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  1. We are in a worst position now this year, than we were last…..and we lost the league by 25pts and won nothing.



    Pointing that out see me labelled a “hun”🤣

  2. Awful corner by Turnbull. We have no one beyond the far post, and guess what? That’s where he puts it.

  3. Why are we so mistake prone? No matter the player form or manager.



    Wtf is wrong at Lennoxtown.




  4. Almost total possesion, however Livy score one and should have scored 2.



    Celtic passing the ball to death

  5. Amazing how many times we can dominate a game and then get hit with stupid goals. Same coaches as before I suppose.

  6. Only saving grace is that Starfelt isn’t in the squad.



    Dreadful leaderless Celtic side rattling about on the plastic, where we never win even with good sides.



    No sign of a manager, none whatsoever. If you’re going to play ineffectual wide men may as well play two.



    Stunning stuff CSC

  7. Nearly 2,Turnbull getting shoved aside.Another chance to cross wasted.Great ball from Boli..Ajeti nowhere in this game.You would really expect him to get some chances.Thats supposed to be his strong point.


    Half time.We are in trouble.No saves from Livi keeper.

  8. Someone tell Gerry McCulloch I couldn’t give a flying pig what % of possession we’ve had. We’re losing for the third time in a row this season away from home in the league. This time we’re losing to the basement dwellers. Nowhere near good enough.

  9. We must win this.



    Please someone tell me what McCarthy is adding.



    Soro at least has positive intent.



    Is the stage set for Mikey Johnston to be the game changer ? ….. No me neither.

  10. Heae some saying “against the run of play” – utter tosh. The object of the game is to put the ball in the back of the net – Celtic have never looked like doing it – Livi did and could/should be two up.

  11. Final pass is shocking and there seems to be a rule that we don’t shoot.



    Our defending is abysmal.



    All that possession and we can’t do basic defending.



    Should be 2 down.

  12. They are a poor team but so are we,can’t believe it,a bunch of cluggers I don’t think their keeper has made a save.


    Good goal.

  13. They pack their defence and we throw high balls in to nobody, right back nowhere to be seen at the first goal and Welsh swings and misses, lucky it wasnt 2 and we pass too much at the edge of their box.Rogic the main culprit.

  14. Iniquito



    Agree Re Man U.



    We can do this though.



    We need to change it though. It won’t happen if we leave it as is. Not sure what changes he really can make.

  15. Walsh has been poor, weak as water for the goal and some very dodgy pawling. Rogic should have burst the net with the chance 8 years from goal why is he pawling it?


    Score early and we win, if not…….

  16. Just can’t see us scoring two wingers garbage …maybe the surface doesn’t help wing play …we really need to stop trying to walk the ball into the net ffs!!!!

  17. KevinlasVegas



    Agree. Not seen a single thing I could not have done myself from McCarthy in 2 months here.

  18. Really poor crossing quality.


    Abada and Jota not liking how the placcy pitch slows the ball and they look slight against more physical sorts.


    Turnbull seemed particularly out-of-touch.


    Bravo Boli; doing pretty well, showing hunger and fighting for his place.


    We can do this 2nd half.

  19. SW — He has a future at CP but he is two years of hard work away from being close to a starter.



    We are not gelling anywhere today.


    Everybody is playing their own game not the team game.



    DT — needs a break / it is all starting to get too much for him.


    TR — Missing that final touch / bit of vision and more importantly timing.



    Two wingers are young and inexperienced.


    AP has a lot of work top do — low energy after Thursday’s efforts.

  20. The difference in the game is that Livi’s winger, given his one opportunity, finds his man in the box, who finishes immaculately. We have had Abada, Jota, Turnbull, McCarthy, Bolingoli all crossing the ball, and nowhere near a Celtic player. No excuses for that. Livi also force Hart into a great save, whereas their keeper could have brought out a deck chair, for all he has had to do.

  21. That is the problem Burnley, look at the bench what changes can be made to win game,


    We can only hope that one goes in from somewhere and we scramble over the line.

  22. Big half-time talk for Ange.



    Lose this and the honeymoon period is well and truly over and we could potentially be six points behind in the league. Early days and not irretrievable but whose money would be on us winning the league after giving Sevco a six-point advantage?

  23. We are lacking a cutting edge. Lost count of the number of times we make 6 passes and ball comes to Rogic who pulls the trigger but his shot is blocked or he is dispossessed on edge of the box.


    Boil, who shouldn’t be on the pitch, plays some lovely balls forward but keeps losing the ball or giving it away and putting us on the back foot. Welsh outmuscled by Andrew Shinnie who scored a brilliant goal. We could be 2 down if Joe Hart hadn’t made a great instinctive save from a point blank Livi header.


    I would like to see Montgomery on and Jota switched to right wing.

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