Livi pitch an appropriate white flag


Before we get into the meat of the matter, I would like to record how impactful Kristoffer Ajer is at full back.  He is not a full back, of course, this is not even his second best position, but he can get beyond his man and send a dangerous cross into the heart of the penalty box.  This marks him as unique in our full back options.  Of the many lessons from the season, let one be that we need better full backs at both sides of the field.

Conceding fouls inside your own half is not considered a capital crime at other clubs, so we should temper our annoyance at Shane Duffy (or the absent, but often guilty, Diego Laxalt), but we all know Celtic cannot defend set-pieces.  At Livingston’s first goal, it was the otherwise excellent Kris Ajer who failed to track his man, not Nir Bitton, who stuck like glue to his opponent but was blamed by a scapegoat seeking Sky co-commentator.

When Livingston breached the Celtic defence for a second time, I was not concerned, as we were playing well and I expected a 30-minute onslaught towards the Livingston goal.  Instead, Livingston consolidated their position, aided by four substitutions in 17 minutes either side of the goal, which finished Celtic as a threat.  Credit to David Martindale.

Scott Brown’s ‘Get stuck into them’ cameo might have worked in a different era.  We have seen similar flailing arms go completely unpunished against us, but it was the last thing we needed last night.  By full time, the Livingston pitch resembled a very appropriate white flag.

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  1. Celtic Football Club need to get serious about the Neil Lennon situation, He has delivered trophies, League Titles ,but like everything else, all good things come to a end.and that’s what’s happening at our club now, the 10 in a row is in my opinion is gone,Neil Lennons time is up he needs to go ASAP,The Club needs a complete overhaul ie New Board of Directors,New Scouts,and most important a New Coach and his own staff, The Training Centre up at Lennoxtown possibly needs a overhaul as well ,maybe new Development Coaches,so there is a lot to get done ,and I know Rome wasn’t built in a day ,things take time ,but the sooner the club get there act together the better it will be for all Celtic Supporters.

  2. !!BADA BING!! on 22ND JANUARY 2021 10:08 AM




    One shudders to think what headline the subbies on the Sun suggested for that story.

  3. Go tell the Spartim on

    Tis a bit strange that S McGowan (PL’s go too guy after P67) has penned an article about putting NL out of his misery ? At least two months too late.



    Barry Ferguson piece had me in stitches

  4. Big Wavy,



    Of course people can disagree all they want but show a bit of respect – as I think you do.



    Just as a person being rude may be a way of dealing with their own sh*t, the other person may be dealing with a whole lot more sh*t, and times are tough enough for lots of people at present.




    Big Mick/Jobo,



    Don’t be strangers.




    Hail Hail and Peace ✌️

  5. Go Tell…



    Someone on here (B2B?) posted a few months ago, “if you are going to panic, panic early”



    I’m not sure if the board are not panicking or they work with a different concept of time to most of us.




    Round here -in the Perthshire country -lots of small business and tradesmen and all farm related work is going pretty much as always. I’m going out to work myself just now.

  7. CQN is an excellent site, with excellent posters – past and present.



    I’m not a fan of swearing or name calling.



    However, the constant criticism of anyone who has the audacity to point out “we’re not very good” is poor, in my opinion.



    We have regressed massively in the past 18 months. We have squandered money. We have some real issues on and off the park.



    To state we’re 20 points and 23 goals behind, whilst having 2 games in hand, is not negative. I’m afraid thems the facts.



    I have hugely enjoyed my 6 decades of supporting Celtic. The highs, the lows, the dramas. However, no one can tell me not to call out pish when I see it.



    We are currently pish.

  8. Bada, Nothing strange about Duff quitting Irish job.


    Before England game the Management showed the team a motivational video, which included clips of Easter Rising.


    A Blazer who heard about it deemed the video inappropriate & instigated a bit of a Tribunal.


    Duff was furious & wanted ti resign on the spot. Kenny talked him out of it, but Duff brooded on it and resigned anyway.


    The FAI would feck up anything.


    Melbourne Mick, I totally understand your Post and must say I am of the same mind as you,


    I have cut down my involvement here & when the angry Brigade take over, I just log off.


    I would ask you to keep in touch with site, Hopefully this is a temporary issue & site recovers, if not I will be joining you in Exile.

  9. Melbourne Mick



    Keep the Faith.



    Just scroll on by the tadgers – difficult and annoying it may be

  10. onenightinlisbon on

    Getting “angry”, “annoyed” or “upset” by the situation our club is in is not being negative it’s just seeing things for what they are, we are a disgrace at present from the top down and if we accept that we are dead in the water.

  11. fourstonecoppi on 22nd January 2021 9:48 am



    I hope you realise my use of the term is ironic?


    I definitely did not mean any offense and in fact I use it to try to highlight the ridiculous need for people to define themselves and others by religion. Before i get slaughtered if thats your thing knock yourself out just don’t force it on anyone else.

  12. Dexter P. Bampot on

    Reports club not sacking Lennon and leaving things till Summer.



    If true, that’s a total disgrace. We will then be ill prepared for next season. Also, this window will clearly be a write off.

  13. Corkcelt- thanks for reply, I read the DD story at the time, not sure if it’s that convincing…….

  14. corkcelt on 22nd January 2021 10:42 am



    Sadly your comments on the FAI blazer do not surprise me. I’ve not been to the Republic for a while but used to go regularly for work and whilst there I was regularly amazed at how so many Irish people still seem to associate themselves with England and English institutions.



    As someone who is 100% Scottish but from Irish grandparents I could never feel that way about England.

  15. Just as a wee anecdote to my earlier post I was once asked by a woman in a bar in Dundalk why I would want to see Scottish Independence!! Fair made me laugh and that confused her :-) .

