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  1. JHB on 19TH SEPTEMBER 2021 11:36 PM



    If we had had got involved as some argue – Celtic would have become part of a humiliating narrative. There is an old saying in politics – ” when your opponent is making a fool of themselves – don’t interupt”



    Celtic’s custodians ensured that nowhere in this debacle could the Celtic name be mentioned.






    I think either you don’t get, or you refuse to acknowledge what people are saying to you.



    You answered my comment by basically repeating what you said earlier.



    My point is that Celtic did not need, nor should they have wanted, to have “taken on” the old club or Sevco. The issue was Celtic should have forced the authorities to deal with it.



    It’s not an OF issue.



    It’s a governance issue.

  2. INIQUITOUSIV on 19TH SEPTEMBER 2021 11:40




    You/they would never say a fraction of what you/they do if asked to do so within the legal system – it’s all conjecture. For example imagining going to court to sue for the £30m CL money that was lost due to Rangers fiddling the licence. Rangers, the champions, were beaten in qualifying by Malmo – who is to say that Celtic, the runners-up would not also have been beaten by Malmo?



    It would have bern laughed out of court – in fact it would never have got there….and if by some miracle it did, any claim for compensation would only have covered the prize money for qualifying to face Malmo….£500k tops.



    This whole thing is a cause-celebre among some with too much time on their hands – they peddle it because it will never be resolved and therefore allows them to chunter-on ad infinitum without having to prove anything…..it is now an urban myth that affects absolutely nothing at Celtic.

  3. FOLK IN HEAVEN, Haus zum Himmel, Pieterlen BE / Switzerland, 2nd March, 2014 Anno Domini.


    Mat Calahan’s passion and commitment for reviving interest in the life of Connolly, an Irish socialist leader who was executed by the military wing of the UK Unionists in 1916, ostensibly for his role in the Easter uprising. In addition to singer/guitarist Calahan (USA), the lineup included Irish musicians Shirley Grimes (vocals), Joe McHugh (pipes and whistles) and Alan Burke (guitar and vocals) and Swiss performers David Brühlmann (accordion, bodhran, vocals) and Stefanie Aeschlimann (fiddle) as well as acclaimed Swiss blues singer Yvonne Moore, who brought the house down with her stirring interpretation of “The Red Flag”.






    Some still discussing Res.12? Death by a thousand cuts. Move on ffs.



    Are you a shareholder? Check out the agenda at the next AGM, mate. An unresolved issue which will continue to be brought up by shareholders until it is.

  5. I wish blog writers and others would stop using phrases like “against the run of play” and “despite all the possession”. Dominating possession means nothing when the opposition are happy to concede it knowing their defensive discipline will see no rewards for all the possession and a good counterattack will almost certainly result in a goal for the opposition. As it did today.



    Today was disappointing. Hart and Carter-Vickers were the best, Bolingoli and Soro at least had some dig but aren’t great players. Again our wingers neutralized yet Ange did nothing to change it. Again fatal flaws in defense – is this just how it has to be? I don’t think so. Why so few shots from Rogic? On a number of occasions I was shouting for him to hammer it only for him to pass it sideways sometimes successfully sometimes unsuccessfully.



    If we’re honest we have to admit this wasn’t much different from performances under Neil Lennon. Even Ange appears to have “cooled” down. I didn’t see him shout instructions or patrol the technical area and certainly didn’t see him discuss with coaches. What’s going on? Has he realized he just doesn’t have the players to implement the style of play he wants? His system of play is too reliant on having two wingers and a single striker and if the opposition don’t bring the game to us they generally nullify the wingers – they’re just led along the wing until they run it out or until a tackle dispossess them.



    A word on James McCarthy: still surprised he got a four year deal – presumably that was his price for signing, but it’s surprising for such an “unknown” quantity. It’s still too early to judge as he clearly isn’t match fit. he showed no urgency and even basic passing skills were poor. But we need to give him longer to adapt.



    I suspect Ange’s honeymoon is over.



