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    I’d sooner sit beside one those 20k that sit beside the ones writing things on the official celtic twitter such as ‘can we hang him now’



    Despicable…. And not even a parody account




    This is very simple. Lennon went in front of the press on Monday and deliberately provoked them. He knew there would be fallout from his remarks. The club has not endorsed a word of it. He knew that there would be follow-ups and responses. He did this to himself.



    He was asked the questions ANY manager would have been asked who did what he did. Stop trying to turn this into an anti-Celtic thing, it absolutely was not. Lennon accused the government – the GOVERNMENT – of having an agenda against us just days after the club CEO THANKED THEM … only in a completely closed mind is that not a momentous news story and worth following up.



    I will lash the press when they cross the line – I did that very thing today – but not when they do their damned jobs. Which is all they tried to do tonight. Who is he that he can start a fire like this and then walk away from the consequences of it?



    And the answer to your question is “yes.” They would have treated Gerrard the same way. The only difference is – and I can’t believe I’m writing this – Gerrard would not have acted so petulently and been so unprofessional as Lennon was on Monday, with scattergun lunatic ravings.



    But if Gerrard has EVERYONE on this blog would have said he was ranting like a maniac and coming unglued. I would have written the articles on it laughing my ass off. I wasn’t laughing here, I assure you.

  3. PauloAnthony



    Absolutely agree that that is despicable. Anyone writing such a thing is not a Celtic supporter but as far as I’m concerned it has nothing to do with my belief that there will be a huge downturn in season ticket sales next season unless dramatic change takes place soon. Desmond holds all the aces at the moment as Ernie Lynch keeps reminding us but the power to change things lies with the Celtic support.

  4. JAMES FORREST on 21ST JANUARY 2021 12:01 AM



    Our opinions on this are respectfully chalk and cheese

  5. pauloantony on 20th January 2021 11:57 pm



    If you really saw that flag it and have them booted. That said, no Celtic fan would say that.






    James Forrest on 21st January 2021 12:01 am



    Easy with the Gerard stuff mate. He’s freaked, raged and been a conspiracy guy with the press.

  6. Only one question from me.


    What did we work on in Dubai?




    We have no shape. No spirit either. Bad fouls ignored. No collective. Just acceptance when it goes wrong or against.



    Players extracting huge monies with no return. No care either.



    I’d name individuals but my post would be too long.



    Never felt this numb or disinterested in my team. Never. Taking more hits than Pornhub on a Friday night.



    There’s something rotting in my club and it needs excised.




    After 15 titles in 20 years and a recently delivered quadruple treble perhaps Desmond is sick of the abuse he’s endured recently too.



    I most certainly would be.



    Perhaps he’s ready to walk



    You never know



    The next Kelly mcginn or white could be waiting for such a opportunity

  8. PAULOANTONY on 21ST JANUARY 2021 12:09 AM






    After 15 titles in 20 years and a recently delivered quadruple treble perhaps Desmond is sick of the abuse he’s endured recently too.




    I most certainly would be.




    Perhaps he’s ready to walk




    You never know




    The next Kelly mcginn or white could be waiting for such a opportunity





    Do me a favour. Please.



    Yes we’ve had a great time of it with all the trophies you mention. Most of us have been through the hard times as well. The early 60s. Rangers 9 in a row. Many other leagues and cups lost but still we turned up. No it’s not because we’re about to lose this league title, it is the manner in which we are losing it. You seem to love Neil Lennon. Good on you. Others don’t. He’s not up to the job. We lost this league title the day he was appointed in the showers. Despite having a huge financial advantage over Sevco and every other team in Scotland as well as many of the teams who have beaten us in Europe we have managed to seize defeat from the jaws of victory. The Celtic fans saw off the Kelly’s and White’s and if they put their mind to it they’ll see off Desmond too. Incidentally, where were that 20000 you are talking about on the day the fans killed off the Kelly’s and White’s before Fergus took over. They certainly weren’t inside Celtic Park.

  9. Interviews took place with Neil and the players after the Scottish Cup win to the quadruple treble in all the mainstream outlets Radi, print & social media etc. A week later he was still being asked how it felt and what it meant to him and the club. Not once did he say “I went through all this last week can we leave it at that?”



