoppi on




    Aye, i said the same the other night ………….it was a pretty unhealthy place. We need change of course but i still love NFL and hes due EVERY penny thats coming to him. I couldn’t believe my eyes reading some of the things posters were saying about him……….shameful tbh.

  14. Bhoyjoebelfast on



    You stay on this site,hear me.You gotta have heart , remember Eddie Fisher the American singer,an old hit called ‘Heart’.You keep on doing what YOU enjoy,pack it in NO WAY.


    Stay safe and remember



  15. 31003 – you’re right we’re not going to get a Tuchel or an Allegri type candidate. But that doesn’t mean we should restrict our looking for a manager to the Uk.


    Howe may well be a good choice – I just have my doubts, not least as he would be coming without his back room staff who are all still working at Bournemouth. He’d end up with Kennedy and Strachan as his team, at least for a while.


    There’s a big world out there and I earlier suggested someone affordable and gettable who is in the early stages of his career, has had success but doesn’t have the profile to get a job in England yet in Clemente – and that was me just stumbling upon him when checking where Jack Hendry’ steam were in the Belgian League.

  16. CQN article, Celtic’s £4.5 million Greek tragedy. Who needs the Sun or the Record. Pathetic.

  17. PeterLatchfordsBelly on

    Some people might say Peter Lawwell is a fraud who has handed The Rangers not only this season, but the next 5 years on a sliver platter because of his arrogant, complacent, stubborn, egocentric decision-making.



    I on the other hand love St Peter unconditionally, because I am a true Celtic fan and all those other people are massive huns.

  18. If it’s good enough on here,to have a poll to get rid of Edouard, have one to get rid of Lawwell.

  19. ziggydoc1 on 22nd January 2021 9:06 am



    Agreed, criticise everyone except Peter and the board.


    Becoming a bit of a joke.



    So who signed this player? Thats what we should be angry about.


    It’s not NFL’s fault, its not the goalies fault or even the biggest waste of money ever Shane Duffy’s fault, who is buying these players? Who is continuing to resist change to a totally broken playing staff?



    Will we have an update on that?


    Or more likely a big bad proddie SNP squirrel to get us through a footy free weekend?

  20. What shameful things were said about Neil?



    A genuine question I maybe have missed it and if true then its terrible.



    I unashamedly want change and Neil and our board have to go is that shameful?



    If I am no good at my job then my boss would probably want shot of me.



    D :)

  21. Melbourne Mick – I hope you are well and thoroughly enjoy your updates from the land of Oz, please keep on keeping on and give us updates on all the Oz Tims.



    Hail Hail



    D :)

  22. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Melbourne Mick @ 07:17am.



    Good one.



    Hail hail



    Keep The Faith



    Hope you have a change of heart Mick and keep posting on here , I for one would miss the craic from down under 😎🍺🇮🇪🍀

  24. Damien Duff chucking the Republic assistant job was strange…..he could be part of something

  25. David66 on 22nd January 2021 9:24 am



    There have been some who have gone over the top. Obsession about whether he is a legend or not and criticising him for wanting the payment due in his contract. I want him to go now but I’m not going to be critical of him as a man. He deserves some respect and the board to make a decision.



    Its the board I’m angry with, they are responsible for this disaster.



    Decision should have been made after Sparta or maybe even Ferencvaros, but of course there is no forward thinking or plan for the football side of the business.

  26. Timmy7 – For what he has went through in Scotland is our shame. Its a phrase I try never to use as I think it is banded about far to often nowadays. I had/have sympathy for the bile that he has to put up with.



    But again I want change and I feel Neil has run his race as for the board I would sack every last 1 of them for the position Neil and our Club are in. Neil I believe is an honest person probably to honest (not a fault) whereas our board are a conceited bunch of condescending LIARS.



    Change must happen for our club though.



    Only my opinion.



    D :)

  27. fourstonecoppi on

    People PLEASE……….i ( and others) take great exception to the word and context of ‘Proddie’. I was brought up in an Irish/catholic household. My wife is a ‘Proddie’ some of my dearest friends are ‘Proddie’ some of my idols are ‘Proddie’ some of our greatest players and manager are ‘Proddie’.


    Oh and BTW if its ok for Ireland and others to have independence why not Scotland ………I’ll take the SNP conduit or even the’ raving monster looney party’ if thats what it takes for that route and if independence happens, then the people can decide which party is right to lead the Republic of Scotland. This view is easily endorsed by most of my catholic and ‘Proddie’ friends and family.


    Then again who am i, its just an opinion………..if people want brexit and the union, instead of a way out from these monsters, ie being ruled by Johnson/Davidson, the ERG Mogg Gove et all, then knock yersels out!


    I am not a member of the SNP, never have and never will be. I don’t agree with everything they do, and thats including some of the attitudes (if true) towards my beloved club, but i’ll take that route.

  28. People angry about Neil Lennon.


    People angry about people being angry about Neil Lennon.


    People angry about the board. People happy about the board.


    People like the SNP. People don’t like the SNP.


    People like Eddie Howe, People don’t.


    Etc etc.



    It’s the nature of a blog. Differences of opinion.



    Flouncing or the pronouncement of Hun every time an alternative view is mentioned is just people projecting their own inability to live with differences or other sh*t in their lives. And Christ, in a time when the pub, the bus and the ground doesn’t allow us to spout this stuff, CQN is the only go-to.



    So, MM, get back ya big eijit but accept that you’ll continue to read stuff you don;t like. Tackle it with your view (plenty share it) or scroll by. Sweat the real stuff elsewhere.






    p.s Lennon Out :)

  29. Weebobbycollins on

    Don’t worry Melbourne Mick, once we have a wee bit of success again these fannies will return to their swamp…

  30. Nicola Sturgeon official residence at Bute House in Edinburgh .


    Painters carried out work in Nicola Sturgeon’s official ­residence despite the ban by her own Government.



    A whistleblower told how a squad was sent into Bute House in Edinburgh for several days last week.



    The move was branded a “slap in the face” to ordinary people abiding by the lockdown rules, which forbid non-essential work.

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