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  1. A couple of months ago I thought it was bad, but we’d been through worse before. However, this is fast getting to be up there as one of the worst seasons ever (considering how strong we were not so long ago) . The substitutions last night were truly woeful. How could he take Ajer off! We lost any impetus after those substitutions. The longer this goes on the bigger the task for any new manager.

  2. SQUIRE DANAHER on 21ST JANUARY 2021 8:42 AM



    Thanks for letting us know Squire. I thought that might happen.



    Well it’s time for me to take an extended break from Celtic Quick News. I’ll be back when we appoint a new manager. The blog is taking over my life and I’ve actually got other important matters to attend to (even during lockdown 😀) Take care everybody no matter your views on Celtic and stay safe.



    Hail! Hail!



    If we cannot attract an Englishman, why not someone from the Continent? There must be plenty. I guessed the writing was on the wall when Lennybhoy said the other day that Howe was wanted but it was be no means certain he would come.





    This seems to me again of ‘we’ve no idea what we’re doing here, so we’ll look at the telly and see who we might fancy and is unemployed and go for him’. There’s no network really is there? No real scouting system, no corporate plan, no strategy, just ask somebody, who’ll ask somebody else for someone’s phone number, pathetic really

  4. one of the problems with Duff y is that he thinks if he gets his head to the ball and makes any kind of contact that he has done his job , he even tries to head the ball when its nearly on the ground, any decent centre back/defender would control the ball and start an attack, Duff y is also a football dinosaur .

  5. Lennon is better paid than most managers in Serie A or La Liga.



    We do not need an EPL manager.



    In short, Lawwell do your job.

  6. Go tell the Spartim on

    Why would you even talk to Shortie?


    If NL is not removed soon then the only conclusion is that this is part of the great old firm plan.



    This is your financial wizards doing, how’s that going ?

  7. jimbob71 & little Miss jimbob on




    What did you notice about Griifiths and Turnbull when they came off the pitch?

  8. One of the few things that Neil Lennon and I agree on.



    We were singing about 10IAR when we hadn’t even won 8 or 9. So I suppose we deserve all we get for that.

  9. DD, PL and NL at present are our Melchet, Blackadder and Baldrick – you can choose who is who


    Not at all funny

  10. has anyone said why Edouard was not in the squad? Covid again or isolating due to Ntcham having it? Don’t think Sky even asked the question. Just said ‘ not back in the squad’

  11. AN DÚN on 21ST JANUARY 2021 9:26 AM


    Barkas last night looked genuinely frightened every time the ball came into his box.



    Has he got within a post code of a save since he joined ?



    £5 million up in smoke and were haggling over Lennon’s pay out ?





    Barkas was bitten by a rabid football as a child.


    Hence why he’s fekin terrified of getting close to another one.



    HH jg

  12. It is obvious that the players don’t like or respect our manager and it is also obvious the manager treats his players with contempt.


    As I said previously the rant at the press conference came after a meeting with the players before it.


    The manager has lost it big time,he must be removed for the team/club sake and for his own .


    Why did Hibernian remove him ?

  13. lets all do the huddle on

    has anyone said why Edouard was not in the squad? Covid again or isolating due to Ntcham having it? Don’t think Sky even asked the question. Just said ‘ not back in the squad




    lennon said a knee injury

  14. lets all do the huddle on

    i think Brown has realised his time is nearing an end and doesnt give a shit any more



    think of the penalty he gave away at easter road



    he ran to the hibs player, pushed him over then walked away after the ref peeped his whistle without a care in the world



    last nights offence also showed some not-giving-shit signs

  15. jimbob71 & little Miss jimbob on

    Absolutely sure someone like Eddie Howe isn’t going to come to Scotland?



    Why not Paul67?



    Absolutely sure someone like Eddie Howe isn’t going to come to Scotland?




    Why not Paul67?





    Because Peter told Paul to tell us.



    Cos we’re the hoi polloi (remember that shop from back in the day) that Bankier told to settle down and sit down.



    Not another thin dime from me till PL is gone and a new, credible management team is in place.



    And yet I still tune in, with hope in my heart.