    Neil cannot have a press conference like he did last week and then think he can just shut down questions on it at will. por cierto.

  10. DD only has eyes on the bottom line. If, as he is well aware, this is now in serious jeopardy he will make changes, but, and it’s a BIG but, he has had a lot of bottom line success recently and if you think he will change his financial method of operation?, he won’t. He’ll just want more of the things that worked before and will steer all his decisions towards that end. por cierto

  11. We must ignore those distractions and issues which are not adding any value to our performance.



    Press conference blow outs, pitch types, foreign travel or COVID related distancing.



    All at CP need to fully focus on our on field performance. If they do, they’d realise we’re pish and change is now beyond urgent.



    No more excuses, no more delays

  12. I was watching tonight’s game through one eye because of an eye infection so I may have missed a fair bit but…..



    I thought Livi easily outplayed us at CP and we were dead lucky to get away with a draw.



    I thought tonight we were slightly better than them but did not clearly deserve a win.



    Only Elyounoussi and Ajer showed sufficient drive for me though Kris Boyd tried to convince me that Greg Taylor had a good game – I am honestly struggling for a 3rd pick in Jobo’s competition- should I give it to Tayloron Kris’s say so? That would mean giving 2 votes to 2 players culpable in conceding our goals.



    Livi players played thet ref- Duffy did concede that foul leading to the first goal but the Livi player dropped to the ground as if assaulted when it was just a shirt pull. Yes Broony sought contact with the livi player and a hand thrown at chest level connected with a face. Nine times out of ten it’s a YC offence but the reaction of the lIvi player made up the ref’s mind. The “stonewall” pen. claim their manager reported was of the same calibre. Klimala went to bump their player in a challenge and as he started to fall to earh there was a connection with hand and back of neck. No pain or assault made those players go to ground; they threw themselves and WC responded as WC does.



    I was not too gutted by tonight as I reckon we finally lost the outside chance of a league at Ibrox when we got feart after going down to 10 men.



    We have been dead men walking since then, including Neil. I like his passion and his unrepentant nature but he has already lost this job. He is just treading water until someone new can be found.



    We still have 2nd place to play for and one cup. We are a few games past the time when Neil needs to be taken out of this firing line. We have enough competent coaches to see us through until the summer and achieve these aims if the guy we want is not available till then.



    But we definately need a couple of defenders before this window shuts as we are likely to lose a fair whack of players this window or by the summer.



    Eddy and Ajer are good enough to command attention from bigger clubs and enhance their careers.



    Christie, Ntcham, Jullien and possibly Rogic and Calmac have all done enough to attract lower level EPL or Championship clubs who will pay them much more.



    Frustrated youngsters like Dembele, Harper and Okoflex are already seeking new clubs.



    Duffy will escape his nightmare here and go back south. Laxalt will attract some foreign attention as a decent player with flaws and Barkas may realise he is not suited to us and go back to Greece.



    We need a training ground coach who can develop payers not a transfer wheeler -dealer.



    Meanwhile, take Neil Lennon out of our firing line

  13. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    SFTB @ 12:50 – thank you.



    Am glad the last post I will read tonight is measured and intelligent.



    Hail hail



    Keep The Faith

  14. POR CIERTO on 21ST JANUARY 2021 12:40 AM


    DD only has eyes on the bottom line. If, as he is well aware, this is now in serious jeopardy he will make changes, but, and it’s a BIG but, he has had a lot of bottom line success recently and if you think he will change his financial method of operation?, he won’t. He’ll just want more of the things that worked before and will steer all his decisions towards that end. por cierto





    I wouldn’t disagree with you that he will adopt that modus operandi if it has given him success previously but what I would say he’ll have to do a hell of a lot more work this time around in selling it to the Celtic fans than he did previously. I’m not sure if he fully appreciates the extent of the supports anger. Producing Roy Keane or Martin O’Neill or Gordon Strachan as his rabbit out of the hat will only exacerbate an already serious situation and will lead to a further alienation of the support. We gave up our money this season knowing that most likely we would not get into a game at Celtic Park. A massive Act of Faith by our support. We have been let down badly and the man we gave our money too, Dermott Desmond, wants to teach us all a lesson? Wants to show us whose the biggest shareholder. Wants to show us who is the boss. He might want to do it on the cheap as you suggest but it is likely to blow up in his face. If he does that and it goes wrong it’ll only take another season to sort him out. He won’t be able to repeat it then.

