Livi’s only win since August hangs over Celtic


Livingston pitch up at Celtic Park tomorrow with only one win and two draws from their 10 outings since August.  That victory came against the champions last month and is the principle reason we are not comfortably ahead at the top of the league table.  We owe them a backlash, Ryan Christie, in particular, may feel motivated to ensure no mistakes are made this time.

For all their indifferent form, they are strong defensively, having lost more than two goals in one game only once in 19 outings (a 3-1 defeat with 10 men at Ibrox).

Recent home games against Motherwell, St Mirren and Ross County saw Celtic swamp the opposition early on, before the tide was stemmed, with each game not being put to bed until the second half.  This is as much about energy as any assimilation requirements by opposing defenders.

We will start sharply tomorrow but it is only possible to maintain that level for so long before players begin to pace themselves.  An early goal, when Livingston are still chasing shadows, would take the stress out of the second half.

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  1. From the previous article.



    Does “ the nanny state “ have any responsibilities for those disabled by chronic illness ?


    Who the F##K would vote for Farage ?



    Celtic supporters ??



    Oldtim. Enjoy your afternoon. Hope all is well.



    Roll on tomorrow.





    I’m sure Karen will do that,she pickes him and no doubt get him home safely.

  3. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on

    yesterday we were told livi will not see this as a high priority game, today they are defending their undefeated 2019/20 record against us.



    Would like to see the McGregor Christie Rogic mid used to see if they can reproduce last seasons fantasy football.




    And a wee rest for el capitano, see what you’re doing there


    and i agree.


    H.H . Mick

  5. I expect we’ll see much greater emphasis on game management as opposed to squad management between now and the new year.



    I don’t expect to see us worrying too much about goal difference should we be ahead in games, the pace will inevitably be dropped down a gear.



    That’s smart. Game management will be key in keeping players fresh and making minimal changes to our strongest starting XI.

  6. BHOYLO83



    Was he maybe getting married in Oz when it was filmed?


    Who knows?


    H.H . Mick

  7. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on



    SB wont need a rest after break but I’d like to see that three together again to see if it can be consistent




    I hardly go on the blog now,Years ago it was the best blog for Celtic Supporters, now it’s the same as any blog,dick heads galore, the blog is my way of comunicating with my friends that Ive made over the yaers, but all my friends have left the blog.



    We have a Christmas party in the Blane Valley,and everyone that comes to it ,Knows each other,A great day meeting up with friends that have left the blog,I’ll be at the Christmas bash, this year it’s on Friday the 6th of December,16 of us will be there.



    I posted four comments on this page.Now I had to log-in again to post this post, has that happened to anyone else.

  9. Dallas Dallas where the heck is Dallas on

    Fourstonecoppi at 10.27 this morning on the previous thread.



    The Art of Football site does two Nakamura t shirts. One is him scoring against Man U at a Celtic Park. It’s a cracker. The other is laid out like the Carlin’s logo that was on our tops but with Nakamura instead of Carling. The t shirts are £25.



    I asked Boca 10 at St Enoch Centre about them doing a Shunsuke Nakamura t shirt but was told it would not be a good seller. The chap who told me that is the only unhelpful member of staff I have dealt with at at Boca 10.

  10. OLDTIM 67



    I hear and appreciate what you are saying, it’s become a struggle for


    some of the bloggers of late, imo all thats needed is a bit of tlc from


    the host to bring it back to it’s best.


    Will it happen?


    Lets wait and see.


    H.H . Mick

  11. weebobbycollins on

    Dick heads galore…Trump, Boris, Farage + huns…



    Canamalar…some good stuff from you this morning.

  12. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar on

    OLDTIM67 – sorry me and WeeBGFC can’t join you today.



    Me and the boys are doing a charity gig this evening for the St Margaret’s Foundation in Airdrie – if any CQN folks are there – say hello.



    We got asked at the last hoot in Machuill’s by our very own Croppy Boy, who is organising the evening – we are being joined by Lisbon Lion Jim Craig, Brian Dempsey, Pat McGinlay and ….. Willie Collum :-))



    Promises to be a great night…










    No, I wouldn’t call him a Dick head, if my memory is still working I’ve met him before,quite a few years ago,he wasn’t a DH then, and he isn’t one now.

  14. Celtic at Parkhead on a Saturday with a 3.00 k.o. just like the good ole days.



    Up early on a Saturday morning, de rigueur were Wranglers washed and pressed, college vee neck jumper, dark green with two gold stripes on one sleeve, wegians polished, new segs sometimes just for home games, and finally the new woollen ‘walk on scarf’ perfectly tied round the neck.



    A ‘friction’ at the barbers, and a Corpie bus later, we walked the London Rd, singing a song heading for the Jungle, by Janefield Street, where BBC or STV’s Arthur or Archie take your pick, walked a gang plank into the back of our big, big gang hut to film the Bhoys



    All Celts, all friends, all brothers and sisters in arms, old Tims, CQN Tims, any Tims



    I’ll see you all tomorrow



    God Bless Glasgow Celtic



    Hail Hail

  15. WBC,



    You missed out a few there?I really loathe, Reece_Mogg,Gove,Patel,Duncan Smith.


    Watching Hitlers Henchmen on Netflix at the moment,and this mob would slip right in there.

  16. LG in the squad.Great news.Karamoke training with the squad today.Mikey back training.


    All good.

  17. BSR – hope to see you tomorrow at The Corner, The Gazebo, or both.


    That’s if I survive today’s session in town with The Lanarkshire Mafia (a story for another day). Hic.




    thanks, cant deny theyre fine looking tees but shes got her heart set on the one i posted in the link. think i’ll just have to buy online and take the chance. I need to post to Japan for xmas.




    Yes. I knew it, but I had to let SOT know I wouldn’t call him that.




    Away to Glasgow to meet up with Stephen.

  20. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on




    Translation , please.



    ” wegians ”


    ” segs ”



    I was fortunate enough one several occasions to join Archie on the gantry to film the game as a member of Celtic Films.

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