Loanees already looking for a new club


With leagues across Europe finishing last weekend a host of Celtic loanees are left wondering if they have any future at the club.  Albian Ajeti and Vasilios Barkas, both signed for big money and both under contract for another year, have been told to find another club, as has Ismaila Soro, whose contract also expires next year.

Osaze Urhoghide and Liam Shaw are both 22-years-old and young enough to still have development opportunities ahead, but are unlikely to see Celtic Park action again.  Expect them to attract loan and permanent transfer interest.  Our Sheffield raids from 2021 have not been fruitful, maybe stick to United next time.

Liam Scales is wanted at Aberdeen on a permanent contract basis, while Johnny Kenny and Yosuke Ideguchi remain on loan until the end of the year.

Adam Montgomery’s season at St Johnstone was fruitful for player and club.  Still only 20, Adam will hope to kick-on next season.  With Saints staying up, a return to Perth would be good for the player.

Mikey Johnston (24) has another three seasons on his Celtic contract and returns after a year in Portugal, where he was on the periphery of the Vitoria Guimaraes team.  On the plus side, he is now a full Ireland international and has that dribble on his highlights reel.  His breakthrough season at Celtic started five years ago, since then the positive signs have slowed.  He is a player, but it looks unlikely he will return to the fold.

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  1. DAVID66…


    Thanks for that post Mate.



    Although I am nearly 68 years of age, whenever I think about my DA…I feel like a wee Bhoy again with my DA lifting me over the Turn Stiles at Celtic Park ( and elsewhere).


    HE just LOVED the auld CELTIC….


    He followed Celtic all over Europe, and I am very proud of that, as he was just ONE of the Thousands of Celtic supporters who lived thru the years from 1957 ( The 7 – 1 Game) until 1965 when Celtic FINALLY lifted the Scottish Cup against Dunfermline.


    He NEVER lost FAITH in Celtic…..and when Celtic lifted The BIG CUP , HE was there to SEE it….along with thousands of others who NEVER gave up on following Celtic throughout the ” Lean Years” until Big Jock came back in 1965.


    Whenever I hear the Celtic support singing in the 67th Minute ” In the Heat of Lisbon”, I think of my DA and ALL of those of followed Celtic throughout the ” Lean Years”….but who got their JUST REWARD in Lisbon and beyond with some great Celtic Teams.



    It is VERY EASY to follow a Club when its SUCCESSFUL….but Men and Women and my DA STILL followed Celtic everywhere when Celtic were NOT doing so well.



    God Bless them ALL.They kept the FAITH.



    HH Mate.

  2. BRRB at 7.51 am.



    Sorry mate but I can NOT go out drinking early doors on Friday as I need to stay SOBER in case there is news about my DA and his health etc.



    I know that I am supposed to meet up with SCULLYBHOY but that is not until early evening IF I DO make it ?


    Also, since SCULLYBHOY can not make it until later on Friday ( IF the meet up happens ? ), the SHIPBANK is NOT ideal place to meet up on a Friday evening because of the LIVE Music etc.



    I MAY have to arrange an alternative Pub to meet SCULLYBHOY in…but again ONLY IF I feel ” comfortable” about going out anywhere because of this present situation with my DA ?



    I may have to wait until Friday afternoon to see IF I feel okay about going out anywhere ?



    HH Mate.



    I will Post on here sometime on Friday afternoon as I MAY not make it for any meeting, due to the situation with my DA ?



    IF I DID make it, it MAY also have to be in another Pub rather than the Shipbank, because of the LIVE Music that takes place there on Friday nights.


    It is NOT a good Place to try and chat in when the LIVE Music is belting out.


    I will Post on Friday mate…thats the best that I can do for now.


    HH Mate.

  4. The BOSS last night was exceptional.



    Stadium drenched in glorious sunshine.



    He played a three hour gig and his acoustic last man standing was emotional and outstanding.



    The bhoys who got tickets wouldn’t have been disappointed.



    Fantastic day spent in KICKINTHENAKAS company , meeting his son and his girlfriend, catching a bite to eat in Wahacas restaurant pre-gig.