    It’s important that we have a settled backline and I’d opt for Ralston, C-V, Starfelt and Montgomery for the foreseeable future. I’d give McCarthy more time and always play Calmac if fit along with either Rogic or Turnbull but not both. Against teams that don’t go ultra defensive I’d play two wingers and one strikers but change it to one winger and two strikers at halftime if all not going well. Against defensive teams like yesterday I’d go with one winger and two strikers. It was foolish to continue with two wingers. With two strikers at least one of them should be able to pick up a scrap even if they don’t produce a beautiful goal.



    I think this must be the final season for some of our players that just don’t offer enough. You know who they are.



    We all love Ange because of the way he deals with journos and how he talks about the game but if he turns out to be inflexible and doesn’t win enough games the fans will cool and rightly so. You can’t go through a whole season winning ugly but you can’t also go through a whole season losing too many games even if the football is at times exhilarating.

  6. AP can go through this season playing his brand so long as we gather more points than der Hun, any other argument presented is subterfuge.

  7. eedjit heid mcgranaghan on





    Celtic PLC agreed in 2016 on Rangers “return” that the price of OldFirmTickets should be the same price as in 2012.


    So should same price as the club that Celtic fans say died in 2012 actually mean that Celtic PLC saw Rangers 2016, as exactly the same as Rangers 2012? ie SAME Club?


    Celtic PLC didn’t make any formal announcement about the ticket prices, Celtic PLC hatched a sneaky plan in a smokey room and dafty Celtic fans bought the SAME Club tickets, and after doing so, the Celtic fans either didn’t realise that they’d been tricked, or CGAF as they had dropped their rebellious intentions because BrendanRodgers had been recruited by Celtic PLC to make fans look the other way from, trophy stripping etc, and to get Celtic PLC off of the hook of having to answer to questions about “Are Rangers the same club?”


    But, that question was never asked of Celtic PLC because, the MSM were in the same smokey room as Celtic PLC, when the OldFirmTickets price was agreed which meant that Celtic PLC saw Rangers 2012 as the same club as, Rangers 2016, and when any Celtic fans bought these £49 OldFirmTickets, then the fans were also accepting Rangers 2012 = Rangers 2016, and then stupidly singing “YOUR NOT RANGERS ANYMORE”…..


    Rangers 2012 = Rangers 2016 said Celtic PLC whilst the Celtic fans had cancelled the trophy stripping rebellion of 4 long powderpuff years that eventually saw Resolution 12 and a catalogue of charges were dumped into the River Clyde, and all because Celtic PLC had just shown the Celtic fans true colours to the watching Scotland Establishment, when the PLC released a squirrel called BrendanRodgers.


    Oh aye they did!!!


    Celtic PLC had utterly exposed the Celtic fans as being “All talk” and not much else quite frankly!


    Even school teachers were buying these Celtic PLC sanctioned in secret, OldFirmTickets for £49.


    That’s right, £49!!!


    £49 in 2012 = £49 in 2016 = Rangers 2012 = Rangers 2016 = The SAME Club!!!


    Celtic fans had been mugged on an encyclopedic scale!!! An off the fecken planet scale!!!


    “Oh just geez the bliddy tickets!!!” The Celtic fans shouted.


    “Oh who cares, BrendanRodgers will smash these huns, why would anybody bother about the price?”


    The Celtic fans continued to trash, and smear, and try to cancel anyone who cared enough to point out the Cardinal Folly that these Celtic fans were about to commit.


    Nobody could get through to these Celtic fans, drunk on the BrendanRodgers palaver.


    When I say nobody could get through to these Celtic fans, there was only ONE poster on this sight who pointed out the monumental mistake that these Celtic fans were making by, glaikitly dancing into the devious Celtic PLC’s OldFirmTickets trap of 2012-£49 = 2016-£49 SAME! CLUB! 2012 – 2016 say Celtic PLC.


    And thousands of dunderheads who thought it was just a day oot!


    Well it was more than that sadly.


    It was ditching trophy stripping.


    It was tuning a blind eye to the £140 million+ HMRC heist.


    It was not pursuing an Independent Inquiry into SFA/Ibrox/Cheating.


    It was laying the foundations for Resolution 12 to be kicked down a thousand roads.


    It was allowing Celtic PLC to dodge the Same Club issue.


