Loanees already looking for a new club


With leagues across Europe finishing last weekend a host of Celtic loanees are left wondering if they have any future at the club.  Albian Ajeti and Vasilios Barkas, both signed for big money and both under contract for another year, have been told to find another club, as has Ismaila Soro, whose contract also expires next year.

Osaze Urhoghide and Liam Shaw are both 22-years-old and young enough to still have development opportunities ahead, but are unlikely to see Celtic Park action again.  Expect them to attract loan and permanent transfer interest.  Our Sheffield raids from 2021 have not been fruitful, maybe stick to United next time.

Liam Scales is wanted at Aberdeen on a permanent contract basis, while Johnny Kenny and Yosuke Ideguchi remain on loan until the end of the year.

Adam Montgomery’s season at St Johnstone was fruitful for player and club.  Still only 20, Adam will hope to kick-on next season.  With Saints staying up, a return to Perth would be good for the player.

Mikey Johnston (24) has another three seasons on his Celtic contract and returns after a year in Portugal, where he was on the periphery of the Vitoria Guimaraes team.  On the plus side, he is now a full Ireland international and has that dribble on his highlights reel.  His breakthrough season at Celtic started five years ago, since then the positive signs have slowed.  He is a player, but it looks unlikely he will return to the fold.

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  1. Big Jimmy on 30th May 2023 3:26 pm






    Just read back. Very tough on you, Jimmy. I hope it goes well.



    We are all set for Glasgow on Friday and look forward to saying hello on Friday evening.







    Hope your good lady is well on the mend after her stroke!



    Best wishes to you both!

  3. First chance to log in today, absolutely blown away by Big Jimmy’s Post, very best of luck tomorrow Jimmy.

  4. Had difficulty logging in tonight!



    Went back to yesterdays thread, which worked.

  5. Prestonpans bhoys on

    Big Jimmy@3:26



    What a post, that’s blown me away. Best of luck tomorrow 👍

  6. sterling has been on Chelsea’s books since 2017 and has been loaned out to Coventry City, Wigan Athletic, Blackpool and most recently Stoke City.



    And bealezebub said of his arrival on the sevco website: “He is an exciting young player who, I’m sure, will be a great addition to our squad, he is someone I was aware of from my time at Chelsea, who he allegedly left in 2003 and I have always kept an eye on his career as it has progressed.



    Another daft spoofer that scabby mob fair has s their share of them.

  7. bigrailroadblues on

    Good night all from Paddy Neesons. I’ve had another trying day celebrating. It’s all too much for this elderly Tim. I may have to stay in for an hour tomorrow.

  8. Big Jimmy,



    Just read your amazing story. It’s been a long time, but I’m sure everything will be okay tomorrow. All the best to you.




  9. CARPE DIEM 63 on 30TH MAY 2023 6:06 PM


    Can anyone assist in tracing a good friend of mine ….Fred Smith …attended Glasgow University 1981-1985 and got a MA ( Hons ) in History and Politics , thereafter initially became a transport manager with some chemical company I think.Fred is a major Celtic fan .Thinking Folks with your Twitter / Facebook know how you may be able to trace ..let me know



    Carpe Diem



    Try linked in? Maybe any1 here can search him I am not on it.


    Google him.Google him wi honours


    You could contact the Uni and see if he has been in touch with his course alumni.


    If you know which company that may help.


    I take it now he is 55-65 y.o

  10. an tearmann et al



    Interesting story on the 9 tonight. Story of the Kennedy Cup, played in the town of Moville Donegal in the 1950s and 1960s. Won a prize apparently at Cannes for documentary film maker Tom O’Flaherty. Called the ‘Secret Superstars’ tells the story of the professional football players who would compete for cash prizes, incognito in the close season. Celtic well represented over the years, and not just by the Donegal Bhoys such as Pat Crerand and Charlie Gallagher. Players wore disguises. Story goes the manager of Derry City tried to sign Jimmy Johnstone after seeing him play for the ‘Carfin Emeralds’!

  11. Celtic mac



    I believe a movie is being mentioned


    Will go have a look



  12. EMERALDBEE \O/ A DOUBLE NINER!! on 30TH MAY 2023 11:13 PM


    This logging in is Bollocks.




    Very annoying, even utilising autosave.



    INo doubt, it would definitely deter people without the autosave facility.




  13. First heard the french equivalent of the Celtic Glasgow song when we played PSG years ago. The PSG away support sang it constantly for ages and it came across brilliant.



    The GB et al tried to replicate it without too much success. Until relatively recently.



    We have now mastered it and it sounds brill.



    HH, Celtic Glasgow

  14. Big Jimmy @ 3:36


    For Gods sake man. I’m in bed with tears streaming down my face.


    I hope the missing years all fade away tomorrow.

  15. ive just back a wee bit this morning.



    A MASSIVE CELTIC ” Thank You” to everyone on here for their kind words about my DA and me. I also discovered on Monday ( From my Auntie), that ME and my DA were Born in the SAME HOOSE !



    It was 193 CASTLE STREET, TOWNHEAD just across the street from the Old TOON HEID Library.



    I was aware that I was born in that hoose, but I did NOT know my DA was also born there some 20 years BEFORE me…obviously. It was my Da’s Mum and Dads Hoose….my GRAND Parents obviously.