  15. Realistically by the summer we could be without:



    Bolingoli (no big loss)




    Duffy (please sooner)






    Rogic (no big loss these days)




    Laxalt (no big loss)








    Abd Elhamed



    The lack of planning and strategy has been unforgivable. Heads need to roll.



    The players we manage to get fees for will be significantly lower than we would have under a better manager and coaching staff.



    The cheap option at management and 1st team coaching level is a false economy.

  16. This is my dream: we get new manager and backroom staff that have the kind of vision Brendan Rodgers had. We buy well and coach well with a view of winning the league and doing well in Europe. Except when we are playing say rangers and remaining top three teams below us we regularly bring in young players and players who are usually on the bench, two at a time say. If they are fit and we are playing a system they should be able to fit in and always be ready and motivated when injury strikes a regular player. No more loans, no more taking players who haven’t played for a year or so. It’s not an impossible dream.

  17. Good morning all from a freezing but snow free Garngad



    Subs were baffling again last night, I thought Ajer was doing a great job getting up and down the line. I also thought Turnbull was starting to come into the game and he did not look to happy at getting hooked.


    All like for like subs, why not try something different Neil.



    Usual suspects that keep losing the ball Christie, Moi (but what a goal), Taylor could not cross the road, he got by the guy all night and his ball in either found 1 of their players or their keeper.


    Duffy is well Duffy.


    Bitton thinks he is Franco Berasi.


    Barkas I think Livvy had 2 shots on target and scored. This guy could not keep weans out a close. Why not give Hazzard a run that lad must think wtf.



    You know what our hierarchy are Extracting Urine here, which other Celtic manager has had such a catastrophic fall from grace on and off the field,



    Do we not work on set plays or crossing the ball or shooting in training?


    Dubai was well worth the £400k or £500k Neil…NOT






    D :)

  18. I would not be surprised if NFL gives the team a weekend off as we have no game instead of having them in working.



    Also was there no Orange ball last night ffs you could hardly see the ball not as if the Ref did not know of snow forecast etc.



    Watched Neil giving a presser to CTV he said we had lots of chances, aye maybe if you had 2 natural strikers on the pitch to convert the chances Neil, it really isnae Rocket science.






    D :)

  19. spikeysauldman on

    JF –


    I will lash the press when they cross the line – I did that very thing today – but not when they do their damned jobs.



    thats a line taken from yer man Phil’s blog about who ?



    Defending the Scottish MSM to get yer point across about NFL not being up to the job is mmmmm



    I hear what you are saying on all points BUT thar pr1ck macintyre has previous, he would never have done it with any Hun manager (what about the Smith days) and whether you like it or not Lennon returned fire (rightly or wrongly).



    All i want is a level playing field in Scotland. All I know is it will never happen. I’ll go on the defensive all the time.



    Hail Hail

  20. With the likely departures of half the squad before next season starts, and with big financial losses just around the corner, I have little confidence for next season either.


    We will not spend our way out of this hole. Transfer income will be to shore up the balance sheet. We are kidding ourselves on if we think there is a barrowload of money waiting to be spent. Next manager will have a decimated squad and little cash to get in any real quality.

  21. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    ‘I won’t walk away, vows Lennon’.



    I’m sure he won’t.



    A couple of months back Paul wrote ‘things will get worse’.



    My first thought was, how?



    Surely you don’t mean more dropped points, falling further behind in the title race and/or ignominious exit from domestic cup competitions?



    All came to pass, but this morning the penny dropped. I’d asked the wrong question.



    Instead of asking HOW, I should have asked WHY?



    WHY will things get worse?



    I’ve realised the manager WANTS to be sacked and the Board are refusing to sack him.



    We are now in a dangerous internal Mexican stand-off where the latter seem happy to let him stew in the hope that repetitional damage and professional embarrassment will force him to resign. The former hopes excruciatingly poor results and fan pressure will force the Board’s hand to pay him off.