    It was allowing Rangers to avoid ANY questions about the previous 4 years.


    It was about showing the anti-Celtic Scottish Establishment that Celtic fans had “moved on” from their courageous not to be messed with board sacking days of 1994, to become the “SHALLOW HAL’S” of football supporters, to their eternal shame.


    It was the day that the Scottish Establishment had Celtic fans circled in their diaries as lambs to be sacrificed at a later date?!?!?!


    It was the day that Celtic fans threw the lottery ticket of their lives into the fire, when they should’ve been holding a gun to Celtic PLC’s temple for their answer to the return of the club from Ibrox in 2016, “Were they Sevco2012 or Rangers1972?” Now we know what the Celtic PLC thought. It was written on the back of OldFirmTickets priced £49!!!


    David Murray got away with a HMRC heist of £148 million+ as well as Rangers1972 stealing 20+ trophy’s off of Celtic fans, and fans of other teams during the David Murray era.


    ALL of that 👆 because Celtic fans wanted to watch BrendanRodgers horsing, Murty, Caixchina, Warburton, and inexperienced at the time Gerrard, and get their day oot, and to feck with stripping 20+ cheated trophies, £148 million+ HMRC heist, and many more.


    To conclude…in 2016, Celtic PLC proved beyond all doubt who the “real” gullibillys are, and they won’t be found at Ibrox, oh no….Parkhead houses those who NOW wear the clothes of the “real” gullibillys.


    What a laughing stock.

  8. Good morning cqn from a downbeat Garngad



    ILjasb- Good post, me and the mates were shouting exact same at Rogic, plenty of opportunities to shoot and chose to go sideways. Agree with the rest of your post to.



    If Scales isn’t match fit then what’s Bolingoli?



    We need to find our best back 4 and stick with them. Lenny made the same mistake chopping and changing, that’s alright if you have a big squad with loads of good players not a threadbare 11 or 12.



    Consistency of players is what we need to start with.



    D :)

  9. Real coupon buster of a day….BUT I still can see no reason why we shouldn’t end the season in the top six.




  10. Over the last 200 days, the board pursued Howe and, presumably, his backroom entourage.


    There was also chat of Harkin as DoF.


    As it was, the extent of our changes were Ange as manager and Dom as new CEO.


    Now with Dom gone, our off field is very similar to that which oversaw the regression of the last few years.


    Essentially, we are now fully invested in Ange. He is it. There is precious little else.


    As a result, any perceived weakness or error there is going to be amplified. The pressure on him and the angst the fans feel will be intense.


    I am beginning to question whether the minor changes we have made are enough to claw back 25 points.


    Others may talk of future transfer windows. I am slightly concerned as to who will be doing the scouting and negotiating. We really are threadbare.


    Equally, if our best bet this season is to be 13 points better and hope for an equal and opposite sevco regression, that seems a pretty shit business model.

  11. why is kennedy still employed at CP? I’m getting angry now. The squad just isn’t there to win the league – and that’s against a stuttering newco. I can see now why our projects turn out shi*e.

  12. Ange won’t be sacked any time soon and neither should he be.



    But does anyone share my fears that if he does get the bullet at some point, we have already appointed his replacement in WGS?




    It big bad John Kennedy’s fault






    What does he do?? Apart from sit on the bench and look bored?

  14. Clunks. He does what his boss instructs him to do, do you see him during the whole game or only when the tv screen pans to him? If you think he does nothing the manager must be useless for having a coach who does hehaw. HH ☘

  15. Uncle Jimmy,



    The club is structurally broken from exec , football dept, medical, recruitment, systems all due to incompetence and self serving interests. We all know who they are from top to bottom.



    Furthermore there is no strategy to drive the club forward and of course no rapport with the support who they put up fences to keep them out.



    McKay and Ange had their work cut out now it’s Nicholson and Ange. Ange is already treading water and the next month may seem him damaged beyond repair. The board with Bankier , Lawwell and the pup Nicholson doing their bidding ( better not make the same mistake as McKay) will drag the club further down. None of the areas mentioned will be addressed. It’s make it up as you go along.