    Due to my REAL mother running away with a Polis sometime in 1957, and the break up of the Marriage, I NEVER knew my Mother, as I was only 16 Months old when she left my DA and me.


    I have NEVER had any contact with my Mother since 1957, and I dont know if shes dead or alive ?



    My DA LOVED my Mother very much apparently, and I was their only Child.



    When my DA met and Married for the 2nd time in the early 1960’s, that was the moment that my new Step Mother HATED me with a Passion. According to my Two older Aunties,, the REASON my Step Mother hated me was because….I was a ” MEMORY” !


    SHE has NEVER been able to handle the reality that my DA was Married before and had me as a Son.


    Added to that, I believe that she KNEW my DA ALWAYS Loved my real Mother, despite her running away with a Copper in 1957.



    As I have Posted before, this is NOT a SAD Tale, as it had a very happy ending for me especially.


    Soon after my real Mother left my DA and me, he was called up to the British Army for his National Service.


    He left me with HIS Parents in the auld Toon Heid in that same Hoose, and went off to EGYPT with the Highland Light Infantry ( The HLI ).



    My Grand Parents gave me the GREATEST upbringing that any Child could wish for, along with other family members, and I was SPOILED Rotten LOL.


    It was on his return home from his National Service in EGYPT that my DA first met that EVIL BITCH who became my so called Step Mother.


    MY DA would have been better off STAYING in Feckin EGYPT !….LOL.



    Over the years I have met with Two or Three Men who did their National Service with my DA in EGYPT, and they have told me some stories about him.


    NONE of those HLI Soldiers ever ” Fired a Shot in anger”, and my DA was to become ” The ARTHUR DALEY” of the Regiment. He would nick stuff from the Army, including dealing in BOOTLEG Alcohol, and wheel and deal etc.



    Those Ex Army Men/Pals of my DA told me this….” Your DA was the BIGGEST CON MAN in the British Army “….I STILL laugh at that, and I believe it…. as my Da didnt change too much when he returned to ” Civilian Life “.


    They also told me that sometimes my DA would be caught, and spend many week or so in the Army Jail in EGYPT…LOL.


    Whit a young Guy he must have been, and ALWAYS with an EYE for the Ladies. He couldnt help himself.





    Anyways, thanks to ALL of you on here once again for your kind words.


    Everyone of you would have enjoyed my DA’s company over a few Drinks..



    I hope and pray that HE and I can somehow have one last wee drink together, but I doubt that will happen now ?



    Bye for now, and once again Thank You to ALL on here.



  16. So it seems the media’s concerted attacks on our post match celebrations have had an effect.


    Political leaders have jumped in to criticise.


    How fu@king predictable.



    We had a massive crowd on the streets in celebratory mood. In any large scale crowd mixed with bevy you will get a few bampots.


    But the many pictures/ videos I’ve seen show a very happy crowd of all ages and genders.


    I’ve not seen any deliberate vandalism or fighting.


    I’ve seen fans tidying up and I’ve seen the streets clean and undamaged by the next morning.



    The politicians want to get their own house in order. Everyone knew there was going to be a massive party. The date, time and location were no secret.


    Surely GCC could have installed big mad bins beforehand, or is that too sensible and predictable.?



    Calling on Celtic to foot the bill is fu@king laughable and is just to appease the lowest common denominator.


    Where was the similar criticism for the mess at Dundee after the concert at the weekend?


    Do Political parties pick up the tab for their numerous walks and gatherings.?


    Does the OO pick up the tab for the constant violence and disruption they cause.?



    Celtic supporters are tax payers many paying the highest tax in the UK.


    We already pay through the nose for our much depleted cleaning services.


    We do recycling if we have the facilities. For politicians to preach about eco friendly measures then fail to put appropriate bins in place is actually pathetic and some may say, a dereliction of duty.



    How much of a boost did our under pressure hospitality industry get on Saturday?



    We need no lessons from incompetent politicians.




  17. Good morning all from another fine day in the Garngad.



    Big Jimmy – What a true life story amigo. Enjoy your day and I hope you and your Da find peace together.



    Remember the tifo at the weekend “we stand on the shoulders of Giants” this equates to our personal life to.



    God bless.



    D :)

  18. I should add that my DA ONLY STOLE from the Army..he would NEVER take liberties and steal from anyone else.


    He had a Heart of Gold in many ways, but still dabbled in goods that had been MISLAID now and then when he Drove the Glesga Hackney Cabs for nearly 40 years.



    Which REMINDS me…..


    I KNOW how ” Artur Daley” DIED……..


    He FELL AFF the back of a LORRY….






    Cheers and HH to all the good Guys on here.

  19. Greenpinata – Exactly as taxpayers we are being let down constantly. These politician muppets should shut their hole ans stop pandering to scum with agendas.



    I thought the weekend celebrations were great and I hope there is many, many more. They can use my income tax, vat, council tax, national ins, fuel tax, or any other feckin tax that I am hit with to clean up.



    D :)

  20. As you say Big Jimmy, ” This is not a sad story”


    That is the overriding message I get.



    Great heartfelt posting from yourself over the last couple of days.



    Cheers and HH.

  21. David 66,



    I bet the cooncil teams loved the OT.



    Maybe they hid the bins 🙂




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