Livi pitch an appropriate white flag


Before we get into the meat of the matter, I would like to record how impactful Kristoffer Ajer is at full back.  He is not a full back, of course, this is not even his second best position, but he can get beyond his man and send a dangerous cross into the heart of the penalty box.  This marks him as unique in our full back options.  Of the many lessons from the season, let one be that we need better full backs at both sides of the field.

Conceding fouls inside your own half is not considered a capital crime at other clubs, so we should temper our annoyance at Shane Duffy (or the absent, but often guilty, Diego Laxalt), but we all know Celtic cannot defend set-pieces.  At Livingston’s first goal, it was the otherwise excellent Kris Ajer who failed to track his man, not Nir Bitton, who stuck like glue to his opponent but was blamed by a scapegoat seeking Sky co-commentator.

When Livingston breached the Celtic defence for a second time, I was not concerned, as we were playing well and I expected a 30-minute onslaught towards the Livingston goal.  Instead, Livingston consolidated their position, aided by four substitutions in 17 minutes either side of the goal, which finished Celtic as a threat.  Credit to David Martindale.

Scott Brown’s ‘Get stuck into them’ cameo might have worked in a different era.  We have seen similar flailing arms go completely unpunished against us, but it was the last thing we needed last night.  By full time, the Livingston pitch resembled a very appropriate white flag.

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  1. onenightinlisbon on

    Lennon has an undying love for his bank balance let’s not kid ourselves.



    No humility, no acceptance of his limitations, no acknowledgement that he’s doing more damage than good.

  2. Interesting to see history being re-written and revsionism in plain sight.



    The board knew that BR was flashing his nickers at any high paying job for a full 8 months before he left — management 101 to get the word out that there we were in the market for a new manager.



    As an aside DM was tapped up in March/April 2004 about the upcoming vacancy at CP — he did not give off the correct gagging for it vibe and the caravan moved on.



    This is all about planning and guess what a DD inspired / PL led club is absolutely hopeless at it.



    PL is currently phoning it in — he is a busted flush and will soon be gone.


    DD is sitting on the sidelines and waiting for the moons to align.


    Hopefully he has a plan — if he doesn’t then 22 years of waiting will be in vain.


    No big EPL payday if we are a national laughing stock.



    Running a club of this size is not difficult.


    it only becomes difficult when we rather fight ourselves rather than the opposition on the park.

  3. squire danaher on

    SCHUMMI on 21ST JANUARY 2021 7:21 PM


    Lenny always says he has an undying love for the club, has invested much of his life to his beloved Celtic,yeah.



    If he loves us so much, do the right thing Lenny





    Do you work?



    If you have a contract guaranteeing you terms and conditions and a wage over its duration, would you walk away without what you were entitled to?



    No? Well why should Neil Lennon?

  4. onenightinlisbon on

    Lennon has said on at least three occasions that he would do the right thing if he thought he could do no more for us.

  5. CALL ME GERRY on 21ST JANUARY 2021 4:22 PM



    Precisely what I thought in trying to pick my top 3.



    Though Turnbull and Soro have made it easy to pick 2.

  6. Wouldn’t judge the players too harshly on a pitch which was poor at the start of the game and got progressively worse as it went on. But the thing is we were playing a club with a fraction of our resources, a temporary manager, and who had prioritised their Cup game at the weekend in favour of playing against Neil Lennon’s Celtic team. Think on that for a second. A team who, despite that, could easily have won the match, made better use of their substitutions, and indeed of their overall squad, and to better impact and effect. Fair play to them. On an alternative planet, one where we replaced our manager at the end of last season, and by that I mean after the Scottish Cup final in mid-December, we could have achieved twelve points from four games in the New Year, instead of three, on 55 points, and eight points behind with two games in hand. On a planet where we actually looked at alternatives, but didn’t, to the point where there is no longer any purpose in so doing.


    Apart from carrying on…. with Lenny



    Lennon has said on at least three occasions that he would do the right thing if he thought he could do no more for us.






    And did he specify what ‘the right thing’ is?

  8. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar on



    If you have a contract guaranteeing you terms and conditions and a wage over its duration, would you walk away without what you were entitled to?



    No? Well why should Neil Lennon?





    Hello again :-)



    Although difficult, I think there are circumstances where I would walk away. As I said to Ernie earlier, I was completely wrong to speculate about Neil’s personal circumstances, so I won’t do that.



    A few times in my own job (it is by no means the worst, btw), the only thing that has kept me from saying ‘ram-it’ and walking out was that I needed the money to support the family/pay the mortgage.



    If financial circumstances were different, I’d probably have walked. So it isn’t black and white – much more nuanced than that.



    I appreciate your point though – the underlying issue is the Board. Perhaps they really do think Neil is doing a great job and want to back him as the future of the club – but I doubt they have such a high-minded motivation.









    There are often calls for public figures to resign due to poor performance – thinking particularly about politicians. I thinkresigning

  9. I love the sings from Les Miserables – there’s a couple of lines in Stars that is pertinent to the current situation



    And so it is written


    On the doorway to Paradise


    That those who falter and those who fail


    Must pay the price

  10. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    Deniabhoy 7:16


    There must be dozens of coaches in Europe who would love a shot at managing Celtic.