    It’s worse than the old board because other clubs were similar ; now others have their act reasonably well together Hibs, Hearts, Sevco etc for their ambitions. We are in a ramshackle status and the Board have no clue to structurally improve even if they wanted to —- which they don’t.

  16. Sacking Ange now would be ridiculous. It would be like sacking a CEO after only…oh wait…



    I’ve largish doubts now about Ange. He’s got a lot of fans defending him but had Neil Lennon waited until the 72nd minute then used all three subs in one go we’d be talking about him throwing a handful of darts at the board late in the game.



    We lacked any semblance of a game plan yesterday or game management. Game management being the most worrying because we’ve seen it several times already this season. 3 late subs en masse screams panic.



    Oh for the days that a gaffer would make a sub at HT or even before it !



    We’ll win the next two games handsomely and give a good account of ourselves against Leverkusen. But if we finish these games with more dropped points at Pittodrie then many more fans will be unwilling to rhyme off the excuses for Ange.

  17. AN DÚN on 20TH SEPTEMBER 2021 8:56 AM




    ‘Sacking Ange now would be ridiculous.’






    I hope he can turn it around.



    I think what is truly ridiculous about calling for his sacking is having any faith that the board would, or would wish to, appoint anyone better. See also NFL.

  18. My biggest concern is that there has been no development behind the scenes.



    Losing the ten was painful but if there was one crumb of comfort, it was the thought that there could be a big reset.



    We knew Lawwell was going; Hammond was gone; new coach – new broom etc.


    There was talk of a DoF, new sports scientists, data analysts, a new head of recruitment and a new coaching team to complement the new manager.



    So far, other than the manager we are worse off. There’s still no DoF, no sports scientists (Ange has already called for this on a couple of occasions), no head of recruitment to replace Hammond, no CEO and the same coaching team.



    At the weekend I heard a conversation about the new head of Brentford’s set-piece coaching team. It sounds like a different world.



    Until we have a decent structure at the top and behind the scenes, any success will come in spite, not because of the infrastructure.

  19. ERNIE LYNCH on 20TH SEPTEMBER 2021 9:06 AM



    It was said Lennon was kept on for so long because there was no replacement. With WGS already in the building, I have a bad feeling.

  20. SIONNAIGH on 20TH SEPTEMBER 2021 12:21 AM


    Jesus wept. Some still discussing Res.12? Death by a thousand cuts. Move on ffs.






    We’ve to stop discussing Resolution 12.



    Move on, says he.



    From the guy who posts a string of rebel songs to himself every night.

  21. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Perhaps another certainty can be added to Franklin’s death and taxes.



    When Celtic lose a match at least two new posters will appear on CQN loudly proclaiming how terrible we are top to bottom.



    Indulgent, petulant, reactionary nonsense yesterday about replacing the manager (IMHO).



    Ridiculous comparisons too between Ange and both Barnes and Mowbray.



    Some on here need to fact check (a fancy phrase for Google it ! ) before spouting lazy guff.



    John Barnes had zero management experience when he joined us. Kenny’s defiant prediction that he “would go right to the top in football management” still rings hollow to this day.



    Tony’s previous was to follow a not uncommon path of “played the game ugly, tried to make amends in management”



    Both managers silverware tally – Zilch



    Fact. Ange won the championship in Oz.



    Fact. He did the same in Japan.



    Fact. He qualified for the World Cup finals


    (No Scotland manager has done that this millennium)



    Is he the Messiah?



    Definitely not. But he deserves much more than to be painted as “just a naughty boy”.






    One needs to acquire it before one can keep it.

  22. Just seen an image of Huns offside goal. Dearie me the cheating is full blown in yer face from that linesman.






    D :)

  23. Our board should be worried about the results and worried about Ange’s past record of calling out those above him for their failings when things head south.



    This could very quickly get away from us. If Ange is dropping more points between now and the break then I’ll be writing him off as every bit the career journey man that wasn’t good enough for European Clubs.



    That may be harsh but no Celtic manager can drop points at every away game up until October and expect not to be severely criticised.



    Lamenting your poor squad strength against Livi pathetic.



    Ange needs to step up now.