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  1. if we have no game this weekend maybe Lenny can take our ‘elite athletes’ squad to a local training camp.

  2. Go tell the Spartim on

    Hitting refresh in the hope that he’s left the club, futile, I know, but don’t crush any hope of it happening.



    I really can’t see the point of them keeping him on now as it’s anyone but Lennon stage, at least for me it is

  3. The Comfortable Collective on

    One question to the people at Celtic who I pay in excess of £1,300 each year for my two season tickets in the main stand.



    If this Ibrox based football club win the league this year will they insist this is their first league win?

  4. KevinLasVegas,


    Only saying,we have had great success,and will again.I feel fortunate to have seen both 9s,Lisbon,Centenary year,the 4 Trebles,and witnessed some dross in between.We will be back.Boards change,managers change.

  5. Too many biased Tim’s on here .


    It was a definite red card .


    Utter stupidity by Brown .



    Far too many weak players who lack stamina and utter body strength.



    We need an extensive clear out of sub standard players .


    Picked and coached by sub standard scouts , managers and coaches.



    We tire after 60 mins in most matches .



    We need a Hartson type CF .


    Och ! I give up .


    There is not one player that I’m bothered if they leave .


    Not one .




  6. prestonpans bhoys on




    They’ll say nothing, as usual!

  7. MADMITCH on 20TH JANUARY 2021 11:06 PM


    JF @ 10.47




    We owe NL a huge amount of gratitude.






    I owe Neil Lennon nothing.



    I want him out of my Club.

  8. TURKEYBHOY on 20TH JANUARY 2021 11:13 PM







    ‘Only saying,we have had great success,and will again.I feel fortunate to have seen both 9s,Lisbon,Centenary year,the 4 Trebles,and witnessed some dross in between.We will be back.Boards change,managers change.’







    How is ownership and control of the club going to change?



    How long did the Kelly/White dynasty last? How many generations?

  9. I worked in Dubai for 2 years,and it never affected me as bad as it has our team,after only 5 days.

  10. AD- he’s on a 1 year rolling contract, pay him up ,will be 1st of June probably, don’t see £1.2m anywhere




    What pish is that? Lennon picked a fight with the media, with the government and with other clubs the other day. He was swinging punches like a drunk Milwall fan.



    He was asked follow-up questions on the fights HE started. If you think that’s him putting up with anything untoward you need to take the blinkers off.



    I will beat the shit out of the media when they deserve it. Any journalist who WASN’T asking him follow up questions would be derelict in their duties. These guys did their job. It would fit him better if he was doing better at his own.

  12. Go tell the Spartim on

    How to win over the Celtic Support


    Replace NL with a capable managerial set up


    Win the Scottish Cup (not that it matters)


    Congratulate Triggers Broom on their first major league win


    Call out referees


    Call out SFA directly or via Res 12


    Call out Sky / BBC / SMSM


    Call out institutionalised and Scotland’s bigotry


    Sell those that want to go, Christie, Ntcham, et al


    Recruit from a better level of player pool


    I’m certain Desmonds boy would win many plaudits for that, for me just doing the first one is a place to start

  13. Spikey – Pablo isnae deed, he is alive and living on Roystonhill, I’m sure a seen him the Garngad Bar standing beside Albert.



    What a shambles again. Ah well bed time, stroll on St Midden at paradise a week today.



    Drew1967 – No luck with the bet.




    D :)

  14. Ernie,


    I have seen lots of change in my time.Granted the Kelly ,Whites took some shifting,but managers,CEOs,I have seen plenty,and a few chairmen.Times change.

  15. Spikey @ 11.18


    Fluke results can happen . 7 wins from 22 aint no fluke.


    Im sure Neil will learn from tonights experience though .

  16. Utter shambles.



    Any sympathy I had for Neil is waning.



    Please, please, please Neil if they are not going to sack you just go.



    Its beyond Embarrassing now.



    D :)

  17. @ TCC SKY…promoting 55….Here’s a thought… Neil Francis..squares up to the bias2d camera lizards…………………. i apologise for my comments recently as regards … Covid ……………………………………………… Considering the concern of the Scottish Government and everyone and their Granny..I see no other option than to call this season Null And Void…The health of Scotland depends on you .