    Unfortunately Paul could write the same headline today.



    But the league is gone, there’s no post-Christmas European football, we’re already out the league cup, how can things get worse from here?



    Watch the manager’s behaviour become more ‘controversial’ (I still have not seen any of his latest presser on any official Celtic media. channels). Watch his team selection, tactics and substitutions become even more baffling. And perhaps most worrying of all, watch Aberdeen close ‘the gap’. That’s his ace card.

  22. Before the season started, we were all happy, no one was sold


    We bought, Ajeti, Barkas, Turnbull, and brought in Elyanousi, Duffy and Laxalt (outwith Turnbull, all internationalists)


    We had more than enough to achieve our goal of 10 – look at our squad




    We have stuck by a poor manager, and gave him a poor coaching team


    Yes the ultimate target is total lack of leadership, and direction



    Sort out the management team first.



    Anyone think we would find ourselves where we do, had we a first class manager and coaches ???

  23. squire danaher on




    As you will guess I didn’t agree with everything you said on radio but well done on representing yourself and us with insight and awareness.



    You came across well.

  24. PS Garden leave


    is the new way clubs move on from their management teams, picking up costs through 12 months, so no one off huge hit

  25. Jobo – say it ain’t so.



    Null & Void for the CQN Player of the Year? How will I know that players I think have played well is in line or out of line with all the others?



    Unrelated – anyone know when the golf season starts. The courses should be empty as fans of the Sevco flock to staunchly support them.

  26. If Neil Lennon stays, we’re in a fight for second place.



    It must be very clear even for our delusional major shareholder that Lennon has no future at Celtic.



    The longer this goes on the worse the situation will become.



    Neil won’t go without his payout, pay him and show him the door. Do it now.

  27. squire danaher on

    For those who haven’t heard it



    Paul on Radio Scotland approx 8:22, advising that anyone with expectations of E Howe better lower them on the understanding that EH is unlikely to want to come to Scotland.



    Does this mean initial approaches been made and rebuffed? Or that we don’t think he’s suitable for whatever reason – inc eg working relationship with PL issues ??



    P67 says we are unlikely to appoint a manager soon as anyone we would want is likely to be currently in work and being successful at lower profile European club.



    No one inside CP or elsewhere in Scotland is assessed as having necessary skill set.



    Unspoken logical conclusion to be drawn then is that NL is in position until end of season

  28. …..The hopes, dreams and ambitions in the summer are being buried under a rubble of blunders – on and off the pitch……



    Taken from Paul67’s latest piece. Is this the first time he has been openly critical of the non football dept. this season?



    ‘I won’t walk away, vows Lennon’.




    I’ve realised the manager WANTS to be sacked and the Board are refusing to sack him.




    Exactly. I think many now understand this. NL wants his money for everything he’s had to put up with from the Board and PL especially not allowing him his own coaching staff and for everything he believes he’s invested in the club.


    Well I hope he gets it soon.



    He’s still saying he doesn’t understand how things went wrong and about the only concrete thing he can point to is the players’ weak mentality. What happened to the highly remunerated psychologist?



    1. How do you prove to him that fitness levels have gone down? We all think so, but what are the facts?


    2. How do you prove to him that not having players in their preferred position leads to a poorer performance?


    3. How do you prove to him that buying or loaning players who haven’t played competitively for a year or more in a season when everyone has to perform from the get go just won’t give you the results you need?


    4. How do you convince him that when you lose a star player with a certain set of skills you need to replace them with at player with at least the same set of skills if not at the same level, e.g. Tierney – an attacking full back who is great defending and going forward in creating assists gets replaced by Boli Boli then Taylor then Laxalt. We had FF ingoal and we knew Bain wasn’t good enough so we bought Barkas and I now no longer believe he will turn out good. We need better than him and Hazard especially for playing in Europe. Woods is supposed to be a great goalkeeping coach but he doesn’t it appears have much to work with. God knows about Klimala and Ajeti. Can they play together or with Griffith or do we have to go back into the markets for another 9Million striker when Eddie is gone? We seem to penny pinch (PL) and don’t get players who arguably turn out to be just the kind of players we need (McGinn and Toney).