    Spot on. Look at the quality of coaches clubs like Southampton, Wolves, Leeds and Norwich have been able to get. All while they were in the Championship, apart from Southampton who were near the bottom of the Premier League.


    One name I haven’t seen mentioned is Thomas Frank from Brentford. They play really good football. Unlucky not to get promoted last season and reached the semi-finals of the League Cup.


    As you say, plenty of good coaches in European football if you make the effort to find out about them and show some ambition and give them something to buy into.




    If the “rangers” get to the group stage what does that say about us. It’s all about$$$

  12. ERNIE LYNCH on 21ST JANUARY 2021 5:06 PM






    ‘ I think that Dermott is in the process of selling up if he can find a buyer, who knows? ‘






    Well it’s certainly a novel approach to preparing an asset for sale: reduce it to rubble and then set fire to the rubble.





    Or as strategy vs another shareholder.

  13. lets all do the huddle on

    watching the hairy bikers doing a program about the history of pub grub



    to save me looking up Google – can any of the older cqners explain to me what this concept of a ‘pub’ was?



    i dont think ive heard of such a place

  14. If a Celtic fan has to ask what is a “Hunlike comment” , then maybe they are keeping strange company where such parlance is deemed normal



    What sort of comments are “hun” like?



    Maybe calling one poster an embarrassment and a joke figure then , just a couple of posts later, calling another one a coward might be considered hun like.

  16. Huddle


    A pub was a place some people used to go to before doing something else you won`t be aware of ie going into a massive stadium and watching men play football.

  17. lets all do the huddle on




    A pub was a place some people used to go to before doing something else you won`t be aware of ie going into a massive stadium and watching men play football.








    that must have been decades ago



    that must be what our parents call the good old days



    where did it all go wrong?

  18. Glass2- the Brentford model is very good, exceptional scouting in France,and sell guys on for plenty, they play really good football under Thomas Frank,doing well again this season despite selling Benramha and Watkins for over £50 million.

  19. squire danaher on

    PITYMEVIN on 21ST JANUARY 2021 8:20 PM


    Looks like Eddie Howe as the betting has been suspended.



    Another Celtic site is reporting that Talksport clowns caught up wi the week-old Howe rumour. That’s what probably fuelling the collapse in Howe price and betting being suspended.

  20. Another little thing that kind of annoys me. People spending other people’s money. For all those shouting for Lenny to walk away without a Severence deal (as this will prove his Celtic credentials), I have an alternative suggestion.


    Start up your own go fund me page to pay his severance.


    One condition though. As you ghuys deemed it fit that he should take a serious financial hit to prove his Celticness, then what is sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander.


    No little piddling. donations of 10,20 or 50 quid.


    That won’t cut it. If it is OK with you that he will take the hit while you pontificate.


    £5K MINIMUM donation should be near the mark. Obviously higher depending on your circumstances

  21. PeterLatchfordsBelly on

    We have failed to win 15 out of our past 22 matches. That’s 15 disappointments in quick succession from this team.



    Just think about that for a second. And if you’re anything like me you will conclude… this is a massive test of my faith in Celtic and its leadership.



    I for one remain 100%, nae 1000% behind Neil Lennon and Peter Lawwell, because they are great Celtic men who have never, ever put themselves first, even once.



    And if you don’t agree with all that you’re a massive hun.

  22. ONIL


    You are welcome.


    Incidentally, your blog name really works for me .


    It matches ” A Street Car named Desire”in powerful evocation !!

  23. Word is that Leicester made Rodgers a “now or never” offer even though the season hadn’t finished as they wanted the new man to come in, use the rest of the season to assess the squad then hit the ground running the following season.



    This is what we should be doing – especially with European qualifiers. Leicester are a very well-run club by owners who seem to know the game. We’re not…..alas.

  24. Hotel de Paris on

    Seems to be considerable recent forum comment on ownership. It’s now over 15 years since we last had a new share issue and perhaps now is the time to consider a another one. I am sure that there are thousands of supporters who were too young in 2005 who would like the opportunity to invest in the Club. Perhaps we might get the much talked about Museum built and the Ticket Office moved from the current portacabins.



    The Chairman and Chief Executive often repeat that the key strategy is long-term sustainability. I have always believed that this is driven by Desmond’s reluctance to inject further capital into the Club. At the time of the 2005 share issue (raised £15m to fund Lennoxtown) Desmond, who underwrote and had to pay £10m, made it clear that he did not wish to take outright control. I suspect his position has not changed.



    ‘He did Ernie. He said he would leave.’







    And no doubt he will at some stage.



    Did he say he would resign and walk away short of a year’s wages?

  26. I haven’t seen anyone posting NL should go without getting what he’s due,or cutting a deal….

  27. I hope so with Eddie Howe or even Howie Edd anyone would be better than Neil Lennon.



    Next get rid of the RAT Peter Liewell.



    D :)