  16. Go tell the Spartim on

    What could possibly go wrong, Bitton at CB for the qualifiers. Why give a new management team anymore than five minutes to evaluate the squad, set a style of play, training sessions, additions to the squad etc



    If this is true then what a cluster…. of a plc we have



    Headinthesand CSC

  17. Dexter, not at all surprised they make the same mistakes every summer, from haggling over a few £ here and there to bringing in players after we have failed to qualify for the CL.



    Currently my main complaint about transfer windows is bringing in signings already too late and then being told they are not fit. Can’t remember any recent signing who went straight into the side.



    Prepare to fail, fail to prepare since around 2006.

  18. Like the Celtic legend , I was sitting here thinking about some of the comments in the last 2 days on squad quality, football management basics, impact of new coaches, how good/bad the huns are etc.



    My memory went back to 2000 when Mjallby was quoted before a huns game that Celtic were a much better team that them



    We got pumped and then roundly laughed at. We lost the league by a ‘then’ record points margin



    Within a year Celtic won a treble after adding Sutton, Thompson, Lennon, Hartson, Balde, Agathe and Douglas



    The obvious conclusion at the time was that Mjallby was delusional and the team were now great due to a £25m spent



    Underneath that though was the fact that Mjallby himself was re-born along with Petrov. Larsson himself moved to another level. McNamara improved , as did Lambert to an extent (was at his peak already i think).



    The 1999/2000 team with the right motivation could have been a lot better. We had Moravcik, Viduka, Larsson etc. 2 defenders and a centre mid with MON would have been a great team. Problem was the huns were spending big so MON did not have the luxury of team development



    I saw that Strachan said something similar recently. His comment has more credence as Celtic have just won 9IAR and a quadreble (a million miles form 2000)



    Positive summary



    If this season’s implosion can be a wake up call for the arrogance I see at Celtic (comfort zone as a minimum) we should only need a positive and focused attitude to get back on top next year without too many changes (just get a solid defence in and stick with it)



    Negative summary



    How do we get that management and focus bounce without the leaders refusing to walk away at least until may?


    How do we make small tweeks to the squad if there really is a sizeable proportion looking to leave?


    How can they decide to stay and fight next season if the direction of the club is unknown?



    Frustration is the key emotion for us all right now (i’m happier when we are great or pish; not should be great but urnae)



    PS Sorry to see POTY gone, thanks Jobo for the efforts


    PPS Celtic FC website has a list of Celtic Legends. Don’t know what the criteria is to get in but note that Lennon, Walker, Nicholas, Brown are not on it so they can squabble as much as they like about who can say what about Celtic😁 Paddy Bonner is on there so leave him alone

  19. Why would we buy in this transfer window when neil won’t be here next season?


    If we do buy then it will be lawwell’s signing which would suggest lawwell will be here next season.



    Stein told Kelly that he would be in charge of the footballing side of things. I would suggest that our next manager demand a guarantee that he has full control of football matters. A guarantee in writing.

  20. If we’re waiting until summer to make a change, hopefully it’s because we have a deal with the new man and need to wait as he’s in a job at the moment. Better to wait for the right person in my view!

  21. Go tell the Spartim on

    Who is going to buy into the “we’ll get a super dooper new management team in the summer” come renewal time?

  22. GO TELL THE SPARTIM on 22ND JANUARY 2021 11:23 AM


    Who is going to buy into the “we’ll get a super dooper new management team in the summer” come renewal time?




    Celtic is a long term commitment so i would never give up my seat no matter how angry i get. I am upper Jungle , centre line and have made a lifelong pal sitting there.



    Selfish? Definitely. Realstic ? Yes. Most people who said they would not renew last year on here admitted that they did in the end for the same reason.

  23. TIMMY7_NOTED on 22ND JANUARY 2021 10:57 AM



    Wasn’t sure ……maybe i jumped the gun, apologise if i caused any offence. Last thing i would want to do would be to force it on anyone else….But anywho i will always stand up!


    HH amigo

  24. Go tell the Spartim on




    I’m automatic renewal in the north east enclosure, sadly as we don’t have a choice of not supporting the team I’m pretty much tied in, did toy with the idea of going pay at the gate but I’m only fooling myself.



    NL still needs to go, he’s not turning it around anytime soon, a battle for second is a sad state of affairs

  25. Go tell the Spartim on 22nd January 2021 11:23 am



    Certainly not me!! Within my group of season ticket holding friends I reckon 5 of 8 will not renew in that environment. We’ve all been season ticket holders since before the Hampden season, some even longer.

  26. Ray Winstone's Big Disembodied Heid on

    So Cheap Pete has swerved his planned video address re the state of play according to Video Celts.



    Status Quo until the summer apparently and he doesn’t mean Francis Rossi et al.



    Can just see him when season ticket renewal time comes round.



    Stick ’em up punks it’s the hun lovin’ criminal.

  27. Go tell the Spartim on

    I don’t think anyone on this site is trying to drive anyone from the site, there’s always been factions, happy clappers vs mineshafters etc



    The option is always scroll by, but then each must make their own decisions

  28. After the kind of cluster f*!k this last 2weeks has had if he was getting the heave ho he would have got it by now !



    As I said yesterday Paul basicly said on radio in z roundabout way he was staying yesterday.



    He is in a position in to know as Peter told him

  29. glendalystonsils on




    Check out Sentinel Celts and you’ll see how many CQN defectors now post there .

  30. Go tell the Spartim on




    I’ve read a few things, though I think the exodus was down to a few factors, including the shift in editorial policy, if I’m mistaken, then I apologise.

  31. Anyone see Arlene. on Question Time,last night.Dear God.A bright Orange jacket,uniform style,and a huge red,white and blue crown brooch,adorning it.Just her Sash missing.

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