    HH jg

  17. P67 on RS this morning — complete sock puppet.


    He did the interview with PL’s hand up his erse.


    Excuse fest trying — and failing — to justify doing nothing.



    Last night’s game was interesting — we took a sore one but played well in the first half.


    if KA had scored on the break then it would have been happy days.



    However in the second half everything changed in the first 15 minutes to the point that we were back being the pub team that has destroyed our season.



    Everybody playing to their own agenda with the usual cameos added for good measure.



    We need change now.


    If PL cannot deliver it then he needs to be replaced.


    This is now existential — yesterday we were Carthage now we are Leeds.

  18. jimbob71 & little Miss jimbob on




    You are the type of guy who will always have hope in your heart mate and I can tell that just from reading your comments on here! (oh, and on Twitter!)




  19. Listen, this is how it works.



    We win 9 in a row



    They win 9 in a row



    We win 9 in a row




  20. Domestically, the overriding objective is to win our tenth consecutive league title.



    Ian Bankier, Chairman 26 October 2020



    We believe that we have built a modern, internationally recognised football club that operates to the highest standards and one that our fans can be proud of



    Peter Lawwell , Chief Executive 26 October 2020

  21. jimbob71 & little Miss jimbob on



    it’s ok, they can’t win 9 in a row to complement your sequence.



    They were liquidated, remember….?!




  22. LETS ALL DO THE HUDDLE on 21ST JANUARY 2021 10:48 AM


    has anyone said why Edouard was not in the squad? Covid again or isolating due to Ntcham having it? Don’t think Sky even asked the question. Just said ‘ not back in the squad



    lennon said a knee injury







    Thanks, I must be getting cloth eared.



    Wonder why there is no confirmation on the infected player

  23. Go tell the Spartim on

    If P67’s interview is the plc stock answer, then we have bigger things to worry about than a piss poor replacement for Lennon

  24. jimbob71 & little Miss jimbob on




    If you are suggesting Sevco are gonna win a 9 in a row, please tell me when they get their first so I can go into hiding for the next 8 years!!!







  25. What is PL going to do today to justify his huge wage never mind his bonus?


    Apart from sell OE to the highest bidder?



    We reap what we sow.


    We were happy with second best as long as the TFOD2 were third.

  26. Barkas dilemma



    The situation is strange for him as most of the goals conceded this season ere close in and were the defender’s ball. No real chance of saving



    in terms of defending, we are not caught out that often with one on ones or a free shot at the edge of the box etc. These are chances for he keeper to shine. We actually have men back when we concede but the lack of fight and good position leaves a tap in or free header which Barkas can’t stop (or Bain).


    I think that is why Lennon is perplexed because we are actually good at getting back to defend



    The 2 occasions where I thought he should save were Ferencvaros and the Huns game at CP


    The former was a hard chance and he sold himself; the latter game was really slow reactions at both goals



    i agree he looks a wreck but he has not had a chance to prove us wrong really



    Hence my KPIs for the season i set last week still are waiting some progress:



    1. just one game where we play well and win well (3 games later, still getting headaches)


    2. a game where we weather a storm and Barkas has 2-3 saves (the only save last night was from Duffy so doesn’t count)

  27. I’m of the opinion if the huns didn’t kick another ball for the rest of the season, yes I know we play them twice, they would still win the league because on present form we would average a point a game.



    So does Eddie Howe not want to come to Scotland or does he just not fancy working with Peter Lawwell? Perhaps he prefers baths to showers.

  28. Who is to blame for our players being so unfit?


    Who is to blame for letting Christie play the full game.


    Who is to blame for taking off Soro Turnbull and Ajer


    Body language when substituted shows the chasm between players and management.


    Go now Lenny and take that muppet Kennedy with you .

  29. Howe no disappointment there for me . We should be looking higher than that . If we don’t react to our present dilemma .then the so called skint mob across the city could be in for a GD because the way we are performing can’t go on . HH

  30. glendalystonsils on

    I’m disappointed today , not because of last night (I feel numb about our on field antics by now) but because there were suggestions the manager might go after the Livi game . It doesn’t seem likely according to Paul’s RS piece .