‘Loan’ recipient Souness gets everything wrong, including Hillsborough


Graeme Souness was in town to promote a book yesterday with some incredible statements for those of you who “rejoiced at Rangers’ problems”, saying:

“Scottish football needs a strong Rangers and a strong Celtic to create interest outside of Scotland.

“If that’s not the case, Scottish football would die.

“As much as Celtic supporters and other supporters of clubs in Scotland have enjoyed the moment, [Rangers’ liquidation] has damaged football in Scotland beyond belief.

“My luck was that, at the time, the English clubs were having to rebuild their stadiums post-Hillsborough.”

Set aside for a moment the fact that the 97 fans of Souness’ former club, Liverpool, died at Hillsborough three years after he took over at Ibrox.

Ignore, for a moment that we, according to Souness’ former Scotland team-mate Willie Miller, are as good a Celtic team as he has seen, that our income has reached new heights and will go higher still this season, that we are packing stadiums wherever we go, and that all of this is the product of a long-term, sustainable strategy.

Disregard that Hearts are nearing completion of their stadium expansion, or that Aberdeen are set to build an impressive new stadium, or that Hibs are packing out Easter Road at a rate not seen since the 60s.

Pay no attention to the fact that Motherwell have found an ownership model, a manger and players to have them sitting third in the table and in the League Cup final.

Instead, remind yourself why Rangers got into trouble. They introduced an aggressive tax avoidance scheme which they knew would be challenged by HMRC, and they made no provisions for this challenge.

The paid over 55 football players through this tax scheme, ‘loans’ which were never to be repaid and which were eventually ruled as disguised remuneration.

Most strikingly, while manager of Blackburn Rovers, Graeme Souness received such a loan from Rangers. When asked to explain by the Daily Record, Souness even claimed the loan was remuneration – for scouting services. More flagrant remuneration than disguised.

Souness went on to say, “I live in England and there was always an interest in Scottish football from football fans in England. That’s no longer the case.” Maybe if he spent more time with BT Sport, than Sky his impression of interest in the Scottish game would be different.

If Graeme Souness wants to offer advice on Scottish football, perhaps he should be magnanimous and write a cheque for repayment of that loan.  Hillsborough matters way more than any book promotion.  If you are a former Liverpool captain and want to reference Hillsborough as an aid, get it right.

Souness and the other ‘loan’ recipients should be chased out of town for the carnage they caused at Rangers. Instead, he gets a platform to spout nonsense about Hillsborough and Scottish football, despite appearing to know little about either.


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  1. Pedro.!!!!!!!Burning at the stake is to good for that Heretic.Pity the Portugese are not so fond of this little peccadillo as they once were.

  2. Graeme Souness typifies everything that is wrong with the hun idea of Scottish Football, while the rest of the teams get on with it, the huns like him live in a fake history past that they created by cheating everyone else.



    Sit down Graeme you absolute tragic radge before you get what you really really deserve.



    The Taxman Cometh and he will want remunerated won’t he…

  3. From their official statement:




    “Pedro was appointed in March this year but results have been disappointing and not commensurate with the level of investment that was made available.”




    Investment is not “made available”. Investment is “made”. Money is “made available” to be “invested” or not.




    Amateur stuff.

  4. A witness at Glasgow Airport said Dave King was really upset as he boarded the 1st class Limo to take him to his plane.You could see the tears running down his back,she commented.

  5. weebobbycollins on

    Pedro out (and dogs and caravan) Goughie in? Murty and Miller?


    These are interesting times…will the laughs keep coming?

  6. Happy birthday Minx…



    Have a braw day….



    Hope Pedro getting his jotters didnae spoil it….



    Smiley smiley thing




  7. JOPHES on 26TH OCTOBER 2017 3:33 PM


    Can’t get barbara dickson’s caravan out of my head




    Shockingly,now that you have posted this,I cant get,getting Barbara Dickson in a Caravan,out of my head.

  8. Kenny Miller as a manager based on whit? He’s got a tan and runs about a lot:)))



    Wee Bawwwy for me with Broon as his wisecracking sidekick:))



    HappyDays CSC

  9. P67- Radio Shortbread were trailing an ‘exclusive’ with Souness to be aired on Sunday, the usual soft soap questions , followed by the usual hun blame game, that you have referenced above.Shortly after Chick Hun started to back up his hero, Willie Miller went ballistic, ‘ stop blaming everyone else’ , ‘buying players they could not afford’ were a couple of his retorts.

  10. Souness confusing both the date and the significance to the transfer market of Hyssel and Hillsborough will do wonders for his popularity in Liverpool.

  11. CultsBhoy- Last of the famous international PlayBhoys on

    McInnes sitting by his phone….



    Hope he goes there…that kills AFC challenge..Sevco already dead. Leaves 2 nd place open for Lenny…

  12. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    60 games unbeaten




    Second consecutive season in CL


    European football after Christmas


    Top manager


    Top scouting team


    Record turnover


    Stadium redevelopment


    Players wanted by EPL clubs


    It’s all going sooooo badly for Celtic!!!

  13. Happy birthday, Minx.



    Only in Scotland would the likes of Sounness be allowed to spout such arrant nonsense and be backed up by the likes of Chick.



    Imo, the BBC Scot;and sports department only employ 2 people worthy of the standard the BBC supposedly espouses: Michael Stewart and Willie Miller. I don’t always agree with them but they speak the truth as they see it. Why can’t the likes of Bonnar, McLeod and way too many others? Like everybody else, I know the too obvious answer…..



    Last night left me with the impression that even with the likes of Sominuvic fit, we should play Bitton beside Boyatta in the SPFL. He reminds me of the great George Connolly striding out of defence with the ball at his feet and able to ping it 30 or 40 yards to a Celtic player effortlessly.

  14. Scottish rule number 1.It’s no a crime if the huns commit it.


    Souness the architect of Scottish football’s decline enabled and abetted with the corrupt football authorities and failing mssm.


    Victims of self aggrandisement and delusion.

  15. Meanwhile over on FF:


    “We can’t go from someone as smooth as Pedro to someone as unbearably gruesome as Moyes


    Rangers standards FFS .”

  16. GlassTwoThirdsFull on



    He didn’t get EVERYTHING wrong – he said the club was unrecognisable from the one he was at!

  17. Willie Miller addressed the root cause of the Huns demise, rather than just the consequences.He asked questions that all journalists should be asking Souness. They bottled it when the opportunity was there.



    Lazy, lazy, lazy journalism.



    It’s just my opinion, but I couldn’t give a toss what Sevco do or what they don’t do ( providing they pay their taxes of course ) I prefer to focus on what a fantastic performance we put in.


    I won’t go into any detail as Sandman’s excellent post match analysis says it all.



    HH to all. A team worthy of officially the best supporters.

  18. Well at least I got that one right.


    Yesterday morning I posted that if wee won last night and Killie scraped, and scraped they did, a draw, Pedro would be gone by the end of the week.

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