  18. JF – if you think for a minute SG would have had to put up with that pish then so be it


    NFL asked the prick more than once to stop


    SG wasnt even asked a single question when he said that Rangers had been treated unfairly for years after about week in the job


    NFL defended himself and the club against the media and the gov


    Forget about good PR for Celtic – did we get it before 1966 – cos thats when i was born and i dont recall any


    You seem to be saying he brought it on himself – where have i heard it that before


    Nobody on here is defending him as a coach, but there are plenty who will defend him as a celtic minded human being living in shytehole of a country (even when the team are as bas as they are now)

  19. TURKEYBHOY on 20TH JANUARY 2021 11:21 PM



    The individual who has presided over this catastrophe is in an unassailable position.



    That’s not going to change.

  20. Unfortunately we have ended up with a manager who’s idea of coaching is to make bizarre substitutions on the 70 min mark after standing in the dugout for the first 69mins bellowing out instructions to ‘Soro’…..I have no idea why Soro is singled out for the man to man pitchside coaching but it was even happening in his fleeting appearances and minutes earlier in the season when he was never a starter….bizarre.

  21. October 2020 and Neil says “if things start to deteriorate rapidly, I’ll hold my hands up and go”



    Dear oh dear what has happened.



    This is the board taking the piss now.



    Uch goodnight all work manana.



    D :)

  22. David66 , thats also the way i see it now .


    Total piss take from everyone concerned at the club ,


    Goodnight and don’t have nightmares

  23. Dermott Desmond and the Board need to be very careful. In the past when fans became frustrated and then downright angry with a Celtic manager we saw change. Gordon Strachan, Tony Mowbray, Ronny Deila. We didn’t really have to wait all that long for it to happen. I was told earlier tonight that when Tony Mowbray was sacked after the St. Mirren defeat we were only 10 points behind.




    This situation has gone on for far too long. There were a lot of calls for change after Ferencvaros. It has now become a tidal wave of discontent with the manager. Many fans are very angry, some are past angry and the first stages of apathy are beginning to manifest themselves. The biggest danger to any business is apathy. ‘I don’t care any longer, it doesn’t matter what you do or say, nothing changes.’




    Many fans have already made up their minds and will not renew season tickets. COVID apart, all things being equal there will be many who will find other things to do when Celtic are playing next season. Desmond wants to show us who is boss. He better watch out or he’ll be king of an empty kingdom.

  24. the life of a tim


    hating every minute of the 90 mins, hating the media and the blogosphere but still pissed off that there’s no game at the weekend




    Lennon was asked legitimate questions. He was demanding that journalists not do their job. He doesn’t get to tell them what questions they can and can’t ask, especially after he’s done so much to provoke the debates he wanted shut down. His behaviour is outrageous. His sense of entitlement is astounding.

  26. Didn’t see it due to work, text updates only. Gutted I missed it to be honest.



    He should have gone months ago. Perhaps never walked back in the door. Wasn’t just the moneyed ones that put him there, many of the feet on the street wanted it as well. 



    Anyway, he’s gone now so we can plan for the future.



    Night Trump. Now we repair.




  27. It is actually amazing how much time managers can get to turn things around when matchday tickets do not have to be sold in the coming days and weeks…..unfortunately this whole episode and performance by the Celtic Fc board could a defining moment in our modern history.A section of our support will not be supporting in the same way for some time no matter how this plays out….They [the board] are only interested in selling tickets and season tickets.They are not custodians of our club and they have not done our current manager any favours either.He was never going to get a top job after Celtic but I doubt he will get a job as a manager at any level after the way things have gone in the last two months.




    The stadium won’t be empty…. That I can assure you.



    If there are 20k there so be it

  29. PAULOANTONY on 20TH JANUARY 2021 11:49 PM






    The stadium won’t be empty…. That I can assure you.




    If there are 20k there so be it




    Perhaps I was exaggerating about the stadium being empty, but believe me, if only 20000 buy season tickets, as far as Desmond and the Board are concerned, it might as well be empty.

  30. JAMES FORREST on 20TH JANUARY 2021 11:46 PM



    Did/Would these same journalists afford SG the same questions?



    As I’ve said before…. They ain’t throwing our Neil to the same baying mob who have wanted his blood on their hands for nearly 24 years.



    No way



    My club will handle it respectfully