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  1. No Bobby Does It Petta on

    Away songbook embarrassing yet again.



    2020, not 1920.




  2. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    Can anyone tell me what Elyanoussi did in those 45 minutes? Supposedly there for his ‘physicality’.






    Playing the ball to Taylor is a complete waste of time.

  3. The hands cant hit what the eyes cant see on

    We have 4 fit strikers, are playing 3-5-2, but only manage to have one in the starting 11. Cant quite understand that.



    If we want to be attacking, let Elyanoussi play on left instead of Taylor and get Bayo on to add a threat from crosses.

  4. Corkcelt



    I think we are playing well; we always have a mistake in us



    Bitton my man so far; McGregor class as always

  5. Not bad. Seems like we learnt from the first game and are matching them physically. They are well organised and making the pitch congested and we’re struggling to open them up.



    I’d like to see Griff and Eddie together again…not really sure what Elyanoussi does.



    Still think we can win this. If not for a mistake from FF (if that was given as a foul the other end, we’d be screaming about how soft it was – it wasn’t a foul), we’d be 1-0 up.



    Bit more sharpness around the final third and we’ll win this.



    Could be worse….could be 0-0 at home to Hamilton….

  6. The hands cant hit what the eyes cant see on

    McGregor is our best holding midfielder, box to box midfielder and No. 10. Great player.

  7. if we play to the whistle we clear the ball at their goal, don’t expect/assume anything from this ref.

  8. Some nice stuff.Big keeper should be clearing all in front of him with the balls into the box.Height and weight,no contest.A weakness he has.

  9. Handled most of their in your face stuff, foul throw, they equalise Collum is never giving that as a foul on Forster, poor from him, hopefully bag a couple of these chances around their box, but they are hard to play against, no wonder they have 2k at their games.

  10. Coneybhoy, I agree re Bitton & CalMac, they are the pick of first half, not sure why Taylor is getting pelters, doing OK for me.


    Eddie causing them a few problems stuck one over from decent position but desperately unlucky with one that came off inside of post.

  11. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    Rogic and Griffiths for me if Elyanoussi and Christie don’t improve dramatically by the 60 minute mark.



    Hayes for Taylor soon thereafter.

  12. i'vehadtochangemynamebacktojackiemac on

    Pivotal 45 mins ahead. The huns squad has waned and points have been dropped; the charismatic leadership of SG hasn’t been able to plug the gap and probably made things worse. We’re one all after a decent first half and an iffy livi goal. Us dropping points here might give them hope, and they do have big games in them. If they drop points it’s all but ours.

  13. I counted 4 tackles from behind that went unpunished as the ball broke to Livi player….and left Celtic player on deck …cheatin….

  14. Their keeper is clearly poor as per our goal.



    FFS let’s have a few shots at him…

  15. we should have one of players stand close/front of the thrower and make an issue of the foul throw as soon as it happens.

  16. Bognor in retrospect it was a foul throw OK but Forster didn’t know that, most Keepers would have punched that away so yes I’m afraid Forster is at fault for that one.

  17. Fuck me


    This is looking like a horror show


    2 1 to LIVI NOW




    I am consistant…the livi goal was a good goal for me.


    Sick of the protection keepers get.



    However..typical that it is the celtic goalie who gets punished.