    Car parked an 8 minute walk from stadium…… Glory days indeed.

  5. Lullabies and Battle Cries on

    PHILBHOY on 30TH MAY 2023 9:21 PM






    Hope your good lady is well on the mend after her stroke!




    Best wishes to you both!



    Had stroke nurse visit on Monday, only after affects are words don’t come out in the right order at times.


    Other than that all good, off to Turkey for a holiday 8th June.


    Many thanks for asking.

  6. bigrailroadblues on

    Good morning all from Govanhill.


    Scullybhoy, if you’re around I’ll arrange to meet you on Friday for a few beers. 👍🍻

  7. leftclicktic on

    Big Jimmy


    Hope your reunion goes fandabbydozy.


    Big Hail Hail to Michael and your aunt.

  8. marspapa on 31st May 2023 8:44 am



    The BOSS last night was exceptional.



    Stadium drenched in glorious sunshine.



    He played a three hour gig and his acoustic last man standing was emotional and outstanding.



    The bhoys who got tickets wouldn’t have been disappointed.



    Fantastic day spent in KICKINTHENAKAS company , meeting his son and his girlfriend, catching a bite to eat in Wahacas restaurant pre-gig.






    Hi B Bruce was indeed in fine voice it felt like 20 minutes not 3 hours it was like a night out with some talented old friends. Glad you had a good day out with Big P.







    Were do I start with that post big yin. Heartfelt feelings from you about your DA and your past.



    When you hug him today don’t forget to tell him you love and miss him.



    May God bless you both.




  10. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Good morning CQN.



    Politicians? Tut.



    They cheapen everything ….



    … and charge us for the privilege.



    I’m reasonably confident our board will turn this negative into an opportunity.



    What was that old mantra about Scottish independence being a process rather than an event?



    Same with the fan zone.



    The proposed electronic billboard was bounced by GCC allegedly because it would unsafely distract drivers.


    (These councillors clearly haven’t driven the Clydeside Expressway in recent years)



    Expansion of the superstore was objected to by some eejit who said it could impact other local shops. 🤦🤦



    Part of the challenge of running a business strategically is keeping one’s calm while dealing with empowered imbeciles.



    Over to you, board.




    Holidays are the best medicine!



    Hope you have a great time!



    Take care and God bless!



    40 sleeps for me! Koutouloufari, in Crete. Canny wait!

  12. BIG Jimmy ,Such a emotional piece on your da ,who unfortunately isn’t in the best of health,but with you going to see him ,he will be overcome with joy and sadness,I could tell you about my life losing my father at a very young age ,but I won’t ,you have enough on your plate without me adding more sadness,take care my Celtic friend,ps in the Bookies in Saltcoats ,bet Zabreski Point ,£2 ew returned at 18/1.




    Or day ran like clockwork apart from a 10minute holdup on the motorway home.



    Felt sorry for the latecomers missing out on an hour of the set.



    We got to our seats about 6-40 and he kicked – off about 6-50……



    Evrryone of the band smiling enjoying their work and the auld geezer leading them hopping around like a twenty year old



    MAGIC!! ❤️

  14. bigrailroadblues on

    A leisurely stroll through the the Gorbals, over the wonderful Clyde and into old Glasgow Town. A visit to the Celtic shop to purchase a suitable shirt for watching the game in the Vicky Bar. One must keep up the standards 👌

  15. greengray1967 on

    Big Jimmy.


    Just reading back on your posts and Im smiling here like a Cheshire Cat. Sad but lovely words and with a happy reconnect with your wonderful da. Wishing you and your family all the very best for today. I will be amazing.


    God Bless HH




    Our day ran well too.We managed to get into a hotel bar The Hampton. 5 minutes walk from the stadium got a table to rest the auld legs before Bruce’s marathon began. We got caught out by the roadworks as well. Truth be told our taxi driver was over cautious and that was the only thing that bothered me. We eventually got to Glasgow Airport flyover before he found 5th gear. I hope FAIRHILLBHOY was in on time to here JOHNNY 99.



    Are you going to The Black Keys?




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