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  1. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    MADMITCH on 20TH JANUARY 2021 6:47 PM


    B2B @ 6.19



    Your vax stat is tripe.








    MM (see what I did there?) …. 🙂



    …. Check it out.



    GOV.UK might be indicative of the data’s provenance?



    And now to the game ….



    Hail hail



    Keep The Faith

  2. BT,



    I spent some time reading up on the ArchBishop , I knew some small things, however, the tributes, and the humilty of the man shone through all of the links, quite special human.



    And them there was the Celtic.

  3. AR. Not a great player but he managed to put in the two best crosses of the game a few days ago

  4. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    I’ll be disappointed if it’s two up top with Elyanoussi starting ahead of both Ajeti and Kamala.






    Just watched the service for he reception of Archbishop Tartaglia in the cathedral . His brother Msr Gerry gave a lovely eulogy also







    God rest his soul and pray for his family and friends







    Thanks BT





    A worthy repost.







    Do your best Celtic.





    Diff night.hard shift





    Work to do.go to it.








  6. Go tell the Spartim on




    You can never say that often enough he is indeed a fan.. sorry phoney




    I watched that too in the company of my brother in law who was taught at seminary by both Tartaglia brothers and spoke very highly of them.



    As you know our team got a mention during the eulogy and it was clear how much the Archbishop loved our Club but also and more importantly how much he loved his family and his people.

  8. Come on Celtic






    Bet pumped Man City won 2-0 but needed 3 or more goals in game..

  9. B2B @ 7.51



    You analysis then is forced / partial / slanted.


    Why do you highlight the lower figure when the focus is on giving as many people as possible one dose?



    What would you do?


    Give people their second dose or max out the rate of people getting their first dose?



    I fear with this — the great is the enemy of the good.

  10. Plus Not Jacinda and her Nat feakshow are not handling the vaccination programme very well.



    Towns 5 miles apart:



    Town One — No news yet of the 85 plus getting their jabs.


    Town Two — 75 to 80 year old getting their jabs this week.



    She really is a special kind of useless.

  11. That prk Walker talking about trips 30 years ago,then says ‘we’re in the here and now’

  12. One thing that is really annoying on a football blog is people posting drivel as if it is fact.




  13. Kris Boyd – I wouldn’t give him the time. I could let him annoy me. But why waste the energy. I hope he is happy in his life.



    The problem is sky employing barely articulate agenda driven guys who don’t really know much about the game. They are short changing their customers.

  14. Disappointed that we have not elected to go with 2 strikers. 4-4-2 diamond was bearing fruit.



    I feel sorry for Ajeti and Klimala as neither have been given a proper run of games.



    Why we are playing ME who has been unimpressive and is on loan, is beyond me.

  15. Evening folks , can I challenge posters to only post positives DURING the game and leave criticisms real or imagined to post match ?

  16. Good luck to him, but not tonight!



    David Martindale has made a sensational start to life in management with Livingston but faces a nervous wait to discover whether he can continue in the role.



    The Scottish Football Association will this week discuss whether Martindale passes a ‘fit and proper person’ test because of his criminal past.



    Martindale served four years of a six-and-a-half-year sentence for drugs and money-laundering offences in 2006. He feels he has been rehabilitated and hopes that will be recognised.

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